The Role We Can Play in dis-CERN-ment…Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III & Karen Ann Macdonald

Ground breaking whistleblower, Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav) Special Forces/Blk Ops along with Klan Mother Karen Ann Macdonald join me today as we talk about CERN…Sgt MacBolen has detailed his journey on Miles Johnston’s, Bases Project…Check it out for more info… However today we will touch on how, Dan and Karen along with Pattie L Brassard are the insiders that witnessed exactly what happened in the weekend hours as CERN was being internally damaged 2 weeks back, though there is a back up system running now it has still sustained an incredible amount of damage. Sgt MacBolen shares with us today how we can actively continue to bring down the Colliders and Synchrotrons, around the planet of which there are many more than talked about…Please join us and listen in, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is for us all to play an unstoppable roll in taking over and healing our planet. As always there are a lot of information from Karen Ann Macdonald on healing our minds and bodies so that we are able to participate in the collective healing of Gaia..


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