This very well done documentary explores the possibility that reptoids, better known as reptilian-humans that have been living here on Earth for as long, if not longer than human’s have.  I highly recommend taking the time to watch,  it’s 3hrs long so you may have to break it up if time constraints are an issue. It’s well worth the time since much of our “hidden” history’s now coming forth, the video also confirms what many scholars are now saying that humans are a genetically seeded race initially created by the Annunaki to be a slave race.

The Hollow Earth theory is also addressed and supported with some of the best photographs I’ve seen that clearly show images of a hole at the north pole taken by Apollo 11 in 1969. For most of this decade NASA has been airbrushing images of both the North and South pole so that everything above the 80 degree mark

There are 22 parts in 8-10 minute segments, Part 1/22 is posted below and to view part 2 you can click on the thumbnail videos at the end of the video or click on the upper left hand corner of the video screen to go to the YouTube page and watch the remaining segments there. Enjoy! ~A~}


This documentary explores the phenomenon of the “Reptilians” from a different point of view than most. The film makers attempt to bring forth the most compelling evidence for the existence of the “serpent race” in an organized and serious manner. It seems the idea of Reptilians or other worldly themes within the “truth movement” is a dividing point for some people. PPFRC tries to examine this subject completely and unbiased in one of the most thorough studies ever conducted. Are these entities known as Reptilians or Reptoids actually real? It is up to you to decide!