Astrology for the Soul November 25, 3015

As I see the big picture of our children’s future,
I know there’s a lot to do,
That begins with accepting and not regretting,
That I am another you.

It is often easier to see everyone else’s shadow, problems, and faults than it is to see our own. It seems easier to blame and point the finger than to own that we could have tried harder, stayed in there longer, and had a different result. Well this is one of those times where exercising patience, and calm, deep listening, can bear some positive results and long lasting commitments/contracts. While it maybe grueling to go over the details and come to agreements, it is like the universe is demanding that we really get clear on what we want, what we believe, what our truth is and what energy we are spreading around the place. Whew!

May you triumph over the obstacles and blocks to speaking your truth and honoring the others and building powerful lasting relationships based on honesty, integrity,and trust. Go for it!

Oracle Report ~ Monday, November 23, 2015

Andrew Foss's photo.
Andrew Foss  

-Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, magic
-Moon in Aries/Taurus (11:26 am ET/4:26 pm UT)

-Skill: see what’s underneath

-Goddess of Wisdom: Kamala – The Lotus Goddess
-God Of Will/Desire: Elias – God of Transformation

-True Alignments: deserving, stable, guardianship and taking good care of others, safety, cooperation, team building, moving out of the way of chaos, rallying, protection

-Catalysts for Change: moody, getting stirred up, outbursts of emotions, suspicious or suspicions confirmed, unstable, weakness, rejection, disproportionate, hiding things and hiding intentions, selfish, getting away with something, obstacles

-Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway”
-Sabian Symbol for the Solar Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

Today the Sun moves to the degree of “the ocean covered with whitecaps,” where Mercury was over the weekend. As mentioned, with this energy things are rarely as they appear to be. Under the surface, there is much more going on, so be mindful of what or whom you are trusting. People, places, and things can seem stronger than they really are, misleading us.

This energy also seeks gratification and will risk, sabotage, and lie to gain it. Again, be mindful of what or with whom you are placing your trust because another side or deeper nature will be revealed later. Often, it is not pretty.

This may be particularly true today with relationships. Saturn has moved to the 7th degree of Sagittarius and “Cupid knocking at the door of the human heart.” Anything that is blocking our hearts and our hearts’ desires seeks to come down. This energy facilitates the theme for this lunar month of pathways, opportunities, and potentials opening. Mars is located at “a woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks,” so we are more protective of ourselves and our hearts, but it is important to respect and take care of the hearts of others. Saturn in Sagittarius is bringing out the truth because truth is of utmost importance to The higher octave of Sagittarius.

Mercury at our favorite “an old owl up in a tree” is in close conjunction with Saturn, telling us to think before we speak and act. Watch what is happening from a detached perspective or dive down to see what you think. Step back and consider the whole field because there is much wisdom to be gained today.

Earlier today, the Black Moon moved to 11 Libra and the Sabian symbol “a professor peering over his glasses at his students.” The universe wants us to learn something, especially today, and it does so by having us assess. We are taking stock and analyzing. This goes well with the “old owl up in a tree” because both energies imply transcending and taking a higher view. What do you need to know?

Today we keep in mind that there is much more going on under the surface and we understand that we are likely not getting the whole picture with situations. I cannot emphasize enough how deep this energy will delude and deceive. Wise owls are indeed wise today.

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Astrology for the Soul November 18, 2015

Like a twinkling star in the dark black night,
I’m a tiny point of light,
That maybe surrounded by anger or fear,
But will love with all my might.

Well, darn that camera angle, sorry about the shadows…. hummm however relavent to the theme of the Sun and Mercury moving through the last degrees of Scorpio and Venus and Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith. Shadow work is messy work as it deals with acknowledging aspects of ourselves and the world that we would prefer simply didn’t exist. Owning with ruthless self honesty, that we are not our ideals and that the world and humanity are not what we wish they were, is downright painful!

The upside of doing so is that you get a clear, accurate, description of the situation so you can make appropriate choices and take just the right actions. You make a more accurate diagnosis of the situation and are able to prescribe the right medicine instead of shooting in the dark and trying ad hoc solutions that could even take years to show no results. Honesty and clarity about just what is really going on within and without, will ultimately serve to save us all time, energy, and attention while reaching for our goals. Hang in there, be true not blue, and go for it!

Santos Bonacci on the Flat Earth, Geocentric Earth vs Heliocentric Deception

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Astrology for the Soul November 11, 2015 ~ “Kaypacha’ Tom Lescher

When I am in fear I want more and more,
Love, money, and power than ever before.
But when my eyes open I begin to see,
That I always get just what I need.

Yup! Ya win some and you lose some. This New Moon in Scorpio sets the tone for the month which is one of gain through loss, new life through death, and seeing the workings of the eternal in our daily lives. Let’s face it, it hurts to lose, whether it is a loved one, power, money, youth, health, or your car keys, favorite mug, or pet. Life is continually giving us things and taking them away again.

We can easily go into victimization over these losses, get angry, twisted, wasted, or numb. Yet, it is also through the comings and goings of everything in our lives that we come to know that which is eternal, lasting, Spirit Self.

Scorpio also holds the mystery that lies behind the changing forms or structures of our lives. The deep hidden truths not only of death, dying and letting go, but of metamorphosis, resurrection, creation and the new birth that follows upon the heals of that death. It is nothing less then than the workings of God, the face of our Maker, the Ultimate. To stare God in the face without fear could be one of the goals of our evolution. Give it a shot, check it out. See what you see.

Astrology for the Soul November 4, 2015

On assignment in a foreign land,
Seeking Truth to understand,
I find there’s way more than I thought,
More than my teachers ever taught.

Whoa, these are intense times and so many images came to my mind to describe it. How about the symphony is about to start and the conductor is missing? You’re tiptoeing through a mine field as it is the only way out? You’re the lead role in the play that is opening now and you’re not sure of your lines? Talk about nerve racking, stress producing, and tripped out! Well, you are not alone.

As I discuss in this report, we (as in those listening to this report haha!) have incarnated to bring in a New World, a New Age, and it is like a distant memory from another dimension that we once “knew.” We have to sooooo trust ourselves and pull from our inward knowing while it damn well seems like something else is going on here altogether…. OMG! Are we nuts or is this “reality” really from the past? We need to hold on, hang in, stay the course, a develop a relationship to the human element here so as to effect the healing that is so desperately needed. But oh, just how much patience do you have??????? You’ll find out by the end of the year!

Astrology for the Soul October 28, 2015

Every single problem,
Is pregnant with a solution,
That calls for my expansion,
Toward embracing all creation.

Yes, I realize this one takes a little contemplation (and perhaps explanation like at the end of the report) to fully grok. The roots of our issues go deep into our roots and back into our past. For a true, full, healing, rebirth (Venus, Mars, Jupiter) to occur it is necessary to go within and find all those places where we shut down and close off either due to pain or fear. Until we do, we are hel hostage by our own blocks and unconscious limitations like a turtle who won’t stick it’s head out of it’s shell.

So go in there, dig it up, stir it up, spit it out and stick it out! You will feel so much better, open, and alive afterwards! We’re not going to heal anybody, much less the world, until we heal ourselves so the work begins at home. Wishing you the best of the best! Injoy!

Great Moon Mirror in the Sky, The Oracle Report for Monday, October 26, 2015

Excerpt: “Today is the eve of the Full Moon of the Libra lunar cycle, which brings the most “light” all year by which to “see.” It’s reflection is bright and covers a wide area. This makes it a Great Moon Mirror in the Sky, and what is being shown to us is important to our futures, individually and collectively.”

Andrew Foss's photo.
Andrew Foss to Oracle Report

Monday, October 26, 2015
-Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, believe
-Moon in Aries/Taurus (Tuesday 2:07 am ET/6:07 am UT)

-Goddess of Wisdom: Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings
-God of Desire/Will: Elias, God of the West

-Skill: honor what you are experiencing as a great teaching

-True Alignments: see below
-Catalysts for Change: see below

-Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a Jewish rabbi performing his duties”
-Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

Today is the eve of the Full Moon of the Libra lunar cycle, which brings the most “light” all year by which to “see.” It’s reflection is bright and covers a wide area. This makes it a Great Moon Mirror in the Sky, and what is being shown to us is important to our futures, individually and collectively.

The energetics of the Full Moon will actually begin to enter at 2:04 pm ET/6:04 pm UT today, when the Sun moves to the degree of 04 Scorpio – “a youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual.” This is the energy the Sun will be disseminating when the Moon becomes directly opposite it and Full when it reaches 04 Taurus at 8:04 am ET/12:04 pm UT tomorrow.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon at 4 Taurus is “the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” This is the degree of the Chiron Point – the degree in the sky where Chiron was located when it was discovered. It is a compression of the themes of Chiron: wounding, pain, grief, suffering, healing, discovery, adventures, teachers and teachings, alternative healing, alchemy, the hero’s journey, mission and service, gathering information from many sources, and innovation (especially treatment innovation).

Before the Moon becomes Full, the “rainbow” of experiences can follow these themes:

1) Feeding energy into situations that have gone cold.

2) Restoring life to what is true, simple, and innocent.

3) Entering into a match or contest or power/control struggle with self or others. Clashes of opinion (especially about what is fair and just) emerge. The need to defend oneself may come in to play. Words that probably need to be spoken tend to come out before one is aware of it. Given the Chiron energy in effect, things that are said and done during this Full Moon phase can wound deeply. They can also heal and brings us closer to the real truth of matters. Above all, Uranus is the primary ruler of everything right now, and with Uranus we are saved by our rejections. Staying true to honor and duty is the compass through this particular wave of energy.

4) Volcanic eruptions of anger, but also of love. Venus has moved to “a volcanic eruption” so this dynamic clearly shows. This can occur in any type of relationship – interpersonal, professional, romantic, etc. Paraphrasing Tom Petty, watch what you say; watch what you do.

5) Stepping up or stepping into your place. This involves expressing our will – our desire. “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires” is open for a while. Take advantage of opportunities that open up. State your intention.

6) Carrying great burdens and trying to keep it concealed from others.

7) Fresh air entering to clear out situations that have become stale or worn out and also to clear the way for better ways, ideas, and plans. This would be the “healing” and “teaching” aspect of the energy entering. Imagination will facilitate this.

8) Double promises, double dealing, double timing, double trouble.

9) Revelations of the abundance that is present, despite dominant conditions. Blessings are there, though they may be underneath a lot of other things.

10) Adjustments. Adjusting is the name of the game right now. Wise owls do it naturally, as the wind changes.

As attendants to wisdom, we hold space and maintain equilibrium (structural integrity) under strong astrological influences. We know that the Full Moon phase will bring a gift – a healing and teaching that is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for such as us – the soul’s gold.

We turn to honor the teachings of the Great Moon Mirror.

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Astrology for the Soul October 21, 2015 ~ Kaypacha Lescher

I may be tempted to throw in the towel,
If I don’t see this as a game,
To help me become more resourceful,
And awaken to who I am.

Well, can’t say much more than that mantra! Except that the intensity of these times is not going to let up one bit as the Sun moves into Scorpio for a full Taurus Moon next week. Time to sharpen our skills and let the creative juices flow because while giving birth is a messy process the results can be amazing!

With Mercury in T-square with Pluto/Uranus this whole week it may be tempting to verbally abuse each other or be the victim of verbal abuse. The challenge there will be to hold yourself from inflicting to much damage on anyone in an attempt to get your way OR standing your ground and not allowing the other to push you around either. It’s all about the balance of power and walking the middle way.

The upside of that aspect is deep penetrating thoughts and conversations that reveal the real truth about what we have been feeling but perhaps afraid to speak. Investigation into some of the otherwise unspoken emotional dynamics within our relationships can “pop” out unexpectedly perhaps destroying the romance but allowing for greater understanding, healing, and resolving of unconscious stuff. Go for it! Namaste’


First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Note: Really feeling this long and deep energy report for Monday! Have a Great week! {~A~}

Andrew Foss's photo.
Andrew Foss to Oracle Report

Monday, October 19, 2015

Moon in Capricorn

Goddess of Wisdom: Kali, The Destroyer of Time
God of Will/Desire: Elias, God of the West

Skill: rise above

True Alignments: depth of feeling and thought, creative and innovative ideas, seeing what is coming down the line, balancing one’s viewpoint/being objective, revitalized, recapturing something that was lost, things happening for the better, transformation of relationships

Catalysts for Change: egocentric and knowing it all, focusing too much on the present on not giving time to wishes and dreams, hopelessness, feeling unappreciated or unrecognized, selfish, thinking one is better than others, disassociation or disconnection from true nature, forgetting who one really is due to society/matrix dictates, emanations and revelations of truth, being fooled by another

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a Jewish rabbi performing his duties”
Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

The Sun reaches the degree in Libra of “an airplane flies high in the clear sky” and the Earth reaches the degree of “through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.” These symbols imply that the energy today is about transcending the current state of things and revitalizing something that seemed lost, hopeless, or forgone. We have second chances to rectify,or bring something back to life or existence.

What would you like to transcend or rise above? What would you like to return? What would you like to come back to life?

These are the questions the universe asks us today.

Balance and equilibrium come today through drawing upon our heritage and what we have learned from the past. A more balance view between the emotional, metal, and physical bodies helps us see things clearly – the “clear sky” of the airplane’s voyage.

Venus disseminates the energy of “an expressionist painter making a futuristic drawing.” This energy adds an individual quality to the day’s events. It asks us to conceive of what we desire – what our will is the future – and to visualize that scenario.

To help with a clear vision of the future we want to project, Mercury moves to the degree of “three old masters hanging in a special room in a gallery.” This symbol gives homage to the great dreamers and creators who held to their vision. They may not have been recognized as great in their time, but certainly time told the tale. The greatest minds and the greatest plans have staying power. They endure.

And, what’s more, they are part of the human family, which is empowered today through Jupiter at the degree of “a family tree.” We are rooted to our ancestors. Our actions reflect on individual family line and the human collective. If you ancestry leaves something to be desired, it can start now or have a second chance starting with you. But, somewhere back in our family lines are valiant souls. And when you take it as a whole, our ancestry extends to the aeons Sophia and Thelete. If you can muster no affinity for your personal family tree, draw from the original source.

Primitive, immature responses (child-like temper tantrums when one doesn’t seem to be getting their way) are more prone to occur today. Those with the Black Moon in Cancer or Capricorn may feel this the most since the Moon is in Caprcicorn. In general, any of us who feel overlooked, unappreciated, and unsupported may find today challenging because everything that one does not have in one’s life or the things that have been removed through the actions of Uranus lately, incite a response. Since we are in a month that in the cycles of the Sun is like a month-long Full Moon phase, things could reach a fever pitch (become highly emotional and hard to control.

Some days we “dive deep” to remain in the objective stance of power, and some days we fly high to transcend above and reach clearer skies.

Today, wise owls go beyond the limits to a higher place of action and understanding. We revitalize the dreams we have of building the Second Renaissance (bringing heaven to earth). Today, we will attend to wisdom and allow ourselves to be lifted up with wings.

(Note: She, as in me, takes a massive hit, goes down hard, but gets back up. The archons certainly inflicted some major damage to this wise owl over the past two weeks – the hardest hit yet. But this is the lesson: no matter what happens, we always come back. We may need to rehab in the healing arts of the Mahavidyas for a time, but we come back stronger. In response, I will be recording a series of audios about various topics to the times: more on the Second Paralemptor Rebellion, the supermoon attacks on the sacred feminine, and how what develops for the remainder of this month tells us how badly the new world order – via parastic hive-intrusion, and the necessity to not focus on the trauma reactions but begin building the new world that is balanced and sane.

So, note to archons: do what you will but it will only make us stronger and wiser because we are the contingent dedicated to Sophia and our motto is Sofia acousome. Wisdom, let us attend. Our attendance to wisdom will enable humanity to overcome AND TO PREVAIL. Your ranks are diminishing and your power to control withering before your eyes. Turn to the truth and save yourselves.

And, most dearly to me, much love to all the wise owls who send heartfelt wishes.

We persevere.)

Carl Boudreau: Astrology Status for November 2015 – A Mutable Portal – posted on 10/16/2015

The New Dynamic – Truth and Consequences

With Saturn’s re-entry into Sagittarius, a new energetic dynamic came online. We have transitioned out of a cycle dominated by cardinal and fixed energies into a cycle dominated by mutable energies. (See August and September 2015)
November 2015 The Mutable Signs: Truth and Consequences
Astrological signs can be divided into three kinds: cardinal, fixed and mutable.
Cardinal signs, like Aries, are associated with decisions and initiatives.
Fixed signs, like Taurus, are associated with determination and follow through.
The light from cardinal and fixed signs makes for soft focus and rich, warm, bright colors. They trick the mind’s eye, lull reason and overstimulate the imagination and cause hyperactivity generally. It seems to demand an unending series of hasty and important decisions. This rich, stimulating but seductive light conceals a multitude of errors and ferments endless drama.
The light from mutable signs is, by contrast, even and true. At its best, it composes the mind and calms the imagination. It fosters careful analysis, long-term thinking, and takes intuition and other subtle mental processes into account.
Mutable light casts few shadows. It makes for more accurate colors and sharper focus. Mutable light does not produce the glare that often blinds us to important realities. In fact, it penetrates the concealing glare of cardinal and fixed light.
The even light of mutable signs also exposes flaws, penetrates deceptive appearances and reveals the likely consequences of error and oversight. It cuts through the glare of the light from cardinal and fixed signs.
Mutable energy also de-dramatizes. It works against inflamed emotion and hasty, unwise reaction. It inoculates us against charged, manipulative rhetoric and the faulty reasoning behind it.
Major Mutable T-Square
As this new cycle gets underway, then, expect a more fair, accurate and honest picture of the world to emerge in collective consciousness.
Mutable Synergy
Functioning together, as they do in this T-Square, the mutable signs support a balanced, deliberate, holistic reasoning process. The mutable signs, each in its own way, each in its own area, fosters mental and moral and ethical clarity.
  • Gemini governs day-to-day, down-to-earth communication and mundane transactions of all kinds.
  • Virgo governs our health, our jobs, our close family relationships and our most fundamental and important economic ties.
  • Sagittarius governs the creation and maintenance of our worldviews, our overarching philosophies of life.
  • Pisces governs our inner, spiritual awareness.
The four mutable signs, then, work synergistically to create a picture of reality that does not, for example, emphasize Gemini’s short term, localized outlook at the expense of Sagittarius’s long-term, universal perspective. Nor does it let us emphasize Virgo’s fact-based analysis at the expense of Pisces’ intuitive, inspired and idealistic input. Or any combination of the above.
It is fair to say, then, that the mutable signs govern our understanding of ourselves, our world, and our place in the world. The cumulative effect of the four mutable signs is to create and maintain a holistic, balanced view of reality that takes all relevant considerations into account.
So now, the three planets crucially related to the process of self understanding – Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune – are squaring each other from signs that combine to produce a clear, balanced, inclusive view of reality. These energies are arranged in a way that will minimize excesses and bring out the strengths of all astrological energy.
No major planet is currently transiting mutable Gemini. Gemini is, therefore, acting as a point of synthesis, a point of reference for the changes wrought by the T-Square. It is through Gemini, the popular mind at its most basic level, that the changes wrought by the T-Square must filter into our daily lives, bringing real, concrete change in collective consciousness and behavior.
Rethinking Everything
Years of dominance by cardinal and fixed energies have taken their toll on the accuracy of our self-understanding and our worldview. Many unbalanced, distorted and illusory ideas have become enshrined in collective consciousness. These, in turn, have taken their toll on economic and political life, human behavior and global quality of life, to understate the case.
With the T-Square now in place, we are already seeing a heightened awareness of the errors that pervade mass consciousness and the injustice and inequities perpetuated by these flawed ideas. We are also seeing an increasing tendency to challenge these ideas and fight the conditions they have imposed.
Jupiter Opposite Neptune
The Jupiter/Neptune opposition is the dominant component in this mutable T-Square. It is the most dynamic. Of the two placements, Neptune, in its home sign of Pisces, is by far the more powerful.
Neptune in Pisces . . .
Neptune’s roughly 16 year transit of Pisces began in 2011-2 and will end in 2025-6. Neptune governs Pisces. Hence, this transit will amplify the profoundly transformative energy of Pisces and Neptune very significantly.
Taken by itself, then, this transit marks the beginning of a complete renewal of the world’s ideas about the nature of reality and the transformation of the institutions founded on those ideas. The present mutable T-Square seems like a direct expression of Neptune in Pisces and an early and necessary stage in the renewal process it will foster.
Neptune in Pisces dissolves our bonds to everything and everyone, stripping away the links that bind us, motivating us to establish new beliefs about the nature of the world and our place in it.
Chiron and Nessus in Pisces Too . . .
Thus, Neptune in Pisces will be actively dissolving our understanding of ourselves, our world and our place in the world. It will act primarily by holding up a mirror that reveals all of the flaws in our religious and spiritual beliefs, our self-understanding and our concept of the world.
It’s worth pausing to note that both Chiron and Nessus are now with Neptune in Pisces. Chiron and Nessus both give us very concrete reasons, usually in the way of discomfort or outright illness, injury and pain, to break with past beliefs.
Neptune will reveal ourselves to us in the depths of its magically revealing mirror. Chiron and Nessus will be showing us the physical, emotional or mental consequences of the imperfections we see in Neptune’s mirror.
The profound, thoroughgoing and prolonged process of cleansing and release will continue. ( New Year, 2015, etc.). In fact, this cleansing and release is the foundation of the changes that will occur.
. . . Opposed to Jupiter in Virgo
Jupiter in Virgo, opposing the bodies in Pisces, will strongly affect our response to these uncomfortable revelations. When it is afflicted, or seriously challenged, as it definitely is in this T-Square, Jupiter responds defensively. It causes exaggeration, overgeneralization, overestimation, excessive optimism, a wildly inflated sense of self-importance, and so on. A dense and billowing smoke screen.
Afflicted Jupiter will do anything in its power to deflect attention, and avoid judgment or responsibility. Neptune opposing from Pisces is just the influence to maximize Jupiter’s defensive behavior.
Perhaps most important, Jupiter, given its connection to Sagittarius, will want to construct elaborate systems of flawed ideas to conceal its mistakes and deflect blame and the inevitable demands for change. Afflicted Jupiter will try to replace all the old lies with bigger, better and more effective ones.
Neptune opposite Jupiter will seriously exacerbate these tendencies. We might, for example, go so far as to adopt, adapt or create an entire set of new and ever more flawed ideas to make our illusions seem valid or our misbehavior acceptable.
Fortunately, Virgo’s natural preference for careful observation, meticulous, detail-oriented, fact-based analysis and delayed reaction will also restrain Jupiter’s defensive excesses. It will also counter the more fantastic inclinations of Neptune in Pisces generally.
Saturn Square Jupiter and Neptune
Saturn governs thinking in general. Sagittarius governs the kind of thinking Neptune opposite Pluto will engender in particular. Hence, Saturn in Sagittarius squaring both Neptune and Jupiter will likely suppress the worst excesses of the Neptune/Jupiter energies.
The Long, Slow Revolution
Accordingly, while Neptune in Pisces is slowly but irresistibly and irreversibly dissolving our ties to the past, the mutable T-Square is making sure we replace the old distortions with more carefully reasoned ideas.
I know that many are expecting or fearing or hoping for a violent, revolutionary turn of events. However, this particular mutable T-Square is not given to revolutionary outbursts. In fact, the present concentration of forces in mutable signs will work strongly against the residual revolutionary propensities of the lingering Uranus/Pluto square.
It’s energies are most likely to be channeled into constructive outlets by the bracelet of supportive semi-sextiles, sextiles and trines extending from Jupiter in Virgo to Uranus in Aries.
Instead, we should expect persistent, pervasive reform efforts fueled by a deep-seated, abiding rejection of the current state of the world. This, in turn, will give rise to numberless acts of protest, resistance, activism and reform – billions a day, globally. Such actions will be too numerous and pervasive to allow for easy, quick, forceful acts of government suppression.
The powers that be will ultimately be forced to accommodate this new mood.
An Economic and Political Note
With the memory of the recent economic and political crisis still fresh, many, as noted, will interpret current economic turmoil in extreme terms. They will, understandably, fear another economic collapse and more radical developments in the global political arena. However, the recent economic and political crises were the product of extreme cardinal energies – namely Pluto in Capricorn.
The economic upheaval and subsequent political turmoil was exacerbated by the energies of Saturn in cardinal Libra and Uranus in cardinal Aries. These cardinal energies made for high turbulence and a tumultuous economic recovery. Saturn in fixed Scorpio, a sign that profoundly affects political and economic events, did not help.
The predominance of mutable energy will, by contrast, produce more moderate, gradual, incremental economic and political adjustments. You can see for yourself that all the routine predictions of economic and political catastrophe continue to not come true. The pages of the newspaper are filling up with undramatic but doggedly persistent efforts at reform.
People are quietly adjusting their ideas about reality. The world is no longer on a roller coaster ride powered by cardinal and fixed energies.

Astrology for the Soul October 7, 2015 ~ Tom Lescher

If I do the wisest,
I can resolve the crisis,
And with patient perseverance,
Help restore the balance.

OMG, OK, I’m guilty. I am so busy, and drinking so much coffee and so jacked up that I did’t even talk about the Sun square Pluto and opposite Uranus which is all of those things and may just be happening to you! Of course, whenever I am done I think of all the things I forgot to say, but this time there are just too many!

So if you are into this stuff and want to read more you should go to my website and subscribe to the weekly newsletter I write and start getting the Pele report in your inbox. I’m going over there now and will be writing a rather lengthy one about everything from Mars/Jupiter indicating good sex, to Black Moon Lilith/node/Mercury dealing with the shadow of relationships…. the astrology just goes on and on! Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little tidbit….. Namaste’

Astrology for the Soul September 30, 2015

When making important decisions,
I need to still my mind,
By breathing long, and slow, and deep,
And surrendering to the Divine.

And that is just the way it is on our beautiful blue planet these days! There is a lot going on that can pull us off center, confuse us and just get us pissed. This is happening both collectively and personally, and is all part of a divine test. It could be enough to make you want to shake your fist at “god/dess” with a great big “Cut it out!”

However, these conditions can also serve us and our evolution by “separating the men from the boys,” so to speak. Just what are you made of? How devoted, determined, persevering, loving, and forgiving are you REALLY? Are you walking your talk? This is a time when GREAT actions can be taken that change the course of history (maybe to herstory?). We can say that history is being made and it is just a question of by who and how consciously they are trying to create from peace, love, and harmony, or how much they are reacting and acting out of past fears, beliefs, conditions, and unconscious programming. Time will certainly tell. Let’s be the change. Injoy!

Astrology for the Soul September 22, 2015 Tom Lescher

If I’m to make my dreams come true,
I need to improve my aim,
By focusing and knowing my priorities,
Before I enter the game.

Well, these days there is just so much going on that if you try to do it all you will either do a lousy job on everything or fail to get it all done! Hence the need to decide those priorities and only do what is REALLY on your path.

The bottom line of course, then, comes down to “Are you on your path?” and the need to more clearly define your path, your goals, your direction, and your purpose….. so we are talking bigger stuff than just “getting things done.” There is a Spirit purpose behind flooding us all with big plans, dreams, and visions that take tons of time, energy and attention to accomplish. That is that wee all get to know ourselves on new and deeper levels through choosing what we want/can do and what we need to pass on.

Wishing you the best as you draw your lines in the sand and carve out that special niche in life just for you. Injoy!

Astrology for the Soul July 22, 2015 Tom Lescher

With Bold dertermination,
I will make my destination,
As an agent creation,
In a world of celebration.

Wow, wild times, mde it out to the playa for my birthday and it says 427 minutes to upload this and it is at 12%!! Should maybe change the date to July 23! Regardless, the energy of these times is rather consistent from one day to the next.

On the one hand we have the Mars square Uranus which wants to break free, out of the box, impulsively and immediately! The thing is that at the same time we have this Venus square Saturn, which, as I say in the report, is about shaking up the relationships and commitments around love and relationship. However, Venus/Saturn is way more about conserving what is important and not throwing the baby out with the bath water, so to speak. So the one energy is don’t give a damn and the other energy is somewhat opposite… be careful and cautious.

But what they both have in common and what the mantra speaks to, is the need to really use these times to build our character, and with sill force, determine who we want to be as a person and BE THAT. It may not please, it may not work immediately, it may seem whacky to other people who are down, but that is the call of Leo. At some point it just boils down to being who you and if you wanna be love than you just have to be that. So be that haha! Injoy!

Astrology for the Soul July 15, 2015 Tom Lescher

I love you,
I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
Thank you.

As mentioned in this week’s report, below are a couple links to additional videos/music for practicing Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian healing mantra I have used for this week. However, anytime some “problems,” as in difficult emotions arise between yourself and the world (which is bound to happen with these aspects!), you can sing, chant, or simply say this mantra aloud or to yourself for instant healing. It really is amazing and I hope try it out!

The astrology of this week is still around emotional connections and the influence of past relationships (going all the back to mom and dad and previous lives) on current feelings, needs, fears, and desires. This New Moon in Cancer feels like we are collectively preparing to give birth to a new “Us” and are feeling the contractions. An insecure time when we all feel great changes are at hand but there is a huge “not knowing” of just what lies ahead.

What I feel is so valuable right now is releasing the the past to allow for a better, more liberated future and that is what the mantra is all about. To learn more about what Ho’oponopono is please cut and paste:…

To just listen to the mantra with some theta binaural beats check out:…

Namaste’, Aloha, So Much Love

Lee Harris July 2015 Energy Forecast ~ Fire, Consolidation and the Collective Exhale

Note: After an extremely intense first half of the year for many of us, this is such an important message from Lee – he really nails it! Totally feeling the exhale phase and peace energy settling in, which is allowing a chance for the heart to make break thru’s in opening up. We’re really moving into an energetic phase of “feeling” our way thru experiential conditions rather than outdated modes of over thinking, reacting and forcing reality rather than being in a non-resistant state of allowing.

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Astrology for the Soul July 1, 2015

My forest friends are my teachers,
As they have no false beliefs.
They are not ashamed or feel bad,
But come and go as they please.

OK, it’s true, there are a lot of forest friends these days running and hiding for their lives! But I am speaking here of “forest friends” that are fortunate enough to be living out of reach of the humans!

I hope you get that this full Moon is bring up deeply buried instincts in the gut that may be “unreasonable” but that does not mean they (or you) are “wrong”! Alas, these are days of facing some of our issues that have been avoided or ignored for a long time The roots go deep to the current situation.

It is a time of great liberation but that liberation does not come so easy, it requires truly feeling, honoring those feelings, valuing those feelings, speaking those feelings, and acting on those feelings…. Yikes! May you be driven by the passion born from the heart and powered by the soul! Namaste!

Capricorn Full Moon – Venus/Jupiter Conjunction, Wed. July 1, 2015 ~ Meg Benedicte

Today, July 1, is the Capricorn Full Moon. You may have noticed it shimmering brilliant light in the night sky. This Full Moon opposes the Sun and Mars in Cancer, and forms a trine with fire signs. It is also conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Venus moved into a conjunction with Jupiter in Leo just a few hours before the Full Moon.
In a meeting yesterday I was struck by how much I’ve evolved and grown this past year…this Capricorn Full Moon is reminding us how much we’ve expanded into our true essence and personal power and how far we’ve come in our Ascension. 2015 has already been an extraordinary year of expansion and growth.
Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign which supports the physical, earth-bound manifestation of Spirit. Keep in mind during this Full Moon and rare Venus/Jupiter conjunction – that we have an opportunity to crystallize our Soul essence in form.
Also, there is a Mars-Pluto opposition building. Mars opposite Pluto is one of the more typical indicators of power struggles. The Capricorn Full Moon will highlight any outdated relationship dynamics that need resolution. Pluto reveals the hidden shadow, bringing everything up for review, clearing and transformation. I’m finding it more and more challenging to endure 3D emotional venting from people around me. It feels like a violent attack when someone cannot master their emotional reactions and are spewing about. And these are Starseeds who believe they have ascended into 5D…but in truth their 3D Ego is still controlling their behavior quite a bit.
So take this time to flush out the polarizing Ego emotions, so that you can maintain more Still Point. This requires inner focus, breath, and balancing. Pay attention for any signs of the old 3D Time Matrix still active in your lives. We are all moving into the newest version of reality. The Solstice Activations are stretching our ability to open more to our Divine Self, to expand into the next level of service and purpose.

Venus / Jupiter Conjunction image

Venus and Jupiter are the benevolent gift givers of the zodiac and they are very influential during this Full Moon – creating new opportunities not seen before.  So be open to new ideas, allow in the new energies. Our health and happiness are determined by our personal freedom and inner connection to the divine. Dream big during the Venus/Jupiter influence in Leo, the sign of creativity and romantic love. This rare alignment will be exact 2 more times, in August and October…so take advantage of the Venus-Jupiter gifts that keep giving.
During the Capricorn Full Moon spend some time focused within to your heart’s desires. You now have the tools available to create a whole new life that supports your authentic self. You are the Master of your Energy Field. Direct your personal reality with your conscious choices and action. The Capricorn earth energy helps us ground and anchor our Ascended lives. The Stargates are now open to the galaxy and within our own bio-electrical energy body. We’re blowing open all constriction and blockages to be transmuted now.
Every layer of shadow that we probe, uncover, heal and integrate will contribute to increasing our energetic frequency vibration and assist our transition into the 5D feeling field. As we let go of more and more heavy, dense, stuck energy we begin to feel lighter and lighter.
The 2nd half of 2015 will accelerate the crystallization of our Light Body. Think of this as the transition period out of the old 3D system, and the adjustments required to live as Light Beings. There is another energy surge coming in the fall time frame near the Equinox on September 23rd. I can already feel the shift coming around October. Every day we hear more astonishing news as the world inhales the new consciousness. Personal liberties are expanding at the same time old regimes and institutions are collapsing. Nothing will be the same once we get on the other side of the Ascension.
Copyright (c) 2015 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.