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This is hands down one of my all time favorite articles from my friend, Timothy Glenn. I’m not into mandatory anything, but if I were, I would propose this article as mandatory reading.

You can find the original “Global Metamorphosis” article from 2008 for review by clicking here. I posted it in 2013, as Tim went through some old writings and found it eerily applicable to April 2013. I remember reading the first article he sent out in 2008, though, because in my own life, Pluto in Capricorn has been nothing short of a death and rebirth of, ohhhh, everything. Today’s post gives us a status report as Pluto continues to make its way through this sign. Ponder for a moment how much the world has shifted in the past decade — both personally and collectively. Kind of unbelievable, huh? Love ’em or hate ’em, Pluto and Saturn know how to evoke the changes.

Global Metamorphosis 2018 Update

Pluto two thirds of the way through Capricorn

by Timothy Glenn

From the original Global Metamorphosis article in 2008:

“As Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, grinds its way through Capricorn, it will tend to bring that which is hidden out into the public eye. Do you suppose we will see ‘leaks’ of information the Powers That Would Be would rather keep secret? Count on it. Watch for it. Get ready to do something about it.”

Each 30 degree sign of the zodiac is divided into 3 decans or decanates. Here in 2018, Pluto is crossing over 20 degrees of Capricorn, officially entering the third and final decanate. This means that Pluto is ready to finish warming up, so he can roll up his sleeves and get down to business. In Capricorn, Pluto’s business is to dismantle outmoded control systems, and then to begin replacing them with something more evolved.

Shifting GEARS

High on Pluto’s hit list, you will find Government, Economics, Academics, Religion and Science. These control systems have held power over humanity by concealing their true motives and agendas, while holding forth a façade of working for the “greater good”.

This is not meant to imply that there are not “good people” working within those control systems. It’s simply that the ordinary decent folk type humans hardly if ever get put in charge of anything significant, and are kept strictly compartmentalized. Many of them have no clue what they are actually supporting, and sincerely believe they are serving the “greater good”. Others merely bide their time, take notes, prepare documentation, and await their golden opportunity to become whistleblowers without having their lives destroyed by the old Powers That Would Be.

The Inspector General Gets Specific

Saturn (the solar system’s Inspector General) entered its home sign of Capricorn shortly before the Solstice in December of 2017. He will proceed up to 9 degrees and then retrograde back to 2 degrees, resuming direct motion in January of 2019.

As a result, Saturn will spend all of 2018 scouring the first decan of Capricorn, and laying the groundwork for restructuring…well, probably just about everything.

Saturn can be analogized to the guy who oversees the quality control department. He scrutinizes everything, makes his analysis, and then hands you the dreaded paperwork: “Here are your specifications. Reengineer these facets of the project. Then resubmit.” And in this scenario, he is addressing the entire human world.

Mars joined the party in Capricorn in mid March, adding a boost of energy to the planetary overhaul. On the day of this writing (April 2nd), Mars is overtaking Saturn. This conjunction brings enthusiasm and realism face to face, and the wise among us will purposefully focus our zeal with steady application, patience and perseverance.

Mars will breeze past retrograding Pluto on April 26. The power of this conjunction can be harnessed and directed, or it can be allowed (or caused) to explode into flames. Certainly the old world controlling creepazoids will resist the bulldozer of inevitability that is plowing them down in Capricorn.

Saturn will take the better part of 3 years to completely transit Capricorn, and will support Pluto’s efforts every step of the way. Perhaps the most fascinating episode of the adventure will occur around January 12th and 13th of 2020, as the Inspector General holds a public meeting with the King of the Underworld. Indeed, this upcoming Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn promises to jar even more of the unconscious masses out of their collective coma. The Sun and Mercury will “just happen” to be right there. The Sun will officiate, and Mercury will race ahead with the report.

Media Bypass

Overall, Pluto’s journey through Capricorn can be summarized as a Bible quote: “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” Luke 8:17

Pluto involves everything that is hidden, and his long sojourn through Capricorn will bring the Plutonian secrets out into the public arena.

At this stage of the game, there remains little if any sign that the corporate propaganda machine will soon offer to serve as a vehicle for helping the truth come to light. This tool of the controllers is often called the “mainstream media”, which implies that its audience comprises a majority of the population. However, it has lost so much of its illusory credibility and therefore such a noteworthy portion of its former audience that it no longer can rightfully claim the status of being mainstream.

And yet there are still millions of duped humans who believe they can turn to the television networks and their so-called “news” programs, and get more than a few glimmers of anything within a zillion lightyears of accurate and pertinent information. However, there was a Christian prophecy from 2011 that claimed this would happen…tapping our feet…drumming our fingers…we’re still waiting…but don’t hold your breath…

…and don’t hold your breath waiting for someone in formal wear and white gloves to hand you the truth on a silver platter centered on a red velvet cushion.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

About two thousand years ago, a famous Jewish Rabbi uttered the well known admonition: “Seek and ye shall find.” Seeking the truth entails a lot more than lamely saying, “Gosh, I wish I knew.”

It often happens that when you share some of your fact-based research with sleepers, they will ask: “How do you know?” My favorite response hearkens back (believe it or not) to a cute bit from 1970’s television (with slight variation): “No, Grasshopper. The question is: how is it you do not?”

The answer is simple. They have never genuinely sought. The truth is a treasure, and if you want to become a treasure hunter, you have to hunt. You can’t step outside your door, glance around and expect to see treasure lying around in your neighborhood. Truth seeking is a pro-active process. And in the famous quote, the verb “to seek” is rendered in the imperative tense. You want the truth? Then get your ass out there and search for it!

The Game Intensifies

Pluto the ruler of Scorpio carries more intensity than anything else in our zodiac. And the game of Pluto in Capricorn is amping up into a bit of a nail biter.

By all means, bypass the corporate media. If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you have the internet at your fingertips. And for all of this tool’s usefulness, it is here in cyberspace that the game is being played out with gusto. Disinformation agents abound. Trolls, including those on government payrolls, infest the high traffic areas frequented by the truth seekers.

The corporate giants that own and operate the big platforms have been censoring more and more independent researchers and journalists. Websites and channels have been taken down. Pertinent facts have been scrubbed from the internet. Search algorithms have been altered to hide legitimate information from the truth seekers. For now, the tech giants can run, but they can’t hide. Pluto in Capricorn will root them out and expose their deeds and their hypocrisy.

Your Move

How do you want to play your part in the game?

Even those of us who have been researching these phenomena for decades are headed for some shocking revelations. We have been playing connect the dots; and just when a picture begins to emerge, we get hit by another barrage of dots. The rabbit hole keeps going deeper and deeper.

Proterrian says that we could spend an entire lifetime pursuing this as a full time job, pooling our data with hundreds of other researchers, and all we would achieve is “a scratch on the surface of the tip of the iceberg”. But at least we are prepared for the next wave of data to crash onto the shores of our awareness.

The global metamorphosis is accelerating. Anyone still resisting the truth may face the likelihood of eventually getting smacked up alongside the head with a cosmic sledge hammer. But no matter what our individual approach may be, we might all end up having our worldviews blasted to smithereens by cosmic reality bombs, or simply vaporized into nanoparticles by universal scalar truth weapons we haven’t even theorized about. Shifting from an infinitesimal fear-based matrix into the infinite love-based energy field might require a few illusions to get shattered.

Pluto will complete its passage over the two thirds mark in Capricorn in mid December. We have spent a decade reaching this milestone, and the game will only intensify from here.

Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn (with a little help from their friends) are suggesting that we up our game if we really want to play in the big leagues.

Your move.

Timothy Glenn




Astrology for the Soul March 28, 2018 ~ Kaypacha

Weekly Mantra:

To balance my obsessive compulsive, Need to get it all done, I practice ancient grounding techniques, Remembering all is One.

As that Moon rises through Virgo and into the social signs of Libra (full on Saturday) and Scorpio, we’ll see the challenge more clearly between “self” and “other.” The old adage, “ya can’t live with ’em and ya can’t live without ’em.” may be heard floating through the air more than once. There may be the need for more mediation than usual as she opposes the retrograde Mercury, bringing up topics for conversation that perhaps you thought we laid to rest. For those seeking to expand their consciousness, this is of course, and opportunity to understand ourselves and life at a deeper level. Finding that sweet balance between being true to and honest with ourselves, AND not break up, out, and withdraw from others in order to do so is the act we are asked to perform. The energy now may push us toward “taking my ball and going home,” but it could be a cold, lonely home we retreat to. The saying “It’s lonely at the top,” probably came from some mountain goat (Mars, Lilith, Saturn, and Pluto in the sign of the Goat), freezing their butt off as they worked their way up the ladder of success. What’s most important to you? Wanna learn astrology and make some astro friends? You can join the New Paradigm Astrology Community! Click the “Join Us” tab and check it out! http://www.NewParadigmAstrology.com End music: http://www.ScottHuckabay.com

Beyond the Triple Helix – Equinox Golden Gateway – March 20th 2018



At the Equinox point, in your month of March in your year of 2018, with the highest energetic point being the 20th day in the March month, you experience the Golden Gateway that is the Global Rebirthing point.

— Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie.

Video compiled by Catzmagick. Magenta Pixie Website: http://www.magentapixie.com Magenta Pixie Products: http://www.magentapixie.com/shop

Astrology for the Soul March 14, 2018 ~ Kaypacha

Weekly Mantra:

Sometimes it’s hard to not give up, And keep going without knowing why. That’s when I need to still my mind, Open my heart and surrender my “I.”



Ah, these days remind me of the song “I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on these drums all day…….” Yeah! And yet there just seems there is so much that needs to get done….. can be hard to stay motivated, nay, maybe even hard to drag yourself outa’ bed! This, of course, is even more true if you are not doing what you love to do, are here to do, or makes sense to you! Alas, this can be a time of the great “letting go!” Surrendering to the call of the “still small voice within,” maybe doing some practices to increase the volume? Here’s hoping you find the control! Join the Dream Team and myself for Astrology Day to get the whole picture (and more)! https://newparadigmastrology.com/Astr… Like the music at the end? Check out Scott’s stuff! http://www.scotthuckabay.com

March 2018 Energy Update – Lee Harris



March is going to be a very interesting month. There is an enormous WAVE OF CREATIVITY in the year of 2018, and March, April, May, June are going to be really strong creatively. One of the big themes that just came up in my recent Energy Mastery Retreat was THE END OF PEOPLE PLEASING. This is going to be a big theme in March along with CONFLICT ENERGY, FOCUSING FORWARD, TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF and asking WHAT AM I CREATING NEXT?
Full text outline of the update available here: http://bit.ly/eumarch2018
For my new online course “Empaths vs. Narcissists: A Power Dynamic and How to Recover from It” please go here: http://www.empathsvsnarcissists.com

Kaypacha Lescher ~ Astrology for the Eclipse! January 31, 2018

Weekly Mantra:

It’s hard for me to lay myself out, Both my future and my past, Not seeking approval or longing for love, But ready for union at last. It’s a long road to love!

Especially as a powerful, intense, individuated, self sufficient being! We blast off into the great unknown but need to remember we’re still human. I like the image of a relationship being like a fire. It’s hot and cozy and tempting to stay there but both people need to go out and gather some firewood or it will burn out. Just like breathing, in and out and in and out and in and out….. the beat goes on. So this eclipse is about being free and leaving the other free but not losing connection. Not sacrificing relationship in order to be an individual. And as I say in the video, it’s practice practice practice and failing and falling and forgiving and messy and and and…..! It’s LIFE! Hope you enjoy the madness and the beauty of it ALL! The quote came from: http://www.centerforhealthysex.com More Astrology and Yoga: http://www.NewParadigmAstrology.com Download the yoga: https://www.dropbox.com/s/orztmiz46pb… Closing music: http://www.ScottHuckabay.com

Lee Harris Energy Update, February 2018



In February the energies of PEACE and VISIONARY AWAKENING are going to be hitting the planet in a strong way. Many of you are going to find that February will be a little more peaceful than what you have been experiencing the past few months.

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Kaypacha ~ Astrology for the Soul January 10, 2018

Weekly Mantra:

If I’m going to make a change, I commit to something new, And with self control and discipline, Do what I have to do.


So the tricky part to this I didn’t really get to until the end. That is, in order to do Capricorn right we have to balance it with Cancer. That means it cannot be the “old” way of cold, hard, “laws that must be followed,” but warm, caring, intuited feeling. The commitment really needs to be first and foremost to ourselves. Imagine a world where everyone was tapping into their Spirit Self, downloading it, and being true to that first and foremost. That is the union of Spirit and Matter that the future can hold (the present for some if you do it!). The alternative is to be at the mercy of external control freaks (some disguised as “nice people” haha!) who think they know better than you who you are. Time to step up to the plate, isn’t it? Have fun slugging away!

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Astrology for the Soul December 13, 2017


Weekly Mantra

Like it or not I live in a world, With laws, rules and regulations. The more I see, study and learn, The less trauma I’ll have when I meet them. Yes indeed!


New Moon conjunct the Galactic Center in Sag this Sunday! Whew! Get ready for those downloads! And let them ALL the way in, to permeate your consciousness and assist in the mutation/evolution/transformation of your psyche/soul! Don’t forget, Sag is a mutable sign which I associate with Shiva/Kali energy. The energy will continue to build toward the Solstice and let’s remember that this cycle will finish around the middle of January when Mercury comes back for his 3rd conjunction with Saturn. In the meantime, think deep, talk true, listen within, and expand! Injoy! For more astrology: http://www.NewParadigmAstrology For music at the end: http://www.ScottHuckabay.com


Astrology for the Soul November 22, 2017 ~ Kaypacha Lescher



Weekly Mantra: Nothing simply happens as any astrologer knows, It’s my own and the collective unconscious, Setting me up to grow, So the more deeply I look and listen, The more smoothly it all will flow.



OK, welcome to the Venus/Mars mutual reception! I could have brought this up awhile ago since it has been active since Venus went into Scorpio (11/7), but still…….. This mutual reception brings up all our relationship issues to the surface to be seen, felt, and dealt with. Probably the biggest one is the passionate desire to connect that can override or blow out some of our circuits that may otherwise see, communicate and discriminate. This can lead to errors in judgement, premature intimacy and indulgence that may lead to future regret. However, at least for the short term, with Jupiter also in Scorpio, it can also lead to some peak experiences you may not forget! Probably the main thing to remember during these times is that no matter what or who appears (or disappears) in/from our lives, there are deep occult forces pushing our unconscious motivations, drives, and desires up to the surface for us to look at, meditate on (Mercury conjunct Saturn) and master (Scorpio). With Scorpio it is not so much about right and wrong as it is about conscious and unconscious. In the courtroom that is difference between manslaughter (unconscious/unintentional) and murder (premeditated). So the big question now is are you acting out from your Id, your ego, or the highest, most awakened Self? Sometimes, only time (Saturn/Chronos) will tell………. welcome the great awakening! More astrology: http://www.NewParadigmAstrology.com Closing music: http://www.ScottHuckabay.com

Astrology for the Soul November 15, 2017 ~ Kaypacha Lescher



Weekly Mantra: Having blown off some steam so I could relax, I see my spiritual path, Is to stay centered in Source so I no longer need, To shutdown or overreact.

Ha ha! Let’s see who the winner is this week, Mars square Pluto or Venus trine Neptune! As mentioned in the report, put into context with the other planetary combinations I’m afraid I have to put my bet on the Mars/Pluto. So let’s look at the upside of that shall we? Do you know some things that need to change??? This is actually a 3/4 square that deals more with a change in consciousness (due to the actions taken at the first quarter square last February) than “new” impulses. It can be a time of inner transformation due to “forces” like people, law enforcement, external authorities or partners calling us on our stuff. Hence the mantra, as it can be tempting to dig in our heals, simply shutdown down, or come out fighting rather than objectively looking at the situation and really evolving. May you choose the center path and live your life with beauty, grace, and of course, style! more astrology? http://www.NewParadigmAstrology.com more music? http://www.ScottHuckabay.com

Astrology for the Soul November 8, 2017



Weekly Mantra:

When it costs more than I can afford, And I’m looking for the exit door, Life may be forcing me to find, More in me to “tow the line.”

In Evolutionary/New Paradigm astrology, Pluto and Scorpio symbolize the force of evolution. Evolution can be nasty, hard business. It takes us up and out of our comfort zone, the known, familiar, power and control that we build up and constantly humbles us by showing us there is always more. Somebody or something that we can’t control, that can hurt us, that we can’t figure out, the mystery of Life and Death and more. Yet, just as the predator helps the prey evolve, all external sources that have the power to destroy us simultaneously are our greatest teachers. They force us to summon within ourselves ever deeper and stronger desires, passion, and will to survive and potentially thrive. To “tow the line,” means to pull our weight or more, like tugboats towing a barge. While battling forces beyond our control is not the only way to evolve, sadly enough, we can be a complacent species content with mediocrity sometimes to the point of complacency and resistance to evolving. The infinite intelligence of the universe measures out the exact amount of pain necessary to wake us to the deeper intention of our life in these bodies. While it often appears unfair, unjust, and cruel, in humbled awareness of the greater whole, it can be seen as perfect. May you experience the humbled awareness that allows you to see that perfection! more astrology: http://www.NewParadigmAstrology.com more end music: http://www.ScottHuckabay,com

Astrology for the Soul October 25, 2017 ~ Kaypacha Lescher



Weekly Mantra:

The more we share the deeper we go, And the more the truth is revealed. The more we stay without turning away, The more our wounds can be healed.


Ah yes, such is the state of affairs these days as reflected through the stars and planets. I didn’t mention it in the report but I feel that there is something coming through now with Lilith poised before the galactic center. Something to do with “timeless truth” juxtaposed with “contemporary or hip truth/s.” We’re at the turning of the ages and it is a time of revolution where we may be exposed to some revolting stuff! As the old structures, beliefs, moral codes, and belief systems are questioned, challenged, and discarded by many, both external and internal chaos can ensue. It is up to each of us as individuals now, not as sheep following a shepherd, to hone our own moral compass to the “highest” expression of our Self. Injoy your journey! Signup for the NPA Community here: http://newparadigmastrology.com/signup/ End music here: http://www.ScottHuckabay.com

Governing Planets in the Human Body

Planets represented in the human body are just one example of astrology’s ability to make a higher connection between human and divine. Learning the planets associated with the body can offer vital understanding about the connection we humans have with our Universe.

Scientists have already proven our bodies are made of the same celestial ingredients as the stars and planets. Going deeper into this knowing by learning the symbolic connections between the planets and our bodies galvanizes our understanding of our connection to the divine.

Furthermore, knowing which planet rules areas of the body forms an allegiance with universal powers. Why? Because we can tap into the energy of certain planets in order to enhance certain body functions.

The ancients did this. Marrying planetary and bodily energies together was a natural process of learning, healing and evolving to early shamans, sages and metaphysicians.

Be a modern sage, and allow your understanding to orbit around planetary correspondences of the human body. Here’s a brief summary to kick-start your magical journey in this area of cosmic development:

human body planets

List of Governing Planets in the Human Body:

Sun: The sun governs the general flow of energy throughout the body as well as around it (etheric, auric, energetic bodies that are our energy, but extend far beyond our physical bodies). The sun is an equal partner in heart function, circulation, vitality and overall healing.

Moon: The moon governs the fluid of the body. In the same way the moon influences the tides according to her orbit around the earth, the moon similarly affects the fluids in our bodies. Water retention, blood flow, digestive motion, and cellular moisture all respond to moon energy.

Mercury: Mercury governs mental functions and will equally influence both hemispheres of the human brain. It promotes clarity in intellect, creative thought as well as strategic calculations of the brain. Mercury also rules automatic body functions (breathing, blinking, etc) and works with the moon in digestive functions too.

Venus: Venus is a very sensual, tactile planet so it makes sense it will govern sensory organs. Venus plays her hand in pleasurable aspect of nourishment in that the planet rules taste, tongue, swallowing, the mouth and saliva. Sensory perception of touch is influenced by Venus and her relationship with the dermis & epidermis (skin). Venus also assists with the regulation of sweetness in the body (regulation of insulin, balance of sugars and carbohydrates in the body).

Mars: As it is the red planet, it will be easy to remember Mars’ influence on our red blood cells and natural oxidation in the body. Mars is also an assertive planet and is connected to procreative aspects of the body such as the function of sexual organs.

Jupiter: It’s an expansive planet, so it makes sense that Jupiter governs physical growth of the body. Jupiter also assists in elimination and influences excretion and clearing out of toxins. This is evident in Jupiter’s rulership of the liver and kidneys. On the whole, Jupiter has a protective energy and works to facilitate growth while inhibiting obstructions.

Saturn: This is the planet of control and structures, so it is logical Saturn would influence our own structures. Meaning, Saturn governs our bones. This planet influences the strength of our most basic inner stability in our skeletal systems. It plays a part in bone density, distribution of calcium and other fortifying vitamins. Saturn is also present in cartilage, teeth, nails, etc.

Uranus: Uranus governs the nervous system both on an individual scale and on a societal scale. Uranus also plays a role in respiratory function.
Bronchial tubes, lungs, diaphragm, cilia, trachea – are all affected by the influence of Uranus. Consequently, Uranus energy can be utilised to assist with soothing breathing malfunctions (bronchitis, emphysema, asthma).

Neptune: This planet assists in the function of most glands, particularly endocrine glands which play a role in the secretion of hormones. Endocrine glands include the thyroid, pituitary and adrenals – all of which are considered to possess highly mystical properties according to esoteric schools of thought. Neptune also lends a helping hand with the lymphatic system too

Pluto: This planet has powers of renewal, so it makes sense Pluto influences the body’s ability to rejuvenate, regenerate and heal. Pluto plays a role in healing by governing the various functions within the immune system. It governs constant birth and death on a cellular level too. Pluto is also connected to the body’s reproductive system.







In the coming months we can expect a sea change occur in global issues, priorities, and influences as the slow-moving planets change signs: Jupiter moved into Scorpio this week, Saturn moves into Capricorn on December 20th, Chiron enters Aries on April 17th, 2018 and Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15th, 2018. As you can see, the cosmos is supporting a significant shift in global consciousness these coming months.

I’ve been waiting awhile for Jupiter to enter Scorpio and the subsequent destruction of the Archon agenda. When Jupiter moves thru Scorpio it initiates a powerful death- rebirth cycle, a spiritual transformation that activates new levels of enlightenment. We are entering an era of purification, as intense Light reveals hidden evil and corrupted power.

Just this week the topic of sexual harassment has risen to our awareness in a growing swell of intolerance. Toxic sexual aggression has no place in unity consciousness. Most women, including myself, have experienced sexual assault in some form or another. Jupiter in Scorpio flushes this dark behavior out in the open, so that humanity may evolve into more loving, respectful interactions with each other.

During the 10-10-10 Stargate on October 10th, Jupiter shifted into Scorpio territory for 13 months…setting off a new ‘1’ trajectory into the rebirth cycle. The Resurrection Codes are activating within the frequency bundles dormant in the multi-dimensional DNA. There will be a strategic expansion of the Light Body during this transit. The Family of Light is here bringing the Christed energy to Gaia and humanity. All Souls who decide to forfeit the false-light/dark forces can embrace the Light within.

This is an opportune time to ‘seed’ your personal and global visions, desires and intentions into the fertile quantum field of ‘All That Is’. As you progress into the year-end Ascension Stargates (11:11, 12:12, 12:21) pour your love and Christed Light into Gaia and her guardians, as you travel through this new cycle of rebirth.

We will be broadcasting the Utopia New Moon Global Activations on Saturday, October 21st to optimize the transition into becoming divine humans. Join other Lightworkers around the world in creating the New Earth paradigm, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=119537

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

Copyright (c) 2017 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

October 2017 Energy Update – Lee Harris



Find more from Lee at https://www.leeharrisenergy.com NEW MP3: Awaken Your Deep Heart – Preview at end of this video – https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store… Live Events: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/events/ The Portal: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/portal/

Astrology for the Soul October 4, 2017


Weekly Mantra:  It’s time to grow up and do the work, It takes to be with you, For Love teaches me what I need to learn, To make our dreams come true.

Whoa! It’s intense! And the Scorpios say “Oh Yeah!,” and Aries says “I don’t care!” and Cancer says “Oh No!” etc etc etc…. Venus/Mars in Virgo (square Saturn) says “shutup and get to work.” The Full Moon in Aries says “Forget you! I’m outa here!” and Capricorn says, “Calm down, grow up, stick with it, and in the long long long long run you will see and witness the fruits of your labors.” Oh Boy. This Full Moon in a Tsquare with Pluto and the Venus/Mars/Saturn reminds me of the old TV show CSI (Crime Scene Investigators). This is an excellent time to investigate yourself, your instincts, how you sabotage yourself, or where you need to clean up your act and walk your talk. There may definitely be some rebels inside (and out) that scream they don’t wanna grow up, they wanna stay young rascals, but these times and the near future will show how impotent that attitude is. Best to go with the flow which right now is flowing right to work. The results, while taking some time to ripen, will be well worth effort. Hang in there! http://www.NewParadigmAstrology.com

Astrology for the Soul September 21, 2017


Weekly Mantra:

As the old order dissolves into chaos, A prerequisite for the new birth, I see Spirit’s intentional restructuring, As a footprint on Mother earth.

Let’s recall that the Virgo/Pisces axis is the axis of initiation and view this time period as just that. Thought the Sun will shortly move into Libra, the tone for this coming month has in some ways already been set by the new Moon at 27 Virgo 27 and the Eclipse last month in Leo setting a 6 month vibration forward. Initiation has always been a right of passage, testing the initiate as to his/her purpose, strength, determination and understanding. They involve the creation of intense experiences designed to bring up core issues that require new and deeper sources of power and love to surmount. These are time of initiation. As I mention in the video, this time period is also a bit of a foreshadowing of 2018 and beyond. The upside to these initiations is that they are just that! It is also a time where Spirit is close, potent, and visible in It’s effects. The footprint is testimony to existence that the creature is real, was present, and is moving. May you use these current life experiences to understand the workings of Great Mystery in a personal and real sense.. Injoy!


Astrology for the Soul September 13, 2017

Weekly Mantra:

When in crisis I summon my will, To stand and face, not run and escape, But remain calm, centered, and still.

Ha ha! That is to say you may want to run and escape! Frickin’ messes these days, personal, financial, physical, you name it. Of course we set these problems up for ourselves unconsciously (with an emphasis on UN) to learn something. The idea is that it stops, changes, or self corrects once you get what it is you were/are supposed to learn…… let’s hope, eh? In the meantime, like I say in the report, it’s all about priorities and getting them straight. Straight in alignment with your unconscious Soul evolutionary intention. Hence, it all boils down to making the unconscious conscious and the first one there wins (lol)! Wins as in peace of body, mind, heart, and soul….. Yes! Go for it! Injoy!

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