Bravo Kerry! This information provides another missing link to the trans-humanism/dark ET/military agenda, Morgellions disease, the motives behind the BP catastrophe, Corexit, the poisoning of our food chain and much more. Kerry had problems with technical interference for the first 5min or so before getting the interview started and they continued throughout the interview, which isn’t surprising considering the highly sensitive content of the material. So be patient and listen closely, there’s key intel here that bears serious consideration ~ especially if you listened to the Nuked Radio episode with Early2it last month who discussed synthetic DNA being introduced into the eco-system through Corexit, secondary life forms that live below Earths surface and BP’s encountering black tar, or abiotic oil in the Gulf.

If you haven’t seen Sophia Smallstorms presentation below, it has key information to better understand what’s presented by Alec and David in this interview. Also, Trance-formation by Max Igan is vital to understanding the transhumanism agenda from the bigger picture perspective, you can find the video here by entering the title in the search box.

Published on Jan 6, 2013

Description of Event:

Alec Newald is the author of “Coevolution”


“Almost 22 years had past now the dreams have come back and there are lights in the sky. You might say I have been activated. What now?

My name is Alec Newald I have never published or operated a web site containing information about my experiences back in 1989, my long published book Coevolution has really been the only public discloser of those experiences save for one or two radio interviews and the odd article published in Nexus Magazine by the publisher of Coevolution Duncan Roads. I had never intended to run a web site either but something is happening on planet earth at this moment that appears to want to include me. So here we are the both of us the one who thought this was all over and the one that knew it never was.” — Alec Newald

Please watch the following in preparation for this event:

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life. The Dark Agenda of Synthetic
Sofia Smallstorm


Part 1: New Zealand Abductee Describes Alien Pyramids and Symbols, Time Travel and Sound/Color Communication

© 2011 by Linda Moulton Howe

“Their language was probably the most spectacular of the whole interaction,
which was color – vibrational sort of frequency sound in harmonics with
all the colors of the rainbow being projected to me and these
sound/colors were like the letters of their alphabet.”

– Alec Newald, Human Abductee and Author, CoEVOLUTION


August 26, 2011  Auckland, New Zealand – When I was in Australia on a speaking tour in July 2011, I met a man named Alec Newald who says he disappeared from his Earthly life in mid-February 1989 for ten days when he was taken by non-humans to an alien planet in another dimension or time line. His book, CoEVOLUTION, about the extraordinary experience was released in an updated second edition in 2011. Back in February 1989, Alec was about to turn 41-years-old on his March 18th birthday (birth date March 18, 1948) and was in a mid-life crisis as his 16-year-marriage crumbled.

Alec Newald from Auckland, New Zealand, speaking at the
NEXUS Magazine conference on Monday, July 25, 2011.
Image © 2011 by Linda Moulton Howe.

Alec had been born in Auckland and soon after, his parents moved 20 miles southeast to a small rural, farming town named Papakura. He went to school there until his teenage years when he decided he wanted to make sails for yachts and race sail boats. He got an apartment in Auckland and by age 24, he married and started his own sail making business called South Auckland Sails. Eight years after that, he sold that business and took over a car dealership until around 1987 when there was a stock market crash. He and his wife decided to take the money they had saved and move to Rotorua further south where thermal hot springs attracted tourists from around the world. The couple bought a house and opened up a bed and breakfast. That’s what Alec and his wife were doing in mid-February of 1989 when their marriage fell apart. So he decided to move away from Rotorua back to Auckland.

The rural farming community of Papakura, New Zealand (middle red circle) is about 20 miles southeast of Auckland (top red circle), the largest city with 1,354,900 residents, 31% of New Zealand’s population. Rotorua (lower left red circle), population
about 55,000, is on the southern shores of Lake Rotorua.


Alec Newald, Author, Co-EVOLUTION © 1997 and 2011, Auckland, New Zealand in August 3, 2011, interview with Earthfiles:   “I had packed my bags and was moving back to Auckland. And strangely enough, that was the first time in my 40 years of life at the time that I could have disappeared from Earth for an extended period  – in this case, 10 days – and no one would be expecting me anywhere so no one would be wondering where I was or looking for me. So in an odd way, I was free to leave! (laughs)


For us in New Zealand, February is summer and a very warm month. The morning I left Rotorua, it was a sunny, clear, cloudless blue sky day. But as soon as I got up into a small mountain pass about ten miles out of Rotorua, there were clouds seemingly focused on that piece of mountain pass and the clouds soon became a very thick fog. I had trouble seeing ahead of me while I was driving. At the same time, it suddenly felt like I was driving through an earthquake. It felt like the road was shaking because the car was shaking. Then soon after that, it felt like somebody dropped a ton of bricks on me. I felt like I was being crushed into the seat of the car. It felt like I was in glue. It was more and more difficult to move my arms to turn the steering wheel or to apply the brake or accelerator. It was like my body was freezing up unmovable. It was most peculiar!

This was a twisty mountain road and I could see ahead of me through the fog a large cliff face where the road bent to the right in quite a sharp turn. But I was traveling straight toward the cliff face at about 60 mph (100 km/hour). I could not hit the brakes. I could not turn the steering wheel. My last conscious memory was, ‘Ouch! This is going to be a horrible crash and it’s going to hurt!’ I knew I was going to hit that rock face at quite a high speed.


Alec Conscious Without Body After Crash Into Cliff

The next moment, I was not in the car anymore. I wasn’t in any place that was like a 3-D reality. I was in a ghost-like situation. I did not seem to have a body any more and the car had disappeared. So naturally, I thought I had crashed and died! And this was some form of an afterlife.


It was fuzzy to start with. I could not see very clearly at all, but after what seemed like some time to me, I acclimatized to not having a body. Then it was like I was gliding around on an ice skating rink that was lit from below. But because I did not have a body, I was not really touching the floor – I was just drifting around a little above it. Then away in the distance, there was a pulsing blue – looked like a blue neon light that was moving, maybe 100 yards away. Then I began to concentrate on making my body move specifically beyond floating randomly.

I seemed to have conscious thought and I think I had memories of crashing the car, so it was my own consciousness that had been projected into this weird situation. I had not forgotten who I was and almost remembered how I got there through the crash of the car. It was just WHERE I was puzzled me. And I was trying to learn now to move in specific directions without a body. The thought came that if I just pushed forward with what would have been my head – a conscious move to push forward with my head – I could move myself in that direction. I started becoming more skilled and I could turn around and go right or left or reverse back and go forward.

It was at that point that I felt like somebody was standing behind me tapping me on my shoulder, even though I had no body. So when I turned around, there were two ghost-like entities standing behind me. I don’t know why, because there was no communication, but what struck me as the right thing to do was to follow them.


Yes, they were ghost-like figures – not solid entities. They were just fuzzy images. I could see almost through them. They were two distinct columns of energy, I guess you could say. There was no conversation – just logical to follow them. Oddly, I did not feel any fear during the whole body-less experience. I felt quite calm and sort of methodical in my thinking. It was a very strange situation to find myself in such a strange condition and place without feeling any fear of it.


I was behind them and we seemed to pass out of the large area that looked like a skating rink. Then I recognized things that looked more like Earth machinery, like something hard that you could touch. By then, I was inside a spaceship, even though I didn’t realize that at the time. The two entities led me into a room that had a glass column in it, something that could take a body standing upright inside of it. The entities ushered me into it and I felt quite comfortable to stand there and then it just closed around me.


Alien Body-Cloning Tube Technology

This machine or device I stepped inside sort of like a crystal tube. When I was standing inside of there, I was looking down and it almost looked like it was building me a body because I seemed to be able to look through myself and I could see a ribcage forming. I presume that this machine built for me another format of a body because I seemed to be a ghost one minute and when I stepped out of this machine, I appeared to have my original old body back – the one I had before the crash in the car. I recognized myself. Obviously, you look down and you recognize your own body – it was the same age.

To read more and see drawings of the tubes, go here: