Birds Acting Strangely and Brooks Agnew on Pole Shift affecting Bird kills

In my search for mass bird kills I can’t tell you how many videos have recently been posted similar to this one  showing 100,000’s of birds inundating areas as they pass through, these are often crows which aren’t migratory birds.  In addition, birds shouldn’t be migrating in the dead of winter either. Something very strange is going on and it could have something to do with the pole shift that is currently under way in the beginning stages. Magnetic anomalies would cause birds to act strangely and possibly even drop out of the sky while in flight.

Brooks Agnew on solar superstorm and the pole shift


More Mass Kills and Birds Acting Strangely

I’m noticing that  there are a lot of videos and reports coming out about birds and other animals acting strangely,  just do a google search for for “birds acting strangely/crazy/weird and you’ll find quite a few videos showing that the birds know that somethings not right …

FLORIDA West Coast Bird Anomaly Friday Morning

Strange thing early Friday morning.
In Florida, Southern West Coast.
Woke up and walked about the house, kept hearing loud, really loud noises sounding like a Cell Phone on vibrate mode on a metal cabinet. Couldn’t locate in the house, looked outside and birds were going nuts, flying every direction in a craze like Alfred Hitchcocks “Birds” movie.

It was frickin insane. Our cat, a normally quiet seldom meows kind of cat, was bellowing loud, and was freaking out at the birds outside. So I stepped outside and discovered the noise, Birds zipping everywhere almost nailing me a few dozen times, a swarm of them, thousands.

The Noise was the birds flying up under the eves of the house, and wings fluttering wildly against the aluminum eve coverings. They were doing this all over the house, and I could hear the same in the distance, multiple other homes doing the same thing. These homes are spred out, and the noise was coming at different levels all directions. The damn things were doing the same to the sheetmetal vents and gable venting on top of the house.

These birds seemed very spooked and were going buck wild. It was weird to think that it appeared like they were alerting us indoors, same as the cat. I thought great, doom is here and I havn’t got enough coffee down yet.
(Birds were not mating or pre mating either, just freaked)

So this bird thing, and the thousands that were nutting up, went on for about an hour straight.

Hundreds of dead birds discovered in Lake Charles

Posted: Feb 10, 2011 6:57 AM HST Thursday, February 10, 2011 11:57 AM EST Updated: Feb 10, 2011 2:53 PM HST Thursday, February 10, 2011 7:53 PM EST


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By Brandon Richards – bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC-TV) – The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is trying to figure out what caused the death of hundreds of birds in south Lake Charles.

The birds were discovered on Thursday morning.

More than 100 birds were scattered across Lake Street between Gauthier and Tank Farm Road; another hundred were found on Lincoln Road, about a mile away.

Kori Legleu, a biologist with Wildlife and Fisheries, identified the birds as Tree Swallows, a kind of bird that travels in tight flocks.

Legleu said the birds, which are common in Southwest Louisiana, were likely flying erratically when some of them were struck by passing vehicles.

“It could be a lot of things,” said Legleu. “There are a multitude of reasons why we have bird die-offs and it happens almost every year. Most of the time, people don’t hear about it. It’s not anything I think the public should be concerned over.”

Officials are awaiting the results of a necropsy, a bird autopsy, to know for sure.

The preliminary results should be in, in about a week.

The final results are expected in a few weeks.

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Massive fish kill reported in Vero Beach state park

By Virginia Chamlee | 02.10.11 | 11:05 am | More from The Florida Independent

Another massive fish kill has struck Florida waters — this time affecting menhaden in a Vero Beach state park. The Sebastian Inlet State Park became inundated with swathes of dead fish last week. According to one report, some residents have estimated that there are “millions” of dead fish, and the area is now inundated with a strong odor from the decay. #
According to Carli Segelson, spokesperson for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the kill is likely due to low dissolved oxygen levels in the water. #

On Feb. 4, the FWC received reports of dead fish near sebastian inlet boat ramp. Our field staff obtained fish and water samples, and observed several species, including Spot, Sheepshead, and Red Drum, but the vast majority were Menhaden. The water quality data do show levels of Dissolved Oxygen low enough to cause fish kills, but the analysis did not indicate an algae bloom. However, because algae blooms can come and go rather quickly, scientists can’t always observe them directly and low dissolved oxygen levels can be a sign of a recent or ongoing bloom. #

A similar fish kill occurred in Northeast Florida in the summer of 2010, which many environmentalists attributed to nutrient pollution. Nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus — which come from industry runoff, as well as home fertilizers — often contribute to the widespread growth of algal blooms. As the blooms die off, they use up large amounts of oxygen, which leads to low levels of dissolved oxygen in the waterbody. #

Segelson says that the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hasn’t received any calls of dead or dying fish since last Friday, but she encourages those who spot any such fish to call the Fish Kill Hotline.

More than 20 dead horses found on farm – video

February 11, 2011

Authorities have found more than 20 dead horses on a farm in West Virginia.The West Virginia Department of Agriculture says it has activated its homeland security incident management team to assess the situation at the property in Greenbrier County.

Local reports indicate up to 26 horses have been found dead on the property, thought to be about 300 acres, since a tipoff to county officials on Wednesday.

A feed and grain store is just a few hundred metres from the property in Craw