Bundy Ranch, BLM Abused Cliven Bundy’s Cattle, Mass Graves, PETA, Ranch Damaged


Bundy Ranch, BLM Abused Cliven Bundy’s Cattle, Mass Graves, PETA, Ranch Damaged, Bureau of Land Management

The US federal government might have just evoked the fury of animal right groups over their shocking treatment of cattle at the Bundy Ranch, and may soon face legal charges of severe animal abuse in Clark County, Nevada.

Federal agency’s treatment of residents at the Bundy Ranch this past week included tasering, beating, wrongful arrest, threatening residents with attack dogs, and mobilizing a federal paramilitary force whose barrels were trained on US citizens, all in all, spending at least $3 million of tax payer money in an effort to sell stolen cattle over state lines in Utah and California. A legal argument has also been made that the US Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is now guilty of racketeering under the federal RIC) statute (Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations). If all that wasn’t enough, evidence is now emerging regarding pattern of extreme cruelty and abuse, and suspected culling of animals from the Bundy Ranch.

Nevada Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore has released new shocking information and images which document the horrors which BLM agents have inflicted on previously happy and healthy livestock.

During a live radio broadcast of The Pete Santilli Show on GNM, Fiore reveals new details of “the BLM’s method of herding where they have slaughtered horses and cows. This time we have video of it, and pictures of it.”

“I did post the first picture of one cow who was shot in the back of the head from a helicopter (photo above).”

“I personally helped save a calf who still had an umbilical cord attached to her as she was separated from her mom. It is such a disgusting event (…)… they (BLM) don’t herd cattle – they slaughter cattle”, said Fiore.

According to the Bundy family, in total, 27 baby calves have been rescued thus far, but farmers are still having trouble matching them up with their mothers.

‘Abusively corralled’

“If you look at the stewardship of land, and herding of cattle, first of all these particular cattle that were grazing on 600,000 acres – understand that when the Bundy family would herd their own cattle, there would be water taps to where the cattle would go down to the water and herd them humbly and softly – no cruelty, no abuse, herding them to where the cattle could get injured”.

“We now have an evidenced-based argument now with how the BLM cannot take care of that cattle. We have cows giving birth (in the federal pen) where baby calves have been stepped on and killed.”

“This is the BLM’s practice. They herd animals with helicopters, ATV’s, and shotguns… If any cows get out of line – they get a bullet in the back of the head”.

“Make sure the BLM are off state land and make sure the BLM are not allowed to herd cattle again”.

Mass Graves
“Near their compound, right off the highway, they were digging holes (…)… They tried to bury some cows on the compound, but I guess they didn’t dig the hole deep enough, so throw a cow in and they dirt over him and you have cows legs cows’ legs sticking up out of the dirt”.

Daniel-P-Love-BLMEarlier this week GMN revealed a secret recording of the BLM Special Agent in Charge, Daniel P. Love (photo, left), who had stated that the BLM have not killed any cattle. Fiore’s reply to Love’s claim:

“He’s a flat out liar, period.”

It was confirmed by ranchers and observers last week of how the BLM and their “contract cowboy” had deployed aggressive practices whilst rustling the Bundy’s herd, using tactical helicopters (image, below) forcing cattle to removal zones, often times driving cows uphill in 90F heat – a lethal practice known to cause tremendous stress and exhaustion to the animals, causing sickness and even premature death.

Evidence of BLM’s Deadly Abuse of Animals Taken from Bundy Ranch
Last week, farmers suspected that BLM agents were also scooping up the dead animals with heavy equipment like Backhoe diggers, and either burying carcasses somewhere on the 600,000 acre public grazing land, or disposing of them somewhere off site.

In addition, reports by observers confirmed that spring heifers who were subject to abusive BLM tactics were forced to abandon some calves behind to hide in the desert bush (a common practice by mothers who are being rustled, who later can backtrack to retrieve their young) putting the calves at risk of death.

Critics now believe the BLM and Clark County Sheriff’s Office could be facing a strong legal challenge for their reckless handling of the ill-fated operation underlined by a litany of both human and animal rights abuses.

These men and woman are Americans attacking Americans. I’m speechless. If you saw the number of police agencies united, I’d hope you’d be curious. We are talking about dozens of our finest SWAT members from Metro, Metro black & white cars, EMT, fire rescue trucks, detention buses (a.k.a. Paddy wagons), over 50 Ranger and BLM vehicles, numerous highway patrol vehicles, and a Black Hawk Helicopter on the Moapa airfield, just to name a few. We watched the Waco Massacre and Ruby Ridge; was the BLM preparing for a “Bunkerville Slaughter”? I believe in my heart because of these last two disasters, Americans from all over our country traveled from afar to stand with the Bundys and let our government know enough is enough. I’m proud to stand with my fellow Americans.

The numbers don’t calculate. The federal government had the authority and an open checkbook to spend 10 million dollars or more for a maximum return of $200,000.  Here’s how I calculate that number:  the BLM might collect maybe 400 heads of cattle, taking into account the number of cattle they would kill while rounding them up. From the round up, the cattle would go to auction. How much do you think you’ll pay for a half-dead, beat up cow? Let’s say they were able to successful auction off 400 cows for $500.00 each (I’m being very very generous). The brainiac head of BLM authorized 10 million dollars or more to maybe recoup $200,000.  Really? As a CEO I’d fire that decision-maker immediately. In their minds, maybe it’s worth getting rid of the cows, or just killing them, so the cows won’t destroy equipment for a project they might want to implement.

The BLM tried to paint their actions as enforcing the law; however, there are several other reasons why the BLM chose to pick this fight. It cannot be a coincidence that the place where the Bundy’s have grazed their cattle for hundreds of years would suddenly become an animal refuge for desert tortoises; is it really desert tortoises? If so, why would the BLM be euthanizing them? That’s right, BLM has EUTHANIZED 700-800 desert tortoises. Trust but verify. Click here to read one of many stories about it.

We’re also seeing reports that the BLM land in Gold Butte is very desirable for energy projects, which may have prompted this sudden strong-arm tactic. Don’t trust me, verify it. Click here to read the BLM’s own report on the project.

A major concern in all of this was how the BLM treated the cattle. It is completely irresponsible that after years of conversations, the Feds would begin their roundup during the season when calves are being born. In this mess, newborn calves were separated from their mothers; some were trampled in their holding pens and left for dead. A helicopter acted as a cowboy to heard the cows, causing a few to have heart attacks and die. The conditions of the holding pens where they kept the cows for days were heartless and cruel. Where was PETA?

I do want to comment about the upstanding citizens who came to show their support, including the Oath Keepers, a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders who are committed to defending the Constitution. They are honorable men and women who acted professionally and respectfully.  There were many groups of freedom fighters who traveled from all over our country to stand together. I have a very serious request to all agency officers and that request is, “not to obey your superiors when given a direct order to attack your fellow Americans fighting for the freedoms granted to us by our Constitution”.  Take a sick day or a vacation.

Reports on the ground that day also confirmed that even more armed Federal reinforcements were on the way, but luckily were caught up in stand-still traffic ten miles out from the scene. What were they planning? Photos by a GMN photographer positioned behind federal lines at the Battle of Bundy Ranch, further reveal the scale and scope of Washington’s military operation on US soil.

Viewers can judge for themselves whether or not the US Federal government was playing a deceptive, deadly game with American lives - on both sides.













21WIREa-Bundy-Fed-Standoff-April-12-2014-Copyright-GMN (2)
ARMED RANGERS: Back line of armed agents arrive on the scene.

SWAT TEAMS: Local police TAC teams commandeered by the federal government.

CONVOYS GATHERS: Alphabet soup agencies gather to mount their military operation.

TARGETING MEDIA: Watching us, watching them – BLM Sniper points rifle at GMN photographer.

LAYERS OF FIRE: ‘Paintball’ (pepperball), CS Gas in the front, and bullets from the rear.

EYE IN THE SKY: Ariel survelliance overhead as Cowboys move towards federal line.

AGENT IN CHARGE: Dan Love pulls out before Cowboys move to reclaim their herd.

LOVE LOST: Special Agent Love realizing that BLM have painted themselves into a corner.

PULLING BACK: Federal soldiers begin to pull back.

21WIREw-Bundy-Fed-Standoff-April-12-2014-Copyright-GMN 21WIREx-Bundy-Fed-Standoff-April-12-2014-Copyright-GMN
PACKING UP SHOP: Federal soldiers pack-up after giving the right of way to Bundy Cowboys and their supporters.

LIBERATION: Cowboys and supporters prepare to open the cattle gates.

COWS COMING HOME: First cattle released heading back to the Bundy Ranch.

MOTHERS AND BABIES: Cattle families coming home after release from BLM’s federal penitentiary.

AN AMERICAN MOMENT: Bundy Cowboys flying old glory, driving their herd back to pasture.

21WIRE can also reveal a secret recording made prior the final standoff on Saturday afternoon, between BLM Special Agent Dan Love and GMN host Pete Santilli, where Agent Love says, “Constitutions are not decided in the dirt.”

Agent Love adds, “I guarantee you the constitution is on my side – not your side… (…) You (the people) can fight your argument from jail.”



Here’s a photo taken from the air of the BLM’s secret bovine concentration camps. After this photo was released, the BLM ordered the FAA to shut down the air space over the ranch, creating a wartime “no fly zone” to prevent more pictures from being taken

Government tactics caused death of cattle

“It was confirmed by ranchers and observers last week of how the BLM and their ‘contract cowboys’ had deployed aggressive practices whilst rustling the Bundy’s herd, using tactical helicopters [and] forcing cattle to removal zones, often times driving cows uphill in 90-degree heat — a lethal practice known to cause tremendous stress and exhaustion to the animals, causing sickness and even premature death,” the wire service reported.

“In addition, reports by observers confirmed that spring heifers who were subject to abusive BLM tactics were forced to abandon some calves behind to hide in the desert bush (a common practice by mothers who are being rustled, who later can backtrack to retrieve their young) putting the calves at risk of death.”

Critics now believe the BLM and Clark County Sheriff’s Office could face legal challenges for reckless handling of the situation. It is now obvious that they were all complicit in the commission of horrific atrocities against animals.

Some have made a legal observation that the BLM, which falls under the U.S. Department of the Interior, may be guilty of racketeering under federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organization) statutes.


According to several reports breaking on social media Wednesday, federal agents targeting the Bundy Ranch in Clark County, Nev. did much more than merely herd hundreds of cows away from the site prior to backing down from their position Saturday. The following graphic images are being distributed by the Bundy Ranch as proof that multiple head of cattle were slaughtered, apparently under the direction of federal Bureau of Land Management officers.

bundy cows 6Some close-up shots reportedly reveal the entrance point of wounds that took down the family’s livestock.

bundy cows 5The photos show the dead and decaying cattle, offering little room for speculation beyond the assumption that BLM agents were complicit in their deaths.

bundy cows 3With elected officials, including Democrat Sen. Harry Reid, declaring the standoff is “not over,” many worry the government’s apparent predilection for violence could easily spill over to include human targets.

bundy cows 4Many outraged commenters have pointed out the glaring hypocrisy of animal rights groups who, at this point, have remained largely silent regarding allegations of cattle mistreatment on the ranch by federal forces.

BLM killed prize bulls and cut holes in water tanks and destroyed fences during the stand-off last week in Clark County, Nevada.

When injustice becomes law resistance becomes a duty


Rancher’s Supporters Told They ‘Better Have Funeral Plans’

Posted on April 11, 2014 by

Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins has said that supporters of rancher Cliven Bundy, who right now is facing off with the Bureau of Land Management over grazing rights, “better have funeral plans.”

The comment made in a phone call was revealed by Darin Bushman, a Piute County, Utah, commissioner after he spoke with Collins to discuss Utah ranchers and his fellow county commissioners who were incensed over the tactics used by the BLM in seizing Bundy’s cattle in southern Nevada.

On his Facebook page, Bushman wrote, “I was just told by commissioner Collins of Clark County NV that all of us folks from Utah are a bunch of ‘inbred bastards’ and if we are coming to Clark County NV to support Cliven Bundy we all ‘better have funeral plans.’ We should ‘turn our asses around and mind our own f-ing business.’ Now there’s some classy leadership for you.”

Bushman also ripped the Clark County sheriff for being “too spineless to exercise his jurisdiction” by arresting BLM agents for trespassing and theft.

Once his comments became public, Collins said, “I’m trying to do everything I can to discourage anybody who tells me they’re coming here with loaded guns. I’m going to tell them not to come.”

Collins’ comments aside, the situation at the Bundy ranch is beginning to turn dangerous.

On Wednesday, a heated confrontation between Bundy family members and armed BLM agents with a pack of attack dogs became briefly violent before it was broken up. Federal agents say a dog was kicked and they were pushed. Members of the Bundy family and a group of supporters say a pregnant woman was attacked by a dog, they were jostled and knocked to the ground, and Ammon Bundy, Cliven’s son, was Tasered. Video of the incident shows the strapping rancher pulling the Taser leads out and, seemingly unaffected, continuing to argue with the feds, minutes after which the BLM agents retreated in their white SUVs to the cheers of protesters.

The BLM insists the protesters were blocking a BLM truck and threatening the civilian driver. The Bundy family says the confrontation began when a group of federal agents surrounded some people videotaping a BLM helicopter running down baby cattle. Ammon Bundy has admitted that he did climb on a BLM truck because he thought it might be carrying the carcasses of cattle killed in the roundup.

The BLM has surrounded the ranch with more than 200 armed agents and is calling in an unknown number of Rangers from out of state for reinforcements. Meanwhile, armed militia members have arrived from out of state to support the Bundys, and they say they are not afraid to shoot if need be.

So far, an estimated 350 head of cattle have been removed from the disputed land in the showdown that began with the federal government in 1993 declaring 600,000 acres that the Bundy family had ranched for a century protected acreage because of the allegedly endangered desert tortoise, a species that has notably survived in the area despite the presence of cattle and ranching activities.

To many people who believe in individual rights and liberty, Cliven Bundy has become a hero. To federal agents and the environmentalist groups who instigated the whole situation by getting the desert tortoise declared endangered and cutting off Bundy’s century-old grazing rights, Bundy is a criminal trespasser and thief who owes the government more than a million dollars in grazing fees.

Bundy, it should be noted, is the last rancher in Clark County. There used to be others, but they all sold their land or went out of business because of BLM interference.

At least some of the Rangers present at the BLM standoff are ashamed of what they’re doing, according to Cliven’s daughter, Stetsy Bundy Cox. She told the Washington Free Beacon:

“I asked him, ‘What are you doing? Do you know what you’re doing? You’re stealing an old man’s cattle, his livelihood. He’s a poor man that doesn’t have anything,’” she said. “And I said, ‘You’re pushing baby cows’—I watched a baby cow not want to move and a helicopter swoop down and honk at him till he had to move.”

Cox said the Ranger said, “No, no, we don’t want that.”

“But I saw it,” she said.

“‘Well, well,’ and he goes, ‘I don’t even want to be here. Do you think my grandfather’s proud of me? You think I like this? You think this is fun for me?’”

“Then what are you doing here?” Cox asked him.

“He said, ‘It’s my job.’”

Arizona state Rep. Kelly Townsend, whom CBS identifies as “Tea Party Republican,” was appalled upon watching video of Wednesday’s Tasing. “It sounds dramatic,” she told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “but it reminded me of Tiananmen Square. I don’t recognize my country at this point.”


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The Arctic ice we all depend on is disappearing. Fast.

In the last 30 years, we’ve lost as much as three-quarters of the floating sea ice cover at the top of the world. The volume of that sea ice measured by satellites in the summer, when it reaches its smallest, has shrunk so fast that scientists say it’s now in a ‘death spiral’.

For over 800,000 years, ice has been a permanent feature of the Arctic ocean. It’s melting because of our use of dirty fossil fuel energy, and in the near future it could be ice free for the first time since humans walked the Earth. This would be not only devastating for the people, polar bears, narwhals, walruses and other species that live there – but for the rest of us too.

The ice at the top of the world reflects much of the sun’s heat back into space and keeps our whole planet cool, stabilising the weather systems that we depend on to grow our food. Protecting the ice means protecting us all.


A new Arctic oil rush is starting. Shell, BP, Exxon, Gazprom, Rosneft and others want to risk a devastating Arctic oil spill for only three years’ worth of oil.


The same dirty energy companies that caused the Arctic to melt in the first place are looking to profit from the disappearing ice. They want to open up a new oil frontier to get at a potential 90 billion barrels of oil. That’s a lot of money to them, but it’s only three years’ worth of oil to the world.

Previously classified government documents say dealing with oil spills in the freezing waters is “almost impossible” and inevitable mistakes would shatter the fragile Arctic environment.

To drill in the Arctic, oil companies have to drag icebergs out the way of their rigs and use giant hoses to melt floating ice with warm water. If we let them do this, a catastrophic oil spill is just a matter of time.

We’ve seen the extreme damage caused by the Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon disasters – we cannot let this happen in the Arctic.

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Industrial fishing fleets are starting to trawl Arctic waters.


Local people have fished sustainably in the Arctic for thousands of years, but that could be threatened if we let giant fishing companies exploit the Arctic ocean.

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Arctic nations are preparing for possible conflict over the Arctic.


As the Wikileaks cables show, the US has spoken of “increased military threats in the Arctic” and Russia has predicted “armed intervention” in the future.

Countries are spending billions on Arctic weaponry, threatening the long-term peace of the region. Nuclear-powered ice-breakers, submarines and fighter jets are being purchased by Arctic states with overlapping claims on the area around the North Pole.

The best way to maintain the peace there is to make its resources off-limits. That’s why we’re campaigning for a global sanctuary and a ban on oil drilling and industrial fishing.

Just like in Antarctica, we need an Arctic Ocean dedicated to peace and science.

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Send your public comment here: http://bit.ly/PublicCommentKXL

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WANTED: Your input on KXL! </p>
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The Incredible Activism of Younger Generations Will Make You A Lot Less Depressed About the Future



Students and youth have the power to create the kind of future they want to live in.






In recent weeks, we have had the privilege of hearing from and seeing a number of impressive young people in action. We want to highlight some of the issues that are spurring youth to get active in their communities and what they are doing about them.

Young people are yearning to understand the world, even when the truth is horrible, so that they can change it for the better. Mary Elizabeth Williams writes in Salon: “They’re questioning and curious and skeptical and intensely philosophical. They want to make sense of the world and reasons people do the things they do. They have amazing ideas, ideas that are too often wrung out of them by a school culture increasingly devoted to filling in little circles and insisting there’s only one correct answer to any problem that comes along, and only one way of arriving at that.”

She wrote about a fifth-grade student in Florida who won an award for his essay, “In the Name of Religion,” in which he described the use of religion to justify war and mass murder. His school tried to take away his award and prevent him from reading his essay to his classmates, going so far as to require permission slips for the other students to hear it. His family advocated for him and he was able to both read his essay at school and advance in the competition.

Instead of creating an environment for honest discussion of the past and present which would facilitate reconciliation, school textbooks and programs perpetuate the status quo. High school textbooks often gloss over injustices such as the fact that racial segregation was caused by explicit policies and not by societal norms.

Rather than discussing the US as the world’s largest empire, that imperialist mentality is cultivated at a young age in the guise of a “youth development program,” otherwise called the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp (JROTC). Ann Jones writes that this program is “pushed by multiple high-powered, highly paid public relations and advertising firms under contract to the Department of Defense….” She calls it the world’s most effective child soldier recruitment program.

Despite this, students are questioning the injustice they see around them. We marched this week with high school students in Baltimore who are organizing their community to stop the country’s largest trash incinerator from being built in their community. One of their teachers said, “These students already breathe some of the dirtiest air in the state and their young bodies bear a terrible price.”

Another impressive group of students in Baltimore, from the Algebra Project, are working for better conditions in their schools and to stop the school to prison pipeline. So far they have kept a juvenile detention center from being built, and are pushing for recreation and other youth programs. They need to raise a few thousand more dollars to keep their program going. We hope you will support these inspiring young adults.

Militarization and Over-Policing of Schools

The militarization of public schools and our culture generally, is dramatic, particularly in communities of color where police are intervening in increasingly aggressive ways. As Chase Madar writes, “What not long ago would have been seen as normal childhood misbehavior—doodling on a desk, farting in class, a kindergartener’s tantrum—can leave a kid in handcuffs, removed from school, or even booked at the local precinct.”

In Rochester recently, a police officer arrested three teen athletes who were waiting for a school bus to take them to practice. The officer insisted on completing the arrest even after the coach arrived to explain. The only crime they committed was being African American.

Racism in the US is obvious when one looks at mass incarceration and stop-and-frisk statistics. In the US, there are 2.4 million people behind bars, which represent 25% of the world’s prisoners, even though the U.S. is only 5% of the world’s population. The U.S. prison population is enough to comprise a small nation. Rosa Brooks describes what this “Incarceration Nation“—which is larger than 50 nations and would be one of the most densely populated nation’s in the world—would look like. The private prison-industrial complex encourages policies that increase the prison population so that a few can enrich themselves.

Chris Hedges brings us the stories of 28 prisoners he teaches at a maximum security prison in New Jersey. They started writing about life in prison in his class and their essays were made into a powerful play called “Caged.” Their stories reveal their talents and their sacrifice, courage and dedication to their loved ones. Hedges writes that: “The mass incarceration of men and women like my students impoverishes not just them, their families and their communities, but the rest of us as well.”

In New York City, voters hoped that there would be an end to racist stop-and-frisk policies with the election of Bill de Blasio who ran on a platform against stop-and-frisk. Parents and students were given a slap in the face by de Blasio whose first political appointment was the police commissioner William Bratton, who was quoted in the LA Times calling youth a disease. Amnesty International “found a ‘serious problem of police brutality and excessive force’ in the NYPD under Bratton” during the 1990s.

Imagine what these aggressive police actions are doing to students. Recently, almost two-dozen high school students were arrested in California after undercover police infiltrated their school and coaxed them into purchasing small amounts of marijuana. Some students say they don’t know who to trust. Contrast this with the state of Colorado which legalized marijuana last year. Colorado has saved an estimated $60 million and has prevented tens of thousands of arrests so far.

Youth Fight Back Against Militarization, Corporatization, Poverty Jobs and Tuition Hikes

Fortunately, such obvious injustices serve to unite communities to fight back. The growing corporatization and defunding of public schools is fueling a nationwide movement. On December 9, teachers and students wore blue and rallied from coast to coast in the nation’s largest day of mass action to “reclaim public education.”

Sometimes students are fighting to correct historic injustices. In Jacksonville, Florida high school students joined with the Jacksonville Progressive Coalition to change the name of their high school. It will no longer be named after Nathan B. Forrest, a vicious slave trader who committed war crimes as a confederate general and was the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. The school was named after this extreme racist during the era of desegregation thanks to the Daughters of the Confederacy. Today’s youth corrected that injustice.

Students at the college level are organizing and escalating their tactics on a variety of fronts despite police aggression toward them. College students have many reasons to protest: the corporatization and decline in quality of their education, record student debt, a poor job environment and an uncertain future due to climate change, globalization and increasing austerity.

The mainstream media portray the millennial generation as sheltered, content and lazy without considering, as Michael Corcoran writes in TruthOut, “the context in which young people are struggling to find decent jobs, including the long-term economic impacts of deregulation and neoliberalism pushed by state managers and wealthy elites for some three decades now, which have kept wages stagnant for people of all ages, including young people….”

These greedy and abusive policies have created a systemic failure; policies that were created by the wealthy elite and that steal the millennials’ futures. The media are sending the wrong message to our youth, that the problem is their failure to choose the right major or to work hard enough. Sarah Kendzior describes the current situation well, saying “Individuals internalize the economy’s failure, as a media chorus excoriates them over what they should have done differently. They jump to meet shifting goalposts; they express gratitude for their own mistreatment: their unpaid labor, their debt-backed devotion, their investment in a future that never arrives.”

The result, for those who are fighting back against the system, is solidarity between students, faculty and campus service workers. This solidarity has been building for years from coast to coast and is now escalating to sympathy strikes such as this one at UC Santa Cruz. The power structure better watch out if students and workers combine forces it will be a powerful challenge to the unfair economy and dysfunctional government.

In the UK, students are similarly protesting austerity, the corporatization of education and mistreatment of workers. In response, campus administration is clamping down. In central London, students were beaten and arrested during a peaceful demonstration and the school banned further protests. Students say these extreme tactics are a powerful recruitment tool and they expect their movement to grow. In fact, the new documentary, Street Politics 101, which tells the story of the student protests in Montreal, shows that “every time the cops struck, the student movement got bigger and angrier.”

Students at CUNY are also fighting the creeping militarization of their college. The student body is primarily made up of working-class youth and they see the campus administration preying upon them for military recruitment. Last year the ROTC was brought back to campus after having been banned for 40 years. This year, General Petraeus was hired to teach. Students have faced retaliation for their protests: police violence, arrests and the closing of a popular student center used for organizing. Their lawyer, Ron McGuire, characterizes this struggle as determining “the intellectual landscape of the United States … whether that landscape is going to be a militarized society, with a wealthy ruling class sitting on top and black and Latino working-class youth fighting wars all over the world.”

The battle continues at Cooper Union over the move to start charging tuition although it was founded as a free university. Students marked the one-year anniversary of their occupation of Foundation Hall with what they called the ping-pong-pocalypse. They dropped 1,500 ping pong balls with dollar signs on them down a four-story open stairway. This video lists their numerous grievances.

Millenials are also concerned about climate change. The most recent data show that climate change is accelerating and we must take action quickly to both mitigate it and prepare for its consequences. Students at more than 300 universities are working in solidarity to pressure their schools to divest from fossil fuels. They say that the schools cannot claim to be green if they invest in dirty energy. A large rally and protest was held recently by students from 10 schools in Boston. They vow to continue to escalate the pressure to demand divestment.

Young people are escalating their tactics to stop Obama’s deportations under the #Not1More campaign. Statistics were recently released showing that Obama has deported a record 2 million people during his presidency so far. #Not1More reminds us that every one of those 2 million has a family that is torn apart by their detention and deportation. On December 16, protesters on both coasts shut down immigration facilities as part of the growing movement to stop deportations and they similarly vow to escalate their nonviolent tactics.

Students and Youth Have The Power To Transform The Nation

Students and youth do have the power to create the kind of future they want to live in. This is demonstrated most clearly in Chile where four ex-student leaders were elected to Congress. Now the re-election of Michelle Bachelet means that the country has the real potential to move back onto the path that President Salvador Allende, also a physician, began in the 1970s before a U.S.-supported coup. Bachelet promotes an overhaul of the economy and education. She says, “Profits can’t be the motor behind education because education isn’t merchandise and because dreams aren’t a consumer good.”

It may take a while before we see similar changes at the same electoral level in the US, but the landscape is already changing at the local level. This year we saw hopeful signs with the election of Kshama Sawant in Seattle and a number of independent labor candidates in Ohio. We will have to continue to educate ourselves, organize and work together strategically to shift power away from the wealthy elite in order to make electoral gains in our mirage democracy.

Education is not only available to those in colleges. Our newest writer at PopularResistance.org, Stephen Wallace, made his debut with a tribute to Noam Chomsky for his 85th birthday. Wallace has been mentored by Chomsky and is largely self-taught. He describes radical social change as, “The flow of daily life free from authoritarian attitudes, the abolition of oppressive institutions, and the deepest reaches of our humanity in choosing to live decent and ethical lives.”

We feel hopeful for the future when we look at the many young people around us who are taking on the monumental task of transforming the world. We think back to the Civil Rights Movement when the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) led the way on many fronts because the more traditional organizations led by older adults were too timid and willing to compromise.

SNCC field organizers showed tremendous commitment, energy and courage as they went into violent areas and refused to be intimidated in their mission for equality and voting rights. They organized using a grassroots model that empowered those who are most affected by the issues to speak out and become leaders. They were fighting for their future and they knew it. We see the same type of approach, gravity, commitment and courage in many youth today all around the country.

This article was produced by PopularResistance.org in conjunction with AlterNet. It is based on PopularResistance.org’s weekly newsletter reviewing the activities of the resistance movement. Sign up for the daily news digest of Popular Resistance.



Rob Marquis Update – January 2nd 2014 Hearing and Call for Support (North Carolina)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Updated 12.28.2013 2:07pm – I did receive specific information for his Hearing, see the update below. 

Rob’s story begins in these posts here:

Acting as a Sovereign: The Chair of Saint Peter – Creditor to Bankruptcy of THE CITY OF DETROIT

In-Joy, The Show 2/3 Oct 2013 8pm EST – Special Guest Robert Marques Chair of Saint Peter

This is a message from Lori Marques today, about Rob Marques and what is going on with him now:Hello Judy hope you had a very merry Christmas and a fabulous birthday… I have an update if you could share that would be great. Rob was sent to Annapolis and at that meeting the states attorney told Rob “well if we don’t send you to SC then then SC can sue MD so sign the waiver and deal with the charges down there. My brother asked if he was a public servant and he him hauled around the question and said “well kind of”.. Needles to say the corruption goes very high up the ladder. They sent rob back to Washington county as hr would not sign. I have an email from my parents I would like you to share. Were asking for lots of energy for robs Jan 2 court date. Rob is now very confident and ready to move forward he just needs a little help from the people. I love and appreciate you and all the others who are holding him in the light as he is truly trying to help free everyone by going through this experience..

Hi Everyone; I hope you all had a wonderful Christ-mas. It is time once more for another re-consideration hearing in Washington County District Court for Rob on Jan 2@ 1Pm. Rob has asked this one last time for your support at the hearing. The FBI has been contacted and is aware of Robs situation. Hopefully, they will visiting Rob soon for an interview. If FBI does not get to interview him by Jan 2.., (which i doubt they will not) he is planning on opening up the court in original jurisdiction. We are inviting the FBI to witness the proceedings and I may even call the media to sit in. The FBI has been Noticed of Robs status as a Diplomat and is under the protection of Title 18. The courts and the warden have been carbon copied on the documents that were sent to the FBI.
We have all been 1st hand witnesses of what happens when Rob and witnesses enter the court room. This time.. some of us will not remain silent and say nothing if the judge leaves the bench and hauls Rob off again. Download pictures Which Rob will be prepared for. We will remain in peace and honor but will speak up. Once again they are going to try to get Rob to consent to being the ALL CAPS name that he is not. Please email me if you can definitely make the hearing.
We are forever in your good graces for your attendance.. Thank you all so much and have a wonderful and blessed New Year. Warmly, Frank & Terry MarquesI have asked if there is any other information related to his hearing and where to make contact for support. Check back for updates.

- Justin

Update on Hearing Details and Information:

Please attend 4th Reconsideration Hearing by the Washington County District Court to be extradited to South Carolina as a fugitive for writing a document to help free another living being in South Carolina. (this is the bogus charge) You may google robert michael marques to see the real reason that Rob feels he is being held.

All are welcome. Please attend in peace and honor. If you would like to participate in the audience as a witness, please bring a note pad and pen to record the corruption and breaches of trust by the court. When all are asked for living witnesses in the court here to witness robert michael of the House marques, pease raise your hand with your pad in hand.

Hearing is to take place at 1PM ~ Room 1 Reconsideration Hearing for ROBERT MICHAEL MARQUES Washington County District Court of Maryland 36 West Antietam Street Hagerstown, Maryland 21740
Many Blessings.

Love, Light, Peace and Gratitude All ways, terry marques

Any questions please feel free to email me @consciousone444@yahoo.com

P.S. If Rob does not appear in the courtroom for the hearing, then you will know something else has gone awry. They tend to use all kinds of trickery.

Anti-bike laws outrage family of Indigenous prisoner

A Queensland woman claims her husband has been unfairly treated in jail because of his past association with a motorcycle club.


UPDATED 6:14 PM – 24 Dec 2013

Family and friends of Kevin Hill last night gathered outside the Queensland Corrective Services Department offices in Brisbane, to protest the way he was being treated in prison.

The Queensland Government, under new “anti-bikie laws”, moved motorcycle club members to the Woodford Correction Centre about 100 kilometres north of Brisbane.

They have been separated and placed into solitary confinement.

Kevin Hill was jailed for assault and sent back to jail for breaching parole.

But Grace Hill said her husband had been moved to solitary at Woodford because of his past connections with bike club The Bandidos.

“He was a model prisoner; he used to train guide dogs and do the Aboriginal paintings for Fred Hollows Foundation,” she said.

“It’s wrong.”

“Why should he be put under [the new anti-bikie laws] and do time for something he hasn’t done?”

Gabriel Buckley, President of the Queensland Liberal Democrats political party and a candidate at the upcoming Redcliffe by-election, said several civil liberties groups were sprouting up in Queensland in response to the state government’s law-and-order policies.

Mr Buckley, who recently organised a protest in Brisbane which attracted 2000 people, said prisoners with bike-club links were now doing it tough.

“People are certainly being subject to a lot harsher treatment,” he said.

“Kevin is a prime example.”

NITV News asked Corrective Services Queensland if Kevin Hill was placed in solitary confinement because he was formerly associated with a bike club.

In a statement, the department said:”Queensland Corrective Services is not in a position to provide specific information about the management of individual prisoners.”

“No Fracking Way” Leo Sayer with Aussies Against Fracking

Musicians, the power of music to affect change can’t be underestimated, the revolutionary spirit of the 60′s was driven primarily by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Bob Dylan, The Doors and Janis Joplin speaking out against the “system” thru their music, books and interviews with mass media. It’s way past time for musicians to step into leadership roles, you have a voice. Use it! Write music that speaks to the heart about corruption, then use social media to gather a larger fan base while making a difference that counts for everyone on the planet…Rock on Rebels!!


Save Pohoiki, Hawaii – Keep Puna Clean and Green – We may be close to success


Sincere thanks to the petition signers, letter writers, marchers and demonstration participants involved in helping HELCO understand community concerns about new geothermal development.  If you would like to keep up with Hawai`i geothermal health and safety issues, please click the link below to



Posted on the Hawaii Electric Light Company’s geothermal website:


Notice (Updated as of December 20, 2013):

After careful review of all geothermal bids, Hawaii Electric Light has determined that none of the submitted bids sufficiently met both the low-cost and technical requirements of the Geothermal RFP. We are currently working with the Independent Observer to develop a request that will be sent to the bidders. The request will give the bidders the opportunity to provide additional information so that we can make an informed decision that is in the best interests of our customers and residents and that meets the goals of the Geothermal RFP. These goals include lowering customer bills, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, allowing for continued integration and management of intermittent renewable resources, maintaining reliability of service, and protecting the health and safety of the public and environment. We appreciate the efforts the bidders have made to date and look forward to working with them and the Independent Observer on next steps. 

Secret Trade Deal Spawns ‘We Will Not Obey’ Movement


  • By Zack Kaldveer and Katherine Paul
    Organic Consumers Association, December 17, 2013

For related articles and more information, please visit OCA’s Politics and Democracy page.

In his epic book of poetry, Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman advises “Resist Much. Obey Little.” But when it comes to corporations trampling on local rights, the city of Madison, Wis., advises other cities and counties to do what it has done: Resist much. Obey not.

In October, the Madison City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring the city a “TPP-Free Zone,” and promising that if Congress passes the Trans Pacific Partnership, a global trade agreement, “We will not obey” it.

The TPP is the largest global trade pact to be negotiated since the World Trade Organization (WTO). Most of the details of the deal remain a mystery. Negotiations are being conducted in secret. But we know, from some of the drafts that have been leaked, that the TPP would hand transnational corporations the power to “protect their future profit potential” by suing countries, states, counties or cities in order to wipe out existing laws—laws specifically designed to protect communities’ best interests.

Those interests could include everything from internet freedom and banking and finance regulation, to the passing of bans on growing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

“Call it a sovereignty issue, or local control, or threat of lowering local standards with regard to government procurement (elimination of any “buy local” ordinances), food safety ordinances, living wage ordinances, environmental requirements, prevailing wage requirements on construction, etc.—[Madison City Council members] saw all these as threats to their authority and the job they had been elected to do,” said David Newby of the Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition. Newby played a key role in passing the “TPP-Free Zone” resolution in Madison, and another in Dane County, Wis.

The “TPP-Free Zone” concept is modeled after the successful grassroots strategy that helped defeat a similar trade agreement in 1998, called the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI). The basic premise was to convince elected officials, city by city, county by county, of the need to refuse to obey the MAI if it became law. The anti-MAI grassroots effort succeeded by exposing the dark side of the MAI, and by proving its unpopularity with the public.

Growing opposition

A scenario similar to the anti-MAI grassroots movement is unfolding today, this time with the TPP as its target. According to the latest poll, 61 percent of the public in key countries, including the U.S., oppose the TPP. Opposition has grown, thanks to the work of many groups, including the Organic Consumers Association, who have publicly opposed the deal, and launched massive public education campaigns to expose the unprecedented secrecy surrounding the deal, and the potential for the TPP to subvert democracy for the benefit of corporate profits.

TPP protesters recently turned out in mass in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. More than 400 organizations representing 15 million Americans have already petitioned Congress to do away with Fast Track, a tactic the Obama Administration wants to use in order to ram the deal through Congress, without debate.

But if efforts to thwart the deal fail, states, cities and counties can follow the lead of Madison and Dane County by passing their own TPP-Free zones. Ruth Caplan, with the Alliance for Democracy, hopes they will. In a recent interview, Caplan urged people to work with their local governments to “build a democratic movement of resistance.”

“This starts from the grass roots, in the communities where we live . . . This is not, ‘Please, Congress, do the right thing,’ but language of resistance. We need to say, ‘If you create this secretly negotiated corporate trade agreement and it is rubber-stamped by Congress, we will not obey.’”

The Berkeley Peace & Justice Commission (PJC) has approved a TPP-Free Zone resolution, and says the Berkeley, Calif. city council could take it up this month.
For citizens or officials interested in passing TPP-Free Zone resolutions in other states and counties, the Alliance for Democracy website provides information,  model municipal laws that can be edited to fit the needs of any community, and includes pointers on how to convince wavering local officials to pass “We Will Not Obey” resolutions.

The TPP, Monsanto and the future of food

There’s a long list of reasons to oppose the TPP. Food safety is right at the top—especially with a former Monsanto lobbyist leading U.S. negotiations on agricultural issues.

Specifically, the TPP would require countries to accept food that meets only the lowest safety standards of the collective participants. That means consumers could soon be eating imported seafood, beef or chicken products that don’t meet even basic U.S. food safety standards. And the (FDA) would be powerless to shut down imports of these unsafe food or food ingredients.

Countries, including those in the European Union, could also find it increasingly difficult to ban, or even require the labeling of, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) if biotech companies determine that those countries’ strict policies restrict fair trade and infringe on the companies’ “rights” to profit.

To top it off, corporations would be allowed to resolve trade disputes in special international tribunals, effectively wiping out hundreds of domestic and international food sovereignty laws. Products labeled fair trade, organic, country-of-origin, animal-welfare approved, or GMO-free, could all be challenged as “barriers to trade.”

With the world’s food supply, and consumers’ health, already endangered by chemical-intensive industrial agriculture and climate change, the U.S. and other governments should be looking for ways to promote sustainable food and agriculture policies, not restrict governments’ abilities to do so. Instead, the Obama Administration is subverting the principles of democracy in favor of handing a few transnational corporations unprecedented power to put profits above the health and well-being of consumers.

Fortunately citizens are protesting. And city and county governments are claiming the power to resist.

Zack Kaldveer is assistant media director of the Organic Consumers Association.
Katherine Paul is associate director of the Organic Consumers Association.



A man in debt demolishes his house and drops it in front of the bank



on Thursday, December 12, 2013


A man from Lovech-Bulgaria who could not afford to pay the mortgage for his house gave his last penny to demolish it right before the banksters take it away.
The land that the house was built on was not included in the mortgage so the family decided to destroy the house and give it to its new owner. The remains of the building were loaded on a big truck and moved to the central district office of the bank in the city of Teteven, where the contract for the mortgage was signed.
The man who was in debt to the bank and his whole family entered the office and started crying and begging for mercy, but the director said that they can’t make exceptions and the family had a week to vacant the house.
Imagine the director’s face after the family got out of the office and his precious new house was unloaded in front of the bank’s main entrance…


Join the Coalition to Nullify the NSA…it’s up to us

The Plan

In 2006, it was reported that the NSA had maxed out capacity of the Baltimore-area power grid.  Insiders reported that

“The NSA is already unable to install some costly and sophisticated new equipment. At minimum, the problem could produce disruptions leading to outages and power surges.

At worst, it could force a virtual shutdown of the agency.”
August 6, 2006

In other words, the NSA has an Achilles heel.


To get around the physical limitation of the amount of power required to monitor virtually every piece of communication around the globe, the NSA started searching for new locations with their own power supplies.

The new Utah Data Center opening in Bluffdale was chosen due to the access to cheap utilities, primarily water.  The water-cooled supercomputers require 1.7 million gallons of water per day to function.

No water = No data center.

The water being provided to the Utah Data Center comes from a political subdivision of the state of Utah.

They have the ability to turn that water off.

The situation is the same at many other locations.  Read on for more details.


The model legislation (HERE), ready for introduction in any state, would ban a state (and all political subdivisions) from providing assistance or material support in any way with the NSA spying program.

This would include, but is not limited to:

  • Refusing to supply water or electricity from state or locally-owned or operated utilities
  • A ban on all law enforcement acceptance of information provided without warrant, by the NSA or it’s Special Operations Division (SOD)
  • Severe penalties for any corporations providing services for or on behalf of the state which fill the gap and provide the NSA the resources it requires to stay functional.

While the federal government would not be prevented from bringing in its own supplies, it’s not likely that they have the capacity to do so.

The states and local communities should simply turn it off.


The legal doctrine behind this is “anti-commandeering.”  It’s the principle that the federal government doesn’t have the authority to force the states (or local communities) to carry out federal laws, regulatory programs, and the like.  The Supreme Court affirmed this three times in recent years, the cases being: 1997 Printz, 2002 New York, 2012 Sebelius.   It also affirmed this doctrine in the 1842 Prigg case where states refused to assist the federal government in capturing and returning runaway slaves.

This is also consistent with what James Madison advised when writing about the Constitution in Federalist #46.  Among the four steps he advised as “powerful means” to oppose federal power was “a refusal to cooperate with officers of the Union.”


It’s not just Utah.  The NSA is reliant on many states and local communities to provide the resources required to operate their spying programs.

In Texas, the new data center opening in San Antonio has its electricity provided exclusively by the the city-owned power company.  And the NSA was quite upfront about the fact that Texas was chosen because of its independent power grid.  The NSA is extremely concerned about basic utilities.

And states providing them don’t have to.

In Augusta Georgia, the “threat operations center” has its water and even sewage treatment provided by local government services.

There’s also NSA “data centers” or “listening posts” in Colorado, Washington, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Hawaii.  Each one is a unique circumstance where a multi-prong strategy can and will create roadblocks to implementation.


While many locations rely on state or local governments to assist or directly provide badly-needed utilities, others partner closely with corporations to do so.

For example, in Augusta, Georgia, a partnership with Georgia Power (a subsidiary of the massive electric holding company in the US, the Southern Company), literally kept the lights on.

The local paper reported that “Before a partnership in 2006 with Georgia Power, outages were a regular occurrence on post, particularly during the summer, when heavy demands were placed on the system.”


The NSA has its tentacles deep into the youth as well, with heavy partnerships at Universities in all but 8 US states.  In late 2012, the NSA reported that there are now 166 universities in this program.  (see the full list here)

These “Centers of Academic Excellence” are not just a recruiting ground for future analysts in the massive spy centers around the country, they provide valuable research partnerships to bolster the NSA’s spying and data-collection capabilities.  Universities are often provided with funding, scholarships and other tools to expand research and recruitment.


The NSA has often claimed to be engaging in such activities to protect you from “terrorists,” and many people have accepted this kind of personal intrusion with the belief that they were being kept safe.  But the fact is that their programs are much broader – by far.

The Special Operations Division (SOD) was a highly-secret federal unit which is passing information collected without warrant by the NSA to state and local law enforcement for the investigation of regular crimes – not terrorism-related at all.


A multi-prong strategy is an absolute must when working to prevent the kind of 4th Amendment violations seen under the NSA spying program.

Currently, activists are engaged in the support of lawsuits from EFF and ACLU, and in support of Congressional legislation to limit or stop the NSA.  But waiting for these to play out positively is a dangerous game of chicken.

A recent vote in Congress which failed to defund the NSA spying program indicates that relying on them to stop the NSA isn’t enough.

By approaching the NSA on multiple fronts, it’s certainly possible to overwhelm them and make their programs too difficult or costly to carry out.  A program to Turn it Off and render the NSA’s spying program as good as null and void intersects in 5 main areas:

  1. State legislation – passed in every state, banning cooperation, compliance, and law enforcement collaboration.
  2. Local Resolutions – passed in every possible county, city and town, supporting these principles and calling on the state to pass the 4th Amendment Protection Act
  3. Corporate Protests – and opposition to those corporations providing the resources needed to carry out the NSA spying program.
  4. Campus Actions – including both protests against NSA/University partnerships, and organizational and student government resolutions formally calling for an end to such partnerships.
  5. Environmental concerns – the waste of resources is massive, with millions of gallons of water being used every single day at just one NSA facility.

From Thoreau to Rosa Parks, and from Ghandi to you – a successful strategy to protect your liberties requires non-compliance and peaceful resistance.

And, as Rosa Parks proved, saying “NO!” can change the world.

More here: http://offnow.org/

Speak Up for Montana’s Wolves

Center for Biological Diversity


Gray wolf pups

In 2011 the state of Montana took over gray wolf management after the species lost federal protection. Ever since, the state’s stewards have done little but find new ways and new reasons to kill wolves.

Following delisting the state immediately instituted a wolf-hunting season. In 2012 it added wolf-trapping; in 2013 it nearly doubled the bag limit for wolves. Now Montana has decided it needs to authorize even more ways to “regulate” this still-recovering keystone species.

The latest proposed amendments from the state will allow landowners or their agents to kill a wolf on their property without license or permit. All that’s required is that the landowner think the wolf is a “potential threat” to human safety, livestock or domestic dogs. The new rules will also permit setting year-round traps for “problem wolves,” which could lead to indiscriminate killing of gray wolves and other nontarget species.

Since delisting, 493 gray wolves have been killed in Montana by hunting and trapping. Enough is enough.

Please take action now and tell Governor Steve Bullock and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to stop their plans to expand wolf-killing.



Anti-Government Protests in the Ukraine


1.6 million people have taken the streets in Ukraine to protest against oppression and what appears to be Russian control of their government. Many reports have mistakenly named these massive demonstrations as pro-EU, but it is much more appropriate to label them anti-government. People are waking up to their power and dignity all around the world. The bankers are exposed in the truth if their global corruption harming us all. This is the aftermath of the 2012 GLOBAL AWAKENINGS. People want a new way of living worldwide. Our current model serves a few & harms many more. It is also important to note that these protests are going on in spite of a protest ban. Activists and students in Independence square, were brutality beaten, injured, and hospitalized by police attacks in the early morning hours of November 30th.

Protestors fought police, seized governmental buildings, blockaded police, and have continued to stand united calling for government resignations in the millions! A protestor in a bulldozer even pushed back police lines while others stood hand in hand. Students began pepper spraying cops. People have had enough. Just as we have seen from Egypt, to the London Riots, to The Israeli summer, Americans Autumn, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand & dozens of more nations- people are standing up for justice. The tyranny and brutality of the Ukrainian government has been on full display via beatings and gas grenades. A new world is possible. Remove the corrupt bankers & create a new system.