The Pele report, Astrology for week of April 16, 2014 ~ Tom Lecher

The eternal dance between Life and Death,
Calls me to stand my ground,
Create, Expand, and Express myself,
Or give up and be taken down.
We are in the thick of things these days…. sorry, didn’t even mention the Sun going into Taurus Saturday! That’s how much is going on haha! The universe is throwing down the glove and I hope that you are accepting the challenge and not getting lost in the morass of confusion created by past delusion….. Injoy! music by Jeff Oster at

Cardinal Grand Cross 2014 – Quantum Potential…
April 2014 heralds a very rare astrological event, where four planets (PLUTO opposing JUPITER & MARS opposing URANUS), are at exact 90 degree angles to one another, hence forming a Grand Cross in our celestial skies.

In addition, each of these planets are sitting at ’13 degrees’ of the 4 CARDINAL signs (Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn, Jupiter 13 degrees Cancer, Mars 13 degrees Libra & Uranus 13 degrees Aries). Plus Mars is Retrograde (appearance of going backwards) during the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment.

PLUS, adding to this melting pot of transformational energies, the climax of this Cardinal Grand Cross on the 23/24 April 2014 takes place between two eclipses; a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 14 April 2014 followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 28 April 2014.

Hope you enjoy this slideshow summary of the energetic ‘Quantum Potential’ of the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014. For a more detailed understanding of this event and to receive a number of free energetic tools, please visit:…

PLEASE NOTE: At the 3:40 minute mark, there is a typo in the heading on a few of the slides. The Annular Solar Eclipse is on the 29 April 2014 (not the 14/15 April, as that is the date of the Lunar Eclipse… Ooops, apologies for any confusion).

The week of April 20-27th: when the shift hits the fan? Astrology and numerology

Grand Cross Cardinal Signs image:

Remember that constant, ongoing Uranus/Pluto square between 2012-2015? Well I, and other astrologers, are right now all focused on this April,  Shakespeare’s “cruelest month,” as that which will mostly likely figure in his-story books as the apex of this ongoing r/evolutionary journey, the month when all hell broke loose. Or maybe it’s when all heaven breaks loose? Or both? I think both. And due to all the retrograde planets, including Mars, the rollout is likely to be paradoxically instantaneous, slow-moving, and thorough. Note: please do check out Carl Boudreau for this month; he notes that the grand cross is situated within a stabilizing near-kite formation.

As usual, whatever meaning one finds in any configuration depends on the context within which it is placed. What kind of frame? Whose frame? Why not a larger frame? Or a smaller? There is no “absolute truth,” (astrological or otherwise); there is only a relativity of frames, each of which serves to “fix” (apparent) meaning in place, however briefly.

So. Though David Wilcock, and others, focus on April 10th and 11th, 

Wednesday 3/26: PLEASE NOTE: The mostly-secret geopolitical war between BRICS and the Cabal is reaching critical mass in the next two weeks, specifically by April 10th and 11th. . .”

and though Ben Fulford and, apparently, Cobra, focus on on April 14th through the 17th, I personally tend to view April 20-27 as the more likely time for which to be prepared (whatever that means). Though no doubt the entire month will feel overcharged, superheated, even volcanic.

I say this because April 20-27 is the week that includes the powerful, and rare, grand cross in cardinal signs that is triggered by Mars as it clicks into the missing point in the long, slow Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-cross that we’ve been enduring since August 2013. This grand cross will be exact: all four of these planets will be at the 13th degree of their respective signs on April 22-23. 

You might check out these two articles on this rare, and extremely powerful grand cross. Both analyses are good and involve history. The second one also shows which fixed stars  are aligned with the planets in the Grand Cross (thus presenting a bigger frame).

Here’s one numerological rendering of the number “13.”

13 is the number that blends multiplicity (the 12) into oneness.”

Here’s another:

From a numerological perspective, we first recognize the presence of the three. Symbolic meaning of number three is vast and powerful. At its simples, the symbolic meaning of the number three deals with:


We then recognize the presence of the number one, which precedes the number three. This amplifies the preexisting symbolic meaning of the number one, which deals with:


Singly, these individual number meanings put together tell a story of a path that is just beginning (number one), and will lead to greatness in the expression of the union of opposites (number three).

Adding and reducing the single numbers, is a common practice in numerology. Do this, we receive another symbolic meaning of the number thirteen. To wit: 1+3=4. Fours lend a grounding effect to the high-pitch energy of 13. The energy of number four brings the thirteen down to a level where we can begin to rationalize its meaning more clearly. The reduction to four is a message that at its core, the thirteen is a means to an end and this numeric energy will always return us to the calm root or source which is ultimately our cosmic home. (A.K.: my emphasis.)

In a deeper numerological perspective, thirteen can be considered the fulfillment or manifestation of the number three.

It is also important to note the number thirteen is a prime number and is only divisibly by itself. This is symbolic of:

Incorruptible nature

In the language of the Tarot, the number thirteen is represented in the Death card, which is symbolic of:



Get ready. Get set. Here we go.

The Astrology of April 2014 – New Paradigm? ~ Carl Boudreau

April has been heralded as an important month, with its two eclipses and another one of those Grand Crosses in cardinal signs, and I discuss that.

I think it is probably more important because it marks the official roll out of the New Paradigm and the promise it brings.

This video is somewhat speculative and, after I present my case, I leave it to the viewers to decided if the New Paradigm is a real thing and if it functions as advertised.

[A couple of settings on my videocam were bogus, hence the "irregularities" in the intro and outro.]

Kaypacha’s Astrology Forecast for March 25, 2014 ~ Tom Lescher

If I am to be a co-creator,
It’s my job to know,
What to water, when and how,
to regulate the flow.
Got the New Moon in Aries this Sunday…. don’t let it catch you sleepin! This is a time of BIG gains, and BIG losses, time to really be awake at the wheel. Hold that ship steady through the storms of life captain, and bring your gifts to the distant shore…. Injoy

Spring Equinox ~ Life Begins Again


Spring Equinox

Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images



  • Spring Equinox is the time to burn intentions into your being, and begin to live “as if” you’re on the way to making them happen. With Sun into 0 degrees Aries, the theme is action, vitality, courage.
  • At Summer Solstice, the Sun is at a peak, what’s been set in motion is bearing fruit and ripening. The Cancer Sun equates to flourishing, and acting to secure home base.
  • The Fall/Autumnal Equinox is a time to see what’s being harvested, and weigh options. Libra’s balance is with us, to refine, or alter the course.
  • Winter Solstice is the dark time when creative visions gestate. The Sun is in Capricorn, for strengthening the constitution and soul searching.

Solar New Year

The Vernal/Spring Equinox is the launch of the astrological year. Happy New Year! Equinox means equal night. Now the Sun wins over darkness, and the fire sign Aries brings warmth, a lust for life and Spring Fever.


Big rewards come from taking the time to put your attention on what you truly want to create. There is great momentum behind your intentions now, with the life force of Aries. This is a chance to set forth your wish list for the year. Clearing psychic space to have a ponder, meditating, sitting in your sacred grove, walking in nature, making a New Moon vision board/collage — all these help you rally your whole being behind your intentions.


Your intentions are your magic beans, to grow over the next three months to the Summer Solstice. A harvest comes in autumn, when you judge how things are going — what areas need more focus and effort? What are you reaping from what you’ve sown? Then in the cozy dark of the winter months, there is deeper reflection on what’s most important.

Resurrection and Rebirth

Mars-ruled Aries signals the beginning, and from Mars we get the name for March. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ, the Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. (In 2013, this falls on March 31st.)


The natural pulse of the season merges with ancient rites and the theme of resurrection for high spirits at Easter. Some seasonal rites have roots in Saxon indigenous traditions and Teutonic (Germanic) myth. The storyteller Grimm writes in Teutonic Mythology that “Ostara, Eástre, was goddess of the growing light of spring.”


It’s noted in the Druid Animal Oracle, that the hare (original Easter bunny) was sacred to the Saxons goddess Eostre, who made lapwings eggs magically appear. From the Oracle: “As goddess, the hare has brought new life — rebirth — at the Equinox. The Christianized version becomes the moon-determined time of Easter, when the appearance of ‘bunnies’ and chocolate or painted eggs marks the time of the resurrection of Christ.”

Myths and Phenomena

  • The Great Sphinx of Egypt is said to be positioned facing the rising Sun at the Spring Equinox. This is just one of many Ancient Sacred Sites Aligned to the Spring Equinox around the world. The sites were power spots, to deeply attune to the eternal, and experience this annual rebirth.
  • Spring’s arrival harkens back to the mythic return of Persephone from the Underworld, where she dwells with Hades for the winter months. The spiritual meaning is that after every descent and time in an initiatory experience — sometimes dark — there is rebirth.
  • A site called America’s Stonehenge in Mystery Hill, New Hampshire, has alignments to the Spring Equinox and other solar/lunar points. It’s 4,000 years old and has several ancient European scripts on it (including Ogham).

Making the Grand Cardinal Cross Work for You—Your Map for the Journey

by Lorna Bevan on March 1, 2014

Grand Cardinal Cross - Making Astrology Work for You

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant” Maya Angelou.

Without any exaggeration, the astrology of April 2014 is epoch-making . The focal point is a Grand Cardinal Cross with Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto all at 13 degrees of cardinal signs on April 23. The Uranus/Pluto Square is the fifth of seven between June 24, 2012 and March 17 ,2015, the most powerful outer planetary combination which is reshaping our world personally and globally. Think of grinding tectonic plates where irresistible change occurs below the surface for years, until one day a Krakatoa volcano or a tsunami erupts seemingly out of the blue. The planetary pattern that was the catalyst happened earlier, in this case back in 1965/66 at the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo.

Now the Uranus/Pluto Square is pulled into a Grand Cross by Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra. Think crossroads, think centrifuge, think helicopter with four propeller blades, think of four riders on the storm galloping in different compass directions.Then factor in that this Grand Cross—the watershed of the 2012-2015 period of upheaval—is sandwiched between two powerful eclipses: a Lunar eclipse on April 15 which will turn the Moon red, followed by a Solar eclipse and a New Moon on April 29.I will write more about this astrology in my next article.


The Astrological Chart

Your Map for the Journey

Much has been written about the likely global ripples and repercussions of this pattern, but very little on the imprint on psyche and soma. The most powerful strategy you can adopt to avoid fear and passivity is to understand these archetypes, to assign them meaning and to work creatively with them in your own life.

My Cycle of Personal Psychosynthesis looks at the four archetypes as an evolutionary spiral from Process Breakdown to the Regulating Self, mapping the elements, the Major Arcana and the Rays on to each, eliciting the gift or shadow from working at the Transpersonal or Egoic level of awareness.

Grand Cross Personal Map by Lorna Bevan

The Grand Cross Map (copyright Lorna Bevan)

The Cycle starts with Uranus in Aries the First House of the World Chart, moving through the fields of Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House, Mars in Libra in the Seventh, to Pluto in Capricorn at the MC, the Tenth House. If you are on solid personal ground, consciously directing your sub-personalities like the conductor of an orchestra so that no one planet dominates, you can stand in the center of your Self and your life. You are unlikely to be struck by one of the four outer planet propellers, and you’re able to have lift-off. This cycle and field of influence ripples through your psyche in cascading epiphanies and insights, not in a linear timeline of “Now I’ll focus on Uranus and tomorrow Jupiter”.

Uranus at 13 Degrees Aries

  • Cardinal Fire
  • JungianTypology: Feeling
  • Modus Operandi: Breakdown and breakthrough through mental awakening
  • Catabolism: the process of disintegration of the old forms to set in train the pulse of manifestation of the new
  • Major Arcana : the Tower;  the World
  • Ray:the 1st Ray of Will and Power
  • Archetype:  The Great Awakener; Prometheus Unchained
  • Transpersonal Gift: Service to evolution
  • Egoic Shadow: Eccentricity and maverick selfishness.
Voyager Tarot - Universe (The World)

Voyager Tarot – Universe (The World)

Wherever 13 degrees Aries falls in your birth chart is the area of life where you are being pushed to break your own rules, to overthrow outdated beliefs and behaviours and think out of the box. Signs are restlessness, nervousness and the search for greener grass.

Question: What in me is waking up?

Jupiter at 13 Degrees Cancer

  • Cardinal Water
  • Jungian Typology: Intuition
  • Modus Operandi: expanding your awareness to the meaning of the bigger picture
  • Wisdom and Experience: nurturing the seeds of Aries
  • Major Arcana : The Star; the Devil
  •  Ray: the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence in the passionate pursuit of truth
  • Archetype: the Great Benefic The Priest
  • Transpersonal Gift: How can I best serve the world?”
  • Egoic Shadow: ”How can I best serve me?”
Voyager Tarot - Star

Voyager Tarot – Star

Wherever 13 degrees Cancer is in your chart is where you are moving from separation consciousness to inclusivity. You nurture and care for yourself, your family, your friends, your tribe and extend that compassion to everyone on the planet

Question: Where and how do I over- or underestimate myself?

Mars at 13 Degrees Libra

  • Cardinal Air
  • Jungian Typology: Thinking
  • Modus Operandi: Activating the will to act on the feeling and wisdom of Aries and Cancer
  • Anabolism: Initiating the process of building
  • Major Arcana: The Chariot; The Sun
  • Ray:The 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence seeking the point of balance.
  • Archetype: The Warrior
  • Transpersonal Gift: Evolution of the Personal Skilful Will
  • Egoic Shadow: Aggression, destruction and criminality
Voyager Tarot - Chariot

Voyager Tarot – Chariot

Wherever 13 degrees Libra is in your chart, you are mastering right relationship and greater I/Thou sensitivity.

Question:  How easily do I allow others their map of the world?

Pluto at 13 Degrees Capricorn

  • Cardinal Earth
  • Jungian Typology: Sensing
  • Modus Operandi: Eradicating and destroying the old like a wrecking ball to make way for new spiritual growth.
  • The Regulating Self: Personal Autonomy
  • Major Arcana: the High Priestess; The Hierophant
  • Ray:The 1st Ray of Will and Purpose, mastery of life, a supreme transmitter
  • Archetype: The Great Eliminator the Lord of the Underworld
  • Transpersonal Gift: Evolutionary Power and Intelligence
  • Egoic Shadow: Ruthless drive for power over others


Voyager Tarot - High Priestess

Voyager Tarot – High Priestess

Wherever 13 degrees Capricorn is in your chart is where repeated losses are clearing the psychic ground for practical mastery.

Question: Am I secure in my personal autonomy? How congruently do I walk my talk?

“Dare to love yourself
as if you were a rainbow
with gold at both ends.” ~Aberjhani

The Astrology of March 2014 – Realignment ~ Carl Boudreau **HIGHLY Recommended**

VERY Enlightening and powerful reading on the intelligent nature of the cosmos, especially on how the all the planets are working in harmoniously to hurtle humanity thru the shift, in a timely fashion. IMO This is a great video to share with folks who can’t see how people at a personal, as well as the collective level, are influenced at the core of their nature into change at the most fundamental levels. There’s a very clever dance unfolding between the sun, earth and solar system as a whole. It’s revolutionary in nature and there’s nothing that can be done to stop the Divine Plan from unfolding perfectly, transformation is happening on a much grander scale than we can imagine from our current perspective and all the more reason to hold the Highest vision for the outcome.
Transformative forces now specifically target the structures, patterns and attitudes that define our identity and all of our relationship, at home, at work, in the world at large. Social, political, economic and cultural alliances and alignments go into flux. The psychological disorientation many are experiencing deepens. People work overtime to keep their personal and social affairs in order.

Accelerating transformation at the individual level psychological level supports accelerate change at the macro level.

Somehow it all adds up to progress as the demolition of old structures clears the way for progress.

Kaypacha’s Astrology Forecast for February 11, 2014 ~ Tom Lescher

Tho my life can change at the drop of a hat,
Pushing me forward or setting me back,
Beneath the surface of so much tension,
Sprouts the seed of my soul’s future intention.
Happy Valentines Day! And what better way to celebrate it than a Full Moon in Leo (never mind the Saturn square haha!). Good time to be brainstorming and taking those beautiful ideas and finding creative ways to share them. Personally, romantically, and practically….. have an awesome weekend!
Music by Jeff Oster at

The Astrology of February 2014 “Fast Forward” ~ Carl Boudreau

In February, the desire for change at the grassroots level intensifies. The speed at which personal values and attitudes are transformed accelerates. The acceleration can be very disorienting.

Expect a little more confusion in interpersonal communications, especially with Mercury retrograde most of the month. But it won’t be just Mercury retrograde. The planets are targeting our minds with transformative energy and it could very well affect the way our mind works. Trying to use your mind while the planets are working on it could cause “issues.”

Neptune in Pisces

The entrance of Neptune into Pisces has begun a period of greater appreciation of one's own gifts. A heightened sensitivity to to all of nature allows the ability to see and cultivate one's own creativity. This comes only with careful consideration to life's realities. </p>
<p>The demands are clear – the individual must learn to trust his/her instincts. There is no magic formula for personal creativity. It is simply one’s unique ability to escape their own dogma, shaped by the drowning noise of opinions other than one’s own, and take the courage to follow one’s inner voice with earnest humility.</p>
<p>The fact that Neptune is disposed by sign requires the individual remain somewhat separate in order to pursue personal development with greater independence.<br />
- 86″ src=”<a href=; width=”320″ height=”344″ />

The entrance of Neptune into Pisces has begun a period of greater appreciation of one’s own gifts. A heightened sensitivity to to all of nature allows the ability to see and cultivate one’s own creativity. This comes only with careful consideration to life’s realities. The demands are clear – the individual must learn to trust his/her instincts. There is no magic formula for personal creativity. It is simply one’s unique ability to escape their own dogma, shaped by the drowning noise of opinions other than one’s own, and take the courage to follow one’s inner voice with earnest humility.The fact that Neptune is disposed by sign requires the individual remain somewhat separate in order to pursue personal development with greater independence. – 86


The Astrology of January 2014 ~ A Bend in the Road Carl Boudreau

January’s video is another surprisingly supportive chart. It is supportive to a surprising degree and in an unexpected way. It creates a hurdle in our individual and collective lives, but it offers a novel and truly transformative way to get over this hurdle, one that moves us all toward a new paradigm.

A Radical Shift in Perception – Gemini Full Moon Activates the Galactic Center, Uranus Stations Direct

galactic centerOver the next few days, the Sun makes its annual journey through the part of the sky known as the Galactic Center (27 degrees Sagittarius), increasing psychic access to a much bigger frame of reference, and opening the gates of perception to new insights and information. This alignment also triggers a powerful release of the past, clearing out old trauma-based belief systems so we can see the present and future more clearly.

This resetting of our mental and emotional bodies happens just a few days before Winter Solstice (here in the Northern Hemisphere), when the solar energy is at its lowest. In the deep darkness of the season, we get a blast of cosmic Light from a source that astrologer Philip Sedgwick considers to be a kind of sun of our solar system – just as the Earth rotates around the Sun, our solar system rotates around the Galactic Center. (Get more insight into the Galactic Center and how to work with its energies by reading his excellent article here.)

The Galactic Center is a feminine source of energy – dark, invisible, mysterious. We have to be quiet to receive its messages, and the cosmic wisdom comes through our bodies, our hearts, our dreams, our feelings and intuition – not through our rational minds. According to Christine Page, in her book 2012 and the Galactic Center, to some ancient cultures, the Galactic Center was the womb of the Great Mother, out of which the universe was born.

gemini full moonTwo additional planetary events on Tuesday amplify the power of this Sun-GC alignment – the Gemini Full Moon (1:28 am Pacific) and Uranus turning from Retrograde to Direct (9:39 am Pacific). Gemini is the sign of the rational mind, perception, connection and information, and the Gemini Full Moon reveals thought patterns, mental tapes and belief systems that undermine our ability to listen to intuitive guidance, and envision and create a more positive future (Sagittarius).

The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity asks:  Do you have space in your life to receive information from your own inner wisdom and to cultivate cosmic consciousness? Do your thoughts inspire feelings of faith, optimism and freedom? Are you overly attached to your version of “truth,” or overly adaptable to others’ ideas and opinions?

Uranus is the “higher octave” of Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini. While Mercury is the rational mind that gathers information, analyzes data, and reaches a logical conclusion, Uranus is the “higher mind” that operates at the level of the “planetary mind” or “universal mind” where you can get instant downloads of information without following a linear, logical process. In the Jeff Green school of evolutionary astrology, Uranus is associated with “deep memory” – collective trauma held in the universal mind or consciousness.

uranusUranus’s Station – apparent standstill in the sky before reversing directions – permeates the atmosphere with a spirit of revolution and revelation, collaborating with the Gemini Full Moon and Sun-GC alignment to inspire a radical shift in perception that liberates us from the stories that keep us locked in destructive paradigms. As the Trickster, Uranus rules reversals of all kinds, and in fiery Aries, these Uranian reversals can happen with amazing speed. What reversals do you want to animate, in your own life and the life of the collective? What’s the most liberating reversal you can imagine for yourself, for humanity, for the planet and beyond?

The challenge is – there’s a lot of amped-up mental energy flying around, a lot of distracting static in the atmosphere that can pull you out of your center and into the spin. To be able to tune in and receive the deepest, most useful, most fortifying-for-the-new-year level of information and guidance, it’s essential to carve out some quiet time.

For more insight into what this Full Moon means for you personally, find the house in your birth chart that contains 25 degrees Gemini. The areas of life signified by that house are where you are:  freeing your mind from self-defeating thought patterns; rebooting and updating your mental and emotional bodies; adapting your everyday life to align with your deepest wisdom and highest vision. Uranus turns direct at 8 degrees Aries, and the house that contains that degree is where you’re invited to:  prepare to move ahead with greater freedom and authenticity; liberate your creative genius; download a new vision for your future.

- Emily Trinkaus

Relationships, Responsibility and Regeneration – Venus in the Retrograde Shadow



venusVenus, goddess of love, is slowing down, preparing to turn Retrograde on December 21, and the feminine in each of us and in the collective is up for reevaluation and regeneration.


We started feeling the influence on November 20, when Venus entered her Retrograde “shadow.” Her upcoming (apparent) reversal is contributing to the seasonal slowing of momentum – the desire to turn inward during these dark days, to reflect on your values and priorities, to reassess where you’ve been and where you’re headed.


During Venus Retrograde, until January 31 (though the influence will linger on until March 4), all the “RE-” words — review, revisit, renew, revise, renegotiate, reclaim… — apply to the Venusian realms of love, beauty, art, pleasure, relationship, money, values and worth. Signs of “Venus-deficiency” come into awareness – the ways you might feel unattractive, unloved, unworthy, disconnected, or where there’s a lack of pleasure, abundance, beauty and sensual/erotic fulfillment.


A Retrograde planet turns the energy inward, so that you’re unlikely to find what you’re looking for – in this case, love and validation – “out there,” and instead are compelled to generate those feelings from within. Venus Retro reveals unhealed issues around self-love and self-worth, and this is a time to pull back from relationships with other people to strengthen the most important relationship of all – the one with yourself.


venusrossettiIt’s not uncommon for friends and lovers from your past to reappear during Venus Retro. There may be unfinished business that wants to be resolved with this person so you can more easily move into the future. “New” partners who come into your life are likely to have strong past-life ties, and have come back into your life to do some soul-level growth and healing. If you’re in a partnership, it’s typical for old issues to get stirred up – again, there’s something from the past that wants to be healed and resolved before the relationship can move forward.


Venus also rules money, and the financial flow sometimes slows during Venus Retro. While not an auspicious time to launch a major new financial venture, Venus Retro is a great time to clean up any financial issues from the past. Money owed to you will come back (ask for it!) during this period, if it’s ever going to. At a deeper level, Venus Retro is a time for reviewing your relationship to money, especially as it relates to what you value and how you value yourself.


It might be helpful to look back at the previous Venus Retrograde, May 15 to June 27, 2012, to get a feel for what might transpire this time around. Themes from that period are likely to resurface during the current Retrograde.


capricornDuring this Retro tour, Venus is in Capricorn, and (due to her Retrograde) will be in the sign of the Sea Goat for an extra-long time – from November 5 to March 5. Capricorn rules responsibility, and Venus Retro in Cap asks:  Are you taking responsibility for your own needs, pleasure and sensual satisfaction (or are you projecting that responsibility onto someone else)? What and who are you really responsible for – are you taking responsibility for something that isn’t actually “yours”? How do you take responsibility for your relationships, for the intimacy and fulfillment that you do or don’t feel? Do you take responsibility for validating yourself and your worth?


Capricorn rules both work and authority, and work is an area of life where we tend to surrender or project our authority, feeling victimized by our boss, co-workers, customers or clients, schedule, paycheck (or lack thereof), etc. Renegotiating relationships with authority figures, and ultimately, with our own inner authority, is on the Venus Retro agenda. I’m also noticing that a lot of people are feeling a lack of motivation, or even dissatisfaction, in their work. We’re being asked to rethink how to bring more pleasure into our work, to realign our work with our deepest values and priorities.


Venus Retro in Capricorn is not particularly well-suited to the socializing, shopaholic fiesta that characterizes the modern western version of the holidays. Capricorn, the Hermit archetype, rules loneliness and its antidote, solitude. She would prefer a more traditional (ancient) approach to the Winter Solstice holy days – deep reflection, meditation, contemplation, stillness.


If your Sun or Rising sign is in Venus-ruled Taurus or Libra, or if you were born with Venus in Capricorn, then this Venus Retro will be especially strong for you. If you have a copy of your birth chart and some astro-technical know-how, you can get more specific about what this Venus Retro means for you. Find the house (or houses) that contain 13-29 degrees of Capricorn. The areas of life signified by this house are where you are:  reconsidering your values, needs and priorities; regenerating pleasure, beauty, receptivity and artistry; renegotiating relationships; revisiting and healing the past; strengthening self-love and self-worth.


- Emily Trinkaus


Priestesses everywhere – Join energy-healing magician Katie Todd and me on December 17 for our Gemini Full Moon Galactivation. We’ll be co-creating with the Solstice and Venus Retro energies, and exploring the Gemini/Sag themes of truth, trust and knowing. Find out more and register here.


The Pele Report by Kaypacha, Astrology Forecast for November 27, 2013 Tom Lescher

I’ve had enough of just getting by,
Scraping and saving until I die,
Having now unplugged from the matrix of lies,
I see the world through whole new eyes.

This New Moon in Sag on Monday is a time for sowing new beliefs having unplugged from old limiting ones from now until then. Time for it to sink in that the new future is inside each of us like a dormant seed waiting for the warmth and water of our conscious love and desire! There is nothing holding us back but us. Let ‘er rip! A big thank you to Jeff Oster for his music this week. Check him out at This one, Enlightened Darkness is off the Surrender album.


“The Pele Report” by Kaypacha , Astrology Forecast for November 20, 2013 ~ Tom Lescher

Let the drums roll and the trumpets play,
In celebration of this glorious day.
For I have arisen from the depths of my being,
To join in the song all nature is singing!
Oops… a little to close to the camera! Anyway, it is the message that counts and the message is one of “Oh Yeah!” Pop those cookies in the oven and get back out there to the party! We’ve all been tried and tested and challenged to follow (or create!) that recipe. We’ve gathered our ingredients and mixed it all up and it has been hot in the kitchen! This week it is time to let the oven work the magic that we have so painstakingly worked for…… let go, get outa town, and go wild for a change (hopefully not haha!)!

C*I*A Daily: Astrology Report




November 15 2014


Oops we missed posting a daily update, where did Nov 14th go?? Must have been the Neptune station. Sorry!


As Mercury and Neptune continue to be slow and  still in trine, the fog around us remains.


But wait there is a revolution going on, and we’d best snap out of it, as much as we may prefer to hide under the sheets.


Venus planet of love and peace clashes with the REvolutionaries Pluto and Uranus. We’ve heard so much about the ongoing square of Uranus and Pluto and know that we won’t survive this Revolution coming out the other end as the same person or  planet we were when it all started a few years ago. Today and over the next few days Venus adds her magic touch into the revolutionary mix.
If only all revolutions could be peaceful!


The Moon in Aries flies past another revolutionary Eris today, the Goddess of discord. Depending on how we are working with our own process of evolution, how good we are at creating effective and necessary change in our  lives during these significant times, will depend how we will experience these coming few days and the looming Full Moon. If  truth and honesty persist you will find this time as another breakthrough, if it is still all too difficult than look deep within, what’s not budging, what are you not surrendering to!?


It’s not about patchwork, anymore, it’s about moving through it and moving on. Eris is not one to sit back and watch the parade, but one to speak up and speak out, the sister of Ares ignites a modicum of jealousy, and an ‘enough is enough” attitude,  and as a true warrior has to act.  Venus  traverses in dangerous ground as she could be abducted, but she could also show the true Goddess that she really is, by standing by her own needs and desires. It is during these most confronting times that we usually conjure up the most inner strength and find the inner resource and power we never knew we had, because we have to. It is usually when we are most threatened  or our lives depend on it, that we show what we are capable of. We’ve all been and felt betrayed before, and we all feel threatened by something and may even carry a need for revenge somehow, but how do we act on it?


Mars in restrained Virgo helps at the moment, by drawing in on Jupiter’s wisdom and Saturn’s resilience and not lashing out in anger.  The Sun in difficult aspect to Uranus, (the square harmonic of 135degrees) urges us to retain a fully independent spirit, for who and what we depend on, is changing, has changed and will never be the same! Yet that is one of the most difficult things to manage at the moment.


What to keep and what to leave behind, what is necessary and what has now outlived our needs seems like the planetary plot at the moment,  with the nodes traversing Taurus and Scorpio. It’s always helpful to connect to the bigger picture during these difficult times, as the state of the world around us shows what we are feeling and going through, perhaps  even more clearly.


Please note our C*I*A posts are written to help you keep an eye on your own astrological transits. Therefore we recommend  firstly a good understanding of your own Astrology and astrology chart  to get the most out of what we write, by knowing where all this is being targeted in your life. As part of our ongoing C*I*A service we would  like to help our readers  learn more about the astrology of the day, month, year  and become better equipped  in how to  adapt this astrology into  their own lives.

November 12 -13 2014


Today Neptune has his last rx  moments and turns direct at 2 Pisces,  we look forward to him moving on as slow moving planets hover in the same place of the zodiac often for far too long, and can be a serious drain if our charts are strongly effected (My Moon is at 2 Pisces, so no wonder I say this, but tis true!). Neptune now moves on till June 2014 moving up to 7 Pisces before the next retrograde, and only treading through new waters from March 2014, after it moves past 5 Pisces again the last retrograde point. So in effect Neptune will now begin to move through where he has already been (just like Mercury, over the next few weeks). So it’s not over, it may have just begun, and it’s all definitely coming  back. We still have many issues to face we’d rather just went away, or dreams to access that never seem to be able to get off the ground, but now we just might find we begin to edge just that little bit closer, ripple by ripple then wave by wave to pangs we may have ignored or dreams we gave up on or thought impossible.


Newly redirected Mercury trines Neptune, and the messenger helps lap up the dream forgotten or latent dream, helping us be more conscious of what the Dream is, helping us access the vastness of NeptuneLand, in a more rational light! And with the Moon in Pisces we are in heaven!


The Sun over the next few days makes a lovely trine to newly retrograde Jupiter, where the vision is now internalized and an Oracle speaks and encourages us with words or wisdom.


All in all a positive boost with a bit of a twist-!


The Dream is outed, whilst the Vision is infused and internalized.


See comment below about Dream and Vision!


Retrograde and Direct Planets:
8 November, Jupiter Retro
20 Cancer till March 7, 10 Cancer 2014


10 November, Mercury Direct,
2″Scorpio till Feb 7, 3 Pisces


13 November, Neptune Direct,
2′ Pisces – June 10, 7 Pisces


19 November, Chiron Direct
9 Pisces – June 2, 17 Pisces


18 December, Uranus Direct
8 Aries – July 23, 16 Aries


23 December, Venus Retro
28 Capricorn – Feb 1st, 13 Capricorn



Kaypacha’s Astrology Forecast for November 13, 2013 ~ Tom Lescher

Like an insect trapped in a spider’s web
I only have so much time.
The value and meaning of my life,
Death urges me to find.
You don’t know what you can do until you do it. You don’t know how much you can give until you give it. The list goes on and on. This full Moon coming up in Taurus will give us all a chance to see just how great we are by opening, surrendering, giving, and receiving on and from the deepest places in ourselves. The stakes are high and the rewards can be great….. I remember an old boss of mine once said, “We are going to spend a lot of money, and we are going to make a lot of money.” This is a time to place as much of yourself as you dare into the game of Life on Earth. Don’t hold back and if you are others will help you discover why haha!

Rare hybrid solar eclipse event on November 3, 2013

Annular total solar eclipse will sweep over the Atlantic Ocean and the middle of Africa on November 3, 2013. The eclipse will be total only along a narrow path over the Atlantic Ocean and equatorial Africa from Gabon to Somalia. Most of Africa, the Middle East, southern Mediterranean including Spain, northern South America, and the Caribbean will see the partial phase of the eclipse.

It is the last eclipse this year, and also the second solar eclipse and fifth eclipse overall in 2013. This particular eclipse is 23rd of the 72 eclipses in Saros 143 cycle.

What makes makes it more special is that it will be annular eclipse along the first 15 seconds before it transits to a total eclipse phase due the Moon’s shadow which will pass close enough to the Earth to cover the disk of the Sun. Eclipse like this is rare and its called a hybrid eclipse.

Annular-total solar eclipse of 2013 November 3 from Michael Zeiler on Vimeo.

At 10:04 UTC the partial phase of the eclipse begin and after one hour an annular eclipse follows. After 15 seconds the eclipse transitions from an annular to a total along its track.The point of greatest eclipse, with a maximum duration for totality at 1 minute & 40 seconds, starts at 12:46 UTC, occurring off of the SW coast of Liberia along the coast of Africa.

Eclipse visibility path map (Credit: F. Espenak)

Local circumstances for the hybrid solar eclipse of  November 03 2013 – Timetable

Xavier Jubier’s interactive solar eclipse Google map 

Eclipse magnitude map (Credit: EclipseMaps/M.Zeiler)

Cartographer Michael Zeiler presents detailed maps and graphical information on his website.

You can also watch eclipse broadcast on Slooh Space Camera or via BRCK live broadcast from the shores of Lake Turkana in Kenya.

Venus will be also easily visible at magnitude -4.4 just 47 degrees east of the Sun.

Featured image: Sun in stage of full eclipse (Credit: TimeAndDate)


“The Pele Report”, Astrology Forecast for October 30, 2013 ~ Tom Lescher

Mantra for the Week

I refuse to bow or ask for permission,
To speak my truth and stand my position,
As I join with others who share the same vision,
Of growing beyond limits imposed by “The System.”

That’s Uranus square Pluto (exact Friday) and a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Mercury/Saturn! Oh Yeah! In the beginning of the report (oops…forgot the captions haha!) is the chart for the Solar Eclipse on Sunday and you can see the 9 and 11 degrees I spoke about. At the end of the report is another chart for Friday in which you can see the exact Uranus/Pluto square along with Mars, Chiron, and the Sun all at 9 degrees! Nine is a number of completion and I hope you are wrapping it up and movin’ on! Namaste’