News Anchors Shocked When Presented With 9/11 Truth

Richard Gage from AE911 presents evidence that the official story of 9/11 is a lie.

LiveLeak community please use this week to remember 9/11 and post your favorite 9/11 truth videos.

Everything is connected and it all started with 9/11 *police state *wars in the middle east *thieft of our country and liberty!
Richard Gage from AE911 presents evidence that the official story of 9/11 is a lie.

LiveLeak community please use this week to remember 9/11 and post your favorite 9/11 truth videos.

Everything is connected and it all started with 9/11 *police state *wars in the middle east *thieft of our country and liberty!
Richard Gage from AE911 presents evidence that the official story of 9/11 is a lie.

LiveLeak community please use this week to remember 9/11 and post your favorite 9/11 truth videos.

Everything is connected and it all started with 9/11

*police state *wars in the middle east *thieft of our country and liberty!
News Anchors Shocked When Presented With 9/11 Truth

Hijacking 9/11: Protests, ad blitz set for 12th anniversary of attacks

From Brian Kelly’s blog, who I also stand in solidarity with on reclaiming my sovereignty from a corrupt global corporation, masquerading as the American government. Aloha! {~A~}

Hijacking 9/11: Protests, ad blitz set for 12th anniversary of attacks
September 11, 2013

On a FB thread this morning I was accused of dwelling on the past, by bringing attention to fraud around the 9/11 attacks. My response bears worth sharing here.

There’s a BIG difference between “dwelling” on the past and “understanding” it….all I’m saying is all the thousands of Souls who lost family that day deserve to know the Truth. If the whole country woke up today to the fraud, lies and deceits that have plagued this nation for far too long, we could unify in peace and Love and side step the treasonous government that controls the masses, in the blink of an eye. We must always remember the people are governed by their consent. I Do Not Consent any longer to be ruled by a corrupt corporation (the USA Inc). It takes awareness to rally the people in truth to collectively build a new way, one that is in the highest good of All That Is <3 ~BK

The 12th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks are slated to be a less than solemn affair, as protests, counter-protests and a ‘Rethink 9/11’ ad campaign have all been scheduled to capitalize on the sacrosanct day in the US calendar.

From a 54-foot billboard in Times Square asking Americans to reconsider 9/11 to a ‘Million Muslim March’, this year’s anniversary of twin tower attacks stands out as potentially the most controversial on record.

The day began peacefully, with victims and loved ones gathering on the two-year-old Memorial Plaza in New York to hold a moment of silence at 8:46am to remember those who died when hijacked jets crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

But an anniversary noted as a time of reflection is likely to end in confrontation this year.

The Million American March Against Fear — originally dubbed the Million Muslim March – is slated to begin at noontime on The National Mall in Washington, DC, on Wednesday.

Organizers of the event, AMPAC – The American Muslim Political Action Committee – had originally planned the event to counter the post 9/11 “victimization” of Muslims.

The event was later broadened to bring attention to the “erosion of domestic civil liberties, drone policy, illegal tapping and [surveillance]” and other civil liberties-related issues after sparking controversy following its announcement in January.

“We are not trying to be controversial,” AMPAC founder and Senate candidate MD Rabbi Alam told Metro.

“It is on this date to show solidarity for the people killed. We are Americans standing up for American values – people need to know that Muslims are being mistreated.”

Alam, however, is a known 9/11 truther who has espoused anti-Semitic conspiracy theories implying Jewish involvement in the terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

Meanwhile, a counter-protest under the banner of ‘2 Million Bikers to DC’ have vowed to ride through the capital despite failing to secure a permit from the National park Service (NPS).

“We apologize to DC residents, but they had plenty of time to help us with this rally,” the Washington Times cites Belinda Bee, national coordinator for the bikers rally as saying in regards to federal and local authorities. “We realized there was going to be a lot of traffic. We would have gotten through town in two hours. For some reason the powers that be in DC no longer feel Americans have the right to voice an opinion.”

The NPS for their part permitted AMPAC to gather 1,000 people for the location between 13th and 14th streets in Northwest, Park Service spokeswoman Carol Johnson said.

Regarding the 2 million biker ride, Johnson said the nonstop ride would have required a police escort and closure of intersections and traffic lights, measures deemed to be “too disruptive…on a workday.”

“We told them we can’t stop them from using roads like anybody else, but they’d have to follow traffic laws if they come,” Ms. Johnson said, noting that politics played no part in the decision.

“Any time we get a permit application we look at our resources. It has to do with what you apply for, not the applicants,” she said.

Johnson added the march against fear permit request was received “quite a while ago,” while the motorcycle rally event was only submitted for approval on August 27.

Bee, who admitted the biker rally was intended to counter the AMPAC march, said the event was eventually broadened.

“We didn’t want a war,” she said. “No. 2, Muslims get enough attention. It’s time for America to get attention.”

Rethink 9/11?

In New York, the group Rethink911 is holding an event in Time Square at 5:20pm underneath its billboard, which reads “Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11? World Trade Center 7, not hit by a plane, collapsed in free-fall 7 hours after the Twin Towers.”

Expected attendance to the event is unknown, although Rethink911’s Facebook page has a little over 8,185 likes. Meanwhile, 7,950 people have signed the Rethink911 International Petition for a new probe into the destruction of Building 7 and the Twin Towers.

The group, sponsored by the non-profit Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and Remember Building 7, “a campaign by 9/11 family members to raise awareness of Building 7″, raised $225,000 to finance the first round of billboards and international ads.

Monday’s event in Time Square will feature former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who became infamous for saying that then-president George W. Bush may have had advanced knowledge of the September 11 attacks and allowed them to go ahead in order to boost the profits for the Carlyle Group, an owner of defense contractors with which the Bush family had connections.

McKinney was booted from office decade ago thanks in no small part to inflammatory comments made by her father, the late former Georgia state Rep. Billy McKinney.

When asked about his daughter’s tough reelection bid, the senior Mckinney remarked “Jews have bought everybody. Jews. J-e-w-s.”

Rethink911′s All-Day Rally started at 8:00am at Ground Zero.

Please go and sign Re-think 9/11′s Petition now and spread it out all over your FB and social media pages!! ~BK

9/11 – NO PLANES – Watch for proof

2/13 Karen submitted this rockin 9/11 video exposing the technology behind the video technology that created the appearance of planes flying into the twin towers…ty!

Published on Sep 12, 2012


The key to solving 9/11 is something called a “key”. Understanding video compositing technology, both its capabilities AND limitations, proves no planes, and therefore proves demolition.

This documentary is (c) by & Ace Baker
Full series:…

Cynthia McKinney presents to the 9/11 Revisited conference in Kuala Lumpur

Published on Nov 26, 2012 by

Cynthia McKinney, peace activist and former U.S. Congresswoman, presents to the “9/11 Revisted: Seeking the Truth” conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012.


9/11 Truth Goes Worldwide (With Your Help) James Corbett, The Corbett Report

Nov 26, 2012 by


Corbett Report Radio #259

Back from his trip to Malaysia to present at the “9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth” conference, James talks about the conference, who was there, how it went, and where it’s going from here. James also stresses the vital importance for everyone to take up the task of spreading this information to others in the alternative media revolution that is our last best hope to change this system for the better.


Watch the Vancouver Hearings! They’re Happening Right Now….

Please accept my apology for missing this announcement last week…

Over this last weekend in Vancouver on June 15-17, major hearings commenced surrounding the events on 9/11 that featured a notable list of keynote speakers. This turn of events may be something to follow as the veils continue to fall around the nefarious activities of the global ruling elite, continuing to expose the wicked underbelly of corporate globalization and the stranglehold of political tyranny over the masses not only in America but around the world.

It appears we may be seeing the rumblings of mass arrests in the not too distant future if hearings like this, along with the war crimes tribunal in Malaysia that recently found the Bush/Cheney cabal guilty; continue to expose the war crimes committed by our world leaders.

Love and blessings to all!



WATCH the 911 Vancouver Hearings (LIVESTREAM) – Starts Friday, June 15th at 6PM PST

  • The official account provided by the United States government is false
  • The search for truth requires that all possibilities be considered without prejudice
  • Theories must be compared on the basis of the relative probability of the evidence if they were true, where those with higher likelihoods thus defined are preferable to those with lower, where, when the evidence has “settled down”, the theory with the highest likelihood is “acceptable” in the tentative and fallible fashion of science


Link: Listen to the 911 vancouver hearings livestream


Expanding the boundaries of 9/11 Truth

The Denman Theatre, 15-17 June 2012

1737 Comox Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Organizers: James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., and Joshua Blakeney

McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Jim is the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, edited its first book, THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY (2007), organized its first conference, “The Science and Politics of 9/11″ (Madison) and produced its first DVD.

Graduate student at the University of Lethbridge, 9/11 activist, Staff Writer at Veterans Today, and now the Canadian correspondent for PressTV, Josh was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship to study “The Origins of the Global War on Terror”.

The probity of these sworn presentations will be evaluated by a panel of judges, who will swear in our speakers, offer informal opinions at the conclusion of the conference and prepare their evaluation of the hearings in formal opinions for later publication, including:

  • Constance (Connie) Fogal, B.S., B.A., M.A., LL.B. – Judge at the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings

Former leader of the Canadian Action Party, former Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner, former Director, Kitsilano and Vancouver Community Resource boards; lawyer with the Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee to oppose what Fogal sees as threats to Canadian constitutional sovereignty.

  • Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd – Judge at the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings

Judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, Webre submitted a Memorandum to the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate 9/11 and was a co-architect of the Space Preservation Treaty endorsed by more than 270 NGOs worldwide.


The Denman Theatre, 15-17 June 2012
1737 Comox Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Friday, 15 June 2012:

For the Impressive List of Keynote Speakers, Events and Link to Livestream, go here:

Sibel Edmonds Finally Wins

by David Swanson

Sibel Edmonds’ new book, “Classified Woman,” is like an FBI file on the FBI, only without the incompetence.

The experiences she recounts resemble K.’s trip to the castle, as told by Franz Kafka, only without the pleasantness and humanity.

I’ve read a million reviews of nonfiction books about our government that referred to them as “page-turners” and “gripping dramas,” but I had never read a book that actually fit that description until now.

The F.B.I., the Justice Department, the White House, the Congress, the courts, the media, and the nonprofit industrial complex put Sibel Edmonds through hell.  This book is her triumph over it all, and part of her contribution toward fixing the problems she uncovered and lived through.

Edmonds took a job as a translator at the FBI shortly after 9-11.  She considered it her duty.  Her goal was to prevent any more terrorist attacks.  That’s where her thinking was at the time, although it has now changed dramatically.  It’s rarely the people who sign up for a paycheck and healthcare who end up resisting or blowing a whistle.

Edmonds found at the FBI translation unit almost entirely two types of people. The first group was corrupt sociopaths, foreign spies, cheats and schemers indifferent to or working against U.S. national security.  The second group was fearful bureaucrats unwilling to make waves.  The ordinary competent person with good intentions who risks their job to “say something if you see something” is the rarest commodity.  Hence the elite category that Edmonds found herself almost alone in: whistleblowers.

Reams of documents and audio files from before 9-11 had never been translated.  Many more had never been competently or honestly translated.  One afternoon in October 2001, Edmonds was asked to translate verbatim an audio file from July 2001 that had only been translated in summary form.  She discovered that it contained a discussion of skyscraper construction, and in a section from September 12th a celebration of a successful mission.  There was also discussion of possible future attacks.  Edmonds was eager to inform the agents involved, but her supervisor Mike Feghali immediately put a halt to the project.

Two other translators, Behrooz Sarshar and Amin (no last name given), told Edmonds this was typical. They told her about an Iranian informant, a former head of SAVAK, the Iranian “intelligence” agency, who had been hired by the FBI in the early 1990s.  He had warned these two interpreters in person in April 2001 of Osama bin Laden planning attacks on U.S. cities with airplanes, and had warned that some of the plotters were already in the United States.  Sarshar and Amin had submitted a report marked VERY URGENT to Special Agent in Charge Thomas Frields, to no apparent effect.  In the end of June they’d again met with the same informant and interpreted for FBI agents meeting with him.  He’d emphatically warned that the attack would come within the next two months and urged them to tell the White House and the CIA.  But the FBI agents, when pressed on this, told their interpreters that Frields was obliged to report everything, so the White House and other agencies no doubt already knew.

One has to wonder what U.S. public opinion would make of an Iranian having tried to prevent 9-11.

Next, a French translator named Mariana informed Edmonds that in late June 2001, French intelligence had contacted the FBI with a warning of the upcoming attacks by airplanes.  The French even provided names of suspects.  The translator had been sent to France, and believed her report had made it to both FBI headquarters and the White House.

Edmonds translated other materials that involved the selling of U.S. nuclear information to foreigners and spotted a connection to a previous case involving the purchase of such information.  The FBI, under pressure from the State Department, Edmonds writes, prevented her from notifying the FBI field offices involved.  Edmonds has testified in a court deposition, naming as part of a broad criminal conspiracy Representatives Dennis Hastert, Dan Burton, Roy Blunt, Bob Livingston, Stephen Solarz, and Tom Lantos, and the following high-ranking U.S. government officials: Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, and Marc Grossman.

When Edmonds was hired, she was the only fully qualified Turkish translator, and this remained the case.  In November 2001, a woman named Melek Can Dickerson (referred to as “Jan”) was hired.  She did not score well on the English proficiency test, and so was not qualified to sign off on translations, as Edmonds was.  Melek’s husband Doug Dickerson worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency under the procurement logistics division at the Pentagon dealing with Turkey and Central Asia, and for the Office of Special Plans overseeing Central Asian policy.  This couple attempted to recruit Edmonds and her husband into the American Turkish Council and the Assembly of Turkish American Associations, offering large financial benefits.  But these were organizations that the FBI was monitoring.  Edmonds reported the Dickersons’ proposal to Feghali, who dismissed it.

Then Edmonds discovered that Jan Dickerson had been forging her (Edmonds’) signature on translations, with Feghali’s approval.  Then Edmonds’ colleagues told her about Jan taking files out of other translators’ desks and carrying them out of the building.  Dickerson attempted to control the translation of all material from particular individuals.  Dennis Saccher, who was above Feghali, discovered that Jan was marking every communication from one important person as being not important for translation. Saccher attempted to address the matter but was shut down by Feghali, by another supervisor named Stephanie Bryan, and by the head of “counterintelligence” for the FBI who said that the Pentagon, White House, State Department, and Congress would not allow an investigation.

Had Edmonds understood the truth of that statement, it might have saved her years of frustration and stress, but it would have denied us the bulk of the revelations in her book.  Dickerson threatened Edmonds’ life and those of her family.  Edmonds lost her job, her reputation, her friends, and contact with most of her family members.  She watched Congress cave in to the President.  She watched the government protect the Dickersons by allowing them to flee the country.  She listened to Congressman Henry Waxman and others in 2005 and 2006 promise a full investigation if the Democrats won a majority, a promise that was immediately broken when the Democrats took control of Congress in 2007.  Edmonds was smeared in the media, and her story widely ignored when media outlets got parts of it right.  The Justice Department claimed “States Secrets” and maneuvered for a cooperative judge (Reggie Walton) to have cases filed by Edmonds dismissed.  The government classified as secret all materials related to Edmonds’ case including what was already public.  The Justice Department issued a gag order to the entire Congress.

And Congress bent over and shouted “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

As less confrontational approaches failed, Edmonds became increasingly an activist and an independent media participant and creator.  Her story and others she was familiar with were rejected and avoided by the 9-11 Commission.  She worked with angry 9-11 widows and with other whistleblowers to expose the failures of that commission.  Disgusted with whistleblower support groups that only offered to help her when she was in the news and never when she needed help most desperately, Edmonds started her own group, made up of whistleblowers, called the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition.  She started her own website called Boiling Frogs Post.

When an unclassified version of a report on Edmonds’ case by the Justice Department’s Inspector General was finally released, it vindicated her.

Edmonds has received awards and recognition.  Her story has been supported (with rhetoric, not action) by Congress members and backed up by journalists.  It appears in this forthcoming film.

Coleen Rowley, another FBI whistleblower, one who was honored as a Time magazine person of the year along with two others, told me: “What I find so remarkable is Sibel’s persistence in trying every avenue and possible outlet in trying to get the truth out. When going up the chain of command in the executive branch and Inspector General internal mechanisms for investigating fraud, waste, and abuse went nowhere, she sought judicial remedy by filing lawsuits only to be improperly gagged by ‘state secrecy privilege’.  Along the way she also sought congressional assistance, testified to the 9-11 Commission, and engaged with various media and other non-governmental organizations.  It’s somewhat ironic that Sibel herself demonstrated such enormous energy and passion throughout this decade quite the opposite of the ‘boiling frog’ idiom she uses for her website as a warning to others.  If her book can inspire readers to summon even 1/100th of the determination and resolve she has modeled, there’s hope for us!”

Yet, thus far, no branch of our government has lifted its little finger to fix the problem of secrecy and the corruption it breeds, which Edmonds argues has grown far worse under President Obama.  That’s why this book should be spread far and wide, and read aloud to our misrepresentatives in Congress if necessary.  This book is a masterpiece that reveals both the details and the broader pattern of corruption and unaccountability in Washington, D.C.  Edmonds has not exposed bad apples, but a rotten barrel of toxic waste that will sooner or later infect us all — not just the whistleblowers like Sibel and the thousands of people in our government who see something and dare not say something for fear that we will not have their back.

Let’s have their back.

David Swanson’s books include “War Is A Lie.” He blogs at and and works for the online activist organization He hosts Talk Nation Radio

9/11 Foreknowledge Caught on Computers that Measure Global Mind


By Rady Ananda
Activist Post

Fascinating research into a “global mind” picked up startling data in the days and hours before the 9/11 attacks, indicating widespread foreknowledge.

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) uses electromagnetically-shielded computers located throughout the world that generate random numbers. In its 13-year history, these computers show statistically significant deviations during global events that affect humans.

What GCP found on 9/11 shows foreknowledge for nearly 16 hours before the first plane struck. This data lends support to the proposition that several hundred people around the world had time-specific information about the attacks.

“Roger Nelson has spent the past 30 years looking for evidence of a global mind,” says Morgan Freeman, host of the Science TV series, Through the Wormhole. [1] Nelson is an experimental psychologist and founder of GCP.

Whether called the “noosphere,” some “morphic field” or “information field,” the global mind is real, believes Nelson, along with many other scientists. Though much weaker than the obvious five, experiments indicate that the “sixth sense” is part of a global communication network that can be indirectly measured.

While the US military has long been involved in psi research, GCP tries to objectively measure interconnected consciousness through scientific means, and freely releases that information to the public. [2]

Located throughout the world, some 80 stand-alone computers randomly generate ones or zeros for GCP. [3] These random number event generators (REGs) stop working sometimes.

“The project builds on excellent experiments conducted over the past 35 years at a number of laboratories, demonstrating that human consciousness interacts with random event generators, apparently ‘causing’ them to produce non-random patterns,” GCP says. [4]

An EGG (ElectroGaiaGraph) studies a REG’s ability (or inability) to generate random data and calculates the range of deviation from randomness. The following graph [5] shows the cumulative deviation for all the REGs in the GCP network from 9/10 thru 9/12:

The teal “pseudo data” is automatically generated random data to compare to the red actual data. The black and white boxes on the zero line represent the following events:

..8:46 am WTC1 hit
..9:02 am WTC2 hit
..9:37 am Pentagon hit
..9:59 am WTC2 collapses
10:28 am WTC1 collapse

At the time, 37 EGGs produced data for the network. [6] Notice the bump that starts at about 20 hours GMT on Sept. 10 (4 pm Eastern Daylight Time). That’s when several of the REG computers stopped producing random numbers. Increasing randomness returns (the declining side of the hump) until about 32 hours, or 4:00 am EDT on Sept. 11.

Then, starting at about 4:30 am – over four hours before the first strike on 9/11 – the REGs seriously stopped producing random numbers, creating the spike we see before the North Tower (World Trade Center 1) was hit at 36:46 (8:46 am EDT).

In 2011, GCP founder Roger Nelson told Through the Wormhole that the anomaly is “highly significant,” adding further:

“This is an aberration in the random line… We don’t have an explanation for that.”

However, GCP clarified that “a conservative reading suggests that measure is just marginally significant.” [6]

Tidbits: What is Being Held Back from You

Credit for this very worthwhile read goes to Kerry Cassidy’s blog, be sure to follow the link to the videos and the remainder of article that exposes the ugly truth about how deep the corruption goes behind 9/11. The following is from her blog:

January 27, 2012

Gordon Duff starts down the Exposing the real Osama Road – Veterans Today

A must read for ALL NAVY SEALS who think Seal Team 6 took him out… get ready for true history lesson 1:

click here to read the full article from beginning to end

Thursday, January 26th, 2012 | Posted by
Paulson of Treasury, Bush of Turkeyland, The Men Who Looted America

Secrets are More Often Conspiracies and Shame and Seldom are National Security

by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor

Let’s start this out with an attention grabber.  Out there, somewhere is a photograph of Osama bin Laden and George H. W. Bush, shaking hands in the White House.  It exists.  There is this and more, so much more, that would make America’s heads spin.

The actual trained journalists around me beat this into my head. OK, here it is.

Those who follow rumors, which means every single one of us, know that former President George H. W. Bush worked with the bin Ladens, a wealthy and respected Saudi family that invests in a group of military companies called The Carlyle Group, headed by many former world leaders.

When Osama bin Laden, the short haired young Saudi millionaire CIA agent visited Bush in the White House, he came there, not just as an important part of our intelligence infrastructure at the end of the Cold War, but as a good friend of George H. W. Bush, a man who was  practically an uncle to him.

“Hey Osama, I mean Tim”…”Get Over Here and Get in the Picture!”

Wait a minute, wouldn’t that make George “W” Bush Osama bin Laden’s brother?  Well, not a real brother, not like Jeb anyway. Bin Laden was taller and better looking and, as the CIA transcript below indicates, certainly better educated and more honest.

We might also add, Osama bin Laden, were he of “that” Bush generation, was a veteran, having risked his life defending the United States against Russia many times.

The Bush boys shunned wartime service as we well know, perhaps they saw brother “Tim” as doing their part for them. (Tim “bin Laden” Osman)

No wonder Bush thought the 9/11 attacks were “pilot error” and not “Brother Tim” gone bad.  The video below actually has President Bush citing 9/11 as “pilot error.”

The president’s immediate responses to the 9/11 attacks are among the most amazing pieces of inappropriate humor since Caligula nominated his horse to the Roman senate:

Continue reading, see videos here:

ExopoliticsTV with Robert M. Stanley on Elite controllers, ET-UFOs in Washington DC, and disclosure

From: ExopoliticsTV  | May 16, 2011

Robert M. Stanley: Elite controllers, ET/UFOs in Washington, DC and disclosure

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released May 16, 2011 America’s Morning News correspondent Robert M. Stanley, author of Covert Encounters in Washington, DC, has revealed how unethical extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional entities manipulate terrestrial elite “controllers” of the human population in finance, politics, media, religion, and in governmental and public events in Washington, DC.

With regard to the inter-dimensional extraterrestrials around Washington, DC, Mr. Stanley has stated, “We are dealing with a shape-shifting ET that is apparently known to the U.S. government.”

Mr. Stanley reveals how the masonic layout of Washington, DC’s architecture and infrastructure is used as a “dimensional” mind control panel by unethical inter-dimensional lower-order extraterrestrials, for the manipulation and control of the worldwide permanent war economy and arms industry by manipulating the war-industry decision-making processes in Washington, DC.

Read full article at:…

Staged False Flage Alien Invasion, “Alleged” Date Revealed

This is the first time I’ve heard this gentleman speak, but what he has to say resonated with me. Recently Max Igan did a show on the Beltane rituals carried out over the last week of April and on May 1st, when traditionally for hundreds of years the May Day rituals have occurred.  Although Beltane isn’t mentioned, he does speak of the Bin Laden hoax murder as being part of the May 1st rituals world leaders pay reverence to at the expense of human life as sacrifices, much of the time.

Max Igan on the Beltane Rituals: Bin Laden, Beltane & the Rituals of the Matrix – AVR – 05/06/11

I don’t usually pay heed to predictions when dates are involved, but in this case I’m throwing this one out there to expose it to the light of day. We all suspect the ruling elite have something up their sleeves and it’s a well known fact certain numbers and dates are important to implementing their magic and rituals. In the event something is planned then the more noise we make now the better chance to change events in our favor, which he also outlines in the video below.

Staged Alien Invasion Date Revealed

An advance warning of the next global event of desolation, an Evil Alien Invasion, to begin on September 9, 2011. We can change the outcome. And we should.


More Questions on Bin Laden

Maybe Bin Laden’s been dead several years and this was the only way to close the chapter on terrorism and 9/11, while elevating Obama’s chances of re-election in 2012?

By Russ Baker on May 5, 2011

It is at times of peak emotion that rationality is most important. With that in mind, we published “Twelve Questions on Bin Laden.” This drew a strong response from readers interested in carefully studying the situation. Here are some more matters to ponder and discuss:

With rumors circulating abroad (and even in the United States) that Osama bin Laden was not really killed on Sunday, why not provide proof and be done with it? President Obama says, he doesn’t want to provoke violence by releasing photos, so why not invite a group of respected journalists and forensic experts to examine the evidence that the White House has—photos, DNA, etc?

The White House declared that bin Laden’s identity was established quickly using a variety of methods, including DNA. But a DNA expert says it takes 16-20 hours to confirm a DNA match. Can the administration provide a detailed accounting that addresses this discrepancy? Given the rush to dispose of his body at sea, the public has a right to understand how sure, really, the authorities were before they threw away the evidence.

This raid was, without question, the single biggest p.r. coup of the Obama presidency. A key part of this success was the initial version given to the public, which contained serious misinformation that presented the occupants of the house as more resistant than they actually were.

We were told that Osama bin Laden’s death was unavoidable because he was “resisting” the invaders in some manner that posed a serious threat. We were also told that the men of the house were cowardly and used a woman as a human shield. Now, when the moment of maximum public attention is past, we learn in dribs and drabs that these characterizations are inaccurate.

How did these inaccuracies get out in the first place? This operation was long-planned, top officials monitored the raid together in real time, and statements to the press—on and off the record—are generally coordinated and cleared in advance, especially with highly sensitive matters of this kind.  Thus, it is not apparent how such serious misstatements of the most central facts of the raid would even be possible. Was there an attempt to spin this in the most favorable way at the moment of maximum attention and make the apologies and corrections when fewer are paying attention?

Ultimately, it is hard to see such profound misstatements by well-informed central figures as anything other than either deliberate or the result of gross incompetence. Which is it—or if an excusable error, how so?

If Osama bin Laden was the sick and feeble individual (with kidney disease and walking with a cane) we have long been told he was, how did he constitute a serious threat to highly-trained, highly-armed individuals in protective gear using night-vision goggles who had apparently already apprehended more able-bodied individuals in the house and managed to bind their hands together?

Wouldn’t Osama bin Laden, alive, be just about the most important intelligence catch ever? Couldn’t he have cleared up the mysteries and speculation that abounds about Al Qaeda, its nature, capabilities, size, activities and plans? Thus, shouldn’t a premium have been placed on bringing him in alive? And a detailed explanation of how this approach failed, if indeed it was attempted? And if a premium were placed on that, couldn’t a physically unthreatening individual have been apprehended through disabling technology commonly used in other raids?

The White House has said that they would have liked to capture bin Laden alive, but outgoing CIA director Leon Panetta has now told NBC that the troops’ orders were to kill him absent the most obvious form of surrender. How do Americans feel about anyone being shot rather than apprehended and given a proper trial? Doesn’t the United States aspire in all of its activities to set an example for other countries to emulate?

Regarding bin Laden’s fate, why did the US not follow the procedure in the cases of others, including Slobodan Milosevic and Radovan Karadzic, accused of complicity in the deaths of tens or hundreds of thousands, and make extraordinary efforts to capture bin Laden alive and then turn him over to the International Court of Justice? Would that not have impressed the world with the United States’ respect for international law (which forbids going into a sovereign country and murdering anyone even if proven guilty) and commitment to a single standard in the global pursuit of justice?

Or is there such a thing as “too risky to live”—in which no chances may be taken with an individual, even where doubts exist?

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The Journal of 9/11 Research and 9/11 Issues Yes, there are issues with 9/11!!!

“A time comes when silence is betrayal.”  – Martin Luther King

With the announcement of the death of Osama this is a good time to reflect on the events of 9/11, when it became apparent that Obama had no intention of prosecuting the Bush/Cheney administration for war crimes or neglecting to protect the US on 9/11.  When no one was investigated after the discovery of thermite in the dust, I more or less moved on from spending a lot of energy on 9/11. Yesterday I was going over the enclosed information and had no idea that they moved on from thermite to learning that an energy weapon was the method of destruction used on the twin towers!

Take a look at the “anomalies” section and photo’s of the “toasted” cars, or the warped and melted firetruck engines and structural beams.  Witness’s talked about cars exploding – the engines not the gas tanks! You can see the burnt out cars half a mile away from ground zero, they have all kinds of unusual forensic evidence that doesn’t correlate with an explosion. And the witness’s had some interesting and unusual things to say as well.

So check it out, there’s a lot I didn’t have time to go over so that’s just a small sliver of what this website contains. The plot has thickened!