Cloud Cover with Ross Feinstein, 11 Oct 2016 ~ Denny Hunt **Cloaked Craft**

This is a follow up interview to our first face to face meeting at the Mt. Shasta Summer Conference 2016. This is a set up for what is to come; kind of like the appetizer.

Ross Feinstein is a seer, a musician and a way shower for those looking up. He is also a practitioner of Tibetan lineage yoga and meditation, studying under Lama Harding. For 3 years he has also been studying and researching the activity of cloaked craft in our skies.

You can check out some of his work at instagram/southflorida_skywatch or on YouTube at his channel Pants_pandora

In this interview, we cover clouds as the seen part of cloaking which is related to consciousness. We also cover, to a lesser extent, some recent news such as the Matthew Storm, meditation and ch

Please be sure to check out Ross’s YouTube Channel Pants_pandora

We are going to follow up as soon as we can because this video seemed to trigger some new “game changing'” developments.

Thank you for watching!


Amazing UFO Formation! Large Saucer Hidden In The Clouds (4K)

– My films are real, no mounting, not a lot of views, why? People think I made mounting, it is the original. For other people, I’m not sure this is good right about their video.

– Mes films sont bien réels, pas de montage, pas beaucoup de vues, pourquoi ? Les gens pensent que je réalise des montages, c’est bien l’original. Pour les autres personnes, je ne suis pas sûr que ce soit bien exact au sujet de leur vidéo.

– Mis películas son reales, sin instalación, no un montón de puntos de vista, ¿por qué? La gente piensa que hacer arreglos, es el original. Para otras personas, no estoy seguro de que esto es una buena razón acerca de su video.

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