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This is an excerpt from Conversations which Mastering Alchemy’s Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow, author of Awakening the Planetary Mind, discuss what is in store during the year 2012 and changes in consciousness now happening on our planet.

To hear the interview in it’s entirety go here:

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Excerpt from Conversations which Mastering Alchemy’s Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow, author of Awakening the Planetary Mind, discuss what is in store during the year 2012 and changes in consciosness now happening on our planet.


3.4 Earthquake Hilo, Hawaii January 3, 2011

Thirty minutes ago while listening to NibiruMagick’s report on the recent Christchurch earthquakes, we had a nice little “jolt” here on the big island about 15 miles from my home in Pahoa.

Magnitude 3.4
  • Tuesday, January 03, 2012 at 13:32:56 UTC
  • Tuesday, January 03, 2012 at 03:32:56 AM at epicenter
Location 19.731°N, 154.993°W
Depth 15.5 km (9.6 miles) (poorly constrained)
  • 10 km (6 miles) ENE (74°) from Hilo, HI
  • 11 km (7 miles) E (99°) from Wainaku, HI
  • 12 km (7 miles) ESE (110°) from Paukaa, HI
  • 343 km (213 miles) ESE (120°) from Honolulu, HI
Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 2.1 km (1.3 miles); depth +/- 19.2 km (11.9 miles)
Parameters Nph= 63, Dmin=31 km, Rmss=0.22 sec, Gp=230°,
M-type=duration magnitude (Md), Version=1
Event ID hv60295741

Dead Man To Be Sued Over Flying Body Parts : December 31, 2011

Hopefully this story will liven up your journey down the rabbit hole. It’s just another example how the lunatics really have taken over the asylum, it’s getting nuttier by the day!

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Dead Man To Be Sued Over Flying Body Parts : December 31, 2011…

CME Impact / Solar Watch Dec 29, 2011

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New active active region 11389 rotated into view off the south eastern limb on Wednesday. This region is crackling with C-Class flares, the largest being a C7.2 today.

Strong CME impact was detected by the ACE Spacecraft Thursday morning. A possible geomagnetic storm may be in progress.

The auroral ovals show strong agitation from impacts of Coronal Mass Ejection’s (CMEs) the last 6 hours, those at high latitudes should be on alert for auroras.

Earthquake Reporting Channel
solarwatcher website
Soho Website
Solar Soft website
WSA-Enlil Solar Wind Prediction
Quality Solar Website
Estimated Planetary K index information
GOES Xray Flux Data
Sunspot Information from Solar Monitor
Earthquake Forecasting Channel
Quality Weather Website
Space Weather Website

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Ending music used is from Soundcritters (Swords And Claws)

“Living In Lak’ech” with Max Igan on Surviving the Matrix

Max delivers a powerful message looking back on where we’ve come in 2011, where we’re heading in the coming year and the challenges we face in  discovering our own truth, uniting with our community and standing in our own power in peaceful non-compliance against the system. It all begins with breaking down our own inner fears against the constant intimidation coming from the fictional reality we’re immersed in and changing our perspective of reality,  and ultimately it all starts with making the conscious choice to chose love over fear.

By doing that you can change your life quite rapidly when you begin to recognize and break down your own fears, then leading by example and living completely in service.  When you can learn to live in complete trust that living with the intent to live in complete in service to others,  your needs WILL ALWAYS be met before they arise.  At first it’s not easy and for me it’s been like driving against the traffic on a high speed highway – it hasn’t been an easy transition.

But everything Max is saying is spot on and  because his message has always resonated  deeply within my heart and following his example my spirit blossomed. I finally found my life purpose by removing fear from my life and life in Lak’ech.

And I don’t think it would have been possible to get this far without the time I’ve spent listening to Max over the last three years,  hope you are equally inspired by his message.

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Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – 12/16/11

Sundiving Comet Lovejoy Survived its Close Encounter with the Sun (Dec 16th, 2011)

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COMET LOVEJOY SURVIVES: Incredibly, sungrazing Comet Lovejoy appears to have survived its close encounter with the sun. Lovejoy flew only 140,000 km over the stellar surface during the early hours of Dec. 16th.

Climate Change Data, 5200 Years & The Mayan Calendar (3rd Dec 2011)

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SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE:Earth is Inside a Solar Wind Stream (Dec 3rd, 2011)

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LOCAL STARSCAPE: With no flares of significance in days, the sun is strangely quiet. Nevertheless, NOAA forecasters estimate a 30% chance of M-class solar flares in the next 24 hours.

Obama Regime Declares a Global War on Freedom – Max Igan on Surviving the Matrix. December 2, 2011

Americans were relieved the National Defense Authorization Act was amended at the last minute so Americans can’t be arrested on US soil, Max reminds us how people from other parts of the world view aggressive US imperialism. It begs the question what kind of reaction China and Russia are having behind closed doors  while actions like this mount with US unpashapelleid debt.

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Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – 12/02/11

Randi Rhodes Homework, Friday December 3, 2011

Randi has really great material and information here, her staff works hard to keep us well informed – so do your homework!  Hey, at least she tries to make it as fun as possible…


Jobs & the Economy

Jobs Report: 140,000 private-sector jobs added; 20,000 public-sector jobs lost; Sept & Oct revised upwards by 72,000; unemployment rate drops to 8.6%

Unemployment Drops to 8.6% as Private Sector Adds Jobs

Andy Stern: The free-market fundamentalist economic model is being thrown onto the trash heap of history

Payroll Tax Cut Extension Rejected In Senate Vote; GOP wanted to slash 200K jobs

Raise Taxes on Rich to Reward True Job Creators: Consumers

Fact Check: Barack Obama says taxes are lower for middle class today than when he took office – he’s right.

Norquist Tells GOP That Raising Taxes On The Middle Class Doesn’t Count As A Tax Increase

Expiration of jobless benefits sparks debate

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Is ‘Very Pleased’ That The Auto Rescue He Originally Opposed Saved The Auto Industry

Sidebar: Guns are a big seller on Black Friday


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SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: Breaking News, Large Hyder Flare, Earth Directed CME (Nov 26th, 2011).

then shortly afterwards BOOM! this…

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At around 06:50 UT a filament north of sunspot 1354 erupted causing a Hyder flare with in turn produced a bright coronal mass ejection. Due to the location of the blast, components of the plasma cloud maybe heading our way. It is still early and data is still coming in…Stay tuned for updates…

Browse Movies Upload Mysterious Colors Flash Over Bridgewater, NJ [3 Clips] – November 23, 2011



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PART 2 – Up close!:

‘Mystery in Bridgewater: What caused strange glowing lights in the sky?’

“It may have looked like an out-of-this-world blast, but authorities say a mysterious glow that lit up the early-morning sky in Bridgewater today was no cause for alarm.

Some county and Bridgewater officials believe that transformer fires caused by heavy rain may have played a part in the freakish light show, although they had no definitive answers about the source of the lights.
Shortly after midnight, several Bridgewater residents reported seeing a pulsating glow in the distance that changed colors, similar to the aurora borealis. They said the lights appeared to come from the northern part of the township.
“The sky lit up like pure daylight,” said 87-year-old Joseph Wing, who lives on Foothill Road. “This was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

Wing said he first wondered if an explosion was responsible, but he didn’t hear a blast or feel an impact that matched the intensity of the lights.

He said the glow disappeared around 12:30 a.m. It was followed by reports of power outages in the township.

“On Facebook there were a lot a people saying, ‘Oh maybe it was aliens, but I obviously knew that wasn’t the most realistic option,” Dragon said.

Bridgewater resident Mike Vida took this video in the Sunset Lake area of the town, near Interstate 78. Riffing off what many residents said the lights looked like — an alien attack — he titled his video “War of the World Lights.”

“It was very, very strange,” Vida said. “It didn’t seem like an electrical problem.”
A Bridgewater police official and a Jersey Central Power & Light spokesman could not be immediately reached for comment. But Township Council President Howard Norgalis said he was aware of several electricity-related fires around that time — most notably a sparking transformer near Milltown Road and Route 28.

Robert Bogart, township administrator, said there was also a transformer explosion on Route 202/206 and Heather Hill Way.
William Stahl, the county’s 9-1-1 director, said he saw lights dimming and brightening on the horizon from his Warren Township home this morning. Based on Tuesday night’s weather, the lights might have been caused by tree limbs falling on power lines, causing sparks and blown fuses, he said.

Early this morning, after the bright flashes of light began appearing in the Bridgewater sky, concerned residents and startled motorists called a live radio talk show on New Jersey 101.5-FM to report what they had seen.
Some callers reported what appeared to be a transformer explosion, with the sky lighting up in bright blue and green flashes that lasted more than a minute.

“I’m lying in bed when I hear this enormous rumbling sound,” said one man who called the Ray Rossi show. When he looked outside his window, he saw blue and green lights in the sky, “like a flash of lightning that never stops.”
A woman who called the radio station said she saw extremely bright blue flashes of light flickering in the sky and lighting up her neighborhood for about two minutes.
Reports of strange lights in the sky are nothing unusual for New Jersey. Among the most recent were mysterious lights in Morris County in 2009, though those were red lights that were later revealed to be helium balloons tied with car flares.”

FASCINATING!! ~ Webbot predictions for 2012 on The Waterman Files, 11-11-11 ~ MUST HEAR!!

The Waterman Files – 11 november 2011

12 november 2011 – 02:48 | Eén reactie

You may have heard John Waterman on Kerry Cassidy’s weekly radio show, here he looks at webbot data for late 2011 through mid 2012 revealing highly intriguing data on events predicted to roll out next year with the economy, disclosure or the revelation of extraterrestrial involvement without civilization and the skinny behind Israeli intentions to bomb Iran. A fascinating show that will keep you on the edge of your seat,  it looks like we’re in for a mind blowing year and one helluva ride!

Does anyone “here” expect anything less from 2012?

Issue:  The Webbot Report – Final summary and predictions that have already happened.

Post 11-11-11 Ascension Wave Vortex Meditations by Meg Benedicte

If you’ve been actively working with the new energies coming in since 11-11-11, Meg Benedicte is doing some powerful work with vortex energy meditations that I personally found extremely beneficial in clearing away negative emotions and energy that have been pent up for a long time- including beginning to clear away some family stuff that’s been eating away at my psyche for many years.
We need to keep in mind 11-11-11 was just the beginning of our spiritual renaissance, we’re on a continuous journey to release energy patterns from the old world as we build our foundation for life on the New Earth after the transformation.

Below Meg  has provided us with vortex meditations to help us take advantage of this window of opportunity to continue spiritually grounding ourselves into a new reality.

11:11:11 Ascension Wave 


Meg Benedicte


Dear Readers,

We are still in the aftermath of the powerful 11:11:11 Ascension Wave of Universal consciousness sweeping across the planet last Friday…an infusion of crystalline particles of Light! And with this wave of energy came the highest of highs and the physical/emotional clearing of past pain and suffering. It has been a roller-coaster for some!

And so I’ve put together a quick Vortex Meditation Download to assist with any vibrational adjustments to balance and restore the body’s equilibrium and accelerate the releasing density. Please take a moment to get quiet in a sacred space and remember the powerful Ascension Activations we performed on 11:11:11.

In these two broadcasts from Australia and America we set into motion the balancing of polarities between the northern and southern hemispheres, the yin and yang, and the Sacred Union of the Trinity! We recreated the heart template to receive the Divine Trinity of the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine now united with Source Light!

We installed the template for the Sacred Trinity in the heart of Gaia, in the planetary pyramids/sacred sites, in our own hearts and in the hearts of humanity. We ignited the Trinity in the incoming 11:11:11 Ascension Wave to come alive in every heart template created.

We installed the template for Unity Consciousness in our minds and the minds of humanity to awaken with the 11:11:11 Ascension Wave. We installed the template for 12D DNA codes into our Master Cell to ignite the blueprint for becoming a Galactic Human!

We are well on our way to crossing into the New Earth! Our united effort on 11:11:11 has paved the way for all of humanity to bridge into Unity Consciousness.

You are in my thoughts,


To download the 11:11:11 Ascension Wave Vortex MeditationRight Click Here

If you would like to experience this transformational healing yourself, I offer remote healing activations on my Weekly BlogTalkRadio ShowNew Earth Central broadcast every Wednesday @ 4:00 – 5:30pm PST  or join our Evolutionary Leaders Membership to stay up-to-date on all Ascension Activations thru 2012.  Acting as a Galactic Emissary for the current Ascension Plan, I have dedicated the past 20 years in service as a channel, educator and spiritual guide into the New Earth!

Copyright © 2011 Meg Benedicte  · All Rights Reserved

Alaska Storm: Why the Extreme Weather? November 10, 2011

After watching Rosiland Peterson’s video below you have to ask your self what’s going on here, has mankind tipped the scales and created so much instability in  natures web of life that weather is spiraling out of control?  What percentage of these violent weather systems are natural events and which ones are manmade?

For those who would ask “Why would anyone unleash such devastation on their fellow man”? Look to disaster capitalism. When an area is devastated by natural destruction someone is profiting from the lumber, the steel, all the building materials and everything down the line. Like everything else in a capitalistic, parasitic society follow the money to uncover the truth.

From: MaryGreeley  | Nov 10, 2011  | 4,288 views

Alaska Storm : Why the Extreme Weather : November 10, 2011

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Browse Movies Upload SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: Remarkable Filament Activity (Nov 13th, 2011)

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REMARKABLE SOLAR ACTIVITY: There haven’t been any strong solar flares in days. Nevertheless, some impressive activity is underway on the sun. For one thing, an enormous wall of plasma is towering over the sun’s southeastern horizon. Stephen Ramsden of Atlanta, Georgia, took this picture on Nov. 11th:

Message from the Arcturians: The 11.11.11 Accomplishment

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We are the Arcturians! Dearest Ones,

Today is a great day, the greatest so far since a very long time in timelessness, since Earth has experienced such boundless Joy and Relieve! This will of course have a great and unprecedented impact on your life in a way you could not foresee!

More has happened than we and all your galactic supporters and lovers could have dreamed of!

Beloveds, if you could see the new and splendid Radiance in which Mother Earth is shining now! It is the radiant light of joy, of a new freedom of a new accomplished victory as she shifted her body already into her higher dimension. There is now, with the nearly completed new crystalline grid around her a new template at work, a template which allows for the acceleration of spiritual growth and uplifting of all human beings.

The concentration of light and energy, pouring down on earth and your participation in it today was so strong and powerful that it had great influence on the process of shifting earth into her new position, above the 3th dimension.

Although Gaia’s body is now lifted and purified from the heaviness of the darkness of the last thousands of years, she agreed to remain “with one foot and leg” still in 3D, to grant a “quickening” opportunity to those of you, who need a bit longer because you still have to grow your consciousness and personal energy field or light quotient to follow her into the higher dimensional place . And so Gaia is enjoying her newly ascended state, while patiently remaining partially still in her old position, but which has not a great impact on her well-being anymore.

For some of you this might be difficult to understand, but what is above 3dimensional reality cannot be described and seen with a linear and “logical” left-brain disposition. You have to learn to use your right brain, or better your whole brain, and start to see with your intuition and inner eye and with your heart.

With the preparedness of the planetary servers great things could be accomplished at this moment of your time as they participated consciously in channeling this new frequency activation with their own energy bodies and as such being antennas and vessels for it in the energy body of Mother Earth.

She thanks all of you, dearly beloved planetary servers, for helping her shifting. And she knows in Her Heart that with your preparedness and firm intent to assist in the stepping up of the ascension process further, that this will greatly accelerate humanity’s awakening and illumination process to finally allow her to move fully into her well earned new 4th and subsequently 5th dimension. This will be most likely, as planned, at the end of the year 2012.

We, the Arcturians, are observing, that you, dear humans, are already greatly responding to this very important shift today. Some of you might not be directly aware of it, but all of you will notice in the coming days and weeks that something significantly has changed in the way you feel about your life as there is now a new shining glow around everything and a spiritual presence which will increase, so that it will become ever more noticeable if you observe with your heart. With this comes your increasing happiness and the feeling of relief in many ways and areas.

This growing light and consciousness in your life and in your hearts will soon become so powerful, that a fundamental change in your world situation will be inevitable.

Dear Ones, you have made, together with Mother Earth, a step into a thoroughly new direction with this day 11.11.11! You cannot see yet all the auspicious results, but they will soon arrive. From now on, as the course of your destiny has changed it’s direction for good, you can only expect an ever more speeding current of new arriving events which you could not imagine until now.

We encourage you to use this highly blessed time to seriously dream and design your new world as one humanity as an expression of Divine Love, Abundance and Joy.

The heavens are dancing, dear ones, and their love and light is now pouring gloriously and unimpeded upon your world.

We celebrate with them and desire to see you celebrating as well!
We say: Unite and Celebrate and invoke the Joy and the Love of the Eternal God.

We Bless you!
We are the Arcturians!