Connections Between The Mandela Effect, Holographic Reality & Ancient Nostradamus Prophecy **HIGHLY Recommended**

Note: Excellent feedback from Max and his guest Samantha on the Mandela effect and what appears to be the first significant sign of a timeline, or dimensional shift taking place.

Max Igan –

Kev Baker has been on the front lines since 2009. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Kev was recently featured in VICE magazine as a front-line consultant and expert on activist groups in the United Kingdom. You can listen to Kev Baker on AM/FM in Colorado, Oregan, California, Sydney and London or tune into any of the TFR internet streams or listening options.

Kev Baker has set his mark as a professional broadcaster by featuring cutting edge analysis, current events and breaking news. However he does not stop there! Together with his co-host Johnny Whistles, Kev is joined by a great panel of expert researchers and whistleblowers in the field of space technology, metaphysics, human origins, black operations and international terrorism.

Seeking the answers to age old questions and dechipering the world around you painted by the mainstream media.. this is the Kev Baker Show!

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Paris -Reaction – SOLUTIONS! with Max Igan & Christopther Everard


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Kev Baker has been on the front lines since 2009. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Kev was recently featured in VICE magazine as a front-line consultant and expert on activist groups in the United Kingdom. You can listen to Kev Baker on AM/FM in Colorado, Oregan, California, Sydney and London or tune into any of the TFR internet streams or listening options.

Kev Baker has set his mark as a professional broadcaster by featuring cutting edge analysis, current events and breaking news. However he does not stop there! Together with his co-hostJohnny Whistles, Kev is joined by a great panel of expert researchers and whistleblowers in the field of space technology, metaphysics, human origins, black operations and international terrorism.

Seeking the answers to age old questions and dechipering the world around you painted by the mainstream media.. this is the Kev Baker Show!

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The Oracle Report ~ Saturday, November 28

Andrew Foss's photo.
Andrew Foss to Oracle Report

Saturday, November 28 – Sunday, November 29, 2015
-Full Moon Phase: clarity, illumination, realization
-Moon in Cancer/Leo (Sunday 7:47 pm ET/00:47 am UT)

-Goddess of Wisdom: Kamala – Goddess of Transformation
-God of Will: Elias – God of the West, God of Transformation

-Skill: observe the inner and outer conflict and learn what it is teaching

-True Alignments: inner change producing outer change, open-hearted, independent, kind to self, humility, change in belief, balance restored, opportunities, abundant supply, mysteries

-Catalysts for Change: shallow, being in dissimilar vibrations, obsession, stealing someone’s treasure, foolishness, not trusting what the heart says, commitment issues, creating barriers, disrespect

-Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway”
-Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

As the Full Moon phase, the time of the lunar cycle when things reach a peak, continues, several strong astrological aspects continue, creating situations that are ripe for change/shift/transformation (choose your preference). The Reports from the past few days remain posted below, filling in the scene with detail. Those energetics remain in play, so please refer to the past few days reports to follow the flow of the Full Moon phase and all that it is delivering to us.

The planets are creating “atmospheric energetics” of conflict — of pushing and pulling and of freedom and restriction. This is happening inside of ourselves and manifests in the outer world with interactions with others. Anger issues, control issues, issues with support/appreciation/recognition, and issues with self-worth and self-criticism are in focus. Again, this is designed to lead us to change, shift, or transform our perspective and beliefs.

The astrological aspects making the powerful conditions are:

6:50 PM ET/11:50 PM UT SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2015: THE SUN CONJUNCTS SATURN at 07 Sagittarius 26 and the Sabian symbol for 08 Sagittarius “deep within the earth, new elements are being formed.” The Sun is empowering the deep, structural elements of Saturn to create new beginnings and new foundations. Saturnian energy also wants things in place and in control. It is single-minded. Hold this thought.

9:26 pm ET MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2015/2:26 AM UT TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2015: MARS CONJUNCTS THE BLACK MOON at 10 Libra 50 and the Sabian symbol for 11 Libra “a professor peering over his glasses at his students.” When Mars and the Black Moon come together, things can erupt — eruptions in consciousness (suddenly realizing or putting things together) and eruptions of emotions (that have been held in, especially related to feeling overlooked or not appreciated, and anger at being treated poorly or used, deceived, or betrayed). Mars and the Black Moon are exceptionally impulsive, with words and actions that happen in the blink of an eye. When Mars aspects another planet, it energizes that planet’s dynamic. Thus, Mars is energizing our personal and collective shadow sides — our fears.

But it is also energizing the other polarity of the Black Moon – rebirth. Things don’t look like what they seem, as the professor notices as he peers over his glasses at his students. He sees that what’s really happening is that deep within, new elements — new ways, new understandings, new beliefs — are forming.

Saturn wants to restrict and the Black Moon wants to free. The Sun is empowering Saturn and Mars is empowering the Black Moon. That’s a recipe for destruction and creation; that’s the process of transformation.

Other elements to add to the mix: The conjunction of Mars and the Black Moon sextiles (60 degrees; facilitates) the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn. The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn squares (90 detgrees; produces action) Neptune. This means that all of these energies lead to Neptune, which is located at 08 Pisces and “a girl blowing a bugle” — a wake up call. Time to transform. Time to be reborn. Time to create Second Renaissance.

Take note that with Neptune involved, the theme of people, places, and things not being what they appear to be at first is strong. We may be just now seeing this, even though it has been evident for a while. These energetics want to bust open denial. Propaganda and the attempt to control the way others think and act is very high. False stories or distortions of the truth are easily floated.

If the Sun becomes active and electrifies the solar system, there is a high potential for geologic reactions.

We are following the wave of the energies that have been in place during this Full Moon phase, and are mindful of what’s in store for the next couple of days. We understand the natural tendency toward conflict and observe it instead of engaging it, attending to the wisdom is holds for us, integrating it as part of transformation.

Abraham Hicks After Death Message from Wayne Dyer

Published on Nov 27, 2015

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This is extracted from Abraham Hicks workshop in Sydney,Australia 2015 10 18.

The audio material in this video is extracted from the Abraham Hicks workshops: and are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks. For additional information on Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks, visit their website

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David Wilcock ~ Human Appearing Aliens

David Wilcock and William discussed the nature of life, human appearing aliens, and the reasons for synchronicities. This week, they go deep into the mystery of what is happening right now. We live in a period of rapid change, and we’re looking at a possible transformation. William asks David, “How do we become light bodies?” David answers with information from India about how advanced practitioners chose their own death. After they leave their bodies, a remarkable transformation takes place. You will never have heard of anything like this before.

David Wilcock is a professional intuitive consultant who, since reading Richard C. Hoagland’s “The Monuments of Mars” in 1993, has intensively researched ufology, ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. He is the author of a critically acclaimed trilogy of scientific research works, known as the Convergence series, which gives definitive support to the idea that a change in matter, energy and consciousness is now occurring on the Earth and throughout the solar system.

Wilcock has appeared on broadcast television, lectured throughout the United States and Japan, published a variety of magazine articles and appeared on numerous radio talk shows. He is the co-author of the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce,” now available in bookstores nationwide, and a summary of his latest scientific work appears therein, where a breakthrough case for mass, spontaneous DNA evolution on Earth is unveiled.

The Hadron Collider CERN Incident, Interviews by Miles Johnston with Sgt Brad MacBolen

These are two interviews Miles Johnston conducted, Sgt Brad MacBolen a Milab/Supersoldier insider and also Patti Brassard, who offers technical discussion regarding the recent CERN mishap that occurred last Saturday, November 14, 2015 in Austria. One of the reasons I wanted to post these interviews is because there are several milab individuals who experienced unusual time distortion events during the same time frame, and I think this could be related to how firing up the collider in the manner discussed, created some anomalies in the Akashic Records and temporary portals being opened up. Patti Brassard asserts in her interview that the main reason for the amping up of the energy at this time via the Hadron collider was a “Draco agenda to open up multiple portals” to allow in “reinforcements” and transits through these portals.

There is alot of discussion about the Artificial Intelligence factor being a prime concern and danger to the human race. This ties into the black goo, “alien living metal”, and the combined agendas by off world ETs and humans infected with AI “dark soulless consciousness”.

I agree with Sgt. MacBolen in that we all need to realize and understand our own inherent “metagene” creation abilities, which apparently not all off worlders have, and why so many “milabs”, abductees and people are being mind controlled and manipulated to give their permission away to create what these malevolent beings want for their agendas, instead of taking back our own consciousness, and creating what we want. Love is the answer, and yet there are many considerations the human race needs to take if we want to survive the whole Artificial Intelligence Agenda.

This is the description of the first Bases 53 interview with Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen III:

The Hadron Collider at CERN suffered a massive failure and massive damage (45%) at the weekend. This has been suppressed. Here Sgt Daniel Brad Boeln explains his function ina ultra secret CIA – Draco ET Humbrid program, and desribes the many many deatils, and covers many subjects in this 2hr 20 Skype with Miles Johnston on Sunday, as the Hadron disaster continued. The basic premise being that Big Science is trojan, and is being run by treasonous “scientific” authorities who were planninga global link up of all colliders across the worlkd to attempt to establish a worm hole into another region of space, so the remaining Draco can establish a complete hold over the pl;anet, at the expense of humanity.

The key element here is not the Draco ETs, who should not even have evolved to engage in space flight, the the Predatory Artificial Intelligence (found in crude oil, and nick named Black Goo). This is the single most dangerous predatory element facing humanity. Humans have a unique “meta-gene” allowing us to manifest reality in a manner that takes the rest of ETs 100,000′s of years. as such we are sought after for control, so we can be ‘farmed’ to create reality at the behest of the predatory ETs.

The ability of CMOS technology, a Trojan technology ,by ETs in the (crashes) or donations in the 1940s, and the Eugenics program established by the Draco in the 1700′s are all part of a co-ordinated plan to erradicate and farm thsoe left, of ALL Humanity. What is happening now is the stage to destroy the white races, and then proceed to kill off/farm the remaining other races. ALL Humanity is now in terminal treat.

Daniels function within the program was to kill/terminate rougue or unstable personnel in the various secret programs. By doing this interview he now faces termination. He is USAF veteran, and is now speaking out. The shut down of the Hadron is a warning to Big Science that they have been found out, and any attempts to further plans to destroy humanity will be stopped. Science must now come clean and reveal the suppressed energy technlogies, and educate the rest of us, as any further plans to keep secrets suppressed will fail.

A further part with some more hard data follows. As such the Hadron was shut down by instigating energetic wave fronts within the vacuum of the magnetic flux zones, making the beams unstrable, causing divergence, and heating of the magnetic elements. This was continually fired, despite the alarms, whiuch made the system burn through containment, and blow out, causing fires and melting of the copper metals in the coils. In every sense this was a Psy War hit to shut down the attempts to establish a breach, so allowing enemies into our reality.In every sense acts of treason by the scientific elite.. In any case this method establishing a worm hole is crude and bound to fail. But it had the pwoer to casue a breach in the solar systems magnetic energetic field, which would have allowed the hostile ETs in.

Daniel also desribes the ares at Dreamland (“Area 51″) known as S4, and S66, where in deep underground containment fields criminal ETs are kept under lock and key.

This is the second Bases 53 interview with Miles and Karen MacDonald and also Patti Brassard concerning the technical issues and some photos of the aftereffects of what happened when the Hadron Collider misfired energies and shut down.


Published on Nov 20, 2015

In Part 1-3, the Hadron Collider at CERN, and its ‘synchronised’ junior devices across the planet were discussed. The basic narrative being that this massive device was being used for nefarious purposes to open a worm hole allowing ‘Draco’ ETs, who have been on earth for thousands of years (Aka Demons) to have massive reinforcements, in a great space war above our heads.

Thus the term Draco. The issue here being that the Draco should not have space flight/or ‘gate technology’ or even be here. They are not the bad guys here. They are manipulated by an “A-I” Artificial intelligence, found in the sentient fluid from another location or source in the universe. Found in crude oil, (Falklands War), it is extremely dangerous substance that pulls down higher conscious beings and makes them into homicidal killers (Nazi Germany)

In this Tek Chat, Patty Brassard gives a basic run down of the temporary shut down of the Collider, and the detailed images obtained to show the beams go off focus, and the damage starts. Preceded by a brief chat with Karen MacDonald, who introduced us to Sgt Daniel for the first time. A major whistle blower with an long list of agencies to his name.(USAF number and data is on file)

As with Bases we listen to what people have to say, and then draw conclusions as best we can. A further 2nd interview with Sgt Daniel is planned.

Basically no public word has emerged from CERN, as to what has been reported in these interviews.


Hadrian’s Wall collapses in the influx of new energetics ~ ÉirePort

Hadrian’s Wall collapses in the influx of new energetics.

Desisters are recognised and uplifted.

Gaia points are manifested in grander expressions.

Locals understand the pictures presented.

Illuminariies are revealed.


Note: Me thinks Hadrian’s Wall = Hadron Collider….In my experience over the last week, the heavy magnetics are dissipating. I’m getting the impression we’re in the final days of the war to reclaim our planet, keep holding space and spinning your unique personal magic…at this point it really is a matter of using Alchemy to dismantle remaining systems of domination and control, as the collective begins to shake loose the etheric chains keeping their energy grounded to the matrix :)

I Love and Honor ISIS…the Ancient Egyptian Goddess!

 photo tumblr_nksxaeXFq21sypuuko1_400.gif

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and HONOR the ancient Egyptian Goddess ISIS. heart emoticon

I DO NOT CONSENT to the continued desecration of her name within the power structure of the matrix, or the ongoing use of her name associated with war, terrorism or murdering 100,00’s (possibly millions) of innocent men, women and children

The desecration of Her name was done by design, the energy behind this whole ISIS terror campaign’s gained so much momentum, someones gotta take a stand for our lovely Goddess – isn’t it time we put a reverse spin into that momentum?

I invite all Gods/Goddess’s to join the movement and get creative to help resurrect the name ISIS from the ashes!

Reclaiming the Goddess: Stop Using the Name ISIS to Describe a Bunch of Ignorant, Murderous F**ktards

Ed. Note:  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and HONOR the ancient Egyptian Goddess ISIS.

I DO NOT CONSENT to the continued desecration of her name within the power structure of the matrix, or the ongoing use of her name associated with war, terrorism or murdering 100,00’s (possibly millions) of innocent men, women and children <3

Originally featured on The Daily Grail by Greg Taylor

I love history, and I love mythology. This is why, on August 30, 2001, my wife and I named our first-born Isis, after the high goddess of the ancient Egyptian pantheon. The goddess Isis, whose origins stretch back, at the very least, 4500 years from the present, was worshipped as the ideal of motherhood, as a deity who cared for the plight of others, as one who would watch over travelers, and who was ‘Great of Magic’, being able to bring life to the dead.

Her influence was such that her worship continued for more than 3000 years, not only in Egyptian culture, but also by the high civilisations of the ancient Greeks and Romans as well.

Fast forward the better part of five millennia, and it has taken just three years for a loose assortment of low-life scumbags to co-opt that name of compassion, magic and power. For whatever reasons, a group with many names – including, in Arabic, ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah fī ‘l-ʿIrāq wa-sh-Shām; in English Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and Islamic State (IS) – has become more popularly referred to simply as ‘ISIS’ (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), largely through mass media repetition and then reinforcement through discussions on social media.

Perhaps it is the fact that people already know the word Isis – it is in their subconscious already, so it’s easier to connect meanings to it. Unfortunately, the word Isis within your subconscious has power associated with it, both through its ancient heritage and by the nature of the goddess herself. By connecting it to these weak losers, you gift them some of that power through the name alone. So what I’d like to ask you to do, is to stop using it.

There are a lot of powerful people with the name of Isis. My daughter is one of those. But their power comes from being compassionate, intelligent, beautiful, and magical. The group that has been co-opting the name are party to none of those attributes, and it is those attributes which give true power. So stop calling them by the name Isis.

Unfortunately, women named Isis, no matter what their personal attributes, now have to put up with associations with this group – despite having had the name much longer, and doing many good things in that name. For instance, this week software engineer Isis Anchalee had her Facebook account shut down, apparently because the mega-tech corporation assumed a connection with terrorism based on her name.

Perhaps even more frustratingly, Isis also had to respond to the morons of the internet after they chimed in with what they thought was the obvious answer:

A far better answer is to stop using the word Isis in relation to the murderous group currently wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq. But what to call them, you might ask? As mentioned above, they have been referred to under several other names: Barack Obama has been referring to them as ISIL, many others (including myself) simply as Islamic State. But those names suffer from the same problem – it associates this group with statehood, in a way legitimizing it, and it also associates it with Islam, and I’m sure most Muslims feel the same way about linking them with that word as I do with Isis.

So here’s the solution. It’s one that has already become official in many quarters: call them Daesh (or Da’ish). The word – originally coined by Syrian activists, but now in official usage in France, Australia, and by others such as John Kerry – is an acronym that accurately reflects the group’s chosen name, ‘ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah fī ‘l-ʿIrāq wa-sh-Shām’. But Daesh are apparently furious about it, with reports that they have threatened to cut out the tongues of anyone who uses it. Why, if it is an accurate acronym? Here’s your answer, summarised well by Arabic translator Alice Guthrie:

“Because they hear it, quite rightly, as a challenge to their legitimacy: a dismissal of their aspirations to define Islamic practice, to be ‘a state for all Muslims’ and – crucially – as a refusal to acknowledge and address them as such. They want to be addressed as exactly what they claim to be, by people so in awe of them that they use the pompous, long and delusional name created by the group, not some funny-sounding made-up word. And here is the very simple key point that has been overlooked in all the anglophone press coverage I’ve seen: in Arabic, acronyms are not anything like as widely used as they are in English, and so arabophones are not as used to hearing them as anglophones are.

Thus, the creation and use of a title that stands out as a nonsense neologism for an organisation like this one is inherently funny, disrespectful, and ultimately threatening of the organisation’s status. Khaled al-Haj Salih, the Syrian activist who coined the term back in 2013, says that initially even many of his fellow activists, resisting Daesh alongside him, were shocked by the idea of an Arabic acronym, and he had to justify it to them by referencing the tradition of acronyms being used as names by Palestinian organisations (such as Fatah). So saturated in acronyms are we in English that we struggle to imagine this, but it’s true.

All of this means that the name lends itself well to satire, and for the arabophones trying to resist Daesh, humour and satire are essential weapons in their nightmarish struggle. But the satirical weight of the word as a weapon, in the hands of the Syrian activists who have hewn it from the rock of their nightmare reality, does not just consist of the weirdness of acronyms. As well as being an acronym, it is also only one letter different from the word ‘daes داعس’ , meaning someone or something that crushes or tramples. Of course that doesn’t mean, as many articles have claimed, that ‘daesh’ is ‘another conjugation’ of the verb ‘to crush or trample’, nor that that is ‘a rough translation of one of the words in the acronym’ – it’s simply one letter different from this other word. Imagine if the acronym of ‘Islamic State in Iraq and Syria’ spelt out ‘S.H.I.D’ in English: activists and critics would certainly seize the opportunity to refer to the organisation as ‘shit’ – but I think it’s safe to say that no serious foreign media outlet would claim that ‘shit’ was another conjugation of the verb ‘shid’, nor a rough translation of it.

…Some Syrians I’ve talked to rate the satirical value of the word very highly; for others, such as al-Haj Salih himself, however, the main weight of the word is not around humour, but around two very serious points he and others make. First of these is that both the shape of the word and the combination of letters in it are redolent of words from al-jahaliyya, the pre-Islamic dark ages or ‘age of ignorance’ that – as well as being a time rich in poetry and narrative heritage – has huge connotations of hideous barbarity in the popular imagination, being the realm of jinns and monsters and evil spirits and marauding freaks. This has also been overlooked in anglophone coverage, or been confused with an idea of the word having a previous set meaning in and of itself: as we know, it doesn’t. But given the connotations of this type of word, it sounds (to many an arabophone ear) very clearly like it must denote some crazed, bloodthirsty avatar belching back out from the guts of history.

As al-Haj Salih very gently and firmly expresses to me by phone when I interview him for this piece, ‘If an organisation wants to call itself ‘the light’, but in fact they are ‘the darkness’, would you comply and call them ‘the light’?’ The second, and equally important, point that al-Haj Salih stresses to me is another take on why a neologism is insulting: it’s an obviously fictitious name, for an obviously fictional concept. Once again, the movement’s claim to legitimacy as a state and to rule is being rejected as nonsense, reflected in a fabricated nonsense name for them.

So the insult picked up on by Daesh is not just that the name makes them sound little, silly, and powerless, but that it implies they are monsters, and that they are made-up.”

Guthrie was also interviewed about this by Public Radio International:

Here’s my challenge to you. Start using Daesh as the moniker for this group. Never associate them with the name Isis again, except perhaps in explaining the name Daesh to others. Hop on Facebook and ask your friends to do the same. Don’t give this group power – instead do what they don’t want you to do: belittle them, satirise them, make clear their true nature, which is of weakness, ignorance and non-compassion. Call them Daesh.

When you think of Isis from now on, think of the image of the goddess at the top of this post, or of the image of my own goddess Isis below, caught dancing in the sunset, as personifying the true beauty of that name.

Dancing Isis

Clarissa Pinkola Estes: We Were Made for These Times

hope-10Thanks to Susan.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes,The Unbounded Spirit

My friends, do not lose heart. We were made for these times. I have heard from so many recently who are deeply and properly bewildered. They are concerned about the state of affairs in our world now. Ours is a time of almost daily astonishment and often righteous rage over the latest degradations of what matters most to civilized, visionary people.

You are right in your assessments. The lustre and hubris some have aspired to while endorsing acts so heinous against children, elders, everyday people, the poor, the unguarded, the helpless, is breathtaking. Yet, I urge you, ask you, gentle you, to please not spend your spirit dry by bewailing these difficult times. Especially do not lose hope. Most particularly because, the fact is that we were made for these times. Yes. For years, we have been learning, practicing, been in training for and just waiting to meet on this exact plain of engagement.

I grew up on the Great Lakes and recognize a seaworthy vessel when I see one. Regarding awakened souls, there have never been more able vessels in the waters than there are right now across the world. And they are fully provisioned and able to signal one another as never before in the history of humankind.

Look out over the prow; there are millions of boats of righteous souls on the waters with you. Even though your veneers may shiver from every wave in this stormy roil, I assure you that the long timbers composing your prow and rudder come from a greater forest. That long-grained lumber is known to withstand storms, to hold together, to hold its own, and to advance, regardless.

In any dark time, there is a tendency to veer toward fainting over how much is wrong or unmended in the world. Do not focus on that. There is a tendency, too, to fall into being weakened by dwelling on what is outside your reach, by what cannot yet be. Do not focus there. That is spending the wind without raising the sails.

We are needed, that is all we can know. And though we meet resistance, we more so will meet great souls who will hail us, love us and guide us, and we will know them when they appear. Didn’t you say you were a believer? Didn’t you say you pledged to listen to a voice greater? Didn’t you ask for grace? Don’t you remember that to be in grace means to submit to the voice greater?

Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach. Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this poor suffering world, will help immensely. It is not given to us to know which acts or by whom, will cause the critical mass to tip toward an enduring good.

What is needed for dramatic change is an accumulation of acts, adding, adding to, adding more, continuing. We know that it does not take everyone on Earth to bring justice and peace, but only a small, determined group who will not give up during the first, second, or hundredth gale.

One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times. The light of the soul throws sparks, can send up flares, builds signal fires, causes proper matters to catch fire. To display the lantern of soul in shadowy times like these – to be fierce and to show mercy toward others; both are acts of immense bravery and greatest necessity.

Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. If you would help to calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do.

There will always be times when you feel discouraged. I too have felt despair many times in my life, but I do not keep a chair for it. I will not entertain it. It is not allowed to eat from my plate.

The reason is this: In my uttermost bones I know something, as do you. It is that there can be no despair when you remember why you came to Earth, who you serve, and who sent you here. The good words we say and the good deeds we do are not ours. They are the words and deeds of the One who brought us here. In that spirit, I hope you will write this on your wall: When a great ship is in harbor and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for.

Change ~ Andrew Bartzis

The rights of passage come into my medicine eye’s view. Change, constant unending change. The place you reside at now is in flux, change and re – creation. The action of personal change only requires the commitment and courage to follow through.

When things of polar opposition meet – rules must be set up, trust must be earned. Faith must be checked with simple wisdom. The music of life will be your greatest guide and healer of wounds in this time of service. This literal form of music, this great connective understanding of the tribal drums and music, look to their musical expressions and use the resources given to you to translate their words. Use the power of connectedness of the 5th world of peace. The heart of Rainbow Warrior beats within you. This moment of being fully awake is what the first shots signaled to your soul. You cannot find the way back to the old world. It is within your free-willed thoughts to claim the power of the Dream-time energy to support and protect you. This communal time with your Self is key to finding balance in all the moments of hell.

During the down times, it will be your free willed choice to pass on the passion spark. This raw spark is yours to spread to those in need. Passing on this spark will come in many forms. It will be your personal protective magic added to the whole. The passion spark will be present in food, friendship, leaders and followers. Learn to harvest the passion spark to start a Great Spirit Fire. The presence of this new flame will ignite the hearts of the whole. This is your gift to the brothers and sisters sharing time with you.


  • “Learn to harvest the passion spark to start a Great Spirit Fire. The presence of this new flame will ignite the hearts of the whole. This is your gift to your brothers and sisters sharing time with you.”
    – Andrew Bartzis

Oracle Report ~ Monday, November 23, 2015

Andrew Foss's photo.
Andrew Foss  

-Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, magic
-Moon in Aries/Taurus (11:26 am ET/4:26 pm UT)

-Skill: see what’s underneath

-Goddess of Wisdom: Kamala – The Lotus Goddess
-God Of Will/Desire: Elias – God of Transformation

-True Alignments: deserving, stable, guardianship and taking good care of others, safety, cooperation, team building, moving out of the way of chaos, rallying, protection

-Catalysts for Change: moody, getting stirred up, outbursts of emotions, suspicious or suspicions confirmed, unstable, weakness, rejection, disproportionate, hiding things and hiding intentions, selfish, getting away with something, obstacles

-Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway”
-Sabian Symbol for the Solar Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”

Today the Sun moves to the degree of “the ocean covered with whitecaps,” where Mercury was over the weekend. As mentioned, with this energy things are rarely as they appear to be. Under the surface, there is much more going on, so be mindful of what or whom you are trusting. People, places, and things can seem stronger than they really are, misleading us.

This energy also seeks gratification and will risk, sabotage, and lie to gain it. Again, be mindful of what or with whom you are placing your trust because another side or deeper nature will be revealed later. Often, it is not pretty.

This may be particularly true today with relationships. Saturn has moved to the 7th degree of Sagittarius and “Cupid knocking at the door of the human heart.” Anything that is blocking our hearts and our hearts’ desires seeks to come down. This energy facilitates the theme for this lunar month of pathways, opportunities, and potentials opening. Mars is located at “a woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks,” so we are more protective of ourselves and our hearts, but it is important to respect and take care of the hearts of others. Saturn in Sagittarius is bringing out the truth because truth is of utmost importance to The higher octave of Sagittarius.

Mercury at our favorite “an old owl up in a tree” is in close conjunction with Saturn, telling us to think before we speak and act. Watch what is happening from a detached perspective or dive down to see what you think. Step back and consider the whole field because there is much wisdom to be gained today.

Earlier today, the Black Moon moved to 11 Libra and the Sabian symbol “a professor peering over his glasses at his students.” The universe wants us to learn something, especially today, and it does so by having us assess. We are taking stock and analyzing. This goes well with the “old owl up in a tree” because both energies imply transcending and taking a higher view. What do you need to know?

Today we keep in mind that there is much more going on under the surface and we understand that we are likely not getting the whole picture with situations. I cannot emphasize enough how deep this energy will delude and deceive. Wise owls are indeed wise today.

(Note: The Reports may be a little delayed in the mornings for a few days until my internet is connected. Many thanks to wise owl and Oracle Report Facebook administrator Andrew for posting this for me. Last Thursday, the 8,000th person joined. Welcome to all the new owls! Audio recordings of the Reports to resume when I am internet connected.)

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These are the times of blessings! Although the old world seems to continue with its atrocities, there is a new world dawning, that cannot be described with the old linear parameters and habitual interpretations.

But we must fully conscious choose to enter the new world and be prepared to let go of our familiar orientation and false security. We must heart-desire to jump and understand, by intuition only,  and heart-centred, wholly-being, tacitly “knowing”.

This is not difficult, but, again, it is a choice we must make.

Spiritual life always begins with choice and continues with choice. On this journey we choose in any moment what we want to experience and who we want to be. Because we are the creators of our own path. This choice is not made with effort and prior consideration. It is a natural, joyfully flowing heart-process.

The main criteria in this process of choosing is to be aware of our present state of being and living, the exact localization of the world in which we dwell with our attention and feeling in this very moment.

This gives us clarity and momentum. And then we make that heart-based choice.

From that moment in which the Heart has become (again) the seat of consciousness and unconditional love, from that moment on, when we know ourselves again, when we do not look further into the external world for explanations, experience and even love, we are free to enjoy the Eternal Source via the power of the Infinite Heart. And only then life starts to make sense.

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Until then we are seeking in the heartless schemes of a world out there for fulfillment, and never find it, because all things appear to be empty of life.

But when we make this One Great Choice to live from within the Unlimited Source of Joy, the world shows itself as fully alive, radiating with Consciousness from inside.

This silent world is full of Life Power, perpetually vibrating and speaking the language of Divine Existence, alive as the great entertainer and bearer of meaning in the Presence of Eternity.

It is the world beyond thoughts and words in its depth of Silent Fullness, it is the world that Is One Life, non-separate, without questions. It is the world of discovery and awe about the ever lasting expression of Existence, fully powered by the currents of life.

All things live from inside out, a grand orchestration of the Real, nothing hidden, all obvious As Is, directly communicating its purpose to move with unquestioned intent, multi-simultaneously- and–dimensionally.

When the whole universe reveals itself as Alive with the One Spirit, we are no longer looking outside of ourselves for fulfillment, as the heart is unified with the stillness of eternity while all voices and choirs resound as the Voice of the  Infinite. They all become the delight of Being that has transcended the separate forms of consciousness that search

Once this separateness is surrendered to the vibrating cosmic orchestra of Being, all movements, intentions, all the businesses of trivial life echoes the grand Divine Mover that is the bearer of all things. And the sound of even an angry man becomes a Divine Vibration.

Out of habit and afraid of inner emptiness we might continue to seek in multiple ways in shallow circumstances of life, imagining we live life to the fullest, while exploiting its innumerable varieties. It will leave us fatally empty though.

But when we  choose to renounce these many varieties for entertainment, and allow the fullness of the Heart to be present as our home and own truth, then the world starts to reveal the Reality of Creation: a never ending process in Divine Consciousness of perfect fullness and abundance in which we do not seek because we have transcended our alienation from What Is and Always Has Been and Will Be.

It is in this very Stillness that the World becomes Alive, Resonating with our heart-beat, opening to the Wonders of Divine Shakti or Energy and Light.

The New World is here if we choose It. Everything has been prepared for us to make that choice: To discover the Truth of our Infinite Heart that is the Heart of Earth and Heart of God. There is no separation but One Single Impulse Ever vibrating, manifesting in the moment of our attention to It. Revealing our Power of Creation in any given moment.

We are part of this eternal Process, always have been, we have just forgotten it for a while. Heart-Inherent in the Very Source, we have been granted now the choice to be drawn into a fifth dimensional world of experience. Perfectly orchestrated by the Power of Divine Emotion that Is Love.

Look! It is Here! It is your choice to surrender to It and allow It to Live you.

Can a Magic Spell Take Down Monsanto?

Can a Magic Spell Take Down Monsanto?

At this point in time, there’s no question that the corporate reign is upon us. Our politicians are beholden to their corporate backers, and everything we touch—from the gloves on our fingers to the chicken (or chicken-free) fingers we inhale at lunch—have deep roots tied to industry and the multinational corporations at the center of it all. But what if a magic spell—a death curse, specifically—could change all that?

Artist Steven Leyba has taken to putting a magic spell of sorts on Monsanto and other corporations at the forefront of human health and environmental destruction. And as unbelievable as it may sound, it may just be working.

The “any means necessary” ethos has become quite literal, especially for Leyba. Between 2010-2011, Leyba produced his 13th handmade book—his medium of choice. This one was focused specifically on Monsanto, the chemical-turned-engineered-foods poster corporation for everything wrong with the food system.

The massive food industry has become anathema for many, with locally grown and produced goods becoming the ultimate rebellious #Occupy-esque move in resisting corporate control over our food system. In 2012, the year after Leyba completed his book, sales of locally produced foods and goods topped $6.1 billion. And demand continues to rise–not just for local and organic foods, but for GMO-free and antibiotic-free foods, as well as foods free from artificial ingredients.

Like millions of Americans struggling with diet-related illnesses, Leyba tried to get healthier by changing his diet. “In 2010 I had been overweight and decided to get healthy. I started eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables from my local grocery store. I got sick and that was the time I found out about GMOs,” Leyba told Organic Authority in an email. “I was appalled. I couldn’t understand why I would get so sick by eating what I thought was so healthy. When I switched to organic food I got healthy again.”

Leyba said his motivation was deeply personal, but “also universal.”

“I had to make art about this,” he explains, “and in the process I learned how insidious the Monsanto corporation was.”

Leyba’s Monsanto book itself is thick and demented in appearance, like something you might find in an archeological discovery—perhaps an old alchemist’s or shaman’s handiwork. It’s constructed with canvas pages that he added grommets to, “I bolted the pages together and painted acrylic then sewed beads into the pages and collaged information about GMOs, anti-Monsanto pamphlets, and some of my writing against Monsanto,” he explains.


Most of the paintings were of Monsanto executives he says, including the company’s CEO Hugh Grant, as well as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (who worked for Monsanto for years). But it’s not exactly coffee table book material: “Their [sic] is pubic hair all over his 2 portraits,” Leyba explains. “I had the idea that in the future Monsanto would make it so everyone could grow their favorite foods on their faces: ‘You are what you eat, you eat what you are; MONSANTO,’” he explains.

But Leyba didn’t stop with his multimedia protest. A student of numerous art mediums, the occult, and Native traditions, Leyba publicly put a death curse on Monsanto and Nestlé, citing their for-profit eco-terrorism as his motivation. “Death curses work like any manifestation of will like Gestalt psychology; you visualize and act in accordance and at some point what you can conceive and believe you can achieve,” he explains.

“Medicine men practice this and even medical doctors to some extent practice this. They plant suggestions in people’s minds for healing and those people start to do things that promote their own healing,” he says. “For me I see a great need to identify the cancer (Monsanto and Nestlé) and attack with full force and mirror back this so-called Black Magic they are doing to all of us.”

For Leyba, “good art” can be both a psychological and emotional motivator. “I want the things that are killing people and the environment to die (Monsanto- Nestlé). I wish them death.”

Leyba points to Monsanto’s genetically modified foods and herbicides and Nestlé’s recent bad press over water theft in California, and the company’s links to child slavery in manufacturing its chocolate products. He says it is “a form of justice to project disdain and destruction on those that purposely destroy other people and the environment.”

And despite the growing demand for labeling GMO foods in the U.S. and more corporate transparency, Leyba says the corporations still get so much handed to them in the way of tax credits, subsidies, and corporate personhood.

“Multinational corporations have more rights than individuals,” he says, “and now with trade laws they have more rights than countries. My art forces the dialogue and creates the new language in opposition to corporations that believe in and act only on profits and losses. They are above and beyond the law. Except maybe the laws of nature.”


“Many may not believe in curses but many curses do work,” Leyba says, explaining that while death curses are not common in today’s world, from numerous Indigenous perspectives, they not only work, but are necessary.

Does he think the corporations can be forces for good? While Leyba did get the attention of Monsanto (he points to a Facebook thread where a company representative responded), he is doubtful that corporations, specifically the two he’s death-cursed, will be capable of making the type of transformation desperately needed.

“What is needed,” he says, “is for people to create the new symbols for change and not let corporations control the narrative.”

Despite the dark nature of Leyba’s work, he’s hopeful, too, “It’s wonderful how well the organic movement has spread,” and he says consumers can do their best to boycott these brands. “It’s hard with Monsanto because it is in everything. Nestlé has so many products but they can be identified. Corporations will adapt to the economic climate. I feel if more people were proactive in not buying the products, the big Goliath will have to adapt or perish.”

As for his art, Leyba says it has turned many people into creative activists. “It forces the conversation we all need to be having about fascist Trans-national corporations that decide what we eat and how we think about the world.” Leyba says the world “is tired of big business ruling their lives, bodies, and environment.”

“I encourage everyone to Death Curse Monsanto and Nestlé. Justifiable Death Curses are effective on many levels, fun, cathartic,” and says Leyba, “completely legal.”

Find Jill on Twitter and Instagram


All images courtesy of Leyba

Note: Personally, IMO this is White Magic because it benefits humanity. And, it certainly gives a whole new meaning to “We are the ones we waited for”. I’ve always believed we will win the war to reclaim our planet thru accessing our Avatar skills, there a people working at some in some of the darkest corners to eliminate the dark ones and their technology.

For example, if  CERN has been taken down, it’s because people have been working in the background (most likely with ET/ID assistance) at the psychic level to break down the programming. So let’s get busy, if you’re not already spinning up magic to break down the matrix and create and new paradigm…it’s crunch time my friends! This is why we were born :)

Astrology for the Soul November 18, 2015

Like a twinkling star in the dark black night,
I’m a tiny point of light,
That maybe surrounded by anger or fear,
But will love with all my might.

Well, darn that camera angle, sorry about the shadows…. hummm however relavent to the theme of the Sun and Mercury moving through the last degrees of Scorpio and Venus and Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith. Shadow work is messy work as it deals with acknowledging aspects of ourselves and the world that we would prefer simply didn’t exist. Owning with ruthless self honesty, that we are not our ideals and that the world and humanity are not what we wish they were, is downright painful!

The upside of doing so is that you get a clear, accurate, description of the situation so you can make appropriate choices and take just the right actions. You make a more accurate diagnosis of the situation and are able to prescribe the right medicine instead of shooting in the dark and trying ad hoc solutions that could even take years to show no results. Honesty and clarity about just what is really going on within and without, will ultimately serve to save us all time, energy, and attention while reaching for our goals. Hang in there, be true not blue, and go for it!

11-19-15 Bill Ballard ~ Holding the Magnetic Ascension Mastery Codes for Humanity

So much has happened in the 6 months I was away and not connected to the Internet. Im blown away at the news as well as what ALL has happened since I have returned. I was just out of the time matrix… HA! It would be good for more persons to do just that!

Just this past week since I made my last video things are moving so very fast. Persons focused on the geopolitical events and who are very ego centered are having some traumatic events going on. Its truly amazing to watch all this unfold!

Best to be Heart Centered Holding the HIGHEST LIGHT you can…


The Transition is not ABOUT money

The transition is not ABOUT money but goes VIA money
The transition is IN our living togetherness on Earth
The NEED to live from your Heart Space in the Now in relation to Artificial Intelligence

The Reality of the Now
Direct access to Mother Earth, her resources, and each others talents is robbed from us. The direct access is occupied in money. Access to your basic needs is occupied in money. That’s why we all NEED money nowadays (most of us do, some have escaped this prison matrix living off the grid but most still are in NEED of money).

Personal Healing
Personal healing is about the letting go of the matrix in your own indoctrinated psyche. And this is really huge. All aspects in your life are ‘infected’ due to eons of indoctrination, lies, suppression, power over, etc. The ‘letting go’ is not a mind trick but a deep understanding and discernment in what is natural / organic and what is not. When you have seen this, lived through this… only then you can ‘let go’ or rather it will dissolve by itself then without any effort. The effort is in the healing process. This effort you must do yourself. Not necessarily alone, yet self.

Personal healing is about the I. when your psyche is freed from the matrix, you have become a Free Spirit. But still you live in this matrix world. Still you are in NEED of money, since access to food and housing etc is stored in money. Your are transformed, your psyche is transformed… but the world you live in is not yet transformed. What we see nowadays is that humans are escaping from the world because they can not handle the world anymore. Escaping the world will not bring transformation to the world.

Collective Healing
Collective healing is IN the I-in-We. In other words: in our living togetherness on Earth. And is beyond the Personal Healing.

Living from the Heart
Living from the heart is living from total body intelligence, total awareness, a total mature chakra system in alignment with Mother Earth and our Creator.

People who live from the heart know the transition is not about the I but about the I-in-We. They understand the transition is IN our living togetherness. And they do not choose to leave people behind, they include all in the transition. This morning someone said to me ‘if I was given the option to leave this matrix right now and be totally free… I couldn’t… I can’t leave knowing this place is still broken’: this is an expression of Real Love, the Motherly Love: She will not leave her children behind… none of her children.

The heart of those people is huge and their love is deep: they feel TRUE/REAL pain in seeing other people’s life being in suffering. They have a deep understanding that its difficult to transform and heal on a personal level having an empty stomach or being afraid of losing your house or whatever suffering in the personal lives of their fellow man. Their compassion is immense. Those people are not saviors, not at all. They are authentic and true in their heart space and they simply understand natural living on Earth is IN our living togetherness. We are in the ‘game’ all together and its up to us humans to transit together.

So only those who have healed themselves on all levels and are living from their heart space will be the embedders for the Next Generations.

The others simply have not this deep profound understanding yet. Their psyche (and ego) is too much occupied with the personal healing still. This is not a judgement, just observation from my awareness.

The need of living from your Heart Space in the NOW
‘They’ knew people would wake up… they knew their puppets would be exposed… ‘They’ know they will lose in the end, but ‘they’ will do everything to harvest as many souls as ‘they’ can. CERN is not the only Artificial Intelligence (AI) weapon. There are several: nano technology in combination with vaccinations and chemtrails for example.

In fact CERN can very easily tie into a huge distraction. CERN is probably still trying to open portals… however, it does keep failing. People will take note of that and become naïve and think everything is all good now: which is all distraction.

GEOspatial intelligence is nano technology up graded in my opinion to a higher from of artificial intelligence take over.

And here comes the essential of living from the Heart Space in: CERN and all kind of nano technologies (look for the Harold Kaultz Velle series (1-4) on my page or in the facebook group ‘We ARE the New Earth‘) can not work if you don’t match their frequencies.

So, unfortunately people who don’t live from the heart will fall victim to Artificial Intelligence. People who live from their Heart Space won’t. So the more people living from their Heart Space the better… but you have to completely live through the heart and not lower your frequencies at all. Not many people can do that daily. When you get pissed, anxious or fearful AI will strike and play off with you.

But again: there is a difference in getting aggressive (so called lower emotions) or feeling deep compassion and real anger from your core being because of the shit in the world: those deep feelings do not lower your frequencies, on the contrary. Because there will not be an identification with these emotions… They will not overwhelm you and you still will be grounded.

When you know ThySelf their will be no overwhelming fear in you because you know that your essence never can and will die: what dies is your physical container only.

Its beautiful to assist your fellow man to transition into their hearts / total body intelligence as much as possible. Because only those living from their Heart Space will be the embedders of the Next Generations and co-create these new ways of living together on Earth.

Valuing the physical body and the NEED of money in the reality of the NOW
Your physical container is your temple and provides you the opportunity to be in this life on Earth to regenerate and heal and experience all the earthly possibilities.

I perceive a tendency in devaluing the physical body and a numbness amongst people who can not handle this shitty world anymore. Those people escape in magical thinking ‘all will be well in the end’ or ‘all is love’ or ‘Mother will provide me in everything I need’ or ‘Spirit will provide me in everything I need’.

Basically its true: Earth provides us ALL in everything WE need to be physically alive and abundance IS and does not need to be created… BUT… And this is essential to understand: She is in a robbed state.

Abundance is not the opposite of Scarcity. Its an error to perceive Abundance VERSUS Scarcity, because this dual thinking is not truth.

Abundance IS and she does not need to be created nor attracted to you : she simply IS… look in nature… The apple tree is bearing her fruits in abundance and her seeds are even more abundant .

The truth is that Abundance is in a robbed state and scarcity is caused on purpose. So we need to STOP creating scarcity and poverty and all kind of other shit of course.

So saying ‘all will be well in the end’ or ‘all is love’ or ‘Mother will provide me in everything I need’ or ‘Spirit will provide me in everything I need’ is simply escaping from the reality of the now and another egoïstic ‘The Secret’ program.

In the reality of the now access to what we NEED to be physically alive is stored in money. That’s why we ALL NEED money (again most of us). You can be aware of capabilities like ‘levitation’ or ‘manifestation of food’ or ‘free energy devises’ but in the here now no human being is able to manifest this (maybe the masters in the Himalaya can?).

Harald Kaultz Velle, and his co workers maybe, is close but not cigar. He has an understanding of these capabilities yes… he has an insightful understanding of the different dimensions, but he can not yet make them applicable in the here now. Mathematicians have an understanding of 4D realities as well. But the truth is that there are no free energy devises on Earth already and this is due to our consciousness and total body intelligence / Heart Space we can not access yet totally. We ourselves ARE Free Energy.

Again: we all need money currently. That system hasn’t broke yet. Collectively we are still currently trapped… it hasn’t shifted yet into the perception we want it to shift to. I understand that it is hard for people to understand this ‘shift we want’ when we ourselves are still on the old system. And on this point I can add my awareness to the puzzle because most people need the new experience to comprehend this ‘free Existence and unburdening / unburdened living together on Earth’ but the new experience is not here yet for them.

Providing people Existence Money (the deepening of a ‘basic income’) assist people / humanity in shifting because then they can go beyond the survival mode.

Our govts are the puppets of the ones who pull the strings… they still refuse to facilitate us in our living together on Earth. The suppression goes on and on. Harold Kaultz Velle reminds us of what the ‘new’ war is: the ‘new’ war is not between countries (never was in fact / nothing changed really) but is between the govts and the people.

So getting authentic pissed off (not aggressive) because of the suppression of our living togetherness still going on is perfectly natural. Its unnatural to devalue the physical body and our living togetherness on Earth. Its perfectly natural to feel pissed off because they keep on going to mess with Earth and all life forms.

From a healed psyche you perceive the world from a totally new paradigm. That’s why you perceive what is needed to transit collectively.

We ‘need’ to facilitate the transition ourselves.

As long as people do not feel the heartfelt longing to simply live together on Earth they will not participate in this ‘way’ until they are shown it can work. That’s how the indoctrinated psyche is programmed. The moment you feel this heartfelt longing in yourself you choose to live this ‘way’.

The question is: are YOU READY to participate.

Are YOU READY to participate?

  • Are you ready to contribute to the Free Existence of your fellow man?
  • Are you ready to stop paying taxes and use this money to contribute to the Free Existence of your fellow man directly?
  • Are you (mentally) ready to stop using the current banking system? And here I am not saying that you should stop using the current banking system since you have to use your bank to pay bills electronically during the transition phase.

Or is all this healing and letting go to much effort for you? Are you too scared to even look into all this?

Providing people with money… enough what they need…

  1. will HELP THEM because they are freed from daily struggle to survive… they have the possibility now to live from the heart;
  2. will NOT HELP at all because they now feel ‘all is well’.

And with option 2… when is anything ever enough for people who still don’t live from the heart? They may feel like all is well… but their conditioned brain will still want more… yes I know… the conditioned brain has the experience of lack and that was / is fact: abundance was / is robbed on earth… so its logic peoples psyche is occupied with lack and shortage…


Now you know there is another choice you can make. And I am sure there is a certain amount of people who grasps it but are suffering due to lack of money. With those I feel deep deep compassion.

And yes of course there are idiots out there who will never get it: I feel no compassion for them anymore. Especially not with those who are informed over and over again but refuse knowingly.

Our living together on Earth ánd Earth is waiting for those who are READY to assist / embed the transition.

Harold Kautz Velle video series (1-4) is in the facebook group ‘We ARE the New Earth‘.

Mystery Schools and Mastering the Solar Cosmic Christ ~ Ascension Integration with Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter discusses Mystery School parallels, the Mastery of the Solar Cosmic Christ, the Corey Goode material, Mount Shasta and more on Healing Conversations with Lauren Galey . For the Ascension Path half-price special visit… For weekly updates and guidance, visit

Bill Ballard ~ Remaining Focused, Navigating Turbulent Energy’s

Bill Ballard

Heads up Peeps….

I’m seeing A LOT of persons getting caught in the linear drama of whats going on right now. Many of them do not real-ize they are playing into it…

They are feeding their own experience as they think about it, and have fear or judgement rather than feeling and flowing with the go. Many of these persons are being more brain (ego) oriented working on deciphering what is unfolding in their own life drama rather than accepting that what they are experiencing is a clearing of that which does not vibrationally resonate.

Because persons are being intellectual and brain centered rather than heart centered and feeling, there is some deep issues coming to the surface for clearing. Whether or not that is seen, addressed and cleared comprehending what we as a collective are going through, well that is up to the individual.

Tonight I have already had to block several persons who did not want to hear the higher levels of whats going on with us all… and these same persons have done the exact same things before. I don’t like to block but that is the final cord cutting as I have individually done the best I can to help these persons, giving them my heart, my time, my comprehension and all I can do… when that doesn’t work…. delete, block as they become nasty…. sorry… I wont put up with that.

We have a MAJOR Solar Filament that will be hitting in the next 12-15 hours and this will rock the socks off the whole of this planet again. Many more will continue this same pattern I am describing above.

For me I am a wave baffle to the negativity…. I hold HIGHER LIGHT and FREQUENCY that these persons cannot yet comprehend… I don’t want to get entangled in the linear drama as my mission is to neutralize that….

I’m sure more of you than not will resonate with what I’m speaking here…

Things are getting ready to get really intense these next days as this next wave hits the collective….

Stay centered… Stay Focused in your Heart….

heart emoticonheart emoticonheart emoticon


Ed. Note: Like Bill, after voicing my feelings on the Paris false flag and the knee jerk reactions received by some people, I’ve had to make some hard choices in who and what I continue to allow into my field of experience. Those of us who agreed to be here during this INTENSE phase of the shift, must remain balanced in a sacred neutral space to fulfill our “soul mission” in assisting the collective thru Earth’s ascension process. It’s important that we remain steadfast in our commitment to a life of Service to Others, and keep our focus set on the Highest Possible outcome. Which also means remaining calm, relaxed and in a state of “non-resistance and allowance”  when outer conditions “appear” overwhelming.


We’re living in a Grand Illusion where the deceptive game of Smoke and Mirrors leads to a spiritual labrynth designed to trap your soul with an endless line of tricksters playing cruel games and issuing deceitful memes. Don’t fall for the traps.

And when you get weary of the game, simply remind yourself…it’s just a ride you and you were one of the first in line to buy a ticket to get you a seat in the first roller coaster car! Hang on friends, we’re almost there…

All my love, Annette

Conscious Explorer ~ Ancient Past Present Task: “The Density of Beliefs” Part 20 ~ ServantOfTruth .org

My New Website: – I invite you

Here is the playlist for this series (20 released so far):…

Thank you for investing your time and watching. I hope you have found it a valuable use of your precious time and gets you up to speed of our reality faster had you not. I consider it an investment into humanity for that.

Anyone that does gain from this work increases awareness for us all in the collective field we all are a part of.

Have the courage to seek out anyone here you feel has wisdom which offers you a greater understanding of our present reality. They do so because that care for humanity and need your support to continue that path….

Seek out and invest in the works of these teachers that you found appealing further. Much, much more is on the internet for each…start by searching their name and allow randomness to enter your reality….

To support the efforts for what may be in their works, in your expression of intent to this world at present. For it maybe your synchronistic contribution that enables some yet to be returned wisdom offered to us all once more. And, not just the teachers here. Anyone you find in your locality. When they may be experiencing challenge for being courageous to follow this path…practice empathy to on that to examine this possibility if you had not stretched those sense muscles….It is probably time to start….

Also see out further parts to this totality of work…..there are more on the way….

Included are:
Andrew Bartzis, Nathalie, Jeffrey Michlove, Ian R Crane, Gregg Braden, Richard Alan Miller, Val Valerian, Lance White Chris Hales

Soft Disclosure Sources:
LucasArts – ‘Empire Strikes Back’, X-Files – Episode Signs and Wonders, Ring of Fire – An Indonesian Odyssey – Part 4. Dream Wanderers of Borneo, NBCs ‘Kings’, Person of Interest

‘Fraud and Falsehood Dread Examination. Truth invites It’ –
Thomas Cooper

Money – The Ultimate Consciousness Pacifier:…

Who am I? Andrew Bartzis on air reading for your discernment (1hr 20min approx):…


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