Arnie Gunderson on Demand the Senate Act to Protect U.S. Against Threat of “Carrington Effect”

The Gary Null Show

Today’s guest is Arnie Gunderson an energy advisor with 39-years of nuclear power engineering experience and a former nuclear industry senior vice president. During his nuclear industry career, Arnie managed and coordinated projects at 70-nuclear power plants around the country. An independent nuclear engineering and safety expert, Arnie provides testimony on nuclear operations, reliability, safety, and radiation issues to the NRC, Congressional and State Legislatures, and Government Agencies and Officials throughout the US, Canada, and internationally. In 2008, he was appointed by the Vermont Senate President to be the first Chair of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Oversight Panel and he has testified in numerous cases before many different legislative bodies including the Czech Republic Senate. Arnie had analyzed and predicted problems with the Vermont Yankee’s cooling towers three years prior to their collapse in 2007.

He is the author of the first Department of Energy’s Decommissioning Handbook. He has also calculated radiation releases to children with health concerns, who live near a nuclear facility.

Listen here, interview with Arnie begins around 45:00 in to the program: