Grover Norquist 
History: 101 – It’s a dirty job, but someone must do it…

Editors note: It was Grover Norquist who first coined the term “Shrink government so small you could drown it in a bathtub”, and if there’s  anyone who can make politicians fear for their political careers it’s Norquist.  He has the power to ruin their careers and has no problem threatening to “primary” them if they break their loyalty oath by raising taxes on the corporate elite. It’s men like Grover that give politics a bad name.

Until we take corporate campaign donations out of politics this is what we get – people who will use their influence to manipulate, bribe and even threaten politicians to do their bidding. 

And for those of you who think I’m biased against the right – well you’re right,  I am.  But I’m biased against all the psychopath’s like Grover Norquist. The people who are unethical, immoral bullies – con artists that are literally taking America down the path towards fascism.  There isn’t any organization or political party on the left that’s as dangerous to our Democracy, or that parallels the fascist NAZI agenda coming from the right wing.

Yes, admittedly there are corrupt Democrats, but they are also controlled by the same corrupt  influences that have infiltrated the right wing. The Democrats don’t have an entire news station propagandizing their message and brainwashing viewers, like Fox News.  If you think MSNBC is liberal, think again.

MSNBC is now owned by Comcast which has neo-conservative ownership, so now the right wing can manipulate the message and gradually pull people on the left toward the right end of the spectrum. See how it works?  Overall the country has slowly been pulled more and more to the conservative right in political ideology over the last 30 years, and never even noticed what was happening.  Just like the frog in boiling water – by the time the masses notice what’s going on, it may be too late to jump out of the pot.

Over the last 20 years the NEO-conservatives purchased almost every media outlet in the country, so that now the entire mass media is in the hands of 3-5 people. As a result Republican’s control the message. 

There is a small group of people on the right who have been running the show for 30 years and what’s happening now was planned long ago. Norquist has been influencing the show from behind the scenes the entire while with the likes of people like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the Bush crime family. 

All I’m attempting to do is bridge the divide to bring us all together. It’s people like LimBeck, Hannity and Levine who were the ones that started calling names,  being the bullies and accusing the Democrats of being unpatriotic or un-American. Treating people who are liberal minded like pond scum, calling them names like “maggot infested hipppies” . Then, when someone like myself starts playing smashmouth football right back, the whining and complaining is unbelievable…and the worst name I’ve called was Republicon and Teabaggers?! I also said they were acting like wackodoodles and were bat crap crazy, but even old school “respectable” Republicans are saying that.

Anyway I have no problem calling out the Democrats, if you have information from a CREDIBLE source send me a link and I’ll be happy to post it too. This is about facts and the truth, nothing personal.  The problem is finding credible right wing media outlets, Fox News is a great example of news media lacking credibility in methods of gathering and publishing news stories. After the scandals in London broke with two murdered whistleblowers showing up, people need to wake up to the fact that Fox and all of Murdoch’s media holdings are terrorist news organizations – and they’re at the top of the right wing news media pyramid. If you’ve been reading their material for a long period of time,  you really need to face the fact that the information you have received over the years is tainted and your view of the political reality in America is skewed at best.There are good people trying to turn all of this around, but it has to start at the grass roots level with you and me. We have to take over the Democratic party from the inside at the local level and run for office. Go to and read his four point plan to rescue America, and get back to me…thank you for your time, I honestly didn’t intend for a long rant. Annette

By Karen Finney – 07/25/11 06:59 PM ET

Perhaps a case of selective amnesia explains the exalted platform given to Grover Norquist both in the media and among congressional Republicans. Just a few years ago, Norquist was a central figure in the GOP culture of corruption and cronyism that helped Democrats retake control of Congress in 2006.

From his longtime friendship with Karl Rove to leadership of the K Street Project with convicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) to the money-laundering scandal involving convicted Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Norquist has long wielded unchecked power in Washington. Norquist and his Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) are key players in an influential web of GOP donors, operatives and organizations working to implement a Republican agenda and consolidate power benefiting their special-interest friends. ATR funding reportedly comes from right-wing organizations like Olin and Scaife — conservative foundations set up by millionaires and billionaires like the Koch brothers — to support a set of policy goals favorable to their corporations. ATR has also received significant funding from the tobacco, gambling and alcohol industries.

It was Norquist, working with then-Majority Whip DeLay, who launched the scheme known as the K Street Project in 1995. Run out of ATR offices, it controlled access to key government figures and rewarded GOP cronies by pressuring Washington lobbying firms to hire Republican operatives. Those who were loyal and willing to “pay to play” were granted access. As part of this cozy relationship, corporate “friends” were able to participate in the drafting of legislation affecting their industries. (Can you say Dick Cheney energy task force?) The Senate liaison to the project who met regularly with Norquist to review openings and candidates at lobbying firms was none other than former Pennsylvania Senator and current GOP presidential contender Rick Santorum.

During this time, Norquist worked with Abramoff, Ralph Reed and Abramoff’s partner Michael Scanlon in a money-laundering scandal that bilked millions of dollars from Indian tribes. Abramoff and Scanlon grossly overcharged the tribes for work on casino gambling issues, using Norquist’s ATR and the ATR Foundation as a pass-through to support their lobbying effort.  Contributions were made to ATR, which then skimmed a fee off the top before passing the money on to Ralph Reed and other anti-gambling activists.

In one example, the Choctaw Indian tribe in Mississippi paid Americans for Tax Reform $1.1 million in 1999. Norquist passed the money to Reed, who ran the powerful Christian Coalition and a for-profit political consulting company. Reed used the money to run a religious-based anti-gambling campaign with the veiled purpose of preventing a rival tribe from cutting in on the Choctaw casino business.

This allowed Norquist, Reed and Abramoff to disguise the fact that the money used to fund anti-gambling activities was generated through Indian gambling. Abramoff utilized Norquist’s cachet and access, referring to him once in an email as a “hard-won asset.”

Investigations in 2006 by the Senate Indian Affairs and the Senate Finance committees (then chaired by Republican Sens. John McCain, Ariz., and Chuck Grassley, Iowa, respectively) found that Norquist not only used ATR as a cash “conduit” for Abramoff’s clients, but that ATR and four other conservative nonprofit groups “appear to have perpetrated a fraud” on American taxpayers.

Which raises the question: Just what is it that 236 GOP House and 41 GOP senators fear from an operative known to be involved in illegal activity involving taxpayer fraud and influence peddling?