Merkaba like Crop Circle: Target Wood, nr Badbury Rings, Dorset. Reported 16th June

Note: Slightly different than typical merkaba, it has a Tree of Life overlay)

Map Ref: ST9474403832


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Thrive Movement ~ Crop Circles: Messages in the Fields (video)

Thousands of extraordinary geometric patterns have appeared in crop fields in more than 50 countries throughout the world. The crops are not cut or broken, but are laid flat, sometimes six inches above the ground, and swirled into a precise and exquisite pattern. These astonishing formations are referred to as crop circles.

This clip from THRIVE includes a visual collage of some of the patterns to help give a sense of the magnitude and sophistication of these circles, and to inspire others to consider the implications. As described in THRIVE, we believe the suppression of the UFO phenomena—including the official denial of non-human made crop circles—goes hand in hand with the suppression of revolutionary new energy technologies that threaten to undercut the trillion-dollar profits still to be made from the current fossil fuel and nuclear based economy.

How are off-world beings getting here? Clearly they’re not dependent on fossil fuels, which means there is a way to obsolete that technology and the economy built on it.

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Susan Joy Rennison: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Revolution Pt. 1-11

Once again, to understand the changes manifesting in our reality and the earth changes currently unfolding, it’s imperative to know what’s taking place in our DNA due to incoming cosmic energies and other forms of space weather bombarding the planet, as well as the solar system. Earth exists in a virtual cosmic soup of space anomalies that are transforming all life on the planet, yet very few people are aware of the massive changes taking place because the scientific community at large appears to be in denial or are suppressing the evidence.

In the video below, Susan Joy Rennison walks us through a masterful slide show presentation of in-depth space weather and scientific data covering the following topics:

Weird Space Weather, Ether, Mayan Elders, Cosmic Energies, Space Mysteries, Killer Electrons, Gamma-Ray Bursts, Energies from Deep Space, Magnatars, Upgrade of Humanity, Space-Time Anomalies, Earthquakes, Shifting Into Higher Energy, Clash of 2 Magnetic Fields, Plasma Manifestation of the World Tree, HAARP, EISCAT, X-Men, Crop Circles, Evolutionary Bomb, Metaphysics, Synesthesia, Near Death Experience, Intuition, Brain Rewired, One out of Twenty Three, Raising Kundalini Chi Energy, Rapid Evolutionary Process, Plasma Phenomena, Plasma Mythology, Intelligence Supervising Everything in the Universe, Universal Intelligence, Jose Arguelles, Rainbow Bridge, 2012, Plasma Phenomena, UFOs, “Plasma Entities”. Alien Ancestors Returning? Organic SpaceDust, Earthlights, fire balls, Global Mass UFO Sightings, Balls of Light, Orbs, Orb Beings, Crop Template or Crop Circle Communications, increase of Cosmic Rays, Effects on Sub-Atomic Level, Ormus, White Powder Gold. &

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BREAKING NEWS : NSA releases 29 messages from space (via Ray Alex Website)


BREAKING NEWS : NSA releases 29 messages from space By the release of this Key Code document, NSA actually confess that they do have both knowledge and contact with extraterrestrials. This is a fantastic document, and it also gives you and me a bit of the code key to work with. NSA have Released 29 messages from outer space? Wednesday, 27 April 2011 First French UFO files, then the British UFO files, the FBI Vault and recently the Kennedy disclosure. And now files from the prominent US security ag … Read More

via Ray Alex Website

A Message from the Pleidian Alaje

his is the second video series I’ve come across from Alaje, his messages are produced with love, wisdom and healing energy. In July 2010 he took a group of people to Stonehonege for energy work and this is the last video in a 13pt series where he talks about that visit and the importance of living our lives in an energetic state of the cosmic love energy. If this short video resonates with you, the you will really enjoy the entire movie…in this video he talks about the cosmic energy behind crop circles