Holographic Kinetics Healing – Part 5 of 14 – Animal and Human Spirits

http://www.holographickinetics.com Produced by Jacinta Hoogenboom
Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics is an advanced Aboriginal healing technique based on an ancient understanding of Lore. This healing modality can assist people to clear their issues by helping them to access the causes of their problems. The causes may be in this life, a past life or in one of their ancestors lives and Holographic Kinetics can help to bring them back into balance. It can also assist to clear inter-dimensional interference from a persons energy field. Steve Richards, the founder of Holographic Kinetics introduces this technique and talks about the need for us to heal our spirits from the trauma that we have carried with us through time.

Holographic Kinetics Healing ~ Inter-dimensional Interference Steve Richards ~ Part 4 of 14

http://www.holographickinetics.com Produced by Jacinta Hoogenboom
Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics is an advanced Aboriginal healing technique based on an ancient understanding of Lore. This healing modality can assist people to clear their issues by helping them to access the causes of their problems. The causes may be in this life, a past life or in one of their ancestors lives and Holographic Kinetics can help to bring them back into balance. It can also assist to clear inter-dimensional interference from a persons energy field.

Steve Richards, the founder of Holographic Kinetics, introduces this technique and talks about the need for us to heal our spirits from the trauma that we have carried with us through time.

New Earth Nation featuring Andrew Bartzis with Marco Missinato, Scoritarrius & Greg Paul

1-2pm Marco Missinato, Composer – Unfolding Secrets


2-3pm Scoritarrius, Academy of Wisdom Keeping


3-4pm Greg Paul, Director – New Earth Nation



Hair Is An Extension Of The Nervous System

Understanding Geomancy: the Energies of the Earth with practicing druid Alan Reed

EBTV presents host Evita Ochel (http://www.evitaochel.com) with guest Alan Reed, speaking about geomancy and the energies of the Earth, on location at the Grail Springs Retreat & Spa (http://grailsprings.com).

Alan Reed is a practising Druid and as an Alchemist he has obtained the message of the elements. For over 20 years he has assisted individuals and Corporations to create sacred space in Time. As a consultant he educates people how to sequester the buzz of the modern day – ways to reduce the Terrestrial incoherency of the unconscious disruption of Nature’s order. Offering many services, his real passion is the regeneration of the natural order – utilizing the Mineral kingdom in stabilizing – calming ways. Alan currently does not have a website, to contact Alan for info regarding his services, email Alan: geomantics01@yahoo.ca

Specific topics covered in the video include:

1. A definition of geomancy. (1:14)
- the connection of geomancy to druidry

2. How does geomancy help us understand and connect with the Earth. (2:20)
- the role of the mineral serpentine
- the ribboned energy found throughout the Universe

3. How to understand the role and potential of the stones/rocks/minerals. (4:20)
- the significance of the pyramid shape
- solutions for making our urban areas more in alignment with our human needs

4. An explanation of negative and positive energies (ions) in nature. (7:45)
- the significance of the nitrogen molecules in nature
- why we feel good in nature
- the importance of the North and wetlands for learning about nature
- reference to the book “Your Brain on Nature”

5. How we as human beings can heal on a physical, mental and emotional level by integrating with the Earth’s energies. (10:50)
- healing the Earth, to heal ourselves (ex: remineralizing the soil)
- the role of minerals in nature for the health and wellbeing of species

6. How to protect ourselves from EMF energies that disrupt health and wellbeing. (13:48)
- tips for our home and how to handle electronics, cell phones, etc.
- solutions for practical applications
- the potential of Shungite mineral
- AC vs DC power implications

7. What a typical day involves for Alan in practicing geomancy. (17:15)
- moving from incoherent to coherent frequencies

Weaving Begins ~ Ancients, ETs and DNA ~ Shamanic Tales


This work is derived from a series of shamanic journeys.


For commentary, please look to the previous installments of this series.


When We Were Young


The Gods Among Us


Touching Gaia in Atlantis


Pyramid and Sphinx; All Are One


Lighting the Sun


There are many truths.
In an infinite universe, everything is true.


Weaving Begins
Ancients, ETs and DNA




Let the weaving begin.


We are cloistered this evening: safely ensconced where we can work without interruption or intervention.




Cobras stand in the quarters. Behind each is a smooth marble wall. The cobra to the southeast is larger and wears a crown. They are here to protect us and to bring their coiling energy to this rite. Energy spirals out from each cobra’s hood, meeting within us, where we work.






We are back in the Great Pyramid. The pilot is seated at the head of the rectangular sarcophagus. Inside lies the desiccated body, eons dead yet full of vitality. Internally, this body is inscribed with hieroglyphs. These etchings were not inflicted upon the body by outside artifice. Rather, they formed naturally within the body as it was incubated and gestated. They are written within the DNA.


The deceased was born as a vessel to this power, chosen in the moment of conception as a vehicle of pure DNA linked directly to the seeding of this planet by the progenitors. DNA that for most is garbled chaotic junk, in this body was fully aligned and masterfully constructed. This entire body was a superconductor, so that even now after many ages fallow, it is a circuit of great power.


Over my reclining form hovers a ruby red merkaba crystal, slowly rotating. Constructed of two tetrahedrons; three-sided pyramids interpenetrated, one pointing up and one pointing down. This crystal emits a pure tone which resounds through me, bringing me into alignment with it.




A series of triangles descend from the merkaba, colored blue to orange. Base at my shoulders and apex at my groin, the triangles settle into my body. Another series of triangles descends, orange to blue, base at my hips and apex at my head. Settling into my body, together the double series of triangles forms a Star of David.




The merkaba vanishes.




An antenna extends from my throat. It has two poles like a ladder, with energy flowing between them. The antenna spirals outward. At its terminus, numerous limbs branch out, terminating in gold and silver geometric forms. The antenna transmits out and up. The transmission is beamed up through the top of the Great Pyramid, out into space.




The pyramid is walled in black obsidian, with a geometric lacework of gold and silver. Inside, it contains a lattice of lay lines and hieroglyphs. The Eye of Horus is central, outlined in gold and silver, colored sky blue. The signal is transmitted through the apex of the pyramid, through space, to the star Sirius. And there it is received as a fanfare for the commencement of ascension of the Earth and of the Earthlings. It is a signal for which our celestial midwives have long awaited.


My body rises into the air, a mist flowing off of it. I am outlined in an aurora borealis of shimmering light.


The pilot seeks to steer the craft with unfamiliar instruments. The vessel flies erratically and becomes mired in a swamp. The pilot struggles through water up to his hips.


I lie immersed in a pool of water, crystal ankh held in my left hand. The water ripples with diffracted light. Waves of rainbow color, orange to blue, flow through the interference pattern, from my feet to my head and back again. Though the pilot struggles through the swamp, I know this immersion is a good thing.


The pilot’s spirit  mate instructs my maiden queen to pour energy from the crystal she holds into the crystal ankh in my left hand. The pattern of this light is established throughout my being.




I am a table in an ancient alchemical laboratory. I am the table and I am the experiment of chemicals, beakers and apparati arrayed upon the table. The maiden sits at the table, holding a round globe with a beak angling out from the top. At the end of the table is stationed the master alchemist, reading aloud from a weighty tome. Following his instructions, she pours the fluid from her globe into the experiment that is me.


A boundless nonphysical sentient being approaches us in the pyramid. It is a shimmering energy field of blue. It regards us with approbation, amusement and love. From the pyramid, the pilot and I are borne aloft, plucked from Earth and sent on a trajectory into space.




I am captured in a tractor beam. A large ship floats above me. Bay doors in the floor of the ship open, and I am brought on board. I am lying on a black cushioned reclining seat in a metal room. Around me are various instruments and control panels. Doors slide into the wall silently and a man enters. He is a large and well-proportioned fellow, an Adonis in the flesh. He is illuminated by an aura of warm, white light. The fellow is very pleased to receive me here.


‘Welcome, and well met.’


I know this being. He is Commander Thoth.


The entire scene becomes preposterous; like something out of a science fiction movie.


‘What you see is your own mental construct,’ Thoth informs me. ‘It is your mind’s interpretation of what is happening — rather like a dream.’




The illusion of a spacecraft and a human standing before me falls away. The walls are made of solid light, pulsing and flowing, changing with each thought, vibrant with awareness. The being in front of me is a body of light, denser than the walls around us, irradiant and refulgent. It is the light of this being that flows outward to become the walls, and everything within this lightship, this thoughtship. I sense that much is happening here of which I am unaware. Whole worlds full of meaning and events transpire beyond the horizon of my sight.




‘You cannot currently comprehend everything here. Your senses and your awareness are still too limited. But you are opening up.’


I wait for Thoth to give me some astounding lesson, or offer some life-altering instructions. But he merely smiles at me.


‘You are not ready for that yet. In this moment it is sufficient that we meet. We will communicate more in time.’


I am floating in space again. A number of immense, nonphysical beings operate around me. They make subtle alterations in my body of light. Certain restraints are removed; specific impetuses are imparted. I become lighter, brighter. The frequency of my vibration rises to a new mean.




A face with large round, bulging compounded insectoid eyes looks me over closely. This being is different from the others. Yet it has no hostile intent. Its aura is green. After its examination, I am sent upon my way.


Macro Photography of Insects Eyes (2)


We are too grounded in intellect, and so cannot rise to the realms where the necessary work is done. A pressure builds through my head until I am squirted out of my third eye, floating over my own body, connected by a cord running back into my forehead. And there I am told ‘Stop trying to place this experience in a linear framework. Stop trying to make sense and just allow it to happen.’




This is why I am the vehicle: because I can do this, letting go of the reins to allow what is beyond my comprehension to transpire. And in this free flight, the pilot will be borne along into his own transformation.


Below me I see golden pyramids on the surface of a planet. Everything here has a golden hue. I see nothing below me resembling any life form, no plants, no animals. No sentient beings, yet I know they are there.




‘You are not ready to meet them yet.’ I am told.


Though they remain unseen, I can feel their delight in my presence. My visit is a long-waited occasion, and they are celebrating it with festivities. The signal emitted by my throat antenna is received here, through the pinnacles of the pyramid. Long out of time has my signal been transmitted here, as to other worlds scattered throughout the universe.


Now there is a change. The signal I am transmitting now, long awaited by these beings, heralds a change in tides. And for this reason, the inhabitants of this world celebrate. It is time for a response, which wells up through the planet, and is communicated by the inhabitants through their pyramids of gold.




The pinnacles of these pyramids send out a spiraling light, coiling cobras that intertwine as they rise through the atmosphere, forming a helical ladder. The spiraling DNA enters through my throat and commences the reweaving of DNA within me.




It takes three strands to begin a weave. And now with heart, solar plexus and throat, the weaving begins within me. It is a knitted fabric of life, breath, freedom and awakening. This weaving, now begun, will gain strength as each additional strand is introduced, until I am entirely rewoven into a fabric of my own design.




In our thoughtship, the pilot steers a direct course, taking us home. To our mates awaiting us, angelic forms announce our arrival, introducing us as ‘Commanders.’


Back into the swamp we descend. The waters there feed into us their protein stew, protean threads, strands of light linking us directly to the progenitors. And there the weaving in this ancient body is begun, around the spindles of life energy is spun. Crystalline spires rise from throat, heart and solar plexus, with lesser spires at spleen and base to balance out the light umbilical entering through throat, forehead and crown.




Around my corporeal form, Travis, Estrella and Gillian dance, as around a maypole weaving their garland of light and love. The kabbalistic tree of life reappears upon my chest. It is the central figure from which are woven innumerable strands. A sacred infinite fractal geometry spreads over my torso.




Travis directs a crystal over my heart, and an island rises up from the swamp. This mound is constructed from the waters of the swamp, built from the archaic nucleotides placed in these waters in a time before time, to be stirred by the binaural rhythms of sun and moon into the building blocks of biological life.


This desiccated body is a seed pod, and within it are the kernels of life, still viable after all of these ages. Within this withered exterior lies the crystalline form of humankind, distilled into the pure and potent geometry of the progenitor. This body is an instruction manual, a blueprint. It is a guiding mold for the arrangement of our DNA. When we resonate with this body, our form is aligned with its form, and our DNA is aligned with its DNA. All the supposed junk DNA will be reassembled into an harmonious circuitry, circulating with the multidimensional light=information=love of the universe. And whosoever aligns himself or herself with this body will become a seed crystal. All of those with whom this person then comes into contact will initiate the crystallization of their own DNA — to the extent that they are in harmony with this process. All who become advanced along this path will themselves become seed crystals, spreading this evolution exponentially.




And this is why the fear-breeders have so long sought to keep this process from being evoked: in this awakening, the continuous generation of fear and ignorance will end. Yet for ages they have sought to hold back the inevitable. And in this moment of time which is our time, humanity is ripe for this, as is the Earth and the entire universe. You cannot hold back the dawn.




The mound over my chest is transformed into the shell of an ancient tortoise, ancient beyond time. Its body lies on my chest, its head at my head. The tree of life and the fractal arrangement branching out from it are the pattern of this turtle’s algae-covered shell. This is the archetypal tortoise that carries the universe upon its back.




The tortoise is transformed into a fallen redwood covered with moss. Even in its decomposition this fallen log is rich with life, composting the forest that goes ever on. Ancient redwood, transcending form even now in an endless expression of life and awareness.


0071901-11KH Post conservation shots of MCCM mummy


This redwood becomes, in turn, the desiccated body of the progenitor, always cycling and spiraling with the dynamics of life. Though my full resonance with this protean body is yet to come, it is already bearing fruit now with the transformation of DNA. We are now becoming multidimensional, stepping outside of linear perception. What is yet to come reaches its fingers back into now, bringing itself to pass.


Our future self is knitting itself together in this moment, shielded from prying eyes by the wings of angels. We are born a new species, composed of the Earth, from the pattern of extraterrestrial progenitors, woven of light=information=awareness=love. Each of us is a library of the universe. I am an alien; I am a child of the Earth. I am All That Is expressing itself in corporeal form. I am light=information=awareness=love.


And the weaving goes on. It has only now begun.


DNA abstract - gold





Celebration of Star Gates in Izmailovo, Moscow

Absolutely incredible Star Gate celebration, Native tribesman performing for locals, dancing with joy on the streets of Moscow! Go figure, ten yrs ago who could’ve imagined…

This goes to show its time we bring these events to every city and township around the world,can you imagine the impact it will have on the collective and unity consciousness?

(No description available)


Sacred Spirit – Sacred Earth Drums (Gordon, David & Steve) Full Album

1) 00:0006:58 —- Prayer for the Four Directions
2) 07:0015:47 —- Sunset Ceremony
3) 15:4921:37 – Call of the Medicine Drum
4) 21:3930:09 —- Descent to the Lowerworld
5) 30:1139:38 – Dancing for a Vision
6) 39:4049:01 —- Power Animals
7) 49:0257:43 —– Guardian Spirit
8) 57:441:06:32 —- Return Journey
9) 1:06:331:20:29 —- Sun Rise in Peace

Dragonfly, Swan and Dolphin and the communal expression of dreamtime ~ by Andrew Bartzis

For the communal expression of dreamtime, dream weave and understanding the many frequencies of life we all go through.

Friend dragonfly comes to my medicine spread. Her wings humming in tune with the dream time surroundings, dragonfly hovers over my head, looking for dreamtime gnats. He darts, feeding on a dream time gnat. He settles onto my left shoulder. Her huge eye globes reflecting countless millenniums of illusion. Dragonfly is the guardian of illusion.

She speaks of times past, when the veil of separation was thin or almost non existent, in certain areas of earth mothers spine. Dragonfly wove the veil of separation for 2legged mind, so dream time would be kept sacred for the future generations. For within dream time every facet of life can be explored and experimented with. Those who chose to travel and interact with dream time must confront their own guardian of illusion. The shadow side of your mind that says its all not real.

The shadow often is in league with the ego for the reason of reality control. When you awake in a dream time state, we often must assess where we are, soon we learn what is dream and what is static 2 legged mind. The dragonfly will be the creature totem that asks you – have you earned the right to enter dreamtime? She’ll ask you what realms of imagination has your inner child explored. She’ll ask the questions that make you question the 2 realities. Upon accepting that both are equal and layered onto each other, then you’ll understand what earning the right pertains.

The little swan flies through the dreamtime sky looking for great mystery, for her future awaits. Swan has seen high above the great sacred mountain, she knows what awaits those who seek a higher meaning. Swan has settled into your spirit pond to remind you that the future awaits you. There swan sees a gateway guarded by the dragonfly

Swan meets dragonfly and dragonfly said, “you have found the door way to other planes of imagination, I have been the guardian of the illusion for many moons. If you want to enter the place of future, you must earn the right.
Swan asks” why is it necessary to earn the right?”

You must be willing to accept that which the future holds. With out trying to change great spirits plan. Swans message is simple surrender to the grace of life, the spark of life and the taste of life. Do not worry abut the future, know it waits your choice to accept it for what it is.

Dolphin is the dream time teacher of the breath of life, required to maintain the silence to keep grounded in dreamtime realities. The medicine of friend dolphin comes swimming his way into your daily medicine spread. Dolphin speaks to us of the breath of life. Two-leggeds can not go with out breath for a few minutes or thy will die. We can live with out food or water for some time. Within the breath of life, we can access the rhythms and energy of all creature kind. Dolphin is the sacred keeper of the manna of life.

Dolphin is the medicine totem that teaches how to release emotional and spiritual dis-ease. Dolphin is the teaching totem of those seeking to mediate in silence. Dolphin takes a deep breath then dives below the seas in search of his spirit prey. He spots a herring, darting towards the spirit herring, he gobbles up the spirit prey. Returning to the surface he exhales his stored manna, recycling it with fresh air of the sky nation. He takes another breath and dives deeper this time. This represents the need to control ones breathing in a natural way to achieve silence. Only in silence will you discover the connections to the medicine world.

With in the cycle of the oceans and the movement of the great star nation we learn that all life goes through cycles. These moments of movement help us create and control our mission and our purpose.

Me dreaming you and you dreaming me.. Dream on brothers and sisters, dream on,

Andrew Bartzis


A Gathering of the Tribe — Mission COMPLETE

Wow! Talk about resonating, this amazing piece is from Brian Kelly’s blog:

A Gathering of the Tribe — Mission COMPLETE
September 7, 2013
All I can say is, reading this gave me goose bumps. Whoa nelly! Blessed is the day a piece of literature (data) resonates to one’s very core. A huge thank you to Jewell for sharing and even more gratitude to Charles Eisenstein for composing. This piece is very synchronistic considering all of the gatherings popping up all over the country and world lately. Even more synchronistic considering the plan a few of us are getting ready to launch in the not so far off future. I’m sure we’ll be making some announcements most likely in the coming week’s radio shows. Something FUN for everyone to participate in indeed ;) What I can say is that reading this has brought me to a great sense of peace and inner knowing we are Absolutely on the right track. When the energetic trail shines so brightly all we can do is laugh, smile and start taking steps. God Almighty this is a freakin’ beautiful time to be alive. I hope you all In-Joy this as much as I have <3 ~BKOnce upon a time a great tribe of people lived in a world far away from ours. Whether far away in space, or in time, or even outside of time, we do not know. They lived in a state of enchantment and joy that few of us today dare to believe could exist, except in those exceptional peak experiences when we glimpse the true potential of life and mind.

One day the shaman of the tribe called a meeting. They gathered around him, and he spoke very solemnly. “My friends,” he said, “there is a world that needs our help. It is called earth, and its fate hangs in the balance. Its humans have reached a critical point in their collective birthing, and they will be stillborn without our help. Who would like to volunteer for a mission to this time and place, and render service to humanity?”

“Tell us more about his mission,” they asked.

“I am glad you asked, because it is no small thing. I will put you into a deep, deep trance, so complete that you will forget who you are. You will live a human life, and in the beginning you will completely forget your origins. You will forget even our language and your own true name. You will be separated from the wonder and beauty of our world, and from the love that bathes us all. You will miss it deeply, yet you will not know what it is you are missing. You will only remember the love and beauty that we know to be normal as a longing in your heart. Your memory will take the form of an intuitive knowledge, as you plunge into the painfully marred earth, that a more beautiful world is possible.

“As you grow up in that world, your knowledge will be under constant assault. You will be told in a million ways that a world of destruction, violence, drudgery, anxiety, and degradation is normal. You may go through a time when you are completely alone, with no allies to affirm your knowledge of a more beautiful world. You may plunge into a depth of despair that we, in our world of light, cannot imagine. But no matter what, a spark of knowledge will never leave you. A memory of your true origin will be encoded in your DNA. That spark will lie within you, inextinguishable, until one day it is awakened.

“You see, even though you will feel, for a time, utterly alone, you will not be alone. I will send you assistance, help that you will experience as miraculous, experiences that you will describe as transcendent. For a few moments or hours or days, you will reawaken to the beauty and the joy that is meant to be. You will see it on earth, for even though the planet and its people are deeply wounded, there is beauty there still, projected from past and future onto the present as a promise of what is possible and a reminder of what is real.

“You will also receive help from each other. As you begin to awaken to your mission you will meet others of our tribe. You will recognize them by your common purpose, values, and intuitions, and by the similarity of the paths you have walked. As the condition of the planet earth reaches crisis proportions, your paths will cross more and more. The time of loneliness, the time of thinking you might be crazy, will be over.

“You will find the people of your tribe all over the earth, and become aware of them through the long-distance communication technologies used on that planet. But the real shift, the real quickening, will happen in face-to-face gatherings in special places on earth. When many of you gather together you will launch a new stage on your journey, a journey which, I assure you, will end where it began. Then, the mission that lay unconscious within you will flower into consciousness. Your intuitive rebellion against the world presented you as normal will become an explicit quest to create a more beautiful one.

“In the time of loneliness, you will always be seeking to reassure yourself that you are not crazy. You will do that by telling people all about what is wrong with the world, and you will feel a sense of betrayal when they don’t listen to you. You will be hungry for stories of wrongness, atrocity, and ecological destruction, all of which confirm the validity of your intuition that a more beautiful world exists. But after you have fully received the help I will send you, and the quickening of your gatherings, you will no longer need to do that. Because, you will Know. Your energy will thereafter turn toward actively creating that more beautiful world.”

A tribeswoman asked the shaman, “How do you know this will work? Are you sure your shamanic powers are great enough to send us on such a journey?”

The shaman replied, “I know it will work because I have done it many times before. Many have already been sent to earth, to live human lives, and to lay the groundwork for the mission you will undertake now. I’ve been practicing! The only difference now is that many of you will venture there at once. What is new in the time you will live in, is that the Gatherings are beginning to happen.”

A tribesman asked, “Is there a danger we will become lost in that world, and never wake up from the shamanic trance? Is there a danger that the despair, the cynicism, the pain of separation will be so great that it will extinguish the spark of hope, the spark of our true selves and origin, and that we will separated from our beloved ones forever?”

The shaman replied, “That is impossible. The more deeply you get lost, the more powerful the help I will send you. You might experience it at the time as a collapse of your personal world, the loss of everything important to you. Later you will recognize the gift within it. We will never abandon you.”

Another man asked, “Is it possible that our mission will fail, and that this planet, earth, will perish?”

The shaman replied, “I will answer your question with a paradox. It is impossible that your mission will fail. Yet, its success hangs on your own actions. The fate of the world is in your hands. The key to this paradox lies within you, in the feeling you carry that each of your actions, even your personal, secret struggles within, has cosmic significance. You will know then, as you do now, that everything you do matters. God sees everything.”

There were no more questions. The volunteers gathered in a circle, and the shaman went to each one. The last thing each was aware of was the shaman blowing smoke in his face. They entered a deep trance and dreamed themselves into the world where we find ourselves today.


Who are these missionaries from the more beautiful world? You and I are surely among them. Where else could this longing come from, for this magical place to be found nowhere on earth, this beautiful time outside of time? It comes from our intuitive knowledge of our origin and destination. The longing, indomitable, will never settle for a world that is less. Against all reason, we look upon the horrors of our age, mounting over the millennia, and we say NO, it does not have to be this way! We know it, because we have been there. We carry in our souls the knowledge that a more beautiful world is possible. Reason says it is impossible; reason says that even to slow — much less reverse — the degradation of the planet is an impossible task: politically unfeasible, opposed by the Money Power and its oligarchies. It is true that those powers will fight to uphold the world we have known. Their allies lurk within even ourselves: despair, cynicism, and resignation to carving out a life that is “good enough” for me and mine.

But we of the tribe know better. In the darkest despair a spark of hope lies inextinguishable within us, ready to be fanned into flames at the slightest turn of good news. However compelling the cynicism, a jejune idealism lives within us, always ready to believe, always ready to look upon new possibilities with fresh eyes, surviving despite infinite disappointments. And however resigned we may have felt, our aggrandizement of me and mine is half-hearted, for part of our energy is looking elsewhere, outward toward our true mission.

I would like to advise caution against dividing the world into two types of people, those who are of the tribe and those who are not. How often have you felt like an alien in a world of people who don’t get it and don’t care? The irony is that nearly everyone feels that way, deep down. When we are young the feeling of mission and the sense of magnificent origins and a magnificent destination is strong. Any career or way of life lived in betrayal of that knowing is painful, and can only be maintained through an inner struggle that shuts down a part of our being. For a time, we can keep ourselves functioning through various kinds of addictions or trivial pleasures to consume the life force and dull the pain. In earlier times, we might have kept the sense of mission and destiny buried for a lifetime, and called that condition maturity. Times are changing now though, as millions of people are awakening to their mission all at the same time. The condition of the planet is waking us up. Another way to put it, is that we are becoming young again.

When you feel that sense of alienation, when you look upon that sea of faces mired so inextricably in the old world and fighting to maintain it, think back to a time when you too were, to all outside appearances, a full and willing participant in that world as well. The same spark of revolution you carried then, the same secret refusal, dwells in all people. How was it that you finally stopped fighting it? How was it that you came to realize that you were right all along, that the world offered to us is wrong, and that no life is worth living that does not in some way strive to create a better one? How was it that it became intolerable to devote your life energy toward the perpetuation of the old world? Most likely, it happened when the old world fell apart around your ears.

As the multiple crises of money, health, energy, ecology, and more converge upon us, the world is going to collapse for millions more. We must stand ready to welcome them into the tribe. We must stand ready to welcome them back home.

The time of loneliness, of walking the path alone, of thinking maybe the world is right and I am wrong for refusing to participate fully in it… that time is over. For years we walked around talking about how wrong everything is: the political system, the educational system, religious institutions, the military-industrial complex, the banking industry, the medical system — really, any system you study deeply enough. We needed to talk about it because we needed to assure ourselves that we were not, in fact, crazy. We needed as well to talk about alternatives, the way things should be. “We” should eliminate CFCs. “They” should stop cutting down the rain forests. “The government” should declare no fishing zones. This talk, too, was necessary, for it validated our vision of the world that could be: a peaceful and exuberant humanity living in co-creative partnership with a wild garden earth.

The time, though, for talking merely to assure ourselves that we are right is coming to an end. People everywhere are tired of it, tired of attending yet another lecture, organizing yet another discussion group online. We want more. A few weeks ago as I was preparing for a speaking trip to Oregon, the organizers told me, “These people don’t need to be told what the problems are. They don’t even need to be told what the solutions are. They already know that, and many of them are already in action. What they want is to take their activism to the next level.”

To do that, to fully step into one’s mission here on earth, one must experience an inner shift that cannot be merely willed upon oneself. It does not normally happen through the gathering or receiving of information, but through various kinds of experiences that reach deep into our unconscious minds. Whenever I am blessed with such an experience, I get the sense that some benevolent yet pitiless power — the shaman in the story — has reached across the void to quicken me, to reorganize my DNA, to rewire my nervous system. I come away changed.

One way it happens is through the “gathering of the tribe” I described in this story. I think many people who attended the recent Reality Sandwich retreat in Utah experienced something like this. Such gatherings are happening now all over the world. You go back, perhaps, to “real life” afterwards, but it no longer seems so real. Your perceptions and priorities change. New possibilities emerge. Instead of feeling stuck in your routines, life changes around you at a vertiginous pace. The unthinkable becomes commonsense and the impossible becomes easy. It may not happen right away, but once the internal shift has occurred, it is inevitable.

Here I am, a speaker and a writer, going on about how the time for mere talk has ended. Yet not all words are mere talk. A spirit can ride the vehicle of words, a spirit that is larger than, yet not separate from, their meaning. Sometimes I find that when I bow into service, that spirit inhabits the space in which I speak and affects all present. A sacredness infuses our conversations and the non-verbal experiences that are becoming part of my events. In the absence of that sacredness, I feel like a smart-ass, up there entertaining people and telling them information they could just as easily read online. Last Friday night I spoke on a panel in New York, one of three smart-asses, and I think many in the audience left disappointed (though maybe not as disappointed as I was in myself). We are looking for something more, and it is finding us.

The revolutionary spark of our true mission has been fanned into flames before, only to return again to an ember. You may remember an acid trip in 1975, a Grateful Dead concert in 1982, a kundalini awakening in 1999 — an event that, in the midst of it, you knew was real, a privileged glimpse into a future that can actually manifest. Then later, as its reality faded into memory and the inertial routines of life consumed you, you perhaps dismissed it and all such experiences as an excursion from life, a mere “trip.” But something in you knows it was real, realer than the routines of normalcy. Today, such experiences are accelerating in frequency even as “normal” falls apart. We are at the beginning of a new phase. Our gatherings are not a substitute for action; they are an initiation into a state of being from which the necessary kinds of actions arise. Soon you will say, with wonder and serenity, “I know what to do, and I trust myself to do it.”

Adventures in Reality ~ Andrew Bartzis, 2013 07 04

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My Attackers Are Full Of Fallacies, Jan Irvin 2 of 2 17June2013

This is a great rebuttal and response to a blatant disinformation campaign against Jan Irvin, it’s a great example how  media is used to influence public opinion. And kudo’s to Vinny Eastwood for the integrity to publicly admit he was wrong.

Part 1

Part 2

Vinny admits he was wrong…

The Ayahuasca Journey: Healing with Sacred Entheogenic Plant Spirits

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Sacred plants such as wachuma and ayahuasca have been used for thousands of years by shamanic practitioners to “realize the divine within.” Ayahuasca and other entheogenic plants catalyze the evolution of human consciousness and offer a very personal means of exploring and healing ones own spiritual wounds. At the same time, it is not generally a ‘pleasant’ experience, nor for the feint of heart or those who do not otherwise have sufficient ego strength. However, as shamanic practitioners who have completed a number of ayahuasca journeys, my partner and I have found the ceremony to be a profound and numinous learning experience unlike any other.

A shamanic practitioner usually journeys to the Helping Spirits for teaching and healing while maintaining control of the experience. You are the one riding the horse and controlling the direction of the journey. By comparison, drinking the Spirit of the ayahuasca healing vine mixture provides an intensely personal teaching and healing experience for the individual where, instead of you deciding to ride the horse, you are the horse being ridden by Spirit. The plant spirit takes control of your body and mind. As such, control is given to the plant teacher and you are able to truly experience your spiritual essence of darkness and light. This direct experience, which is both an ecstatic and fearful undertaking, reveals who we really are inside and allows our wounds to be healed by the Mother Teacher plant.

Traditional plant medicine ceremonies with ayahuasca have generally involved a trip to the Upper Amazon jungle in Peru or Ecuador for Westerners who feel called to do their personal healing work in this fashion. However, my partner and I have experienced another, less stressful option – one that does not require working in a foreign culture and language in jungle conditions, or the necessary vaccinations. Our ayahuasquero (conductor and teacher) prepares his own ayahuasca using the healing vines in the traditional manner, and is also a ‘pharmacologist’ who understands how to properly dose individuals. In a weeklong retreat at a beautiful country farm in a tropical location, he provides a safe and comfortable space for a small group to experience ayahuasca over three evening sessions, each successive evening building on the one before it. Why three nights? “You have to kiss the plant spirit three times before you can really know it.” One journey is to open, one is to heal, and one evening is to celebrate and interact with the Plant Spirit.

There are many stories published about participants’ subjective experience of the ayahuasca journey. Their experiences range from the ecstatic to the terrifying (and often a bit of both). Even though everyone in the room drinks the same batch of ayahuasca under the same conditions and similar preparatory diet, everyone’s experience of the plant spirit is totally different. The spirit of the healing vine gifts a very personal teaching – often what is most needed for the growth of ones consciousness. The journey often includes a struggle with the most basic fears that we grapple with as human beings: the fear of dying and the fear of losing your mind. But overcoming those fears opens us to a much greater appreciation of Self, an ability to see life’s bigger picture and to live a more heartfelt, conscious existence.

One consistent element among participants is the perception of time slowing down. A minute becomes an hour, and an hour may feel like a day. My very first ayahuasca journey subjectively felt like I had lain down in the forest for 10,000 years, letting it grow around and over me, covering me in green and allowing me to become a part of the plant spirit in this enormous living evolution we call Nature. Even after the journey is over, the after effects of the ayahuasca can linger, so that a long conversation you think has taken an hour may only have taken 5 minutes in real time. You are still living in “plant time.”

All of our ayahuasca journeys were done while blindfolded and sitting upright. Sitting upright ensures you don’t ‘trip,’ which is what happens if you are lying down. Being blindfolded, there are fewer distractions to pull you away from simply “doing the work.” On the third night at the height of the final journey, our ayahuasquero asked us to take off our blindfolds and gaze into a mirror to view our own reflection. I was confronted with images of other points of view on how I see myself, images of the ancestors, and finally, a smoky, swirling outline of my face with the beams of the ceiling clearly showing through my head. Then there was no figure at all in the mirror. Somehow that felt acceptable, but an odd question popped into consciousness: if ‘I’ am no longer objectively there to look at the mirror, then who is looking at the mirror to observe that I am not there? Is it my consciousness that is observing reality? Is it the plant spirit?

Over lunch the next day, our teacher advised that one would probably not want to ingest ayahuasca on a regular basis – it is not conducive to existing in our normal world of driving cars and operating computers. However, this altered state of consciousness is probably the state of mind that traditional shamans continuously inhabit by ingesting small daily doses of entheogenic plants. The plant spirit assists them in their healing work and provides the ability to directly perceive reality from a heightened state of consciousness. Our ayahuasquero did suggest that a large dose of ayahuasca such as what we ingested over three nights, done once every few years, is a benign and viable way for the plant spirit to assist us in the evolution of our consciousness. There are also anecdotal stories of people having miraculous healings from chronic disease after ingesting the healing vine. Our teacher suggests that the plant spirit is responsible for “freeing all that is healthy within the person,” allowing accelerated healing to occur. Some reports and scientific studies affirm that ritualized use of ayahuasca may improve mental and physical health.

There are two major churches in South America that use ayahuasca as a sacrament to provide participants with a direct experience of the divine within: the highly urban Brazilian church União do Vegetal, and the Brazilian Santo Daime church. However, due to the illegal Schedule I drug status of brews made from ayahuasca in Western countries, those who have been exploring its therapeutic potential are unable to do so openly. The non-religious therapeutic use of ayahuasca is not protected by covenants on religious freedom.

There are a number of books and resources you may wish to read on entheogenic plants and ayahuasca in particular. On the web see: http://www.ayahuasca.com and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayahuasca

Plant Spirit Medicine Books:
Ayahuasca In My Blood: 25 Years of Medicine Dreaming, by Peter Gorman

The Shaman & Ayahuasca: Journeys to Sacred Realms by Don Jose Campos

Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon, by Stephan V. Beyer

Plants of the Gods: Their Sacred, Healing, and Hallucinogenic Powers by Richard Evans Schultes, Christian Rätsch and Albert Hofmann

The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature, by Stephen Harrod Buhner

Cura, cura cuerpecito (‘heal heal little body’): reflections on the therapeutic possibilities of ayahuasca, by Beatriz Caiuby Labate (Associate Researcher Institute of Medical Psychology Heidelberg University) and José Carlos Bouso (Centro de Investigación de Medicamentos, Hospital de la Santa Creu y Sant Pau, Barcelona)
Ayahuasca y Salud (Ayahuasca and Health), by Beatriz Caiuby Labate and José Carlos Bouso (eds.)

The Internationalization of Ayahuasca, by Beatriz Labate and Henrik Jungaberle (eds.)


Legends and Prophecies of the Hopi

Published on Dec 9, 2012

Archeo-astronomer and independent researcher on the American Southwest, Gary A. David, talked about legends and prophecies of the Hopi. Descendants of ancient Pueblo Peoples who constructed large housing complexes in Arizona and New Mexico, the Hopi combined spirituality, mythology, and ritual practice along with keen astronomical observations. Based on his studies, David has concluded that the Hopi mirrored the positioning of the Orion constellation in the pattern and location of their villages (see graphics below).

A Hopi god named Masau’u was said to direct their migrations, and tell them where to build their pueblos. Masau’u was considered both the god of the Underworld, and the earthly plane, and somewhat similar to the Egyptian resurrection god Osiris, though he was described as having a rather alien appearance, David detailed. The Hopi also speak of the Ant People, who according to legend, rescued their tribe during two major cataclysms, bringing them down into underground caverns during massive flooding. Interestingly, he noted that in a kiva (Hopi underground prayer chamber), a wall mural depicts a creature that looks like Mothman.

He also cited Hopi lore of “flying shields,” which resemble descriptions of modern flying saucers, and were said to be piloted by Sky gods or Kachinas. David explained that Hopi prophecy views our current time as being close to the end of the 4th World, and how a number of Hopi ‘end time’ visions may have already come to pass. While the 4th World ends in catastrophe, particularly for America, a 5th World will arise, and continue the cycle, he said. David also shared the story of a purported Lost City in the Grand Canyon, which contained anomalous artifacts. A 1909 article that ran in the Arizona Gazette reported that the discovery was made by G.E. Kincaid, working for the Smithsonian.


Gary A. David is an independent researcher and author who has been intrigued by the American Southwest since his initial trip there in 1987. The following year he lived for about six months in northern New Mexico, where he studied archaeological ruins and rock art. In 1994 he moved to Arizona and began an intensive study of the ancestral Pueblo People (sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Anasazi) and their descendants the Hopi.

In 2006 after more than a decade of fieldwork and scholarly inquiry, his nonfiction book The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cites of the American Southwest was published. This volume describes a pattern of Hopi villages and ruin sites that precisely mirrors Orion, with an ancient site corresponding to each major star in the constellation.

The Hopi are a federally recognized tribe of Native American people, who primarily live on the 2,531.773 sq mi (6,557.26 km2) Hopi Reservation in northeastern Arizona. The Hopi area according to the 2000 census has a population of 6,946 people.[1] The Hopi language is one of the 30 of the Uto-Aztecan language family.

The Hopi Reservation is entirely surrounded by the much larger Navajo Reservation. The two nations used to share the Navajo-Hopi Joint Use Area, but this was a source of conflict. The partition of this area, commonly known as Big Mountain, by Acts of Congress in 1974 and 1996, has also resulted in long-term controversy


The Hopi are one of many Native American cultures in the Southwestern United States. When first encountered by the Spanish in the 16th century, these cultures were referred to as pueblo people because they lived in villages (pueblos in the Spanish language). The Hopi are believed to have been descended from the Ancient Pueblo Peoples (Anasazi) who constructed large apartment-house complexes in northeastern Arizona and northwestern New Mexico. They lived along the Mogollon Rim, especially from the 1100s through the 1300s AD, when they abandoned their large villages. No researchers have been able to determine the reason, although it is likely that a drying of water sources would have forced the people away.



Clearing the Earth Grid, Soul Contracts and Using Free-Will as Co-Creators ~ Andrew Bartzis on Walking With Energy with Chris Hales and Michael Monk

IMO these shows contain VERY important information for everyone about probable future timelines and energetic changes the Earth and Mars will move through as the solar system penetrates areas of space with a much higher vibration. These changes will affect EVERY living thing and everyone alive, therefore it’s important to understand what we need to do to prepare ourselves on an energetic level to make a smooth transition. From what I’m picking up, these changes are much different than anything most of us have imagined and aren’t going to be easily navigated without serious focus, alignment and inner work to clear the fine print any remaining soul contracts that may be causing blockages in our energy body.

Topic: Andrew Bartzis will be with us again. We will discuss actions we can take to clear the grid of Earth and gain full control of our soul contracts and our true free will as co creators.


Winter is Coming ~ Munro Sickafoose

It’s my pleasure to share this inspirational video of a 2011 Unitarian sermon given by Munro Sickafoose, one of my dearest, closest friends from Norman, OK I when was 18yrs old and working as an activist for the anti-nuclear group, the Sunbelt Alliance. He was one of the most inspirational, thoughtful and conscious individuals I met with the Alliance. He had a major influence on my spirituality in my youth, and even today he’s still inspiring minds and awakening people to Spirit as a Shaman…enjoy!

Guest preacher at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Rosa, CA on November 20, 2011

Sermon: Winter is Coming

Sermon: Winter is Coming from Munro Sickafoose on Vimeo.

Adventures in Reality ~ Andrew Bartzis, Akashic Records and Galactic Historian May 23, 2013

As a Galactic Historian, Andrew possesses the rare ability to read Universal & individual Akashic records. When I first heard him on the Collective Imagination show earlier this week, his message resonated with me very deeply from a soul perspective. Today I accidentally stumbled on Adventures in Realty, his Revolution Radio show. After listening to him work with callers I’m absolutely amazed with the information he’s able to access from our souls energy field relating to past lives, how the information relates to the NOW moment in this life and how we can heal energy blocks, parasitic intrusions in our energy field and much more.

We cannot ascend until we reconnect at the soul level with our Higher Purpose and mastery. Andrew also has extensive knowledge on the many galactic races here to help Gaia and humanity thru the shift. He’s one of those rare individuals with insight into our soul and am deeply honored to share his message with you . Actually, I’m so impressed with his work that I’ve decided to give him a Andrew Bartzis a link under Radio Shows because this work in so important it deserves to be showcased regularly.

No doubt, you’ll enjoy his work as much as I did! Much love and gratitude to ALL! ~A~}

Published on May 24, 2013

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