Radio 3Fourteen – Mike Clelland – Synchronicity, UFOs, Owls & Kubrick, Fowler and The Watchers

Published on Apr 18, 2013

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Mike Clelland works as an illustrator for magazines and instructional books and as an instructor for an outdoor school, which involves doing 30-day courses across North America, including Alaska, British Columbia, the North Cascades and throughout the Northern Rockies. He wrote and illustrated the book “Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips.” Additionally, Mike runs a blog called Hidden Experience, which delves into his experiences with strangeness and synchronicity. He’s also recorded 80 hours of audio interviews, focusing on the UFO abduction experience. We’ll discuss the connection between the UFO phenomena and synchronicities. Owls also seem to play a mysterious role. Then, Mike will discuss his essay on the evolutionary triad seen in Kubrick, Fowler and The Watchers. He points out the eerie aspect of possible genetic alterations between modern humans, chimpanzees and the grays. Later, we explore what the alien myth might represent. If we project on the phenomenon are we creating more shadow zones?



Matt Presti ~ Dr. Walter Russell: Seed of the Cosmic Man ~ Radio 3Fourteen

October 31, 2012

Matt Presti is an artist, musician, philosopher and cosmologist who has been emphasizing the philosophical and scientific ideas of an American polymath by the name of Dr. Walter Russell born in 1871. Walter posited that the universe was founded on a unifying principle of rhythmic balanced interchange. This physical theory, laid out primarily in his books The Secret of Light (1947) and The Message of the Divine Iliad (1948-49), has not been accepted by mainstream scientists. Matt will share the philosophies of Walter Russell, including his views on consciousness, the universe, meditation and creation. We’ll explore Walter Russell’s knowing-conceiving-thinking idea, forming the seed of idea into a body with a soul and awakening genius. Also, we talk about the current co-creation clash between god forms with the godless forms and the dawn of the cosmic man. Later, Presti elaborates on the law of equal giving for re-giving and discusses the law of balance, which will cause the current godless power structures to crumble.


  1. I will do today that which is of today and pay no heed to the tomorrow; nor waste regrets on that which was yesterday.

    My day shall be filled to overflowing, yet shall I not haste the day; nor shall I waste the day.

    To get back to the real substance of all things, you must get back into the thought world. Until one knows that the thought-energy is the cause of which is back of all things, and the product only the effect, then he is tied to the effect and is limited by it.

    Your body is merely a machine made to express the thoughts that flow through you and nothing more. It is but an instrument for you to express your imagings just as a piano is an instrument for a musician to express his imagings. Just as the piano is not the musician, so, likewise, your body is not you.

    How does one chip off the marble that doesn’t belong? … That comes about through five things: humility, reverence, inspiration, deep purpose, and joy. No great man has ever wise-cracked his way to greatness. Until one learns to lose one’s self he cannot find himself. No one can multiply himself by himself. He must first divide himself and give himself to the service of all, thus placing himself within all others through acts of thoughtfulness and service.

    I learned to cross the threshold of my studio with reverence, as though I were entering a shrine set apart for me to become co-creator with the Universal Thinker of all things.

    Inspiration comes only to those who seek it with humility toward their own achievements and reverence toward the achievements of God.

    The universe gives to those who ask without favor. The electric plug which connects you is desire.

    I do not recognize these as defeats. They are but interesting experiences of life. They are valuable stepping stones to success.



    I believe that every man can multiply his own ability by almost constant wordless realization of his unity with his Source. I have, myself, made that feeling so much a part of me that I actually feel myself to be an extension of the Source; that my works are not my own, but interpretations of this Source.

    I believe that such constant realization ennobles one automatically. One’s stature is greater, one’s step more elastic, one’s aura more powerful; and it makes other people see that Light in one’s eyes which attracts people to him who has it.

    I believe that there is but One Thinker in the universe; that my thinking is His thinking, and that every man’s thinking is an extension, through God, of every other man’s thinking. I therefore think that the greater the exaltation and ecstasy of my thinking, the greater the standards of all man’s thinking will be. Each man is thus empowered to uplift all men as each drop of water uplifts the entire ocean.

    You have to gather your energy together…conserving it and insulating it from dissipation in every direction other than that of your purpose.

    The only way you can find it is through being alone with your thoughts at sufficiently long intervals to give that inner voice within you a chance to cry out in distinguishable language for you. ‘Here I am within you.’ That is the silent voice, the voice of nature, which speaks to everyone who will listen.

    Lock yourself up in your room or go out in the woods where you an be alone. When you are alone the universe talks to you in flashes of inspiration.

    I will keep my body charged with energy for fulfillment of my purpose, in accord with that which is commanded of me…

    I have no limitations. Unlimited power is mine within that which is universal.

    Walter Russell

Music: Matt Presti – The Next Octave


Mark Devlin – Music of the Control System

August 29, 2012

Mark Devlin is a long-standing English radio and club DJ, specializing in hip-hop. Although he is interested in all aspects of conspiracy, true nature of reality and human consciousness, his area of special interest is in the methods by which the music industry is being systematically subverted by the control system. Earlier this year he recorded a conversation with David Icke about what really goes on beneath the surface of the music biz. We’ll discuss the ugly occult side of the music business covering trauma based mind controlled stars, symbolism, lyrics, music production and ritual sacrifices of musicians. If music is as bad as it is today, what will pop culture look like 20 years from now? Mark ends on a positive note talking about quality music from the underground.

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Music: Imani Hekima – Robots Rebellion

Tom Montalk ~ Alien Agendas, The Physics of Reality & Etheric Energy ~ Radio 3Fourteen

Red Ice Creations presents Radio 3Fourteen, a bi-weekly audio program hosted by Lana Lokteff, featuring wide ranging conversations from music to metaphysics.

Thomas S. Minderle is an author, researcher, and musician dedicated to empowering others with practical esoteric wisdom and technical knowledge. Writing under the pen name Montalk, his writings synergize a broad spectrum of fringe subjects including metaphysics, gnosticism, ufology, hyperdimensional physics, and spiritual warriorship. He’s also the man behind the melodic metal band Neptunian Horizon. We’ll begin on the subject of alien agendas, abductions and races. Then, Tom talks about etheric energy. He ties it into the Mayan Calendar and end time prophecies. He also speaks about technologies that worked in ancient times when etheric energy levels were higher. Montalk will explain the physics behind mind over matter and changing reality. Later, we converse about the relationship between dreams and music.


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Note: Montalk talks about etheric implants at length, this is a serious problem that keeps people imprisoned in there own minds and bodies. Over the last seven months we’ve listened to Meg remove dozens of implants of varying sophistication from people who were having a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms showing up. In my case alone she removed cords, attachments and a cage around my mind; along with a phantom mask to keep me from knowing my true identity as a walk-in visiting soul.

The one around my heart also had a cord attached to my mother and family operating system, that’s how they get to us on an emotional or psychic level. Since then all the emotional baggage surrounding my family is gone, when last month before the session my family operating system was in a state of collapse after my parents treated me disrespectfully, for the last time. So not long ago I was really in a state of distress, now it’s almost like the pain never existed. Although lets make note it did take a conscious effort on my part to surrender to forgiveness and the understanding they know not what they do…then ground it in with love, gratitude for the lessons and move forward.

Also when Montalk mentions “when” the etheric energy comes back, I would like to make note that it’s here and it’s pouring back into the ethers. My sense is that’s what will tip the scales in this spiritual war because people are waking back up to their purpose, we’re re-mastering the use of sacred “skills” taught by the Masters in the Lemurian/Atlantean mystery schools. No wonder the dark forces are pulling all this insanity out of the woodwork, they know they’re screwed.