4 Earth Facing Corornal Mass Ejections, Sept 13, 2014

We’re currently getting blasted with solar activations, which can get dicey at times. Based on my experience, it’s best to stay grounded and centered by taking frequent “integration breaks” to merge and integrate the massive influx of solar energy into your energetics. Also, the sun is helping Earth move things along on the ground by things stirring up, remember to stay anchored in your heartspace…with all the chaos coming up, it’s easy to get irritated, worried about the “story” and caught up in useless mind chatter – disconnected from Unity Consciousness.

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SOHO REMOVES IMAGES TODAY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REjql…
Here is the image with the time stamp. http://i58.tinypic.com/ezhmqs.png

Jerusalem – One Million People Without Cell Service As Pelephone Network Crashes

Incoming space weather is likely the culprit, this is happening more and more as the energy’s intensify. Susan Rennison brings this subject up quite frequently and has been sounding the alarm to global leaders to pay attention to warnings the ancients left behind for us in stone telling us about space weather and the changes we needed to prepare for.
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Jerusalem – Service for one of Israel’s largest cellphone providers has been disrupted.

In a message on its website, Pelephone said the service went down Sunday evening and that it was investigating the malfunction.

It was not clear what caused the disruption, although Israeli media speculated it could be anything from a technical issue to a cyber attack.

Users complained that they were unable to place or receive calls. The company says data services were not affected.

In 2010, another major Israeli cellphone service provider went down for several hours. The cause of that malfunction was never resolved.


M1.7 Solar Flare & HUGE CME / Solar Watch July 17, 2012

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A long duration M1.7 solar flare from departing Active Region 11520 yesterday was followed up with a huge coronal mass ejection (CME). Analysis indicates that this blast will not affect the earth, associated with this event is a S2 Level Radiation Storm, a greater than 10 MeV proton event began at 17:15 in response to yesterdays long-duration M1.7 flare and associated CME event.

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X FLare Pressure Now Arriving/12 Noon EDT

This week Tina,  a reader living in India sent a very sweet note commenting on recent statements I’ve made about the fear mongering and ignorance surrounding the impact of solar weather coming in from CME’s, how that the energy coming in can be transmuted to benefit spiritual growth and enlightenment. Apparently our friends in India agree on a more enlightened perspective regarding solar energy, her comment:

“In India all the solar energy coming here is for our enlightenment so we better be meditating or learn how this energy is great on a non physical level”

Thanks for sharing Tina, hopefully your wisdom can help other’s release fears surrounding incoming solar weather, while also encouraging people to work on raising their vibratory frequency rates to oscillate within the higher energy’s on the light spectrum.

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Scientists Stumped By Sun’s Asymmetrically Reversing Magnetic Field

Carl Franzen
Talking Points Memo
Thu, 26 Apr 2012 09:11 CDT

The Sun’s magnetic field is reversing, South becoming North, as it does approximately every 11 years on a cycle, but this time, something even stranger is going on: The North is moving much faster than the South, and space scientists aren’t sure why.

“Right now, there’s an imbalance between the north and the south poles,” Jonathan Cirtain, NASA’s project scientist for a Japanese solar mission called Hinode, in a recent article on NASA’s website. “The north is already in transition, well ahead of the south pole, and we don’t understand why.”

Further, the asymmetrically reversing solar magnetic field could have an effect on Earth, resulting in increased solar flares and the accompanying bursts of radioactive particles called “coronal mass ejections,” or CMEs, that can hit Earth and cause brilliant Northern Lights displays and problematic geomagnetic solar storms, according to NASA scientists.

“This usually leads to a double peak in the sunspot number and CME rate as a function of time,” Nat Gopalswamy, a solar scientist NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., in an email to TPM.

Gopalswamy and his team studied the Sun’s shifting magnetic field from microwave signatures obtained by Japanese radio telescopes and reported their findings in a paper in the Astrophysical Journal on April 9.

Gopalswamy explained that while the Sun’s shifting magnetic poles were first discovered in 1955, the rate at which the North and South wasn’t found to be mismatched until the last few solar cycles.

To be clear, the magnetic field doesn’t just flip, but rather, the Sun essentially sheds its current magnetic field and regrows a new one every 11 years. Currently, the Northern portion of the Sun is further along on this process than its Southern counterpart.

Further, the Sun’s oddly shifting magnetic field affects the Solar System, though it isn’t yet known just how.

“Whether the north pole of the Sun has north or south polarity decides the entry point of galactic cosmic rays into the heliosphere,” Gopalswamy told TPM.

The heliosphere is an enormous magnetic bubble made up of the continual regular ejection of charged particles from the Sun. It stretches beyond Pluto.

SDO Gets Rocked/Multiple Filament Releases and Fasten your SDO seatbelts for the Bouncing Sun!

The sun has increased in activity to the point it’s knocking out out NASA’s equipment, or at least that’s what they’re saying.  Check out the bouncing sun, looks like the problems have only just begun…

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From Dutchsinse…Don’t forget to fasten your seat belts for the bouncy sun!

Black Aurora

Thu Feb 05, 2004

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You may have been fortunate to witness the legendary red and green curtains of the aurora borealis. But did you notice dark empty regions within the aurora? Those dark spaces are the mysterious black aurora. Hi, I’m Bryan Yeaton for The Weather Notebook.

Graduate students and researchers at Alaska’s Geophysical Institute coined the term “black aurora” in jest during the 1960s. When making visual observations of the Northern Lights, they occasionally noted unusual auroral forms with dark spaces between pale, diffuse aurorae which they first thought to be optical illusions.

Further research determined black aurorae were indeed real and represented holes in the ionosphere, the upper atmosphere region where aurorae form. The black aurorae can take on many faces: dark rings, curls, or black blobs floating upon a sea of faint, glowing aurora. These anti-auroras can ascend to over 20,000 kilometres and last for several minutes.

Only recently have Swedish and British researchers begun to unravel the puzzle of black aurora, using the Cluster satellites — Rumba, Salsa, Samba and Tango — to make detailed observations of the ionosphere.

It appears that black aurorae form in patches of the ionosphere where conditions are the exact opposite of those forming normal aurora, where, in regions known as positively charged electric-potential structures, negatively charged electrons are accelerated upwards into space. In contrast, aurorae arise within negatively charged electric-potential structures where electrons spiral down from outer space into the atmosphere.

When black aurora mixes with diffuse aurora displays, its black curls can combine with visible auroral curls to form a series of space-plasma whirlpools wafting across the heavens. Now that’s cool.

Thanks to our contributing writer, meteorologist Keith Heidorn. The Weather Notebook is supported by Subaru of America and the National Science Foundation. And thanks to Davis Weather Instruments for making our 2004 tour possible!

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Browse Movies Upload SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: Remarkable Filament Activity (Nov 13th, 2011)

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REMARKABLE SOLAR ACTIVITY: There haven’t been any strong solar flares in days. Nevertheless, some impressive activity is underway on the sun. For one thing, an enormous wall of plasma is towering over the sun’s southeastern horizon. Stephen Ramsden of Atlanta, Georgia, took this picture on Nov. 11th:

NATURAL DISASTERS: Solar Activity & Alignmment Role in Quakes, Weather and Animal Behavior