Fukushima Coverups, Confusion, Mistrust & Finger Pointing Report update 2/28/12

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link to previous report where I exposed that Kan knew of the dangers of the nuclear disaster Days after the meltdown and ignored it report Sept 28, 2011 here

Nuclear accident scenario kept under wraps

video I posted September 28, 2011 about evacuation of TOKYO being hidden
BUSTED: Japan ‘scared’ of telling truth to Fukushima evacuees 9/28/11
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Ultimate Insider: Prime Minister contemplated evacuating 30 million from Tokyo, didn’t because fear of mass panic and chaos — Said eastern Japan might collapse

Japanese PM considered evacuation of Tokyo. ABC Australia, September 28, 2011:
MARK COLVIN: […] Kenichi Matsumoto is the ultimate insider. As special advisor to Japan’s prime minister and cabinet he witnessed both the government’s and the plant operator’s responses to the worst nuclear accident in a quarter of a century. And when it comes to the meltdowns, Professor Matsumoto paints a picture of cover-ups, incompetence and communication breakdown. […]

MARK WILLACY: He’s been described as the prime minister’s ‘brains trust’ but Kenichi Matsumoto isn’t a nuclear physicist or a scientific genius. The history professor and author was a special advisor to the Japanese cabinet when a tsunami slammed into the Fukushima nuclear plant. So he would become a witness to history and he’s given the ABC an ultimate insider’s account of what happened in the hours and days after March 11 […]

Japan ‘scared’ of telling truth to Fukushima evacuees, ABC Australia, September 28, 2011: […] Matsumoto confirms the prime minister at the time — Naoto Kan — also contemplated evacuating tens of millions of people from in and around Tokyo. […] “There was no clue about the amount of radiation coming from the Fukushima plant or if it was spreading over 100 or 200 kilometres. “If that was the case, Tokyo would be in danger. And prime minister Kan actually said that eastern Japan might not be able to keep functioning; that it might collapse.” Professor Matsumoto says in the end, talk of tens of millions [“30 million people”] being evacuated was dismissed, with fears it would cause mass panic and chaos worse than the nuclear crisis itself. […]

Japanese PM considered evacuation of Tokyo