Extraterrestrial Archons control America through Whores

If you haven’t seen Paris Tosen’s “Androids Among Us” video series, you should check it out. It’s posted here under Paris Tosen where you can do a quick archive search to pull up the videos series where he presents a good case study on this rather disturbing, but quite plausible subject. Paris has identified Sen. Joe Lieberman, Sen. Max Baucus and Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as alleged androids working in the Senate.


24 December 2011

Do Extraterrestrial archons control America and its “allied interests” through “whores: which preside over political, religious, military, educational, and other institutions? Watch the above video clip from the John Carpenter’s film “They Live”.

They Live is a 1988 science fiction/horror film directed by John Carpenter, who also wrote the screenplay under the pseudonym Frank Armitage (this is the name of one of the characters in the movie). Part science fiction horror and part dark comedy, the film echoed contemporary fears of a declining economy, within a culture of greed and conspicuous consumption common among Americans in the 1980s. In They Live, the ruling class within the moneyed elite are in fact aliens managing human social affairs through the use of a signal on top of the TV broadcast that is concealing their appearance and subliminal messages in mass media.

Above video provides a context on the following article on America’s political “whores”:

Parliament of Whores was an international best-selling political humour book, written by P. J. O’Rourke and published in 1991. It was a brilliant and scathing critique of the American system of governance from a conservative perspective.

To me it does not seem so funny anymore.

Who would have imagined in 1991 that O’Rourke’s title would have provided an appropriate epitaph for the beginning of the downfall of the United States?

The American republic has entered the first stage of decline. It has become a totalitarian democracy, a political system described by Israeli historian J. L. Talmon, in which lawfully elected representatives rule a nation state whose citizens, although granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of government.

In every sense of the term, we have a rogue government, which has been hijacked by an oligarchy composed of a self-serving permanent political class, supported by an obsequious press and financed by and beholden to wealthy special interests in order to pursue personal power and profit at the expense of ordinary Americans; the very people who pay the nation’s bills and fight her wars.

Politicians buy votes with our money, steal more money from our wallets and then repeat the process. It is a method designed to reward special interests in return for kickbacks in the form of campaign funding and other benefits in order to maintain themselves as permanent political parasites in Washington, D.C.

We are experiencing, in real-time, the destruction of the Constitution and a flagrant disregard for the rule of law by Congress, the courts and government bureaucrats, who are deliberately hiding the truth about Obama from the American people.

Corrupt politicians and their collaborators in the mainstream media contemptuously believe that they can conceal the greatest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War with an organized campaign of disinformation and by blocking any legal avenues that honest citizens want to pursue.

To the political royalty, Americans are no longer citizens of a republic, but serfs. They not only ignore our petitions for the redress of grievances and treat our views with disdain, but they have declared war on us.

It is those totalitarian officials, who compel us to stand our ground, not against our Constitution, but against those who pervert our Constitution.

The government has place  itself squarely in opposition to the American people.

It is time to heed the words of John F. Kennedy:

“Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life.”

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ExopoliticsTV with Robert M. Stanley on Elite controllers, ET-UFOs in Washington DC, and disclosure

From: ExopoliticsTV  | May 16, 2011

Robert M. Stanley: Elite controllers, ET/UFOs in Washington, DC and disclosure

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released May 16, 2011 America’s Morning News correspondent Robert M. Stanley, author of Covert Encounters in Washington, DC, has revealed how unethical extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional entities manipulate terrestrial elite “controllers” of the human population in finance, politics, media, religion, and in governmental and public events in Washington, DC.


With regard to the inter-dimensional extraterrestrials around Washington, DC, Mr. Stanley has stated, “We are dealing with a shape-shifting ET that is apparently known to the U.S. government.”

Mr. Stanley reveals how the masonic layout of Washington, DC’s architecture and infrastructure is used as a “dimensional” mind control panel by unethical inter-dimensional lower-order extraterrestrials, for the manipulation and control of the worldwide permanent war economy and arms industry by manipulating the war-industry decision-making processes in Washington, DC.

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