Fascism in America and the GOP’s Right-Wing

My conservative friends and readers, please tell me how these people represent a fair and democratic America? Tell me where in the constitution corporations rights usurp that of the people.  Why is you are blind to the fact that these TeaParty and Republican candidates are the proverbial wolf in lambs clothing? I would really like an answer to that.

Can you not see they are fascists, plain and simple. Before you answer that, if you don’t know what fascism is look it up – Hitler and Mussolini were fascists.  Seriously now, if you don’t understand the “ism’s” and what fascism is, or have forgotten please study political science for a refresher because fascism is the road  where the Repulicons and Teabaggers are taking us. This is a very dangerous situation. And I’m not being mean, I’m just stating a fact that seems to escape a lot of people on the right, people who have fallen for the emotional talking points the right wing media has used to propagandize conservatives followers for over 30 years now.

I’m really only trying to bring people together under one  progressive banner, for the best interest of the working and middle class. Not the wealthy, fascist corporations who own the entire conservative party and many of the Democrats too.

Once again, please listen to Norman Goldman and also go to his website for the four point plan to save America. He’s trying to bring everyone together under the same party, even if it means creating a new political party. Also Randi Rhodes helps so many people understand whats happening and I hear it everyday when people call in to thank her for being on the side of the working people, the same people who are my readers.

Look the truth is that we all really want the same things in life, but the Republicans have spent 30 years dividing us by calling us names and denigrating anyone who cared about people or the environment. They turned us into something evil and bad, when it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Dividing America was the plan when the right wing launched the Fox News media empire in conjunction with Murdoch, America’s #1 brainwashing machine. Divide and conquer, the oldest game in the world.

Research has shown that people who get their news from Fox media are the least informed segment of society, because Fox constantly lies and distorts the facts. Besides its not news, it’s entertainment thrown in with editorializing current events. The news doesn’t take sides, it only states the facts.

And no Mitt, corporations are not people and were not recognized under the constitution as people – only by fascist Supreme Court Judges. Please, if you don’t understand what these terms mean then study fascism we’re already there and need to be brought back under a democracy. These candidates the Republicon party are offering up surely aren’t the answer, they are puppets for the corporate ruling elite who don’t want to pay their fair share. These people are waging class warfare on the middle class in an attempt to destroy the social safety net, and they successfully created a whole new class of people who are poverty stricken after eight years of Bush. And now they want to cut all benefits to people who need them the most and then steal the last traunches of money left to steal – Social Security, Medicare and Pension Funds.

I guess the corporate elite weren’t happy after the crash in 2008 when there weren’t long lines of people waiting to get bread rations and that things didn’t look as bad as they did in the Great Depression because of the social safety net created by FDR. So now they want to destroy it so when they crash the economy again, they will have a whole new class of desperate serfs willing to work for $5 a day and they can have a  third world nation full of cheap labor. With people so desperate they will have to send their children 5 yrs and older to work to help pay the bills.

Why do you think they’re eliminating child labor laws in some states? Yep, in Georgia children 6-11 yrs are now having to work the fields picking blueberry’s because their racist governor ran off all the immigrant farm workers. You have to wonder if that wasn’t the plan. Oh yeah, almost forgot that in Washington state 6-11yr old children are working the fields picking strawberry’s!  And they’re perfect for the job because they have small hands and can get to the berrys easier. If you need a source, I heard that on the Mike Malloy show – someone who’s actually honest because he comes from the old school of integrity, which seems to be non-existent on the right nowadays.

Folks this is not about budgeting, if they seriously wanted to balance the budget they would RAISE REVENUES by making corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share with a little “tax fairness” instead of doing it off the backs of the poor and middle class. They would also close corporate loop holes and tax corporations for off shoring jobs, companies that are sitting on trillions of dollars in profits and can afford to pay their fair share!! And anyone who believes the propaganda from right wing that says anything different is F’**KING BRAINWASHED, SELF SERVING AND UN-AMERICAN!! I’m sorry but you’re misinformed by people who are paid millions of dollars a year to lie to you, so please stop listening to right wing, mainstream media!

Stop drinking the koolaid and wake up to the fact that the only people who are really telling the truth anymore are Comedy Central’s John Stewart and Steven Colbert, the Progressive talk radio hosts and the alternative news on the internet.  Mass media is not where you find truth anymore.

I spent way more time on this than originally intended, but my conservative readers have their knickers in a twist because I keep posting information about what’s going on with the right wing.  Well, it’s the dangerous ugly truth that’s destroying this country and as a truthseeker I call the shots as I see them.

No decision made in hate or fear is EVER a good one, and everything the GOP’s right wing stands for is hate for Obama and anyone on the left. So much so that in 2.5 years they have refused to vote on one single bill that would have helped Americans get out of this mess and they vowed not to do anything to help Obama/America because that would hurt their chances of winning the 2012 election! Where’s the jobs bill now that they took over Congress? Nowhere in sight.

How can people who hate government ever be expected to do a good job at governing and why would you hire someone who hates the job they’re applying for? Think about it. And how can anyone vote for a party that has done nothing but try to destroy this country since 2000? They set this country running off a cliff and handed it to Obama in 2008, then only months later as America was crashing they went “See, he did it….wahhhh it’s Obama’s fault!!?  What fucking liars. That soooo pisses me off that you people are so blind you can’t even see the game, or are you on electric koolaid or what? My God wake up and stop voting against your own best interests.

Rick Perry Says Social Security and Medicare Are Unconstitutional

And you would vote for these people, total complete fascists? Why that’s about as un-American as it gets. You really do need a refresher course in politics because you’re all way off course, especially if you can’t see that Obama is more Republican than he is a Democrat in his policy making decisions. That’s what has us Progressives upset – there’s no one representing the needs of the people, just the corporate elite.
Look I love you guys and really appreciate everyone’s support here, we all need to be on the same page and stop the decisiveness and name calling. I’m guilty where it comes to RepubliCON because I’m calling out the politicians for being CON men/women since every single one of them are lying and shilling for the corporations, they could care less about you or the welfare of the people who vote them in. They’re shilling for money and you I don’t have that kind of money  so we can go to hell as far as they are concerned.
You haven’t been exposed to people who tell the truth or explain how government really works behind the scenes and the games that are played to push laws through. Even if you don’t agree with Randi Rhodes on everything most people really learn a lot from her about how things work in DC, she provides facts and backs up everything she says with information on her homework page that you can follow up on for your self. Don’t just sit there believing everything you hear, you have to do the mental gymnastics and research what’s happening for yourself.
Learn about ALEC and the Koch Brothers control of the Teabagger and Republicon party’s. Because these people are lying to you and do not have your best interests at heart – you can take that statement to the bank. Once again, below we have the wolf in the lambs clothing getting ready for the slaughter.

Romney Defends Raising Retirement Age To Protect Corporate Tax Breaks: ‘Corporations Are People, My Friend’

By Ian Millhiser on Aug 11, 2011 at 12:51 pm

Mitt Romney Thinks These Are People

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) just completed a damaging campaign stop in Iowawhere audience members responded angrily to his plans, and Romney frequently responded belligerently to their anger. In one of the most contentious exchanges, Romney defended his belief that we “should consider a higher retirement age” for Social Security and Medicare to preserve tax breaks for corporations:

ROMNEY: There’s various ways of [preserving Social Security and Medicare’s solvency]. One is we could raise taxes on people. That’s not the way . . .

AUDIENCE: Corporations! Corporations!

ROMNEY: Corporations are people, my friend.

AUDIENCE: No they’re not.

ROMNEY: Of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people. Where do you think it goes?

AUDIENCE: It goes into your pocket!

ROMNEY: Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People’s pockets. Human beings, my friend.

Watch it:

Romney’s antagonists are right that corporate money flows right into Romney’s pockets. Indeed, Romney has taken more money from corporate and other lobbyists than all the other GOP candidates put together, and this will likely only be the beginning for Romney if he becomes the GOP nominee.

Ever since the Supreme Court revealed that it shares Romney’s inability to distinguish between corporations and actual human beings, corporations have lined up to buy GOP victories in elections across the country. After Citizens United, conservative secret donors outspent progressives 8 to 1 in the 2010 election cycle.

So Romney has good reason to favor tax breaks for corporations over maintaining the current Medicare and Social Security retirement age — corporate America is doing a whole lot more to line his pockets than America’s seniors ever will.



Americans must choose while they still can

If you understand the meaning of the last paragraph, then you will probably agree that American’s live in an armed madhouse. The Republicons have set it up so regardless what Obama does, he can’t win and in turn they’ve been sabotaging America in this way since 2008, then turning right around and blaming Obama for it.

How can anyone ever in good conscious vote for right wing politicians who are intentionally and purposefully destroying this country, people who have proven time and again they lie every time they open their mouths and can’t be trusted? Because they listen to people like Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity who take sport in watching American’s suffer, watching this hate game they created destroy lives from coast to coast. These people are paid corporate shills who make millions of dollars lying to Americans, for the very same corporate interests turning the US into a third world country. Wake up, the LimBecks and air heads at Fox fake news are lying to you and laughing all the way to the bank.

Please understand I’m not attacking right wing voters who are misinformed,  my degree is in broadcasting and my first professional position 20 years ago was at a talk news radio station, so I understand how media works. I understand where it came from and how mass media news deteriorated into the pathetic state it’s in today, my only intention is to help people understand the insanity taking place in media and politics.  The two are strange bedfellows which I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to understand how both arena’s operate so as to pass the knowledge on to you.

But, I am attacking the leadership of the GOP and their masters: The banks, transnational corporations and military industrial complex who they answer to. Nothing in the constitution mentions these entities, so why are they neglecting best interests of their own constituents in favor of these crooks?

Americans must choose while they still can

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The right wing complains constantly about the Welfare State and there is a kernel of truthiness in what they’re saying. Two dollars of every ten that makes up the average American’s income is some form of government benefit be it unemployment, social security, food stamps or disability payments. The fact is that after 30 years of falling wages and the theft of middle class wealth there are simply a large number of the formally middle class around (also know as poor people).

The percentage of income that comes from government benefits would be far less if incomes reflected real productivity as well there would be a smaller need for benefits if Americans received their due for their work. But as the super rich receive an ever larger portion of the national income they don’t use their money to “create jobs” but rather to buy up assets and take them out of production. Efficiency of scale means less people making good wages and moving into the roles of the working poor. Jobs that are outsourced contribute nothing to our economy and reduce the money available to pay those who do work.

Then there are people like Mitt Romney that simply crate up factories and ship them to China. In fact the few large-scale steel construction projects that are being built in the US are being fabricated in China and shipped here to be installed by Chinese workers on American soil. The American officials authorizing these projects don’t have much choice as even if they could get away with politically or legally having a “buy American” policy there simply are no large American steel companies that they can buy from.

The next big emerging problem is that with no real economic recovery we have no choice but to keep providing money to the large segment of newly poor Americans or face the economic consequences. Funding for extended unemployment will stop December 31 and a couple of million people will fall from being merely poor to desperately poor. Throw in the cuts Republicans want to make to other programs as well as to the government payroll and this will cause the economy to go right off the cliff in 2012.

Obama appears to be beating the Republicans over the debt ceiling but he can’t defy gravity and the Republicans have already pushed the country off the cliff. We’re just standing in mid-air like a cartoon coyote and at the end of the year we will have no choice but to look down. Already people who could spend money aren’t because of uncertainty. I don’t mean corporate uncertainty, they are certain about what they are doing, except for retailers corporate profits are at all time highs and their bank accounts are incredibly fat. I mean the real creators of jobs, people who buy things. Everybody from the welfare recipient who simply doesn’t have money to spend to the middle aged person who heard Obama say he might agree to raise the age of Medicare still higher and simply stops spending money out of fear he won‘t be able to pay the doctor.

But is Obama the Coyote or the Road Runner? The day of reckoning is now pegged at August 2nd and Obama said today that the benefit checks like Social Security and for payments for Veterans that are due the very next day WILL NOT  be forth coming without an agreement. The hard math is that 44% of the current budget authorized by Congress comes from borrowed money. The popular lie in the corporate media is that money comes from China but I’ve yet to see a Government check payable in Yuans, the borrowed money really comes from rich Americans and their corporations who pay no taxes.

Obama must, according to the 14th Amendment pay the debts of the United States “without question” so that means 50% of the spending of the non-debt obligations authorized by Congress cannot be met without further borrowing. Obama could take the 14th Amendment that to mean he must “spend” the money authorized by Congress and ignore the debt ceiling but he seems to take the meaning to be he must now choose what debt obligations to meet and what people to leave destitute.

If Obama were to meet the debt payments and the entitlement obligations of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the alike, then the rest of the Government would cease to function. Soldiers, FBI agents, Border Patrol, CDC doctors, VA personnel and the like will go without pay for awhile but at some point reality must hit home. Mitch McConnell says no deal is possible with the current President of the United States. He must seriously believe that the government will simply live off the land like Sherman’s Army for the next 18 months? Will they loot and pillage towns selected by zip code in a lottery? I personally prefer singling out red states for utter devastation.

In fact Republican Senate Minority Leader McConnell has a uniquely political solution that tops anything Republicans have come up with so far. He would support a resolution that authorizes Obama to raise the debt ceiling unilaterally so that Congress plays no role in it and technically condemns it. Obama will uphold the Constitution, carry out the will of Congress, save The Republic and the world economy but Republicans will condemn him for it in the very authorization do the deed. Only in a madhouse, or in America, or are the two that the same thing? Americans must choose while they still can. www.prairie2.com