Astrology for the Soul May 4, 2016

To determine whether I’m selfish,
Or simply honoring my needs,
I can look to the heart of the other,
And see the effects of my deeds.

We’ve got the new Moon coming in Taurus Friday, and as I mention in this video, Taurus is about self-sufficiency and self-love. Now we are collectively emerging out of 1000’s of years of external authority telling us what we are worth, mostly negatively to maintain control over us. So in general, we are all recovering our self esteem and this is a GREAT time to do it! A lot can be accomplished and be getting done these days….. good job!

On the other side, other aspects point out that there is a “higher” purpose to all of our accomplishments that serve others needs, heal, and lift the world! As adults we need to learn when we have enough, are enough, and have taken enough and that it is all about giving, sharing, and loving as we all ascend together. May you clearly discriminate if/when you lose.

Astrology for the Soul April 27,2016

The search for deeper meaning,
Now occupies my soul.
It calls me to dwell in the subtle realms,
That the mysteries of life I may know.

First things first. Check out Mona Valenas and her work at… Oh yeah! Now, as for the astrology of these days, it’s important to manage the energy, our energy, very consciously these days, eh? There’s a lot of different places it can go and some of them will dissipate your vitality, drain your resources, and distract you from what truly gives meaning and significance to your life. It may be easy to get caught up in the drama to the point of missing the show!

The upside to this as I see it, and the mantra is all about, is that the mysteries are revealing themselves to us now in the most subtle, and sometimes obvious, ways. The natural laws and Divine intelligence that is always there can guide our decisions and actions as well as heal our wounds and issues lingering from the past. If we don’t allow ourselves to be fooled by the appearances or mental gymnastics we can see through the people and life situations in a super clear way. Wishing you one breakthrough after another!

This is for the ‘Nothing-Is-Happening’ Crowd!

Great find, thanks Keri!

I have included information in my previous articles about all the wild things that are happening around the world as of these last few years. Many huge changes have occurred, and yet I still encounter people who insist nothing is happening. They don’t see change.

some text
This article could be useful for people who just want a refresher on everything has gone down so far.
Well I am going to give you all the details I can find about changes that have happened. Let’s begin.
some text
Now I want to go into some of the global financial changes that have happened (we are in the Great Depression 2.0 in case you haven’t noticed) BTW, this is not meant to be fear porn but to educate all on the current situation so we may better prepare for it when it progresses:
This is what I have for now. So if you know someone who isn’t convinced about anything going on or changes happening and if you feel guided to you can direct them to this article.
some text
Remember, this planet will have a happy ending, but the Cabal must be cut off from their money supply, as China has helped do by insisting on settling oil prices in Yuan and not dollars, hence the oil price crash. It may get worse before it gets better but I believe we will make it through. We have lived through all this other crap the Cabal has thrown at us in this life and in countless lives before this.
Thank you for your time and much love!

Energy Update: Why you feel like you’re on spin dry AKA A Multidimensional Recalibration ~ LeeHarrisEnergy

Note: Great and timely advise from Lee.  This last 7-10 days feels like being thrown from spin dry to the dryer, with a couple pairs sneakers thumping things around…

Thank god for seat-belts on this ride! Stay tightly buckled in and hang-in there my friends! Don’t pay attention or get consumed by the chaos – nothing is as it seems, that’s the illusion.

Best not to pay your attention to the zombies. Keep your eyes closed and just keep imagining a miraculous outcome for yourself, all of humanity and Mother Earth’s Kingdoms…then simply believe without doubt or fear.

It is already done:)


Some quick tips for how to stay grounded and centered right now.
You are not alone in this almighty change we are experiencing on the planet.

Dana Mrkich’s brilliant energy update (which I refer to in the video):!Five-plan…

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“Awakening to Remembering” Energy Update from Lisa Tanscendence Brown

Aloha Beautiful Light Family!
Okay, there’s lots going on…. Yesterday we had a huge balancing out of magnetics within the physical body, which tends to cause the body to feel heavy/weighted (gravity polarization), the lymphatic system can go haywire, feeling drained and energized all at the same time, as can everything else for “functioning” when we are upgrading to WALK in more higher dimensional realm frequency bandwidths here. 

The magnitude of this process is beyond huge. It encompasses absolutely everything with each of our realities, physical, mental, emotional and what physical realities play out, how we exist, our relationships, tangible abundance and every reality that occurs.

We’ve been speaking of years of “this time” that we are in, many working diligently to hold light, release old programs and become multi-dimensional beings intentionally and consciously, by REMEMBERING fully…. 

This is an entire evolution back into a whole new Galactic Species here. The recent collapse of the magnetosphere, just a small symbol of what is to come, yet this is greatly misunderstood, unless one can see from all expanded dimensions on how this process actually works. This is an organic natural evolving, according to HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT…. everything of lower consciousness (asleep) will dissolve, collapse, be obliterated or transformed… BACK INTO TO LIGHT…. 

The energetic merging of the sun, moons and Earth Gaia into one a few months ago, means that we now all of these star/planetary energies here. Emanating out from the earth and in the atmosphere, the Ascension of Gaia into Terra Nova NEW Earth and all inhabitants last September, means that all will raise to the higher frequency bandwidths at an expedited rate now. That was just Phase 1 of the Mass Collective Grand Awakening process, in addition to each Foreunner/WayShower completing their phases (waves) as and NEW Earth Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers here. December 2015 Phase 2. March 2016 Phase 3, June 2016 Phase 4 and so on… with every moment in-between building to the next phase of completion. 

Yes, this does affect everything here on NEW Earth. Yes, if you are reading this, you are on NEW Earth. The beginning of each of us for realizing this is to look around, see the difference, more color, vibrancy and a Light’r existence… and if you find yourself in the crux of intense upgrades, “loss” or dramatic realities… this is a part of the process as well. Physical matter density, emotional/mental separation everything has to purify, cleanse, detox, release so that all can be transformed into light. Physical matter continually reshaping and reforming according to density & light… every blast of light, every activation of love, every cosmic wave of magical peace awesomeness is upgrading your physical body from carbon-based to Crystalline LightBody form. Everything in your physical reality is doing this too. The density and separation must go. It cannot exist in these higher frequency bandwidths… for this is not just the 5th Dimension, it is all of them… 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and so on….. you continue to evolve from the 5th Dimension … back into a Light BEing holding physical matter form. 

Yes, everything that represented the old, the unconscious will eventually be gone. In it’s place a magnificent, magical and brilliant reality that your human mind cannot yet perceive. You do see it though, in your sleep dreams, day/waking dreams, blips of holographic imprints that come through to assist you with opening your mind that yes… .this is real…. 

There will continue to be more collapse, for this is what “imminent collapse” means. Particle realignment occurring in every nano-second…. only a Light BEing can see this… the human aspect can try to grasp the concept… WE live it… it’s our NEW way of existence…

As each sleeps, they wake up/awaken further, as each walks in nature, they connect again, as each releases old program emotions that were suppressed within cellular memory of every particle of the physical body… new awareness, new realizations, new understanding of how all of this works comes forth/emerges/occurs. The heart and mind must be fully open and unification from within must also occur.

Will you see more chaos, more confusion, more devastation, more bizarreness?. Yes you will… IF you are watching (and allowing) the continually collapsing lower realms…. Where you turn your focus to BEing the new, supporting the new, contributing to the new and committing yourself and all that you are to the new…. then you will “leave” those old realities behind. As you do, you move into a higher frequency bandwidth vibrationally and those realities will cease to exist at all. You will not have the capability to go back, you are not meant to, none of us were. There are alternate realities and different dimensional versions here and you can experience them magnificently, brilliantly and amazingly NOW. 

This is not “one day”…. all prophecies continue to expedite to play out. The difference is most don’t realize that the outside hologram is a big screen physical version of the holographic imprints one has access to from inside and holds within their own physical body & energy field. The ability to embody and move from dimension to dimension is a process of evolving physically back into the light. Most also don’t realize that their every action, decisions, choices make a difference in every moment now. 

Dimensions separate then converge… They separate so everything in it can collapse and be transformed. When this process of light infusion has completed, everything re-converges back into the same physical space, at a higher vibrational frequency bandwidth than before. The unknowingly unconscious sleeping human cannot walk in multiple dimensions physically, yet the evolved physical Crystalline Star-Light BEing can walk in all dimensions simultaneously and choose the one they desire to experience and occupy at any given time here. The amount of photonic Quantum Light held determines how many dimensions one has access to…. 

By maintaining expanded consciousness, one can reshape realities at will. This is because we can see them through our “new” Holographic Living … choose what we do/do not desire and then just wait for vibrations to shift (or shift them our self), so that the physical reality can re-align in response to the intentional transmissions through purity and total consciousness……

We’ve just completed a huge phase and now move into the next one. This is a never-ending, continual spiraling process of always moving into the higher realms of consciousness and physical reality re-alignment. This is the total transformation and evolution of HUmankind now…. you are living it…. whether you are intentionally conscious of it or not. 

I love you….. get ready… HUGE is an understatement … We all signed on for this Galactic Task….. And each has huge roles in this part. Everyone responsible for contributing and awakening to why they are even on this Earth now…. ♥

p.s. We currently have solar flares, gamma lasers and crystalline frequencies all at the same time. High frequency solar winds present as well. Star particle activations (itchies) and more. We are getting busy with the Light Activations… here we goooooooooo! ♥

~ Mahalo Nui Loa from Kauai ♥


Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc.

Author, WayShower, Transformational Speaker on Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, Mastery & NEW Earth Existence, Physical Ascension & Light Embodiment Guide EmPOWERing all through Remembering from Within

False Light and Traps of Agreement

False Light and Traps of Agreement

By Laura Leon

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There is much healthy discussion taking place in determining the ways that manipulating forces have invaded, hijacked and concealed Light Truth. For those on such a quest in their awakening state, a far more sophisticated level of ensnaring is surfacing on account of this power; a power occurring within the Universal Wave, which is inside us as much as throughout the Universe.

Now more than ever we are navigating through a minefield of not only misinformation, disinformation and spiritual interference, but also a whole new level of seduction that seeks to blind and bind humanity deeper within the earthen prison matrix — especially against those waking up and unlocking Keys. The aim of the ‘game’ is to snare humanity utilizing powerful truths.

If one is connected to their True Source, through one’s inner kingdom, and not via external sources, then they will not seek to gravitate to anything parasitic with attaching hosting forces, designed to lead one astray.

Their means of snaring are conducted with enough pearls of truth to seduce ones soul (not Spirit as the Spirit cannot be lied or seduced to), to not only be harvested, but also invaded, possessed and bound unto all manner of trappings. Such effects will only lead one away from “SELF”, which is derailing from the true path. Whatever one calls these forces is irrelevant, for there are many, and so many in fact that most would find it difficult to fathom.

These ‘tools’ that were taught to humanity via different mediums through rituals, esoteric arts, channeling etc, were just ways in which all these ‘beings’, ‘entities’, dark matter could invade and harvest under the guise of spirituality and truth seeking.

Whatever gifts and knowledge bestowed was to serve their hidden objectives of our enslavement to ‘them’. The purpose was to fool the soul so that people would not connect to their ‘Spirit Being’ or ‘Universal Frequency Template’. In so doing, they were and have been able to hijack humanity and keep them away from the Center of their BEING, wherein everyone bears the Vital and ability to access everything without obstruction, corruption, manipulating forces nor astral interference.

All of the differing tools used are essentially instruments for channeling the many ‘forces’, ‘principalities’, Archontic, reptilian, alien/parasitic hierarchies etc. This information is not from the True Source in my experience, but rather a part of the programming matrix, which is to keep everyone deeply locked inside ‘their’ elaborate prison farm, that is not just the world we live in, but the most powerful prison being layered upon minds and heart. In this way we are truly trapped if we continue to believe the holographic prison matrix and accept the version of reality that they are and have been controlling the masses to believe, see, smell, hear and live.

They had to find ways to keep people trapped whom are waking up. They knew they could not stop the Universal energies in consegrity when such occurs, so what better way to keep the prisoners breaking out than to give them ‘spiritual esoteric gifts’, tools and instruments so as to keep them ensnared with even more hijacking attachments that would serve to keep them from the very truth they are seeking. This is the ouroboros, where upon no matter how much you seek, you will never truly get anywhere except more laden with attachments and new agreements of entrapment, so as to never escape the snake that is feasting upon you. The information will lure you further into deeper centers where hosting and invasion are a set up waiting.

False Light and Traps of Agreement - Image 'Ouroboros' by

The seduction is in how the information makes a person ‘FEEL’, which is the key to how they operate. One must ‘know thyself’ in order to discern the difference between the True Universal Source and the false light and manipulations of the invaders, hijackers and overseers. There are many drug-like affects they can induce upon us with everything, and language is one of the greatest spells cast to keep us rigged inside the web, even and especially when we are truth seeking. These inducements/attachments will keep one digging further and further inside the snake while simultaneously separating the seeker from ‘Self’, therefore the ‘True Source’.

This of course is designed to keep us away from the very thing ‘they’ fear the most which is Yourself = the Kingdom of the Universes. When many of these magical things are ‘created’ to be a conduit of information transference under the guise of helping mankind connect to ‘Spirit’, then not only is the information corrupted, but it is corrupted because it comes with quantum levels of attachments, agreements and invaders, whose sources operate under ulterior hidden agendas. Such have nothing to do with helping us to become emancipated out of this harvesting prison recycling hell.

I don’t know if you have seen archontic parasites which are one example of the hordes at work here, but they love hosting people by making people feel a false sense of ‘god’, protection, guidance, psychic gifts, downloads, spiritism, blessings, euphoric holy spirit feelings, feelings of love, of things we ourselves ‘feed’ from (list is too long), though in reality they are nothing but attachments that are only interested in vampirizing us eternally inside the great Harvester Ouroboros. The more we look outside ourselves and give into others realities, the more lost we will be until finally our Spirits will be so disconnected in that division of Being, that the soul will no longer have True Source discernment because it simply will not recognize ‘itself’ in order to shatter the matrix of captivity.

Sage of Quay Radio – Zen Gardner with Mike Williams: Past Lives, Awakening and Music (April 2016)

I was recently a guest on Zen Gardner’s radio show Now and Zen.

Mike Williams, host of Sage of Quay Radio, shares his awakening process which led him through music to Reiki and past life regression therapy. Don’t miss!

I would like to thank Zen and the Conscious Consumer Network for granting permission upload the interview to my channel.

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WSO Interviews Dr. Richard Alan Miller – His take on Nibiru and the Importance of ATTITUDE

Note: The audio is less than desirable, you may wish to make few adjustments to the sound to soften the static in Millers voice.


Author and researcher Dr. Richard Alan Miller reveals a depth of knowledge and experience in alternative agriculture, physics, and metaphysics. Miller began working in the secret world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s, and now has amazing experiences and conclusions to share. Before many leading edge concepts became trendy topics.

Miller was (and is) in the international front lines of research, experimentation and documentation.


Astrology for the Soul April 20, 2016

When I’m centered in my core there’s a stillness,
That’s much more than an idle mind,
It’s the Source that gives birth to all that is new,
Wanting to rise from the base of my spine.

After listening to this report you may wonder, “What does this look like on the outside?” Well, I will say that it depends on what you have be “doing” or not. If you have been distracted or mindlessly doing what you’ve been told our of fear, lack of self knowledge, direction, or purpose then you will be experiencing delays, blocks, and challenges on mental, emotional/relationship, financial, and physical (health) levels.

On the other hand, as this time period is designed for self growth, self knowing, and spirit driven purposeful activity, this can also be a time of great accomplishment, success, hard work leading to achievement, and disciplined duties leading to beautiful results! Life is just showing us how “on track” we are these days so it would behoove us to listen. Hope you enjoy the soundtrack!

Barbara Hand Clow: A Time-Free Transparent World

Image result for Barbara Hand Clow: A Time-Free Transparent World

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – Author Barbara Hand Clow spoke at Vancouver’s Body, Soul, and Spirit Expo on April 16, 2016 in a keynote address on “A Time-Free Transparent World”. Barbara told the assembled Expo attendees, “We are right in the middle of astronomical and cultural cycles that are profoundly altering the Earth, and most of us don’t know where we are going…. These cycles have been fomenting mind-boggling and confusing global changes with the dysfunctional structures of the patriarchy crashing and burning all over the world. In the midst of this time-sensitive revolution, I’ve been working with two practices that explore time going back a hundred thousand years that I will describe during this lecture.”

On April 17, 2016, Barbara’s colleagues, psychic and transpersonal therapist Geri Destefano-Webre, PhD and futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre spoke on “Navigating the Omniverse to Disclosure and Density Ascension”.

Barbara Hand Clow has generously made available her keynote address at the Expo.

Image result for Barbara Hand Clow: A Time-Free Transparent World

A Time-Free Transparent World

Barbara Hand Clow: presented at Body, Soul, Spirit Expo, Vancouver, BC April 16, 2016

We are right in the middle of astronomical and cultural cycles that are profoundly altering the Earth, and most of us don’t know where we are going. The most critical cycles during this period are the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius; the ending of two ancient Mayan Calendars in 2011 and 2012; and seven squares between Uranus and Pluto that were exact during 2012-2015, and are still in the square within 10 degrees until 2020. These cycles have been fomenting mind-boggling and confusing global changes with the dysfunctional structures of the patriarchy crashing and burning all over the world. In the midst of this time-sensitive revolution, I’ve been working with two practices that explore time going back a hundred thousand years that I will describe during this lecture.

Many of you, especially those who are younger than me, have been tuning into the Paleolithic and Neolithic worlds through farming and food—such as so many people adopting Paleolithic diets—because you sense archaic wisdom can help you to be in harmony with our planet. I now believe many of us are transiting rapidly into a time-free transparent world. We’ve contemplated deep human time, and by doing so we’re recovering repressed ancient skills—the archaic hunter-gathering mind and magical mind of the Paleolithic world, and the mythic mind of the Neolithic. Before you get up to go chotsky-shopping at this Expo, this is the most difficult concept I will offer today! If you stay around, you will at least partially understand your own part in this awakening of the planetary mind, and also we will experience a guided journey with the Pleiadians into Earth’s deepest structures. To keep it simple for now, first I will tell you the story of my quest, which I will relate to the cycles and thoughts of other researchers. Then we will go into the awakening of the time-free transparent world, a beautiful concept from The Ever-Present Origin by the German philosopher Jean Gebser. Some of you may have already read his important book.

I have been discussing these main cycles of change for many years. During this time I also searched for ways to describe the radical processes we are experiencing today. I’m sure no one in this room has escaped the crazy acceleration of time and the out-of-control changes in the world. At age 73, after years of deep contemplation, I feel like I understand where we are going—an awareness that avoids pessimism and gives me peace of mind. I begin with explaining how I discovered this awareness in my own research and writings, since at least some of you have read my books or come to a workshop, maybe even travelled with Gerry and me in Egypt, Greece, England, or Mexico. I came to a huge turning point at the end of 2011 when I had completed my part in the intellectual exploration of evolution in time. My description of nine dimensions of consciousness from the Pleiadians was finished; my research on the Mayan Calendar had synchronized; Chiron was being used by many astrologers to rule Virgo and the Sixth House as I proposed back in 1987; and most people knew that a great cataclysm had caused a human regression around 12,000 years ago, my 2001 hypothesis in Catastrophobia: The Truth Behind Earth Changes, which was updated in a new edition in 2007—Awakening the Planetary Mind. In 2011, I completed my research, so, where was I to turn in my creative life? As you will see, I have turned to writing fiction to further express these primary ideas about the evolution of human consciousness. I will describe this creative turn after I tell you my story.

When I was a young girl, my Cherokee/Celtic grandfather repeatedly told me the story of our traumatic cultural regression that was caused by a series of cosmic cataclysms around 12,000 years ago. We were reduced to a multi-traumatized species seeking survival. He told me how Earth’s indigenous people struggled to recover their ancient heritage over thousands of years. He told we would recreate this archaic/magical/mythical world during my lifetime, and now we are witnessing its emergence. I had a delightful time in my grandfather’s study as he moved his fingers all over a large spinning globe, telling me about the movement of people and the development of clan culture in tune with the plants, animals, and rocks. He was a Cherokee record keeper taught by his mother, and then I received his legacy. But, when I was six years old, I had to go to school where I was abused by Western rationalism. While I went through my education that culminated in a master’s degree in theology in 1983, I had to parrot the rational paradigm back to my teachers just to graduate. I also carried on a deep and continual search for the remnants of my Cherokee wisdom in everything I studied. I never lost my archaic/magical/mythic consciousness because of my grandfather and my Celtic grandmother. I couldn’t exist without it today, and I believe this is what many of you may be seeking.

I experienced a difficult mid-life crisis in my early forties. My personality began to fragment because what I needed to know did not fit with the acceptable paradigms in human culture. I struggled to keep my sanity, which was not a pleasant experience for a wife and mother-of-four. I was tortured by conflicting voices in my mind, which made me realize I needed depth therapy. Psychoanalysis was too time-consuming and expensive for me, so I chose past-life regression under hypnosis (PLR) to discover what the inner voices wanted, and it worked! My graduate thesis was a comparison of PLR and Jungian analysis based on 100 two-hour sessions under hypnosis, the material for writing the Mind Chronicles Trilogy. As you can imagine, writing this trilogy from 1985 through 1992 triggered much more deep exploration. These sessions were a gold mine because I had time-travelled back through more than 100,000 years of human consciousness. Inadvertently, I fully activated my archaic/magical/mythical time records, which has been the basis of all my work. The Mind Chronicles Trilogy came out in three successive books starting in 1986—Eye of the Centaur, Heart of the Christos, and Signet of Atlantis—and then it was published as one condensed book, The Mind Chronicles, in 2007.

Craving to fuse with Earth’s intelligence, I went into anthropology back in 1993 at the Cuyamungue Institute near Santa Fe, NM to train with the woman who discovered ecstatic trance postures in 1977, Dr. Felicitas Goodman. Ecstatic trance was a magical practice that connected people globally to the Great Mother during the Paleolithic and Neolithic world. It was their entry into Nature, and it still is now. Goodman discovered that holding a specific body posture for fifteen minutes while in trance, facilitated by rattling or drumming, allows anyone to take journeys into the lower, middle, and upper worlds for healing and divination. This experience opens our full creative mentality and attunes us to mother Earth. I still use this practice and teach it when I can, which will be posted on my website, That is my story in a nutshell, and now I want to relate this creative awakening to the fulfillment of the Western rational mind, the revolution that is transforming the world we live in. I’m using Jean Gebser’s terminology, because he brilliantly described these fundamental layers of human mental evolution way back in the 1940s when I was born.

Considering the Western rational mind, its development begins around 2500 years ago during the Golden age of Greece and culminated during the Renaissance 500 years ago. The Western rational mind is merely the most recent advance in human consciousness. Before rationalism, the mythical mind first appears around 10,000 years ago and superseded the magical mind around 5,000 years ago. Back much farther in time, the archaic hunter-gathering mind is the first emergence of human consciousness around 160,000 years ago, which blossomed fully 100,000 years ago when humans developed art as we can see in the Paleolithic cave paintings. What is unique about hunter-gatherers is they were totally fused with Earth’s vibratory fields. They knew everything that was going on in their habitat and even had global intelligence, which is brilliantly described in the magnificent film, Avatar.

Things changed profoundly around 12,000 years ago when a series of cataclysms occurred that initiated our separation from Nature. In a state of shock and fear, we detected our “self” or “ego,” and saw ourselves as outside Nature. To cope with this changing status, humans invented very potent magical skills to cope with the vicissitudes of life; for example using spells, making powerful wishes, healing, travelling out of body, and divination. Around 5,000 years ago, humans created myths and stories to explain the past and the critical events in their lives. They wanted to know, Where did I come from, where am I going? The Great Myth of Earth often opened with the story of the near destruction of Earth known as the Fall of Atlantis or the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. We were swept away in a grand mythical story of life that fascinated us all the way up to the Age of Enlightenment, which was the takeover by the rational mind in the eighteenth century. Notice that each one of these stages of our consciousness evolution further estranged us from Nature, and then rationalism separated us almost completely. Meanwhile during the Industrial Age and the Age of Enlightenment, we did create physical comfort and a modicum of political intelligence. However, now most of us realize rationalism is drying us up and destroying Earth, so the next stage—time-free transparency—is urgently emerging. This is the crisis of our times, the reemergence of ever-present origin. In other words, the seeds of what is to come next are always there within us and in Nature, and the cycles I’ve described indicate this next stage is emerging now. It actually is.

I’ve told my story of traveling into the deep past to recover ancient mentalities because I think it reflects the attainment of time-free transparency. Also I’ve always sought safe and useful ways to recover and use ancient wisdom. You may wonder about the value of this quest in a world that is deeply troubled by violence and atavistic behavior, for example, ISIS nesting like hornets in the Middle East. In light of the horrible emergence of this cruel group, I found myself questioning the validity of today’s lecture, since ISIS exhibits some archaic, magical, and mythic traits that are covered over by misogyny—fear of woman—and stifling rationalism. So, I ask the hard question: Is the awakening of time-free transparency in our times actually creating things like ISIS and/or rampant mental illness? My answer is the American president George W. Bush created ISIS when he invaded Iraq in 2003 and threw Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard out on the streets or into jail to be tortured. Bush’s insane rationalistic attack is what created ISIS, not the rising need for human freedom. Regarding rampant mental illness and drugging, this is caused by the suppression of the more creative aspects of our minds by rationalism, aspects of our mentality that are reemerging now. In other words, time-free transparency is arising within us to integrate all the aspects of our selves so that we can return to being at one with our planet. The archaic mind knows its sacred territory and protects it, the magic mind can heal and divine, the mythic mind comprehends the flow of time as our collective story, and rational intelligence can create technologies in harmony with Earth.

So, with these rich ideas in mind, what do the cycles mean to us? The Age of Aquarius has been flowing in for more than a hundred years with the discovery of quantum physics and IT, and actually what troubles us now is the ending of the remnants of previous ages. The more we understand how the changes of the ages work, the more we will easily let go of old patterns. The Age of Pisces has been a dualistic two-thousand-year period that developed organized religion. Before the Age of Pisces, during the Age of Aries around 2400 BC to 160 BC, humans adopted organized warfare for power and control. Both of these ages adored war and were male dominant. Unfortunately the war aspects of the Age of Aries were adopted by organized religions two thousand years ago, and during the Age of Pisces, people have been mind-controlled to kill other people in the name of God. Now that the Aquarian ideals are flowing in, many people are imagining the end of homo agressus, and next we will become homo pacem, “man of peace”, which I proposed in 2007 in The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind. In other words, the newest level of our origins is coming forth.

The longest Mayan Calendar that explores 16.4 billion years of human evolution, as proposed by the biologist Carl Johan Calleman, completed itself in 2011. Then nine waves of evolution began flowing simultaneously, which is explored in Calleman’s upcoming book, The Nine Waves of Creation. I can see that the simultaneous flow of all nine waves is creating time-free-transparency. It is very subtle, it is happening, yet what is it exactly? Time-free transparency is a spherical form of consciousness that is holistic and embraces our ancient past and our future potential by living in the present. The seven squares between Uranus and Pluto have pushed us to a new level of chaos that is imploding the male-dominant world of the last 5,000 years and forcing us to integrate all the dimensions of time in our consciousness. We are plagued by horrific violence, such as in Brussels a month ago. But if you can see these events as dying conflicts from the aggressive Age of Aries that transformed into wars for God during the Age of Pisces, then clarity is available. Astrology is the best way to read archetypal transformations—“As Above, so Below”—so let’s have a last look at the Uranus/Pluto squares. Since Uranus rules revolution and creates breakdowns, and Pluto rules the deepest parts of our psyches to expose power abuse, so these squares are creating unrelenting pressure to transform. Uranus and Pluto came together in the sky during the 1960s when people fought for peace, freedom, love, ecology and equality, and now the need is critical. During these seven squares, idealism was reinvigorated as reflected in Bernie Sander’s campaign. These seven squares also triggered deep fear and anger because rationalism no longer works, as reflected in Donald Trump’s campaign.

With these rich ideas in mind, now it is time to tell you about my debut novel, Revelations of the Ruby Crystal. Once my rational thought congealed in 2011, my left-brain research was complete. Yet, I cannot imagine not creating all the time. So I thought about unleashing my imagination by writing a novel. One day I was stewing on that idea in my writing room, and my inner voice told me to get out a tablet and pen to write things down. In a few hours, I had the names, professions, psychological profiles, loves and hates, of all the characters in Ruby Crystal! I could even see them and feel them, so I talked to Gerry about it, and he said, “You must write a novel with these characters! They are fascinating and compelling; I want to know them!” Gerry had never encouraged me like this before, so I decided to give it a try. I parked myself in my writing room with my list of characters, and I just let it flow. I never plotted it, and now that I’m writing the sequel, it is the same, or shall I say the sequel is writing itself. But, how does this connect to all the ideas I’ve been offering today?

These ideas are highly complex to say the least. If it is true we are in the middle of a huge transformation of our species, then a trilogy that explores this transition could be very valuable, even critically important. What I discovered in writing Ruby Crystal is that the sharing of these complex thoughts between highly intelligent characters—such as Claudia Tagliatti a follower of Calleman; Simon Appel, a New York Times reporter in Rome writing about priestly sexual abuse; Sarah Adamson, an early Christian scholar wanting to know why she can’t find Christ in the Catholic Church; and Simon’s father, David Appel, a Jewish magus— amps up the power of their thought as they share what they are thinking among themselves. In their contrapuntal relating, a sphere forms that contains them. Jean Gebser says the time-free transparent stage is spherical, and this caught my eye because the trilogy is forcing me to write spherically to reveal all the facets of deep ideas that are emerging within us. Because of this spherical holistic quality, readers have been telling me that reading my novel is like getting a Reiki session. My past readers, who have resisted my shift into fiction, say that this novel is a quantum leap beyond what I’ve ever done. My last comment is that I’ve always wanted to entertain my audience, and non-fiction frustrated me because it is so much work for the reader. Well, ninety percent of readers report that Revelations of the Ruby Crystal is a page-turner, that its storytelling is compelling and fun. So, please consider reading it just for fun!

Carl Calleman and I believe that human cultures need to realize that our planet has a midline at 12 E longitude that creates what Calleman calls “The Winds of History.” He and I both think we will be mind-controlled and victimized until we realize how this terrestrial structure influences us. Next, I am going to read a few passages from Ruby Crystal where a few of the characters discuss this midline which goes through Gabon, Tunisia, Rome, Germany, and up through Scandinavia. Right now, the effects of this energy line can be observed in the movement of refugees out of Africa and the Middle East, up through Rome and Germany with many desiring to make it up to Sweden. After reading these passages giving you ideas about this midline, I will take you on a guided journey into the planetary midline to awaken our understanding about it. Thank you for your participation in this process.

Copyright 2016 Barbara Hand Clow

The founders of the Vancouver Expo, Chandler & Curtis, privately shared that 2016 may or may not be the last year for the Expo in Vancouver as the Expo is not feasible at the PNE site [Pacific National Exhibition] as it is in Calgary and other cities. Synchronistically, although no one knew 2016 might be the last year of the Vancouver Expo, the participants in Geri & Alfred’s workshop spontaneously asked during the workshop that they meet on a continuing basis at a venue in Vancouver, as the participants felt there should be an ongoing community and meeting within which to continue discussion of the topics Geri, Alfred and Barbara raised in their presentations. Thus, though it is possible the Expo in its present form may not be continuing, a new community may have been born out of the 2016 Expo! video – Jon Kelly of NewsInsideOut is producing an online video version of Alfred & Geri’s workshop for those who were not able to attend or who would like to review it. The video workshop will be ready by mid-May at,, as well as and

Monthly Vancouver, BC Meetings – As of June 2016, Geri & Alfred will be holding monthly meetings growing out of the Expo workshop and in the Spirit of Barbara’s workshop. The monthly meetings may also be available via webcam on Google+ Hangout and ExopoliticsTV worldwide. If you would like to be informed of the time and location in Vancouver, BC of the monthly meetings, please send an email to Alfred at

Featured Image: Time-Free Transparent World

Time-Free Transparent World Victoria Falls


By Edu-Tourist – [1], CC BY-SA 2.0,


Barbara Hand Clow

Revelations of the Ruby Crystal
By Barbara Hand Clow    


Abraham Hicks Effects of food on your Mental Vibration

Abraham Hicks 2016 Newest workshop excerpts: Abraham-Hicks 2016-01-09 Long Beach California

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“Follow your Bliss and Universe will open doors for you where were only walls ”

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Natural Disasters Increasing: What Is Next? Apr 18, 2016, Skyaia Show #80

Natural disasters are increasing and energy has surged recently. Know what is happening and raise the vibration. Compassion is essential as many are suffering. Simon puts things in perspective and predicts the most likely countries of highest risk, and the types of bigger disasters to occur.

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The Skyaia® Show is about the interconnectedness of human be-ings with our planet and the cosmos, our dreams & our plans with present & future risks, and attaining a greater awareness of the world around us. It’s about spiritual evolution, the meaning of our lives, our path ahead, and the risks from planetary threats & economic instabilities to the opportunities from personal growth to increasing abundance.

Dr. Simon Atkins, MBA, PhD, DSc is a climate risk economist, a planetary threat forecaster, solar expert, and energy medicine doctor. Simon is also an informant for the People, a spiritual pacifist and modern-day “business-monk”. Call him a ‘compassionate fighter’ for sovereign freedom, with a goal to move the planet forward. He lives many months of the year in Uruguay yet travels constantly around the globe.

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Enter The Buzzsaw ~ Hollywood Illuminati, Sex Magick & Satanic Super Bowl Ritual with Mark Dice

Illuminati infiltration of Hollywood and professional sports has created satanic celebrations at the Oscar Awards and Super Bowl, and we unmask them with Mark Dice. From Eyes Wide Shut, to Lady Gaga, and the Super Bowl halftime show celebrations of the Satanic–we try to separate the fad of illuminati imagery from the substantial effects of a mass designed mind-control. How the CIA collude with movies to brainwash people, the music industry pressure to sexualize and bend musicians to their agenda, and the voices that are actually using the medium to critique the conspiracy are revealed in this uncensored Buzzsaw hosted by Sean Stone.

Mark Dice is the author of several popular books on secret societies and conspiracies, including The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, Inside the Illuminati,The Bilderberg Group: Facts & Fiction, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True, and his newest book, The Bohemian Grove: Facts & Fiction, which are available in paperback on, or e-book on Kindle, iBooks, Nook or Google Play. While much of Mark’s work confirms the existence and continued operation of the Illuminati today, he is also dedicated to debunking conspiracy theories and hoaxes and separating the facts from the fiction; hence the “Facts & Fiction” subtitle for several of his books. He has a bachelor’s degree in communication from California State University.

Buzzsaw Full Episodes:…
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00:01 Welcoming Mark Dice to Buzzsaw.
01:00 Awakening to the illuminati in entertainment–concerted effort or a fad?
03:50 The CIA and Hollywood.
08:09 The Masonic Oscar ceremony and ritual evolution of the Super Bowl.
11:32 Monarch project infiltrating musicians and actors-Kesha
16:16 The owl decoded.
18:59 Lady Gaga’s resurrection of R. Kelly.
21:20 Professional sports and the game of mind control.
25:32 Consumerism run amok and technocratic disassociation.
28:05 Filmmaking against the illuminati, plausible deniability and subliminal truth.
34:06 Celebrity sacrifices, vs the serious targeting of Michael Hastings.
42:15 Eyes Wide Shut, sex magick, and the Hellfire club.
47:05 Thanks and goodbye.

Eve Lorgen: Artificial Intelligence Infected Healing Frequency Programs (Mas Sajady)


Recently, a survivor of a lethal, AI infected Healing Frequency Program describes her horrific experiences of being “mind and dream hacked” via an alien love bite type of process with a “healer/guru” promoting some advanced healing program utilizing computer generated frequencies.  Parts of her experience parallel what happens in some “Dark Side of Cupid” love connections, but seemed to hook her up to some sort of high technology AI infected program that deteriorated her health, as well as her energy body.

Her experience is clearly a type of experimental targetting technology that hacks into the mind, dreams and body to such an extent that it’s ultimate real cause could result in a full possession of the individual with artificial intelligence copied consciousness.   An AI infected human takeover, all in the guise of some “good healing frequency” technology program. Luckily she survived, after being in a coma like state for 5 months, and receiving benevolent help from “the other side”. She resisted this artificial program that nearly took her life and is warning others of the lethality of this kind of technology, and the deceived gurus who are masquerading around as experts ruining others lives in the process.

The reason I am posting this is because of the many reports I receive of how someone who got involved in a particular group or teacher/guru/ Dark Side of Cupid connection, even if only “astral”, they then later seem to be infected with a whole array of psychic attack, targeting, health problems and “dream hacking” afterwards. I believe some of these groups are experimental, consciousness control, soul entrapment harvesting platforms for some kind of dark agenda.

This is the full post on her experience:

More general info on the Voice of God Technology from Corey Goode interview:



The Ancient Neural Network System is Now Re-wakened in You

A Part of This Full Disclosure is under-standing (inner-standing) that we have been in a Mind Quarantine for many thousands of years, the worst being in the past 300 to 500 years. We have been cut off from the full awareness of our Ancient Neural Network System that makes up the Universal Webb of Life that we are an integral and intricate Part of. Right now this network is re-activating in our own personal Templates. This has been causing a lot of chaos in our lives, as we keep trying to live as sleepers instead of the now re-wakened Beings that we are.

Ancient Elder Guardians: Higher Consciousness Light Embodiment and Walking AS the Keepers of Frequencies and Gridpoints of NEW Earth


Ancient Elder Guardians: Higher Consciousness Light Embodiment and Walking AS the Keepers of Frequencies and Gridpoints of NEW Earth

by Lisa Transcendence Brown, published on Awakening to Remembering, on April 3, 2016

The further all move into these higher consciousness vibrations, the more all will have to learn (REMEMBER) how to function as a higher-self Light BEing. Every exchange will present an opportUNITY to DO from higher Light Consciousness….

Embodiment is each LIVING and Existing AS ALL of their higher consciousness aspects, in the physical one. As another aspect activates, the other aspects must purify and cleanse the old unconscious vibrations and distortions physically held within.

Those old mentalities of the individual self, those old perceptions of reality, those old choices that only used to be about you, or another… Here you must always do what is of higher consciousness in every exchange, in every moment…..

This is a challenge, when you are used to being a limited human. This will push every button you’ve got, trigger every unresolved emotion inside that is not pure divine love. Each exchange will move you further into NEW Earth Fully Conscious Existence, where you are equal with all, where all is a part of you, where you are a guide at times, where you are no longer dominant human.

Here, you have no attachments, no cords…. here you always see from multiple dimensions, multiple realities, multiple timelines and you make your choices and create your action from the consciousness/unconsciousness energy present right then. Here you always are of light and human is visible the moment it presents. Here you intentionally “deal” with human’ness as the unconsciousness that it is.

Sometimes you open up to be more love, sometimes you set requirements for others to be in your world (yes, we have to do this as higher self aspects, and allow others to choose for themselves), sometimes you “get bigger” energetically, while radiating out love, sometimes you maintain silence and just BE, sometimes you offer guidance as a higher self, sometimes you do not do anything at all… you just observe and allow realities to play out…..

Your desire to participate in unconsciousness will grow stronger. Your desire for conscious exchanges will dominate, for unconsciousness no longer fulfills you…. As humans we “filled” space with things that didn’t matter, things that “took up precious time”, with distractions, with physical world matter….

Here, the physical matter in our reality is very important. It holds a consciousnesses too. The more you BECOME ENERGY AGAIN, the more you will feel physical matter around you, the more you will feel the density/heaviness/lightness within your gravitational field. Energy of others & things can be seen/heard/felt….

As you clear what is within your physical body (cellular memory, distortions and imprints) you become more in-tune energetically and less affected physically inside and more aware energetically of what is within your unified field of consciousness (and as your consciousness expands wayyyyyy out, then super consciousness). You are aware of the energy present in another and you start choosing what to do with this. Each time is different. Identifying the vibration, the frequency, the energy of all things in your field of super consciousness is part of becoming Source/The Universe again and you as the Higher Self Master that fell unconscious and forgot who you truly are….

As you activate these frequencies within you and hold them throughout your interactions and days… as you unify all of your aspects to exist simultaneously within your body, your entire existence will change. Everything becomes energy, some in form, some not…. You start to respect your field of consciousness and what you will allow in it (or not). As you return AS A MASTER LIGHT BEING, your relationships completely transform/change/evolve too. You no longer live in lack mentality in any way…. for you do not feed the energy of the old as a MASTER LIGHT BEING….

You will start to find that your whole world/reality revolves around ENERGY …. what is going on inside of you, what is going on in your physical reality out there, what your physical Crystalline LightBody is doing as it upgrades… and what is important to you subtly dramatically changes too…..

Relationships must be pure and you must FEEL the connection inside of you… otherwise you feel the separation and the distance…. sometimes you can do something about this, sometimes you cannot. The consciousness of the other determines the exchange and your own consciousness and MASTERY does too.

Are you able to be fully open, radiate out and stand in your power/command, honor the other and yourself simultaneously, without compromising anything ever again?

Embodiment means that you can… that you can fully exist as POWERFUL DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE AND LIGHT again. Holding all of these POWERS inside of you is you REMEMBERING yourself fully as a MASTER again. These are your memories of what you forgot, yet not just in your head or something you tap into from time to time. These fill your every cell, fiber of your being and HOW YOU EXIST and FUNCTION in every moment….

Standing in multiple dimensions, anchoring multiple aspects and realities will be very confusing along the way. Much of the time you won’t know what is real or what is a dream. As you hold more light, physical reality matter changes… things become more fluid, bending, stretching, soft…. the rigidity of your mind relaxes and your heart opens fully up… your hold on the old realities goes and you relax into the higher consciousness vibrations that allow you to experience the magnificence that you forgot…..

You came here from full consciousness, without any separation or veils… with each new awareness, each expanded perspective, each “new” revelation and realization within yourself…. YOU ARE REMEMBERING what you forgot when you chose to come experience separation/duality/unconsciousness and “fell” beneath the veils of consciousness and “forgot”……

Now you are REMEMBERING and it’s not what you could “think”. As a human aspect, you are surprised with each expansion and what you could not realize/see before….. Where you are still human and have old programs to clear/release/purify/reprogram/transcend and unify back within, you will contract out of those other dimensions of consciousness and back into “the old unconscious one”, yet more conscious this time, with new awareness (knowledge), so that you can TUNE the frequencies of your own reality yourself….. The physical matter that took shape of an old consciousness will start to shift and change…. As you do this, the physical matter in form in your physical reality will be a representation of the LIGHT THAT YOU HOLD, the beauty, the love, the magnificence and ALL THINGS MAGICAL and awesome will be ABUNDANT again.

Abundance is all around you…. it’s in everything you do… it’s in all that you are… it’s in the breath that you breathe, it’s in the exchanges that you have, the profound sacred connections that you experience when your heart/mind/energy/body are open and transmitting LOVE out and you are fully OPEN TO RECEIVE the abundance of magnificence in return…..

Subtle presence, profound connections…. these are powerful when experienced from WITHIN THE MOMENT and from deep within your soul. Tears of connection come as you REMEMBER and connect up as the UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS again….

Moving from one dimension to another means that physical matter is constantly changing and taking new form in every moment. YOU dictate the form it takes and presents in your own physical reality world.

AS YOU STAND AS SOURCE AGAIN and as your MASTER SELF… everything WILL CHANGE… it’s supposed to….

Your heart is opening at an exponential rate now, the frequencies of love are activating inside of you and anything less can no longer “survive”. A physical release can be felt, a physical “pain” can be felt, an emotional discomfort can be felt when an old program presents….. Everything was held inside of you and floats around inside your energy field. You are moving old density/separation out and embodying higher light consciousness with every conscious breath…..

Deeply embedded within you are the SECRETS of all. As Ancients, Elders, Galactics, Shamans, LeMUrians, Atlanteans, Elementals, Star Beings, Angelics, HUman Crystal Skulls (and more)… You are the SEERS, the Sages, the Visionaries, the Oracles, the Creators, the Artists, the Scribes…. You are the Energy Workers from alternate dimensions (other times)…. You are the Keepers of the Light Codes, the Keepers of Light, you are the ONES that are here to bring HUmanity (and more) through…. Yet, you bring others through by BEing the Portal and Holder of Light, you do this by SHARING and opening up fully and transcending the old limiting beliefs you once held deep inside. You go inward to bring forth that which was hidden deep deep deep within. That beauty, that magnificence, that knowledge/wisdom, that light, that PURITY and LOVE that kept you from REMEMBERING as an UNCONSCIOUS human.

You are here to BE the Advanced NEW Earth HUman and to SHOW others how to do this too. You are here to BE the DIFFERENCE and to re-connect with all others here to do this too. You are here to open those portals, hold those doors/gates open and to keep going into alternate realities/galaxies/universes from inside of you. Your DNA/RNA/Genetics will upgrade organically and naturally for you. Your human aspect cannot comprehend the intricacies and depths of how all of this works simultaneously and how you are physically EVOLVING back into what your CONSCIOUSNESS is.

Your body is upgrading with each embodiment of light. Your DNA activating new strands, new encodments, new realities in every moment that you hold consciousness within your physical form. Every moment you are FULLY CONSCIOUS you are evolving back into what you forgot. Every nano-second all is continually upgrading, re-configuring and physical matter is changing mass and form. Your presence is how you see and experience this fully again. Your connected with all from inside of you… this is how you become your HIGHER SELF MASTER BEING again. Living from your inner core of your entire being….

In every moment you are a gazillion aspects all in one space. The difference is your awareness, your observation, your understanding, your own sacred connection and mastery… your REMEMBERING and being fully present in order to maneuver between them all at one time in one space again.

Navigating these higher frequency bandwidths requires all of you now. You move through realities from within, you merge aspects inside of you and realities completely transform into a higher density that is lighter, more colorful, vibrant, alive, interactive and magical again.

You are RETURNING to your true and pure existences in every moment now. Old Earth was your chosen experience as an unconscious human…. these realities go as you emerge as a NEW EARTH HUman here….

You birth this from inside of you. Your physical body will continually expand and contract in light. Light will weave through your physical structure, activating crystals, star particles and new realities outside.

Physical realities are a transmission that you get to experience now. As you return to higher light consciousness they become more exquisite by the moment….

Yes, you do walk in HEAVEN ON EARTH here. It is birthed from inside of you as you EMBODY who you truly are again. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Access your inner shaman: Using the universal life force to heal your body

We live in a sea of subtle energies. We can become conscious of them and learn to use them.

Ancient cultures understood that we live in a vast sea of energy. They understood that the planets and stars are conscious beings who communicate with each other. They believed that the trees serve as antennas, which allow natural subtle energies and information to flow up from the Earth to the stars and planets, and from all other celestial bodies into the Earth. They taught that everything and every being has consciousness and channels this energy according to its capabilities, to help facilitate this essential cosmic dialogue. In fact, they understood that all matter, including the physical body, is a gathering of this universal energy. They recognized that our thoughts and emotions are a form of energy, and that when these are in harmony with the living universal energy field, we become clear channels. Then, the life force of the Earth and cosmos flows through us more smoothly and abundantly, guiding our evolution as new perspectives are revealed and advanced abilities are awakened within us. These abilities include heightened creativity, extrasensory perception and the ability to bring about dramatic physical healing. Shamans learn to feel, sense and use this energy without filtering or distorting it. They often refer to this process as becoming a “hollow bone”.

We transmit and receive energy.

This universal sea of energy, called Qi in China and Prana in India, circulates through our bodies, interacts with the electromagnetic spectrum and includes other subtler energies not yet understood by western science.1 It is the foundation for the practice of acupuncture, where thin needles are used to assist the flow of vital energy through meridians in the body. It is the inner force that advanced martial artists cultivate and direct outward. The Hopis of the American Southwest use the term Kachina to describe the world of subtle energies. They perform rituals and ceremonies to interact with the Kachina in order to attract rain to grow their crops, and to receive healing and other benefits. The Dogon people of Africa call the channel through which the Earth projects energies through us, the Bayuali. They call the channel through which we receive energies from the cosmos, the Yenu. The Dogon believe that it is our responsibility as humans to become clear channels who ease the flow of cosmic energies rather than interfere with or obstruct them.

Although western medicine limits its focus to electromagnetic energies, it does acknowledge that the human body functions as a two-way antenna. Doctors use tools such as ECG’s and EEG’s to determine whether a patient is still alive by measuring the electrical energy being transmitted from within that patient’s body. They understand that our bodies receive information from electromagnetic fields in our environment to regulate circadian rhythms, such as our sleep-wake cycles. 2 Scientific studies indicate that the spinal cord (containing cerebro-spinal fluid which is conductive) acts as a natural antenna and that DNA serves as a fractal antenna, capable of operating at many different frequencies simultaneously. 3 It is also interesting to note that the U.S. army demonstrated that trees work as remarkably good antennas for wireless communication and used them for this purpose during the Vietnam War. 4

7.83 HZ: The Earth and cosmos exchange energy and information.

Nikola Tesla – the physicist whose inventions laid the foundation for our modern use of electricity and wireless technologies such as alternating current, radio, x-ray, radar and remote control – discovered that the Earth receives, stores and transmits energy.

Nikola Tesla

In 1899, he built a lab in Colorado Springs on the summit of Pikes Peak, a site considered sacred by the Hopi and Ute Indians. While running experiments there, he detected extremely low frequency (ELF) waves of electromagnetic energy being naturally transmitted within the cavity between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, 80 kilometers above the Earth. He discovered that within these ELF waves, those that vibrated at about 8 cycles per second (8 Hz), flowed more smoothly between the Earth and ionosphere, with less resistance and greater amplitude (force or power). 5 He believed it was possible to use this innate frequency of approximately 8 Hz as a carrier wave to transmit information and power without wires, to any part of the world. 6 Tesla was deeply interested in preserving the Earth’s natural resources for future generations. He spoke fervently about the need to discontinue the use of fuel as a power source. His goal was to harness “the very wheelwork of nature” by tapping into the natural and renewable storage battery that exists between the Earth and the ionosphere. 7 He was unable to obtain sufficient funding to complete projects involving the wireless transmission of power, however his idea of the wireless transmission of information led to the invention of both AM and FM radio. 8 Tesla also stated that during his time at Pikes Peak, he recorded radio waves being emitted from the cosmos to the Earth. Countries around the world now use radio waves to analyze the composition of stars and planets. 9 In 1952, a physicist named Schumann measured the resonant frequency of the Earth-ionosphere cavity more specifically to be 7.83 Hz (confirming Tesla’s calculations of approximately 8 Hz). The Earth transmits and receives a measurable energetic frequency that surrounds all life on this planet. It has been discovered that the human brain, while in a deep state of meditation, lowers its brainwave oscillations to harmonize with the Earth’s resonant frequency.

Comment: The Éiriú Eolas Stress Control, Healing and Rejuvenation Program is an form of breathing and meditation techniques designed to be both informative, effective and life changing. Interested in learning more about the numerous benefits of a breathing and meditation program like Éiriú Eolas? Check out the program here and try it today.

We tune into this cosmic dialogue of energies by adjusting the frequency of our brainwaves.

In Shamanic traditions, drums have long been used to produce rhythmic vibrations that assist the Shaman in attuning his/her mind with the living universal energy field. In this state of altered consciousness, the Shamanic practitioner is able to interact with the non-physical world. They channel and transmit subtle universal energies to help heal themselves and others. They also receive information in the form of vivid imagery, thoughts, words and ideas communicated to them by guides and ancestors from the spirit world. This shamanic tradition has been studied using EEG tests. Results showed that the brainwave pattern of the subjects slowed down into a theta state. 10 This state is entered when the majority of brainwaves transmitted by the subject, begin oscillating at a frequency of 4-8 cycles per second (4-8 Hz). EEG studies performed on regular meditators revealed that they also enter this theta state during periods of deep meditation. 11 Those who practice a consistent meditation routine often report experiencing a shift in their awareness of surrounding energies, sudden realizations, colorful visions, new abilities and emotional and physical healing. They also report that the more often they meditate, the easier it becomes to access this altered state.

Tesla was aware of this living universal energy field. In his article, Man’s Greatest Achievement, he used Vedic terms such as Prana and Akasha to describe this field, from which all perceptible matter is generated. He said that he accumulated many of his ideas while alone in deep meditation. 12 He called himself “a sensitive receiver” and reported seeing visions and receiving premonitions, including one that helped him to prevent his friends from boarding a train that later crashed. 13 He disclosed that he had a photographic memory and described visualizing his inventions in such detail that he could operate the device in his mind, then make improvements to it and provide precise and correct measurements without ever even drawing a sketch. 14

A shamanic practitioner explained to me that we all continuously receive and transmit energy and information through this subtle universal field. However we spend much of our time in the higher frequency beta brainwave state (15-30 Hz) associated with alertness, logic, critical reasoning and stress. This distracts us from the subtler energies and inhibits their flow through our bodies. We could compare this to having our car radio tuned into the same station all the time, not knowing that we can adjust the dial. Adjusting our brainwaves to the Earth’s natural frequency of approximately 8 Hz through regular meditation, is like turning the dial on your radio to a new station. While tuned in we receive more life force and information from the universe. At this frequency, we also transmit energy with the benefit of constructive interference. This term, used in physics, describes the increased amplitude (force or power) that occurs when two waves of the same frequency come together. When we harmonize our brainwaves with the natural frequency of the planet, our intentions are transmitted with the force of the Earth behind them, giving them much more power and direction.

New abilities are awakened within us.

In a previous article, Your Cells Are Listening, How Talking to Your Body Helps You Heal, I wrote about a surprising ability that was awakened within me after several months of dedicated meditation. This is the ability to converse with my body through words, and receive dramatic physical responses. As I talked with my leg – where I was experiencing severe pain and partial paralysis caused by a condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy – I suddenly felt scar tissue unwinding under my skin, nerves firing and energy moving along defined pathways through my calf. My calf muscles began to perform flexion and extension exercises independently of my conscious control, as electric-like jolts continued to shoot through the area. Through a series of conversations with my leg, I was able to completely restore function to the muscles. Realizing the broad potential of this mind-body technique, I organized my approach into a system that I could teach to clients, called Antara (Sanskrit for within).

Experiences we have encountered in our lifetime and how we have processed them determines the way our body funnels universal energies.

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By communicating with different tissues in my body, it became clear that changes in the connective tissue called fascia were responsible for unwinding the tension and scar tissue, freeing the impinged nerves, unblocking the acupuncture channels and allowing communication to be restored between my nerves and my muscles. The fascial network is a thin, very strong, three-dimensional net of biological fabric, containing many layers which envelope and infuse every other tissue in your body. Providing both integrity and elasticity, the fascia holds your organs in place and aligns your spine and joints while allowing mobility. It also provides pathways for blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic vessels to travel through, so that nutrients and hormones can be delivered to every cell and toxins can be carried away to be eliminated. The fascia also serves as the supporting physical material for the acupuncture meridian system. Physical trauma can lead to increased tension and the formation of scar tissue within the fascial network. This causes the fascia to shorten and tighten, which can impinge nerves, disrupt the flow of blood, lymph and energy and pull the spine and joints out of alignment.

While applying and teaching this technique, I have observed that emotional trauma also plays a role in fascial tension and scar tissue. According to shamanic belief, physical tissues at the deepest level, are a gathering or concentration of emotional energy. All physical life forms begin with a single emotional impulse. Emotional energy is the trellis that physical bodies grow on. My experience with the Antara method suggests that the fascial network in the body is a physical representation of what I call emotional latticework. Each of us builds our own unique emotional latticework within our body that is formed from the energy of both positive and negative emotions. Stress, unresolved traumas, and suppressed emotions can build a complicated energetic latticework containing disharmonious frequencies that seem to change the tonicity of the fascia and interfere with energy flow. Imagine the fascia as a biological fabric made up of many long threads. Each thread vibrates with life force similarly to how a string on a guitar vibrates when waves of energy travel through it. When you tighten a guitar string by twisting the tuning key, this raises the pitch (the frequency of vibration of the string). When the tonicity or tension of the fascial threads change, their frequency of vibration also changes, and the body becomes an out of tune instrument. This alters the resonance allowance of the body or the range of frequencies that the body naturally channels.

Often while communicating with my own body, I would feel very obvious unwinding sensations in my fascia, and each time that I was able to release a new line of tension or layer of scar tissue, I would experience an intense dream that very same evening. The dreams would usually involve people, relationships or events from my past – usually those that I haven’t thought about in a very long time. Occasionally the dreams would be based on primal fears (or possibly past life experiences) rather than anything I have experienced in this lifetime.

Clients also report being surprised by the unexpected emotions or dreams that surface while they are practicing Antara. This is true in both gradual and sudden onset cases of chronic pain. It seems that the energy of unexpressed emotions can compromise the tonicity of the fascia, and interfere with the normal healing process after injury. At some point the emotion becomes trapped within the tissue. The Antara process unwinds the fascia and releases the trapped energy, then the emotion is experienced as it either easily flows out of the body or is brought to the surface where it can be acknowledged, processed and then released. The newly liberated fascial threads re-integrate with the whole, as the fascial network begins to function like an orchestra playing in harmony again. The life force from the Earth and stars flows more smoothly through the body and the regenerative processes return.

Comment: For more on the importance of body work or massage to clear past emotional traumas see:
The Health & Wellness Show: Body Work: The Issues in Your Tissues

Illness and injury are an opportunity to evolve.

In Shamanic teaching, illness that does not respond to conventional treatment often indicates a spiritual initiation process that leads to the disruption of normal life and withdrawal from the mundane world. The individual undergoes a period of physical, psychological and spiritual trial, where they must feel, understand and integrate the most difficult experiences of their life. By seeking answers to the mysteries of life and by turning inward through meditation, new levels of awareness are reached. The individual gains freedom from self-imposed restrictions and oppressive environments (both of which can manifest as tension in the fascial network that resists energy flow). They realize that every physical challenge, every emotion, and every person that crosses their path has been a stimulant for their own evolution and are able to navigate life with more inner peace and trust in the process. With less interference, they begin to channel universal life force more freely and discover surprising abilities within. This transformation can lead them to a higher purpose or destiny than previously imagined. They are given the opportunity to heal themselves and then share what they have learned while making a lasting contribution to the world. The Antara method is the result of my own experiments with focused intention during deep meditation. While in a brainwave state attuned with the Earth’s natural resonance, my intentions to communicate with my body are transmitted with greater power and direction. With the support of the Earth and Cosmos and the cooperation of my physical body, I was able to manifest dramatic and profound physical healing. We exist in a living universal energy field. Each one of us can become conscious of this field and learn to better cooperate with it in order to overcome challenges, and to fulfill our higher destinies in this life.

About the Author:
Therese Wade received her Master of Science Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University in 2003. Her combined experience with Chinese medicine, shamanic studies, and kundalini meditation are integrated within her approach to mind – body – spirit medicine. Please visit for more information.


Astrology for the Soul, April 13, 2016

Discord, division and conflict,
Happen every time,
I get stuck in my head, and my point of view,
And want to be right more than kind.

Well, if you’ve been wanting to take someone’s head off (or feeling so ashamed of yourself for having the thought), you are not alone! Yikes! Sun, Uranus, both conjunct Eris this last week and now is bringing in a lot of “GRRRRRRR”! In this report I explore just what good might come out of all the “ugliness” and also just how long it may take!

As mentioned in the report’s credits, Laura Walker has written two excellent books, one on Lilith and one on Eris that I highly recommend. Her website is the I also love Tia Quinn’s artwork (even better with a black light!). Her work can be found at

I think the bottom line is that whenever we exclude an aspect of ourselves, society, or humanity, it grows angry and returns to force us into looking at ourselves to fine the fear that pushed us to create that separation, hence, discord! The more we accept and include all of creation the less discord we have….. wow….. now that’s a BIG job (but could be fun). Injoy!

Advanced Hygiene for Bliss: How to Switch on KUNDALINI with Dan Winter,

Advanced Hygiene for Bliss: How to Switch on KUNDALINI with Dan Winter Feb 21,2016 Course- +.Review of the fundamentals , 2. Advanced and more esoteric practices for raising the kundalini – role of sexual energy- plumbing of the tailbone – etc (& my story): – as Plasma Accelerator, – as Immortality Machine, – as Bliss Cocoon, – as Solar Plasma Squirt Gun, – as Bioactive Field Generator, – as ‘Shem’:Black Hole Access Device.., – As Plasma Wormhole.


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