The Law of Attraction and Mastering Energy



You Are Sending Energy throughout the Universe


“You are sending off energy—emitting energy—right now, from the center of your being in all directions. This energy— which is you—moves outward in wave patterns. The energy leaves you, moves through walls, over mountains, past the moon, and into Forever. It never, ever stops.


Every thought you’ve ever had colors this energy. (When you think of someone, if that person is sensitive enough, he or she can feel it.) Every word you’ve ever spoken shapes it. Everything you’ve ever done affects it. The vibration, the rate of speed, the wavelength, the frequency of your emanations shift and change constantly with your thoughts, moods, feelings, words, and actions.


You’ve heard the saying “sending off good vibes,” and it’s true. That’s very accurate! Now, every other person is, naturally, doing the same thing. And so the ether—the “air” between you—is filled with energy; a Matrix of intertwining, interwoven personal “vibes” that form a tapestry more complex than you could ever imagine.”


– Conversations with God, Book 2

The Law of Attraction and Mastering Energy


“Emotion is energy in motion. When you move energy, you create effect. If you move enough energy, you create matter. Matter is energy conglomerated. Moved around. Shoved together. If you manipulate energy long enough in a certain way, you get matter. Every Master understands this law. It is the alchemy of the universe. It is the secret of all life.


Thought is pure energy. Every thought you have, have ever had, and ever will have is creative. The energy of your thought never ever dies. Ever. It leaves your being and heads out into the universe, extending forever. A thought is forever. All thoughts congeal; all thoughts meet other thoughts, criss-crossing in an incredible maze of energy, forming an ever-changing pattern of unspeakable beauty and unbelievable complexity.


Like energy attracts like energy—forming (to use simple words) “clumps” of energy of like kind. When enough similar “clumps” criss-cross each other—run into each other—they “stick to” each other (to use another simple term). It takes an incomprehensibly huge amount of similar energy “sticking together,” thusly, to form matter. But matter will form out of pure energy. In fact, that is the only way it can form. Once energy becomes matter, it remains matter for a very long time—unless its construction is disrupted by an opposing, or dissimilar, form of energy. This dissimilar energy, acting upon matter, actually dismembers the matter, releasing the raw energy of which it was composed.”


– Conversations with God, Book 1

“Many people feel that they do not have the power to make major changes in their own lives, and for that reason could not possibly be creating their own reality. What they don’t realize is that their thoughts, feelings and beliefs simply provide the energy to send a signal out into the Universe. It is the Universe which amplifies this signal by adding all the energy required to rearrange a personal reality and manifest a new life experience.


If people only knew that they have the power to ask the Universe to change their reality, they would understand that they are not weak and helpless victims of circumstances, but empowered Children of Light exercising their birthright as Creator-Beings. A Being of Light is empowered to ask the Universe because the Universe is itself made of Light. So in a sense, when you send a signal out in the Universe, you are sending a signal into the essence of your own being, and it is because the Universe recognizes you as a Child of Light, as being one with itself in essence, that it obeys your request. Thus, manifesting a reality is fundamentally you and the Universe being as one, and moving as one, and this is the real secret of your own nature and your own power.”


– Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)


The Synchronicity Key with David Wilcock


Our guest is David Wilcock, the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Source Field Investigations, a filmmaker and host of the Wisdom Teachings television series. David is a researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy, and has just released a new book, The Synchronicity Key.

More information on David, his book and his work:


Gaia Energetic Portal ~ July 27, 2013 Updates

Collapsing Shadow Forms Seek Retrieval of Energies via Reverse Vortex Rotation

27 Jul

gaia_energy1Collapsing shadow forms (“dark” entities) seek retrieval of energies via reverse vortex rotation at local and individual levels.

Disruptions in “standard” 3D-4D surface Earth operations and services may result, depending largely upon status of individual and group consciousness levels at those locations.

Resistance of such reverse vortices only strengthens the intensity of such, whereas rising above such vortices dis-empowers them.

Such situations are temporary only and persist only as long as the individual or group continues to hold on to them, or resist them.

Be with the Higher Light. Be in the Higher Light.

Alignment and Attunement with Gaia Central is Called for at this Now Moment

27 Jul


gaia_energy1Alignment and attunement with Gaia Central is called for at this now moment. Inner Enlightened Earth calls for alignment and attunement, in particular, with dissolution of non-Gaia-serving “protocols” and “paradigms”, and formation of Higher Gaia protocols and paradigms.


Alignment and attunement with Essence is essential.


“Mind Science Secrets Kept Hidden” a Documentary by David Sereda

What are the secrets of mind science? Have these mind science secrets been kept hidden from the masses? If there is going to be an awakening in this world and if the (human) race and human civilization is going to evolve and live in the lofty nose bleed territory of higher consciousness we all have to accept responsibility for who we are, what we think and what we do.

David Sereda takes on the traditional quantum physics in this documentary to reveal specific techniques for raising your voltage and your consciousness so you can control your thoughts and control your destiny.

You’ll hear from a number of luminary scientific voices talking about the sources of personal power the relationship to beliefs and how affects the nature of your reality and David Sereda reveal the concept of quantum communication and exactly what the mind science secrets that have been kept hidden are.

Deborah Rozman : Global Coherence Initiative (Heartmath) ~ Truth Theorem 2012

Published on Jul 21, 2012

Deborah Rozman : Global Coherence Initiative (Heartmath) ~ TTRadio 2012
A number of important findings already have emerged. For example, changes in the earth’s magnetic field are associated with changes in brain and nervous system activity; performance of athletic, memory and other tasks; sensitivity in a wide range of extrasensory perception experiments; synthesis of nutrients in plants and algae; the number of reported traffic violations and accidents; mortality from heart attacks and strokes; and incidence of depression and suicide. It’s interesting to note that changes in geomagnetic conditions affect the rhythms of the heart more strongly than all the physiological functions studied so far.

There is also evidence in some cases that people’s brainwaves can synchronize with the rhythm of the electromagnetic waves generated in the earth’s ionosphere. When people say they “feel” an impending earthquake or other planetary events, such as weather changes, it is possible that they may be reacting to the actual physical signals that occur in the earth’s field prior to the event.

While it is not difficult to conceive that life-forms embedded in the earth’s magnetic fields could be affected by modulations in these fields, it is a more far-reaching proposition to suggest that the earth’s fields can be influenced or modulated by human emotions. Nevertheless, GCI researchers theorize that when large numbers of humans respond to a global event with a common emotional feeling, the collective response can affect the activity in the earth’s field. In cases where the event evokes negative responses, this could be thought of as a planetary stress wave, and in cases where a positive wave is created, it could create a global coherence wave. This perspective is supported by research at the Institute of HeartMath, which has shown that emotions not only create coherence or incoherence in our bodies, but, like radio waves, also radiate outward and are detected by the nervous systems of others in our environment.

It is now clear that our nervous systems detect these electromagnetic waves generated by others in our environment, but there is also evidence of a global effect when large numbers of people create similar outgoing waves. For example, research conducted by Roger Nelson and his team at Princeton University for the Global Consciousness Project utilized a worldwide network of random number generators. Their findings have provided convincing evidence that human consciousness and emotionality create or interact with a global field, which affect the randomness of these electronic devices. The largest change in the random number generators occurred during the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Even more intriguing was the fact that the random number generators were significantly affected some four to five hours prior to the attack, suggesting a worldwide collective intuition about the impending event (see Figure 1). more info (…continued) here:



The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence ~ Rupert Sheldrake

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Google Tech Talks
September 2, 2008


We have been brought up to believe that the mind is located inside the head. But there are good reasons for thinking that this view is too limited. Recent experimental results show that people can influence others at a distance just by looking at them, even if they look from behind and if all sensory clues are eliminated. And people’s intentions can be detected by animals from miles away. The commonest kind of non-local interaction mental influence occurs in connection with telephone calls, where most people have had the experience of thinking of someone shortly before they ring. Controlled, randomized tests on telephone telepathy have given highly significant positive results. Research techniques have now been automated and experiments on telepathy are now being conducted through the internet and cell phones, enabling widespread participation.

Speaker: Rupert Sheldrake
Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. is a biologist and author of more than 75 technical papers and ten books, the most recent being The Sense of Being Stared At. He studied at Cambridge and Harvard Universities, was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge and a Research Fellow of the Royal Society. He is currently Director of the Perrott-Warrick project, funded from Trinity College Cambridge.


Reaching the Zero Point Field

Time is speeding up in the accelerated photon infusion from our Galactic Core!


TORUS VORTEX   “Looking back on almost half a century of research, including
thousands of books, films, interviews with experts from diverse fields,
if I were to pick one common denominator to all the facets of my quest,
it would be the TORUS, the fundamental energy pattern that invites our
alignment at every level of our existence

for us to survive and thrive.” – Foster Gamble
The Torus Vortex is the
primary pattern of our universe – spinning in the shape of a donut, the
energy flows in one end, swirls counterclockwise around the oscillating
field, and then flows out the other end. It is the only dynamic in
nature that can sustain its own energy force!
As Tesla discovered, the
torus vortex is an untapped free energy source in our universe. At the
center of gravity in the torus vortex lies a zero point field or vacuum
state. It is the still point of a standing wave of Singularity – the
endless pulse of light in the collapse and expansion of creation. The
Phi spiral exists in perfect balance and coherent order, creating
perfect proportion in the torus vortex. The human electromagnetic field
is our own personal torus vortex.
By using the Unified Field Vortex
Meditation, we can apply the pyramid’s sacred geometry of Metatron to
create an energy conductor in our Core Center. I’ve embedded holograms
of sacred geometry in the vortex template of our grounding platform to
bend space, ignite the vacuum state of zero point, swirl the torus in
the frequency of Phi, and open the crown chakra portal to all 12
dimensions of our universe.


English: Created by Jason Hise with Maya and M...

English: Created by Jason Hise with Maya and Macromedia Fireworks. A stereographic projection of a Clifford torus performing a simple rotation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dark Matter, Shadow Ego and the Harmonic Convergence 2012 by Meg Benedicte

Powerful show! Especially if your like myself and struggling to conquer the presence of Shadow Ego or dealing with counterforce and the problematic dark matter, that’s rebelling against the insurgence of all the transformational Light coming in to Earth from photon radiation, Sirius and the galactic core. We’re all dealing with a lot of conflicting dark energy Meg teaches us to transmute, cleanse and purge from our system. In addition, instead of kicking our Shadow to the curb she helps us bring our poor wounded ego into the Divine Light of our Oversoul for healing…after all, some ego’s are having a very tough time with all these changes and as a result are dragging many people into not-so-stellar behavior like judging others, self-flagellating-pity-party’s and all kinds of negative behavior that sabotages our hard earned spiritual growth up the ascension ladder. Enjoy!

Much love to all, Annette

Today’s Show will focus on the fulfillment of the Harmonic Convergence of 25 years ago. I hope you can join us…Meg

Link to show:

volutionist and Vortex Bio-Energetic Healer, Meg Benedicte discovered early on that she had a unique gift for seeing subtle energies and could identify the vigorous traumatic patterns that relate to dysfunction and ill health. Over the years, she has become a notable pioneer in Bio-Energetic Healing, first through her own transformation and eventually working with clients spanning the globe. Through her extensive research, Meg has created an original and powerful healing approach utilizing Vortex energy, sacred geometry and Zero Point Harmonics, the distinctive proprietary process known as Unified Field Therapy®.

Currently, Meg is sharing her unique wisdom and the dramatic findings of her research with ever widening audiences in teleclass/webinars, various speaking events, online radio shows, blogs and articles, CD Meditations, and in her book, Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human.

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Cosmic Symphony ~ A Deeper Look at Quantum Consciousness

by Ervin Laszlo on April 9, 2010

The rise of quantum consciousness could be the biggest step our species has taken since it came down from the trees. It would bring us to a new stage of species maturity — and could also enable us to surmount the problems that threaten our life and our future.

But just what is quantum consciousness — QC? I have spoken about QC in my previous posts, but the question merits a further, deeper look.

First of all, what is consciousness? The commonsense assumption is that consciousness is a stream of experience produced by the brain. As long as the brain functions, there is consciousness; when the brain shuts down, consciousness vanishes. This, however, is not necessarily the case. It could be that our brain no more produces consciousness than the radio produces the symphony that comes through its speakers. The symphony, too, disappears when the radio is shut down, yet we know that it’s not produced by the radio. Both the radio and the brain pick up signals, transform them, and display the result in our stream of conscious experience.

According to received wisdom, the things and events that make up our experience of the world originate in the world. People and things around us reflect light and make sound; for the most part they can be seen, heard, touched, smelled, or tasted. The corresponding signals reach our eye and ear in the form of waves in the electromagnetic field, in the air, and in the physical, chemical, and biological fields in and around our body. Our exteroceptive senses transform this information into nerve signals, and the signals are analyzed, sharpened, and interpreted by our brain. The result is the experience that appears in our consciousness.

This is the gist of the standard scientific explanation of our perception of the world, but it’s not complete. It’s incomplete not only because it fails to solve the age-old philosophers’ puzzle, how physical signals can transmute into intimately felt conscious experience (is this transmutation the work of the brain, or does the brain also transmit forms of consciousness from the external world?), but also because it doesn’t account for all the things that appear in our consciousness. Some of the things that appear in our consciousness convey information about the world even though we cannot see how they could be based on sense-perceivable events. Happily, unlike the philosophers’ “hard problem,” this is no longer an unsolved puzzle. We now realize that our brain is not limited to capturing sense-organ conveyed information, for it’s not just a classical biochemical system. It’s also a “macroscopic quantum system,” and such a system can “resonate” with the world. On the quantum level it can capture and process signals that far exceed the range of the signals available to the bodily senses.

The quantum-perception of the world is just as real as its sensory perception. Here, in brief, is why.

All things in space and time emit waves, and these waves interact with the waves produced by other things. They create wave interference patterns. Pressure waves in the air, and electric and magnetic waves in the EM field diminish with distance and the patterns they produce are limited to our immediate vicinity. Quantum waves, however (waves that propagate in the nearly infinite virtual-energy domain that fills cosmic space), move instantly over any distance. The kinds of interference patterns they create constitute quantum holograms, and quantum holograms are “entangled” with each other — they are instantly connected. As a result the information carried by one quantum hologram can be transferred to any other quantum hologram. Thus a system that can “read” the information in one hologram has access to the information carried by all. Our quantum-resonance-decoding brain could in principle capture information on anything and everything that creates quantum-interference waves in the universe.

Evidently, to capture this kind of information our brain must have the corresponding receptivity. Scientists are now beginning to understand how quantum-hologram receptivity might be built into the brain.

It appears that quantum-level signals are picked up by microstructures in our brain’s cytoskeleton (the cytoskeleton is a protein-based structure that maintains the integrity of living cells, including neurons). The neurons in the brain are organized into a network of microtubules of microscopic size but astronomical number. There are about 10**18 microtubules in the human brain, and “merely” 10**11 neurons (though this number is still larger than the number of stars in the galaxy). With filaments just 5 to 6 nanometers in diameter, our network of microtubules — the so-called “microtrabecular lattice” — is believed to capture, process, and convey information.

Physicist Roger Penrose and neurophysiologist Stuart Hameroff claim that consciousness emerges from these quantum-level elements of the brain’s cytoskeleton. The microtrabecular lattice could be responsible for the quantum-receptivity of our brain, picking up, transforming, and interpreting information based on phase-conjugate resonance.

If this is the case, there is not just one mode of perceiving the world available to us, but two. We have what neuroscientist Ede Frecska and anthropologist Luis Eduardo Luna call the classical “perceptual-cognitive-symbolic” mode, based on information conveyed by our bodily senses, and we also have the “direct-intuitive-nonlocal” mode, enabled by the quantum receptivity of our brain’s microstructures.

In today’s world we tend to perceive the world in the classical mode, yet we could, and sometimes do, perceive aspects of it in the direct mode as well. However, our left-hemisphere dominated perceptual mode represses information that doesn’t accord with our established ways of thinking. Only in spiritual, religious, or mystical experience does such information penetrate to our everyday awareness — and then, just fleetingly.

Yet our brain could operate in a more balanced way: the cerebral functions underlying our everyday awareness could be more embracing than those in the classical perceptual mode. Operating in this way is possible, and has already been achieved by a few people. This was the finding of British psychophysiologist Maxwell Cade, who in the 1970s examined the EEG patterns of more than 3,000 individuals. He had found four typical patterns, made up of specific combinations of alpha, beta, and theta waves. (He did not consider dreamless deep sleep, where delta waves predominate.) Each combination turned out to be associated with a particular state of consciousness. The consciousness accompanying dreamful sleep, the state between waking and sleeping, and deep meditation each exhibits a typical combination of EEG waves. Dreamful sleep, the transitory state between waking and sleeping, and meditation all show pronounced alpha and theta waves. Our state of ordinary awareness is dominated by beta waves.

But Cade also found a “fifth state.” This is the remarkable state that comes to light in the EEG-portrait of accomplished healers. Cade called the consciousness associated with this state “awakened mind.” Here alpha and theta waves are strong, much as in the meditative state, but there are also beta waves. In some healers this state has become the norm, maintained not only during active healing, but also in everyday life.

Just as remarkably, in the fifth state the EEG waves are balanced across the left and the right hemispheres. This is important. The brain-state underlying ordinary consciousness is left-hemisphere dominated, and we know that the left hemisphere filters out experiences that do not mesh with our established beliefs and expectations. We also know that deep prayer and meditation activate the right hemisphere, and tend to synchronize the two hemispheres. A hemisphere-synchronized brain can operate in the direct quantum-resonance mode: as experiments I have witnessed myself demonstrate, expert meditators synchronize not only their own left and right hemispheres, but can also synchronize their left and right hemispheres with the synchronized hemispheres of others who meditate with them. And this synchronization occurs in the entire absence of sensory contact among the meditators. They can be in different rooms, different cities, even on different continents. (I reported on these experiments in my book, Science and the Akashic Field, and in other books.)

Unfortunately, a state of deep prayer and meditation is not functional in the everyday context: in most cases we need to sit with closed eyes, detached from the world around us.

A truly evolved consciousness would have the quantum-receptivity of deep prayer and meditation, but it would operate also in the everyday context. It would display a broad EEG wave-spectrum, embracing alpha and theta as well as beta waves. And it would show that the two brain hemispheres are highly coordinated, so that the information processed by the quantum-mode receiving right hemisphere is readily communicated to the sensory-information processing left. An evolved consciousness is wider and deeper than the everyday consciousness of people today, and more functional than the consciousness of those engaged in deep prayer and meditation.

In the past this kind of consciousness has been limited to exceptionally sensitive and creative people: to healers and poets, prophets and spiritual masters. In the future it could spread to a wider segment of the population. Humanity could be evolving its consciousness.

In closing, let us return to the example of the radio. Tuned to the right station, our radio can pick up and bring to us a great symphony. Imagine what our quantum brain could bring to us when, in the expanded and balanced mode, it would be tuned to the information encoded at the heart of the cosmos. This would be veritably a cosmic symphony. Of course, we could never capture all of it — only God could do that — but we could capture far more than we do today. This would make us more empathetic as individuals, and more cooperative as citizens in our interactive and interdependent global community. The rise of these attributes in a critical mass could be the key to our continued survival. QC may be not only the next step in our species evolution; it could also be our collective salvation.

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The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

The Cosmic Serpent

by Jeremy Narby

©2007 All Rights Reserved.

The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby takes a serious look at how neurogenetic consciousness informs awareness, knowledge, symbolism and culture. His comparison of the ancient cosmic serpent myths to the genetic situation in every living cell reveals the immortal biomolecular wizard behind the curtain of everyday life. His anthropological study, ayahuasca experience and scientific speculations weave a tale of shamans who bring their consciousness down to molecular levels with sophisticated neurotransmitter potions in order to perceive information contained in the coherent visible light emitted by DNA.


Some excerpts from this important book:

Some biologists describe DNA as an “ancient high biotechnology,” containing “over a hundred trillion times as much information by volume as our most sophisticated information storage devices.” Could one still speak of technology in these circumstances? Yes, because there is no other word to qualify this duplicable, information-storing molecule. DNA is only ten atoms wide and as such constitutes a sort of ultimate technology: It is organic and so miniturized that it approaches the limits of material existence.

Shamans, meanwhile, claim that the vital principle that animates all living creatures comes from the cosmos and is minded.

As ayahuasquero Pablo Amaringo says: “A plant may not talk, but there is a spirit in it that is conscious, that sees everything, which is the soul of the plant, its essence, what makes it alive.” According to Amaringo these spirits are veritable beings, and humans are also filled with them: “Even the hair, the eyes, the ears are full of beings. You see all this when ayahuasca is strong.”

In their visions, shamans take their consciousness down to the molecular level and gain access to information related to DNA, which they call “animate essences” or “spirits.” This is where they see double helixes, twisted ladders, and chromosome shapes. This is how shamanic cultures have known for millennia that the vital principle is the same for all living beings, and is shaped like two entwined serpents (or a vine, a rope, ladder…). DNA is the source of their astonishing botanical and medicinal knowledge, which can be attained only in defocalized and “nonrational” states of consciousness, though its results are empirically verifiable. The myths of these cultures are filled with biological imagery, and the shamans metaphoric explanations correspond quite precisely to the descriptions that biologists are starting to provide.

DNA and the cell-based life it codes for are an extremely sophisticated technology that far surpasses our present-day understanding and that was initially developed elsewhere than on earth—which it radically transformed on its arrival some four billion years ago.

If one stretches out the DNA contained in the nucleus of a human cell, one obtains a two-yard long thread that is only ten atoms wide (and the two ribbons that make up this filament wrap around each other several hundred million times). This thread is a billion times longer than its own width. Relatively speaking, it is as if your little finger stretched from Paris to Los Angeles.

A thread of DNA is much smaller than the visible light humans perceive. Even the most powerful optical microscopes can not reveal it, because DNA is approximately 120 times narrower than the smallest wavelength of visible light.

The nucleus of a cell is equivalent in volume to 2-millionths of a pinhead. The two-yard thread of DNA packs into this minute volume by coiling up endlessly on itself, thereby reconciling extreme length and infinitesimal smallness, like mythical serpents.

In the early 1980s, thanks to the development of a sophisticated measurement device, a team of scientists demonstrated that the cells of all living beings emit photons at a rate of up to approximately 100 units per second and per square centimeter of surface area. They also showed that DNA was the source of this photon emission.

The wavelength at which DNA emits these photons corresponds exactly to the narrow band of visible light: “Its spectral distribution ranges at least from infrared (at about 900 nanometers) to ultraviolet (up to about 200 nanometers)”…DNA emits photons with such regularity that researchers compare the phenomenon to an “ultra-weak laser.” (see History of Biophotonics)

Inside the nucleus, DNA coils and uncoils, writhes and wriggles. Scientists often compare the form and movements of this long molecule to those of a snake.

There…is the source of knowledge: DNA, living in water and emitting photons, like an aquatic dragon spitting fire.

Pregnant by an Anaconda by Pablo Amaringo
from the Gallery of Usko-Ayar art


The Cosmic Serpent
DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

Q&A with Jeremy Narby by Todd Stewart

Could you sum up your book “The Cosmic Serpent, DNA and the Origins of Knowledge”?

Research indicates that shamans access an intelligence, which they say is nature’s, and which gives them information that has stunning correspondences with molecular biology.

Your hypothesis of a hidden intelligence contained within the DNA of all living things is interesting. What is this intelligence?

Intelligence comes from the Latin inter-legere, to choose between. There seems to be a capacity to make choices operating inside each cell in our body, down to the level of individual proteins and enzymes. DNA itself is a kind of “text” that functions through a coding system called “genetic code,” which is strikingly similar to codes used by human beings. Some enzymes edit the RNA transcript of the DNA text and add new letters to it; any error made during this editing can be fatal to the entire organism; so these enzymes are consistently making the right choices; if they don’t, something often goes wrong leading to cancer and other diseases. Cells send one another signals, in the form of proteins and molecules. These signals mean: divide, or don’t divide, move, or don’t move, kill yourself, or stay alive. Any one cell is listening to hundreds of signals at the same time, and has to integrate them and decide what to do. How this intelligence operates is the question.


DNA has essentially maintained its structure for 3.5 billion years. What role does DNA play in our evolution?

DNA is a single molecule with a double helix structure; it is two complementary versions of the same “text” wrapped around each other; this allows it to unwind and make copies of itself: twins! This twinning mechanism is at the heart of life since it began. Without it, one cell could not become two, and life would not exist. And, from one generation to the next, the DNA text can also be modified, so it allows both constancy and transformation. This means that beings can be the same and not the same. One of the mysteries is what drives the changes in the DNA text in evolution. DNA has apparently been around for billions of years in its current form in virtually all forms of life. The old theory—random accumulation of errors combined with natural selection—does not fully explain the data currently generated by genome sequencing. The question is wide open.

The structure of DNA as we know it is made up of letters and thus has a specific text and language. You could say our bodies are made up of language, yet we assume that speech arises from the mind. How do we access this hidden language?

By studying it. There are several roads to knowledge, including science and shamanism.

The symbol of the Cosmic Serpent, the snake, is a central theme in your story, and in your research you discover that the snake forms a major part of the symbology across most of the world’s traditions and religions. Why is there such a consistent system of natural symbols in the world? Is the world inherently symbolic?

This is the observation that led me to investigate the cosmic serpent. I found the symbol in shamanism all over the world. Why? That’s a good question. My hypothesis is that it is connected to the double helix of DNA inside virtually all living beings. And DNA itself is a symbolic Saussurian code. So, yes, in at least one important way, the living world is inherently symbolic. We are made of living language.

You write of how the ideology of “rational” science, deterministic thought, is and has been quite limiting in its approach to new and alternative scientific theories; it is assumed that “mystery is the enemy.” In your book you describe how you had to suspend your judgement, to “defocalize,” and in this way gain a deeper insight. Why do you think we are often limited in our rational, linear thought and why are so few willing and able to cross these boundaries?

I don’t believe we are. People spend hours each day thinking non-rationally. Our emotional brain treats all the information we receive before our neo-cortex does. Scientists are forever making discoveries as they daydream, take a bath, go for a run, lay in bed, and so on.

What are the correspondences between the Peruvian shamans’ findings and microbiology?

Both shamans and molecular biologists agree that there is a hidden unity under the surface of life’s diversity; both associate this unity with the double helix shape (or two entwined serpents, a twisted ladder, a spiral staircase, two vines wrapped around each other); both consider that one must deal with this level of reality in order to heal. One can fill a book with correspondences between shamanism and molecular biology.

Vision of the Snakes By Pablo Amaringo Gallery of Usko-Ayar Art

Do you think there is not only an intelligence based in our DNA but a consciousness as well?

I think we should attend to the words we use. “Consciousness” carries different baggage than “intelligence.” Many would define human consciousness as different from, say, animal consciousness, because humans are conscious of being conscious. But how do we know that dolphins don’t think about being dolphins? I do not know whether there is a “consciousness” inside our cells; for now, the question seems out of reach; we have a hard enough time understanding our own consciousness—though we use it most of the time. I propose the concept of “intelligence” to describe what proteins and cells do, simply because it makes the data more comprehensible. This concept will require at least a decade or two for biologists to consider and test. Then, we might be able to move along and consider the idea of a “cellular consciousness.”

The implications of some of your findings in The Cosmic Serpent could be quite large. How do you feel about the book and what it says? Why did you write the book?

I wrote the book because I felt that certain things needed saying. Writing a book is like sending out a message in a bottle: sometimes one gets replies. Judging from the responses, a surprising number of people have got the message loud and clear.

Alchemical version of chromosomal DNA


How can shamanism complement modern science?

Most definitions of “science” revolve around the testing of hypotheses. Claude Levi-Strauss showed in his book The Savage Mind that human beings have been carefully observing nature and endlessly testing hypotheses for at least ten thousand years. This is how animals and plants were domesticated. Civilization rests on millennia of Neolithic science. I think the science of shamans can complement modern science by helping make sense of the data it generates. Shamanism is like a reverse camera relative to modern science.

Actual photo of chromosomal DNA

The shamans were very spiritual people. Has any of this affected you? What is spiritual in your life?

I don’t use the word “spiritual” to think about my life. I spend my time promoting land titling projects and bilingual education for indigenous people, and thinking about how to move knowledge forward and how to open up understanding between people; I also spend time with my children, and with children in my community (as a soccer coach); and I look after the plants in my garden, without using pesticides and so on. But I do this because I think it needs doing, and because it’s all I can do, but not because it’s “spiritual.” The message I got from shamans was: do what you can for those around you (including plants and animals), but don’t make a big deal of it.


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Zep Tepi and the Ancient Atlantean/Egyptian Mystery Schools


What are the Mystery Schools?

The name Mystery School is in itself a term which displays a hidden
meaning.  This is not unusual as all the teachings of the Mystery
Schools were built up of layer upon layer of symbolism and occult (the
term occult meaning Hidden) secrets.  The Mystery Schools are a
timeless, ageless, omni dimensional philosophical teaching, a scientific
study of the Mind.  The Hermetic Axiom “The All is in All and All is in

The All” or “God is in All and All is in God” describes the basis of the
Mystery School teachings that the Universe is Mental in nature, all is
Mind and all is created through the Power of Thought (Thoth).  The
teachings were handed down throughout the ages and civilizations through
oral tradition from Master to Initiate  very little of the teachings
were ever written down.  The information was left encoded in symbolic
representations, Sacred Geometric design of Temples, Pyramids and Sacred
Sites, myth and mythology, this knowledge reflected in the building of

the Ancient and Sacred Sites made them perfect places for learning,
initiation and astronomical observation.  The teachings of the Mystery
Schools are a scientific study into the Laws and Principals of the
Universal Mind.  The Universal Mind is also know as God or Spirit, and
we, as human beings, are a holographic image of that Universal Mind, the

microcosm and the macrocosm, “As Above, So Below, As Below, So Above” As
the seed is the tree enfolded, so is the universe God/Spirit unfolded.
The Mystery Schools teach of the Transmutation of the consciousness of
mortal man to his natural enlightened immortal self.  The Mystery School
teachings are a navigational tool for all souls throughout all space and
time to find their way Home.  The ancient Alchemists who were also

students of the Mystery Schools, studied this Transmutation of one form
to another and displayed this principal through their experiments of
turning lead into gold.  That was only an outward display, another form
of symbolic representation, the true meaning behind the experiments of
the Alchemists was the Transmutation of Consciousness from unenlightened
to enlightened Man (Ascension).  Much of the ancient information of the

Mystery Schools are now being confirmed by recent scientific finding,
especially in the field of Quantum Physics.

The Pantheon of Gods, which included Thoth, Isis, Osiris, Ptah, Ra, Su,
Geb, Set  were said to have come to Egypt in Zep Tepi or The First Time.
Thoth was known as the God of Wisdom, Magic, Alchemy and The Arts in

Ancient Egypt and was also known as Hermes Trismegistus “Hermes the
Thrice Great” The Winged Messenger of the Gods, in Ancient Greece.  It
is said of Thoth that he brought humanity into manifestation through
“Language and Maths”  The time before Zep Tepi is know in mythology as

Atlantis and before that Lemuria, the time before the Great Flood.  This
is where the Gods of Egypt are said to have come from.  Creationist
stories encoded in myth and mythology from all over the Ancient World
speak of the Great Flood and the Gods that arrived after to teach the
Wisdom of the Ages to humanity.  Its is said that these Gods move from
reality to reality creating the programs for souls to experience.   The
term Zep, Zipper refers of a closing and opening, gateway, holes in time
and space, a zero point, the ending of one and beginning of another, a
Golden Age  It is said that the Gods moved through this Zero Point, Zep
Tepi where matter and anti matter merge, and there they create New
Realities  In our measurement of time Zep Tepi refers to a time about

13,000 years ago approx. 10,500B.C  The Ancient Scientists/Priests of
the Mystery Schools were measuring an astronomical cycle know to us
today as the Precession of the Equinoxes or The Great Year.  The term
Zep Tepi and the time frame of 13,000 years measures half a processional
cycle, a full cycle being 26,000 years approx..  The Ancient
Scientist/Astrologer/Priests of the Mystery Schools measured the rise
and fall of the Consciousness of humanity against the backdrop of this
processional cycle.  The Giza Plateau with its Sphinx and Pyramids
serves as a huge astronomical observatory to measure the 26,000 year
long processional cycle.  All the ancient stone structures were used as
astronomical observatories and symbolic representations of the raising
of consciousness up through the creative spiral of soul evolution.

The Ancient Mystery School Priests considered the Nile to be a
terrestrial representation of the celestial Milky Way, they also
compared the Nile to the Spine or Backbone of the Human body.  Having
full knowledge of the Chakra system of the body, they built their
temples along the Nile, stretching from Aswan to Saquara as
representations of the Chakras of the body running up along the Spine
from base to crown.  The Mystery School Initiates raised their

consciousness from their base Chakra, studying and being initiated in
the corresponding temples along the Nile.  The Chakras are gateways that
open up our energy flow with The Cosmos and our Body of Light.  Each

Chakra has energies that relate to our growth, these energies can be
expressed either negatively or positively, shut down from trauma or open
due to peace and tranquility.  The journey of the Mystery School
Initiate is the journey of moving beyond the illusion of density and
becoming the Whole.  As the Initiate moves through and activates the
Chakras, the Chakra spins and becomes a radiant ball of light which
allows the Kundalini to flow through us fully, so we are fully in our
life energy, unlimited, our Body of Light and being the Creators that we
are. In this way the Initiate raised their Consciousness through the
various Chakras and Kundalini energy flowed and connected base to crown,
from unenlightened to enlightened, from mortal to immortal.  The Mystery

Schools are a body of teaching revealing the Secrets of the Universe and
the Self and when properly understood leads us to ever increasing
Freedom and Joy, expansion of Awareness and the knowledge of our
Immortal, Omni dimensional, Eternal Cosmic Self.

The Ancient Pyramid and Temple builders erected their structures across
not only Egypt but the whole Planet, these Ancient Structures can be
seen to reflect Star Constellations on the ground. The three Pyramids at
Giza reflect the three stars in Orion’s Belt and the Orion Stars
orientation to the Milky Way was as to the three Pyramids orientation to

the Nile but only having a perfect match in the time frame dating 13,000
years ago approx. 10,500 B.C or Zep Tepi.

There exists an ancient body of writing found in the Egyptian city of Alexandria in the early Christian era in which it talks about the Sky/Ground connection linked in numerous ways to the issue of the resurrection and immortality of the soul (see Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval-The Message of the Sphinx)

These writings the “HermeticTexts” were believed to have been the work of the ancient Egyptian wisdom God know as Thoth, who in one passage makes the following remarks to his disciple Asclepius “Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of Heaven?  In Egypt all the operations of the powers which rule and work in Heaven have been transferred down to Earth below?”  In the
Hermetic view, the purpose of harnessing these Powers was to facilitate
the Initiates quest for Immortality.

We are now moving into a new Zep Tepi, Gateway, a new Golden Age.  It is
said that the Teachings and Wisdom of the Ancient Gods would be returned
to, and remembered by, Humanity at this time.  This is the time of an
awakening Consciousness, a window of opportunity for all souls to Ascend
to a new sate of Being, Enlightened, Eternal, Omni dimensional, Cosmic
Man.  A time to manifest and realize our Heaven on Earth  All souls are
called for Initiation and all souls Know when they are being called!

But what about the Gods?  Who were the Gods of Zep Tepi, those Creators
of Realities?


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I’m currently enrolled in the first training class and can personally attest to the authenticity of this body of work, the changes it’s brought about are beyond my wildest dreams! Self discovery at the soul level is absolutely the most empowering and rewarding work I’ve ever undertaken, and is highly recommended for anyone seeking spiritual empowerment and healing at the soul level.




“8-8 Sirius Activation” by Meg Benedicte

Wed. Aug. 8, 2012

Today’s show will focus on today’s sacred 8-8 event, Mercury turning direct and Sirius rising with our Sun…a Refiner’s Fire Activation of balance, purification, cleansing and rebirth. We also activate protection and support for the Divine Feminine and the return of free expression of our Goddess energy without fear of  persecution, or suppression.  I hope you can join us…

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Evolutionist and Vortex Bio-Energetic Healer, Meg Benedicte discovered early on that she had a unique gift for seeing subtle energies and could identify the vigorous traumatic patterns that relate to dysfunction and ill health. Over the years, she has become a notable pioneer in Bio-Energetic Healing, first through her own transformation and eventually working with clients spanning the globe. Through her extensive research, Meg has created an original and powerful healing approach utilizing Vortex energy, sacred geometry and Zero Point Harmonics, the distinctive proprietary process known as Unified Field Therapy®.

Currently, Meg is sharing her unique wisdom and the dramatic findings of her research with ever widening audiences in teleclass/webinars, various speaking events, online radio shows, blogs and articles, CD Meditations, and in her book, Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human.

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Our Holographic Universe ~ Meg Benedicte

Increasing research into quantum physics and the quest for greater understanding of the human energy field has brought forth an altogether novel discovery that we do live in a Holographic Universe. Not only do we live in a continuously morphing field of energy responding to our very thoughts and senses, but what we consider to be the ‘mind’ exists not in our brain but in that dynamic field of energy.

Drawing from numerous scientific studies, researchers have removed, cut up and reinstalled disfigured brains into lab animals – only to witness full cognitive memory was retained. How is that possible, they asked! Upon further testing it became clear that what we call the ‘mind’ resides in the quantum field of information and streams into the brain for processing. Our human brain acts more like a train station, directing the stream of data down certain pathways to the receptor sites within our bio-energetic system.  The source of human intelligence and conscious awareness responds and travels along waves of energy in the subtle energy field that forms our bodies and our lives. Not only does it supply our brains with thoughts, creative ideas, visions and dreams, but it also designs and instructs the very formation of our physical manifestation. At the very essence of our being, we are highly sensitive, dynamic whirlpools of creative energy! Our minds are instructing our sub-atomic particles to form in certain shapes, sizes and patterns. We are a living holographic being!

Flashing in a magnificent array is the planetary kaleidoscope of 6.8 billion projected holograms of human energy fields. What a sight to see! As our human minds conjure images, desires and thought programs into laser light through our 3rd Eye lens, we are constantly influencing how our lives manifest. And so, if our world reality depends on what information is streaming through our minds, then we have the power to change it.

We first must observe and decide what exists in our current holographic reality that does not serve us, does not match our Soul Truth and does not manifest abundant joy and positive growth. These are the patterns and programs that need to be selectively dismantled and cleared from our holographic minds. As we dissect and discern the non-truth from our Soul’s path and purpose, we discover how much false information has been inserted from the collective field into our human energy field, and thus into our human reality.

Much of what we experience as Survival Fear is triggered by external forces to activate the oldest part of our brain – the reptilian brain or R- Complex, which is responsible for rage and basic survival flight-or-fight responses. Once we realize how much power our minds have in creating our holographic reality, we can break free of all interfering ‘fear-based’ codes, patterns, and programs that are separating us from our Soul Presence and preventing all advancement in spiritual ascension.

As we are currently living under the powerful holographic program of polarity, our human electro-magnetic field operates in a constant state of opposing forces. We are unable to experience prolonged ease, relaxation, and joy – for the ever-present counter-force of duality pushes back. Our holographic world stage consists of parasitic energetic consumerism to survive. And so we must liberate our minds from the hologram of parasitic behavior, so that we can transition into the universal hologram of unity consciousness. Both exist now in our earthly realm, and both are calling to us!

If you choose to join the growing number of souls in the New Earth Hologram and yearn for peace, loving kindness and a sustainable community of ONE, then we can help you break free of the crippling program of polarity…and set up holographic decoys for the consuming external world to lock onto, so you can live freely in love and joy!

This year we are being guided to prepare and position ourselves so that we can seed in the New World of unity consciousness. As we break free of the corrupted, collapsing hologram of duality we can expect more earth changes that will change and shift Earth’s Poles, as the polarized fields break apart. Now is the time to realign with the Galactic Core as our Central Vortex of Creation, as a stabilizing factor for balancing our electro-magnetic field. We can no longer orient our Core Center with the collapsing polarized field of Planet Earth.

We are being granted access to a new realm of Universal Love and Abundance, but it requires an extraordinary shift in consciousness in the inner mind. All is derived from the state of our mind, be it crystal clear with Soul Truth or clouded in confusion of misinformation and illusion. Scientific studies demonstrate that when our mind is focused on the material world, the frequencies in the energy field tend to be in the same lower range of 250 cycles per second (cps) as the body’s biological frequencies. Those who are psychic or have healing abilities have frequencies in the range of 400 to 800 cps in their field. Trance channelers operate in a narrow band of 800 to 900 cps.

The key to accessing the higher realms of the New Earth Hologram requires people to vibrate above 900 cps, so not only can they perceive higher knowledge but they know what to do with the information. At this level we can transform our holographic realities and change our lives forever. By clearing all divisive programming and negative belief systems from our minds, we not only are raising our vibration but entering into a New World. Namaste!

Copyright © 2009 Meg Benedicte · All Rights Reserved


Angelic Intervention & Pre-Ascension Lifetimes

It is important to free your past from moments of pain and distress. The willingness to love and assist a self that exists in a time when the light of understanding shines less bright allows you to expand your present-moment capacity for love and compassion. When you release trapped emotional energy, this energy is now free to travel into your present moment, greatly strengthening your spiritual purpose and focus. This is what you refer to as soul retrieval.

Understand that all moments exist simultaneously. The fact that you are no longer focused within a moment does not mean it ceases to exist. Each moment you have experienced is still very much alive within its own time space. This is true of past moments from your present life as well as “past life” moments experienced in all other time periods, whether it is 100 B.C.,1250 A.D. or 1920 A.D. (If your consciousness is expanded sufficiently, you may also perceive future life time frames, which simultaneously exist within their own space as well. When your consciousness evolves to the point that you are able to perceive past times and travel into them to assist past selves, you are entering a”pre-ascension” phase. We will speak more about this in a future discussion. It is enough to know for the moment that time travel in consciousness is possible. This is a form of what you call “angelic intervention.” Such intervention is common in your world. Many instances of what you might consider angelic intervention are simply other aspects of a person’s soul traveling in consciousness to bring assistance and healing. All advanced souls have this capability.

As you heal and release past emotional problems, a greater amount of your consciousness is free to enter peak states of consciousness. As you enter peak states, you are able to further align with the light of spirit, bringing further healing to your “selves” across time.

Release Old Programming by Meg Benedicte

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Evolutionist and Vortex Bio-Energetic Healer, Meg Benedicte discovered early on that she had a unique gift for seeing subtle energies and could identify the vigorous traumatic patterns that relate to dysfunction and ill health. Over the years, she has become a notable pioneer in Bio-Energetic Healing, first through her own transformation and eventually working with clients spanning the globe. Through her extensive research, Meg has created an original and powerful healing approach utilizing Vortex energy, sacred geometry and Zero Point Harmonics, the distinctive proprietary process known as Unified Field Therapy®.

Currently, Meg is sharing her unique wisdom and the dramatic findings of her research with ever widening audiences in teleclass/webinars, various speaking events, online radio shows, blogs and articles, CD Meditations, and in her book, Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human.

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“Unlocking Intuitive Mind” by Meg Benedicte on BlogTalk Radio, July 11, 2012

Today’s Show will focus on the “Uranus Effect” – this energy is strong this week,

our intuition, telepathy and ESP may be heightened. I hope you can join us!

Love and Blessings! Meg

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Evolutionist and Vortex Bio-Energetic Healer, Meg Benedicte discovered early on that she had a unique gift for seeing subtle energies and could identify the vigorous traumatic patterns that relate to dysfunction and ill health. Over the years, she has become a notable pioneer in Bio-Energetic Healing, first through her own transformation and eventually working with clients spanning the globe. Through her extensive research, Meg has created an original and powerful healing approach utilizing Vortex energy, sacred geometry and Zero Point Harmonics, the distinctive proprietary process known as Unified Field Therapy®.

Currently, Meg is sharing her unique wisdom and the dramatic findings of her research with ever widening audiences in teleclass/webinars, various speaking events, online radio shows, blogs and articles, CD Meditations, and in her book, Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human.

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The Energy of Sound: A Powerful Healing Tool

Note: The Buddhist’s were definitely on to something when they learned to combine the OM vibrational tone with chants and meditations. It’s a powerful tool for healing and when you get a better feel working in the void at zero point, it helps with manifesting outcomes and finding solutions.

By Anasuya Krishnaswamy on March 1, 2012

Full moon in Leo, solar flares, days lenghthening, and new year celebrations from around the world mark the transistion around the darkest time of year into the period of new light and new life. We often celebrate and emphasize the light, a lovely notion, even a profound one. But the profound inference isn’t just that we are shining light on what is in the dark, it is also to remember the light that is already in the dark, to acknowledge the wisdom in the dark, the not knowing, and to be with that. We may have heard or experienced that this place of the dark, the void, is the place from which creation springs forth. Perhaps true, but I want to suggest that it is a destination in and of itself, a space to intentionally go to, spend time in, celebrate, and be with. Simply because there are inherent benefits of being there. This is a place of least resistance, of surrender. It is a place of going inward to experience the silence of the mind, the gap between sounds, the gap between thoughts.

I have been attending a Sound, Voice, and Music Healing certificate program created by Silvia Nakkach at the California Institute of Integral Studies. The practices have led me to consider the parallels, complementarity, and relationship between the energy work I’ve been practicing and the sound healing modalities. And, of course, one of the lenses that I’m peering through is a microscopic, or nanoscopic lens.

Sound is created by shaking up molecules (electrons, protons, and neutrons), so they vibrate. Protons, neutrons, and electrons make up what we usually think of as matter, including the physical body, and the movement of electrons is responsible for the biochemistry of our bodies. When air molecules vibrate, we hear that vibration, either through the ear or through the bones (the way we hear under water).

A phonon wave with wavelength, lambda.

Although physicists will distinguish between light waves and sounds waves on the macroscopic level, when we look at the level of the small, where we track electron motion through crystal structures (our body contains many organic crystalline structures), sound also comes in quanta of energy, and can exchange energy with electrons, just as light exchanges energy with electrons.

In this nanoscopic perspective, sound (phonon energy) is proton and neutron vibration, this vibration can shake and move electrons. Electromagnetic energy in the form of photons (light) can also move electrons. Photons (light) move through our body, sending information from one place to another. Actually, some information seems to be sent instantaneously (or outside of time, which leads to pre-cognition) in a way that is not compatible with the idea that communication happens through the physical body along nerve channels. This means it does not happen through the transmission of electromagnetic signals or light (a specific range of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum).

It seems that not only within our body, but also between our bodies, information transfer must include a non-local, outside of spacetime as we think of it, explanation.1,2,3 And there are particles predicted by our unified field theories that we have not observed with our electronic instruments yet.4,5 How will science describe the information transfer of these quanta of energy? Furthermore, even macroscopic mechanical systems can exhibit quantum states, thus leading to the idea that our bodies and our beings can too.6

The movement of sound (and electromagnetic energy) can be cacophonous, have tension and release, and have a quality of connectedness and coherence, among other things. All of these are important aspects of our being, all to be accepted and celebrated. In this article I want to look through the nanoscopic lens at the qualities of connectedness and coherence. I want to describe a state of matter called superconductivity.

When a crystal structure comes into the state of superconductivity, pairs of electrons move together, and they are coupled to the nearby matter via lattice vibrations (phonons, or sound vibrations of the atoms).7 In order to describe this process mathematically, we can no longer use the “independent electron approximation” or consider electrons as independent actors. If we do, the mathematics does not work out, and we can’t describe the situation we observe in the laboratory. These pairs of electrons do not collide with the atoms, the process that causes resistance. Instead, these pairs of electrons dance in step with atomic vibrations. The particles that make up matter move in a rhythmic, synchronistic, dance. And no light (photon) is required.

Abstract picture of electron-phonon interaction in a high temperature superconductor. These geometries do not have a one-to-one correspondence to our familiar 3-D space. Just enjoy the visuals.

This is the wisdom in the dark. It can be a place of least resistance, of surrender, of the gap between thoughts.

Humans have been using sound and music, dancing with the technology of pitch (frequency) and rhythm and harmony for at least tens of thousands of years. Ancient instruments have been found all over the world, and many traditions are still intact. For instance, Sanskrit chanting/singing is an advanced and ancient science and practice to invoke particular energies during particular times of day and season, to align with the music of the cosmos.

The mathematical intervals in Pythagoras’ music of the spheres from 2000 years ago permeate the movements of celestial bodies, the quantum energy states of the atom, and the vibrating modes of strings in string theory. And in all these realms, it is not the frequency itself that is important, but the relationship between frequencies. The calculation of possible vibrating modes in an instrument is a similar mathematical process to the calculation of possible vibrating modes of the atom, the electron, and the photon. And yet, in the quantum mechanical calculation, the wave modes are an abstraction, outside of space and time, while the vibrational modes of an instrument are felt in a present moment within space and time.

These vibrating modes are connected in a sublime way, and sound seems to be a bridge between the place outside of space and time to the present moment. We can feel this connection, be in this channel of movement and wisdom if we surrender and come to the place of least resistance. We don’t have to do it in that order. We can let the music take us there. Here is Kepler (in 1619) being quoted from his “The Harmonies of the World” in Physics Today (2002)8:

The heavenly motions are nothing but a continuous song for several voices, to be perceived by the intellect, not by the ear; a music which, through discordant tensions, through syncopations and cadenzas as it were, progresses towards certain predesigned six-voiced cadences, and there-by sets landmarks in the immeasurable flow of time.

A friend reminded me recently of a story of Krishna and Arjuna (Bhagavad Gita). Krishna likens Arjuna to his flute. When the flute is empty, then divine music can come through, and the dynamic movement can be a beautiful and joyous experience for the flute. But when the flute is full of…you name it, then Krishna will still be sending the divine music through, but the flute will not experience the beauty and the joy.9

Energy vibrating creates form, as any mystic and any physicist will tell you. In the dark, in acceptance and surrender, sound can be a powerful healing tool – a call to the primordial conscious force to renew and recreate our being.


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9Sailesh Rao, Founder of Climate Healers, author of “Carbon Dharma: The Occupation of the Butterflies” 2011



Unlocking Mental Boxes by Meg Benedicte

It’s an honor and a joy to bring you this POWERFUL opportunity to shake loose the mental box’s of the mind keeping us trapped to in dark energy, as well as a chance to get firmly grounded to Gaia’s crystalline gridwork. Be sure to keep the vortex running after the group session to take advantage of energy work from calls with listeners needing help releasing unhealthy family operating system’s, grief issues and an opportunity to bring down Divine Mother into the heart your inner child for incredible crystalline healing energy that will bring you to tears…enjoy!

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Evolutionist and Vortex Bio-Energetic Healer, Meg Benedicte discovered early on that she had a unique gift for ‘seeing’ subtle energies and could identify the vigorous traumatic patterns that relate to dysfunction and ill health. Over the years, she has become a notable pioneer in Bio-Energetic Healing, first through her own transformation and eventually working with clients spanning the globe. Through her extensive research, Meg has created an original and powerful healing approach utilizing Vortex energy, sacred geometry and Zero Point Harmonics, the distinctive proprietary process known as Unified Field Therapy®.

Currently, Meg is sharing her unique wisdom and the dramatic findings of her research with ever widening audiences in teleclass/webinars, various speaking events, online radio shows, blogs and articles, CD Meditations, and in her book, Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human.

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