Dutchsinse Video: Bunkers, Storm Shelters and reasoning behind the Tsunami Pod idea

Alright, we all know something big is around the corner, that’s no surprise.  In my opinion, the most important preparations you should be aiming for are spiritual.  When we can completely eliminate fear and the negative energetic states that’s hold us to 3D reality by locking us into duality thought modes; when we learn to maintain an energetic state of love and trust in the universe  we are operating on the level where we can create whatever it is we need to survive. It really is that simple., we make it more difficult than it is.
For instance, take a look at what happened in Japan.  If they prepared, how many people had emergency supplies left after the tsunami hit? The event was so powerful very few if any, because most of it got washed out to sea – right along with the people in many cases. I hate to be so cold about it, but what’s about to unfold is something most can’t even imagine and so powerful that what we saw in Japan was a fraction of what’s to come.
Mother Earth is barely holding it together as she waits for as many of us as possible to awaken, at some point though she will arise from her long slumber in a really bad mood.
And those who don’t have a grip on fear, along with a basic understanding of who we are and the potential we possess as “Creator Gods” to create what we need when it’s needed will have a difficult time. It’s the people who aren’t empowered and don’t understand their INNER universal power and their connection to Source that enables them to create a higher path in any situation that arises,  they  will be the ones that have a tough time surviving the aftermath – IF they manage to survive the initial disaster.
Basically, if you’re still living in a “service to self” mentality vs living in intention to be of “service to others”, in the end you’re going to have problems with survival. This time is about raising our consciousness TOO – not just stockpiling guns, bullets, toilet paper and food supplies.
My sense is that those whose preparations are based in fear and not being of service to the Creator, they will be the first ones to go down in the disaster or will be the first targeted by the military to be taken out. I’ve heard the militias have been under major surveillance for some time now,  hate to say it but people like Mike from PatrioticSpace and Terralo3 will most likely be at the top of the targeted list.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s also important to have the physical preparations too. But don’t freak out or live in fear if you don’t have the money, the space or the ability to invest in a tsunami pod, or have six months of ready to eat meals stockpiled and are living off the grid. Do what you can to get ready, but don’t worry about it.  As long as you are spiritually grounded and have done your work there, you have nothing to fear. You will create what you need as you go and we always have assistance on the other side of the veil, trusting in that energy or power is key to everything.
Hope that made sense, have a great week and thanks for your continued support!! Love to all! ~A~}
From: dutchsinse  | Jul 24, 2011
shared with permission from youtube user stor2222:http://www.youtube.com/stor2222
I am putting this out now, because I REALLY DO FEEL that now is the time to take an action… and make the preparations that one will need to survive coming natural disasters, and civil unrest.I speak in certain terms about this, because we see the uptick in activity worldwide continuing to ramp up. Between earthquakes and storms this year, there are OVER 200,000 people that died !The time to prepare is NOW… remember the old story of the ant and the grasshopper? The ant worked hard storing up for later all summer long.. while the grasshopper fiddled away… then when winter came, the ant sealed up its tunnels and survived, while the grasshopper froze outside.moral of the story… Don’t be the grasshopper, playing away in life pretending winter will never come!

Thanks to Scott, and Michael for doing this interview !

links to find out more about how you can make a purchase WITHIN YOUR MEANS to protect yourself. Costs range from a few thousand dollars up to full scale underground structures in the hundreds of millions.

Point is, ANYONE can afford a basic underground shelter .. if on a limited budget.. split with family or friends. I personally am sacrificing ALL extras, and pitching in with 4 other family members / friends…and purchasing the 9,000 dollar underground storm shelter / bomb shelter / protection from angry mob shelter.



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