Vatican preparing statement on extraterrestrial life

Written by admin on July 23, 2014

Vatican-mothership-Pope FrancisPope Francis is reportedly preparing a major world statement about extraterrestrial life and its theological implications. Rosana Ubanell from Voxxi News today reported that due to advances in scientific detection methods for the discovery of extraterrestrial life, Pope Francis wants to be ready with a statement about “First Contact”. Ubanell reports that details have yet to be officially announced but that the Vatican’s interest in extraterrestrial life is well documented through recent astrobiology conferences the Vatican Observatory has sponsored or participated in. Father Guy Consolmagno, a Jesuit astronomer and one of the leading Catholic proponents for preparing for the scientific discovery of extraterrestrial life, on July 18, won the Carl Sagan science medal from the American Astronomical Society. Pope Francis, a fellow Jesuit, regularly consults withConsolmagno and other leading Vatican astronomers about scientific issues.It is likely that Pope Francis is preparing an “Urbi et Orbi” speech – Latin for “to the city [of Rome] and the world” – about First Contact with extraterrestrial life.

The Vatican’s scientific interest in extraterrestrial life was publicly revealed for the first time in May 2008 when the head of the Vatican Observatory, Fr Gabriel Funes, also a Jesuit, gave an interview to the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. Funes made a series of startling statements about how extraterrestrial life is likely to be more ethically evolved than humans, and can be welcomed as brothers. In his interview, which was titled “The extraterrestrial is my brother,” Funes said that intelligent extraterrestrial life may not have experienced a ‘fall’, and may be “free from Original Sin … [remaining] in full friendship with their creator.” This makes it possible to regard them as ‘our brothers’ as Funes explained:

Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God. This is not in contrast with our faith because we can’t put limits on God’s creative freedom… “Why can’t we speak of a ‘brother extraterrestrial’? It would still be part of creation…

Most importantly, Funes’ statement makes possible the idea that Christianity can be exported to extraterrestrial worlds that have not experienced a ‘fall’ and are free from original sin.

Just over a year after his interview, Funes was the organizer of the first ever Astrobiology Symposium held by Pontifical Academy of Sciences in November 2009. Consolmagno and Funes have ever since played leading roles for the Vatican Observatory in presenting a theological perspective on the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Most importantly, both have been leading advisors to Pope Francis about scientific issues concerning the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

What is likely to be the content of Pope Francis’ upcoming statement or possible “Urbi et Orbi” speech about alien life? An important clue is a forthcoming presentation by Fr. Consolmagno at a September 18-19, 2014, astrobiology symposium organized by NASA and the Library of Congress that is titled: “Preparing for Discovery: A Rational Approach to the Implications of Finding Microbial, Complex or Intelligent Life Beyond Earth.”

Consolmagno is a featured presenter and will discuss the theological implications of discovering alien life. His topic, “Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?” suggests that Pope Francis agrees that extraterrestrials are capable of the higher ethics involved in understanding the Christian message and becoming Christians.

If Pope Francis is indeed preparing a statement about extraterrestrial life, it is likely to emphasize that there is no incompatibility in Christian teachings with a belief in extraterrestrial life as Fr.Funes proposed in May 2008. More importantly, Pope Francis is likely to emphasize themes of extraterrestrials: not sharing in original sin; being more ethically evolved; and being capable of sharing the Christian message, and being our brothers.

Not all will welcome a statement from Pope Francis advocating extraterrestrials as brothers and worthy of being baptized into the Christian faith. According to Chris Putnam and Tom Horn, authors of Exovaticana, Pope Francis I is preparing to lead the Catholic Church to embrace aliens as “brothers in Christ” – reflective of the 1950s and 1960s contactee reports of benevolent “space brothers.” Putnam’s and Horn’s Exovaticana portends a future religious war between those accepting extraterrestrials as “brothers in Christ” and those believing them to be returning demons about to enslave us. Despite the extensive scholarship found in Exovaticana, it unfortunately skews data towards an overly negative assessment of the motivations of extraterrestrial visitors. Thankfully, the Vatican’s evolving public position, as reflected by statements from its leading astronomers, shows a far more enlightened stance on how to consider the discovery of alien life from a theological perspective. A statement or “Urbi et Orbi” speech from Pope Francis expounding on various themes associated with the view that extraterrestrials are potential “brothers in Christ’ is a welcome position to take on a controversial issue with major world significance.

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The Best Of Ufos Weekly June 2013 ~ Hawkkey Davis Channel

As we wait for disclosure, sighting continue to be filmed around the world. Thank you all that responded to my messages allowing me to post their footage or findings. I’m still waiting for a response from one of you so if you see your video here just send me a message. Everything in this video is posted below so check out the links for the full videos. Thanks for watching here and stay safe!
Part 1

Part 2

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Two Steps From Hell – Earth

UFOs, Disasters, and Ubiquity

UFO sightings have recently been filmed near many natural disasters. With efforts by the citizenry – including citizen hearings on ET disclosure and hackers uncovering secret evidence of alien life in NASA and military computer networks – the evidence for an ongoing and clandestine alien conspiracy is mounting.

Footage includes UFO sightings during the devestating Oaklahoma tornado, Arizona dust storms, and Hurricane Sandy. Footage also includes a UFO appearing on a live news broadcast, recent strange sky glow phenomena, as well as UFOs captured on military nightvision cameras.

With the appearance of UFOs near recent catastrophic events – is it possible the alien conspiracy and disasters are somehow connected to a common goal? Or at the very least, does recent evidence indicate a nearly ubiqutious presence among us?

Disclaimer: The original title “Alien Conspiracy – UFOs, Disasters, and Ubiquity” was changed because I felt it was misleading and based in fear. The conspiracy is on behalf of humans and the US government, not the aliens.


UFOs hit CANADA at alarming rate! SPECIAL REPORT.

Finally a favorable report from mass media on UFO’s/UAP’s coming out of Canada, maybe the Citizens Hearings on Disclosure last month made had a positive impact with some news outlets…

Published on May 18, 2013

UFO sighting hit CANADA at an all time high!

Former Sen. Mike Gravel Speaks out about Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure

Published on May 11, 2013

TheTruthAmongstUs TheTruthAmongstUs

Sen. Mike Gravel says there are smoking guns that prove cover up, but a Congressional hearing has no political benefit.


Citizens Disclosure Hearings and Mass Media Coverage




WASHINGTON — While President Obama was promoting an immigration overhaul in Mexico, six former members of Congress gathered two blocks from the White House to consider what they see as the enforced government secrecy surrounding another kind of visitor: the kind who come from a lot farther away.


Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press

Mike Gravel, a former senator from Alaska, above in 2007, appeared this week on a panel to discuss extraterrestrial life.


Every day this week, the former legislators presided over panels made up of academics and — former, of course — government and military officials, who were there to discuss their research or their own eyewitness accounts of unidentified flying objects and the extraterrestrials who presumably would have occupied them.

“Something is monitoring the planet, and they are monitoring it very cautiously, because we are a very warlike planet,” said Mike Gravel, a former Democratic senator from Alaska who ran in both the Democratic and Libertarian presidential primaries in 2008.

Mr. Gravel and his fellow panelists were assembled by the Paradigm Research Group, which says it is committed to ending the government’s “truth embargo” on the existence of extraterrestrial life. The lawmakers were there in hopes that their presence and political credibility would be enough to persuade Congress to take the issue seriously.

“I’ve been exploring how we might get this issue out of the shadows of the lunatic fringe,” said Roscoe G. Bartlett, a former Republican representative from Maryland. Before his defeat last year, Mr. Bartlett was known for sounding the alarm on the threat posed to the nation’s energy infrastructure by electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, the shock wave from a nuclear weapon detonated beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

Called the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, the event might have been mistaken as advocacy for government transparency, and some of the panelists had impressive résumés.

“I’ve come to understand and appreciate the importance of open, transparent government and the power of truth,” said Paul T. Hellyer, who served as Canadian minister of defense during the 1960s.

“We are not alone in the cosmos,” he added.

One reason the ex-members of Congress agreed to sit on the dais and ask questions may have been curiosity.

“Our country has trivialized it, has made it a joke, has made it green people with horns sticking out,” said Carolyn Kilpatrick, a Democratic representative from Michigan who lost her seat in 2010. “Now I find that it’s much more than that. And it’s not a joke. And there is scientific data that there may be something there.”

Another reason might have been the $20,000 the organizers said they paid each panelist. But they are still maintaining a healthy skepticism.

“Just because the government might have had a document about how to handle extraterrestrials doesn’t mean there were any,” said Merrill Cook, a Republican from Utah who was twice elected to the House.

The panels this week have been low-hanging fruit for the news media while President Obama is out of town and Congress is out of session, and not all of the people who study U.F.O.’s think the meetings will help them improve their stature in Washington.

“There really is something to this issue, and there is a serious side to it, but that’s not what’s being presented as this event,” said Leslie Kean, a journalist and author of “U.F.O.’s: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record,” a collection of firsthand accounts by people who believe they saw them.

The conclusion that U.F.O.’s are proof of extraterrestrial life is misguided, she said, and the people who broadcast that belief hindered support for real scientific research.

Despite the ridicule that usually accompanies the discussion of U.F.O.’s, they have been quietly talked about in corridors of power here. Some panelists at the event this week counted among true believers John D. Podesta, a chief of staff in President Bill Clinton’s White House, because of his role in Executive Order 12958, which requires the declassification of most government documents over 25 years old.

But the possible existence of extraterrestrial life is not exactly why he believes in government transparency, Mr. Podesta said.

“At the end of the day, there are going to be people who say that even if you did that, there must be other files that exist that you’re not disclosing,” he said in an interview.

But objects in the sky have piqued his interest. In June 2011, the Center for American Progress hosted government officials, from the Pentagon, NASA and the Department of Transportation, as well as Congressional staff and former officials from intelligence organizations, for a briefing by Ms. Kean and experts from academia and foreign militaries.

The private briefing was organized to discuss a proposal that the government establish a small office of two staff members who would selectively investigate mysterious skyward sightings and seek to understand them by applying scientific method. The proposal did not refer to U.F.O.’s, but rather, U.A.P.’s, unidentified aerial phenomena, as if those who drew up the proposal were keenly aware of how their objective could be perceived.

“They were interesting, credible people who had observed aerial phenomena that were unexplained and worthy of additional follow-up,” Mr. Podesta said. “Going back and looking at and declassifying whatever government documents exist is a smart thing to do.”

Note: Even though mainstream media coverage is very much appreciated, they still approach the subject with a snide attitude and plenty of spin. I was just as insulted as Senator Gravel at the insinuation that panel members may have been bought for a $20,000 fee!

For myself, as a former Booking Agent I can personally attest to the fact $20K is dirt cheap for an entire week, especially for having to hear 40 hours of testimony. In 2004, booking speaking engagements for Yolanda King (MLK Jr’s daughter), she commanded $25,000 plus hotel and travel expenses for simply a 2 hour engagement, much less than the average booking fee for well known speakers.

Many former and current politicians retain fees of $100-150K or more for a single speaking engagement, and many wiggle out paying taxes as well.

Question: How often do you hear the mass media blatantly using booking fees to sway public opinion? Now, if the panel members were paid a half a million, that would be something to inform the public about.

In addition The Times found it necessary to throw in Leslie Kean’s adverse opinion, a very typical pattern for mass media when approaching the subject of UFO’s / UAV’s. 


UFO Summoned on Live TV!!

The story is from 2008, but is still relevant today. It’s difficult to tell exactly what’s going here, are these elements of the shadow bioshpere that interacct with humans (plasmoid entities), are they inter-dimensional entities or some combination of both. As usual, the TV anchors come across as nothingless than clueless, dumbed down talking heads. Which is really quite stunning for people who live right next door to Area 51…

Uploaded on Oct 13, 2008


How did he do it???


The Best Of Ufos Beautiful Lights Feb 2013 Part 3

Published on Feb 23, 2013


This series has some of the best sightings of the week. Full credit to the ones listed below for their footage and findings, I do not own any of this footage. I would like to thank all the ones that responded to my email allowing me to use their footage.Most of these clips are not the full video so visit the links to see them in their entirety. As always thanks for watching here!

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Triangle UFO in Fresno/Madera California 2013
Source: SummerShudder83

UFO intercetta e colpisce (deviandolo) il grosso meteorite caduto in Russia 15 Febbraio 2013
Source Dan Keying

Russia Meteorie Exploding in Slow Motion (Close Up) Video
Source TheUFOsightings

A Ufo Watches The Meteor Explode Over Russia
Source HawkkeyDavisChannel

View from the ISS Cam
Source Streetcap1

Cylindrical UFO Returns To Popocatépetl Volcano 2013 HD

UFO Sighting Red Colors Over Helsinki, Finland – FindingUFO [HD]
Source FindingUFO

UFO makes fast exit at ISS
Source Streetcap1

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UFOs Over Blue Springs, MO? Multi-Colored Objects Seen for Weeks – May 24, 2012

Published on May 24, 2012 by Alrighty, so if you have a link to the videos please share, because if its been happening for weeks we’ll need ta be seeing some videos right about right now.

Strange lights in the night sky over Blue Springs have UFO investigators interested.

Neighbors say in the past two weeks they have seen multi-colored lights in the sky, and the Missouri UFO Network is now conducting its own investigation. The video of these orbs hovering is causing quite the debate in Blue Springs and is the topic of discussion in the quiet suburb.

Robert Kover first noticed it two weeks ago and went down to get a closer look. He was confronted by a neighbor who thought he was spying on women, until he handed her his binoculars.

“I showed her the star that [was] in the sky, just to get somebody else’s perspective on it, and they said they had never seen anything like it before,” Kover said.

Becky Neely said it was vibrating red, green and blue lights.

“It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, but with binoculars we could see it fairly well, and it was off in the distance,” Neely said.

Teresa Price saw it twice. The first time was the same night Kover and Neely did, and she noticed it again when she was walking her dogs the following week. However, the second time things were even more bizarre.

“It was up in the sky and then it just dropped and stayed stationary in that lower position,” Price said.

Price had seen KCTV5’s recent news report on domestic drones that are now being used by local governments and law enforcement agencies, and thought that was what it was.

“It kind of made me think that there is some sort of drone out there. Why is it out at night? I don’t know,” Price said.

Kover called the KCTV5 Investigative Hotline and posted a sighting on a UFO spotters website. The night of a interview, KCTV5’s Dave Jordan spotted similar sightings.

Kover was contacted by Margie Kay with the Missouri UFO Network, who decided to investigate for herself the following night.

Kay interviewed everyone who claimed to have seen the UFOs and then set up telescopes to watch the sightings herself. Neighbors came out hoping to see the activity that captivated the community.

As the sky darkened, one of them appeared. Kay initially dismissed it.

“I am 90 percent sure we are looking at Vega in this instance, and there are some other planets out right now,” said Kay.

But she came to a different conclusion after others starting appearing. And after she put in a call to a colleague to take a look at what she thought was Vega, that person described it as pure white.

“That is not what we are seeing. We’re seeing colors in this. I see green in this one and in the other I see red, green and blue,” Kay said. “I don’t think it’s a planet at this point. I don’t know what it is. It’s unidentified.”

KCTV5 contacted Blue Springs police, and they have said they haven’t received any calls about this. KCTV5 also contacted NORAD, and a spokesman said that he did hear about a similar sighting, but he wasn’t sure if it was in Missouri because that division of NORAD monitors the entire Midwest.”…

FOX News: UFO Sightings on the Rise in 2012

Can you say PsyOp?

Uploaded by on Jan 14, 2012

**Note from me: It should also be considered that reports of UFO sightings being on the rise are on the rise (and perhaps not the actual sightings themselves). Some of the reports being given to MUFON or NUFORC *might* be false reports, to hype up the year 2012. I know of at least one false report already, which I posted in a previous upload:
“LAKE MARY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) says more than 1,000 new reports of UFO sightings have been received since October 25, 2011.
A large number of reports have flooded in just this year, with increased sightings in 36 of the 50 states. Over a hundred sightings were logged by NUFORC on New Year’s Eve with 13 sightings reported in Florida.
On December 11, 2011 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, three people see an estimated 8 orange objects pass from south to north in the night sky, covering approximately 60 degrees of arc in an estimated five minutes. Two more lights appeared shortly after the first group had disappeared, and followed approximately the same path as the first group had followed.”

Read more:

Sunday night football ufo full video shows UFO behind buildings

This sighting goes under a new UFO category “Mass Media Reports” for the naysayers who just can’t get their information from anything but corporate news anchors.

Uploaded by on Nov 5, 2011

Sunday night football ufo full video shows UFO behind buildings

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