4MIN News February 8, 2013

Published on Feb 8, 2013

Important Video: http://youtu.be/_yy3YJBOw_o

Ship Trail Pollution: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD…
Japan Quake Record: http://phys.org/news/2013-02-illumina…
Solar Wind Charge Exchange: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/technology…
Mysterious Gel/Animal Deaths: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/envi…
Nemo: http://www.weather.com/video/weekend-…
Tsunami Damage: http://www.weather.com/news/australia…

An Unlikely but Relevant Risk: The Solar Killshot: http://youtu.be/X0KJ_dxp170

22 7.0+ earthquakes next 12 months. why ice melts. Holy Smokes lol

Here’s internet “Oracle” Scott from BUG with a nice little illustration on glacier melt and another classic earth changes rant. He’s right, I’ve been watching Indonesia sink for almost two years, when they say it’s flooding they’re lying or at least absolutely clueless that the island is slowly submerging. Need proof?

Go to Google Sky and zoom in real close on Indonesia’s coastlines, what you will find are villages that have already submerged. You can very clearly see the sunken roads, and the remnants of what used to be. The waters are very close to the Jakarta Int’l airport…Scott may be a wee bit out there for some, but he’s no dummy…quite the opposite. Post Glacial Rebound Effect (PGRE) is very real and it’s changing the face of our planet, more on PGRE in the links below. There’s also a link for Islands Sinking under the Earth Changes category on the right.

Published on Feb 6, 2013

Post-Glacial Rebound Effect with Scott Owen (2010)
Predicted Record # 20 7.0+ Earthquakes Right NZ Japan Chile + look out New Ice Melt 2012 wow
Nuked Radio #68 BUG: “The earth is speaking; they cant hide it anymore”
Islands Sinking official PNG &Santa cruz Post Glacial Rebound Effect

3MIN News February 6, 2013: 8.0 Santa Cruz, Electroquake Recap, Solar Eruption

Published on Feb 6, 2013

Important Video: http://youtu.be/_yy3YJBOw_o

An Unlikely but Relevant Risk: The Solar Killshot: http://youtu.be/X0KJ_dxp170

Earth reeling from nine major earthquakes, striking in 5 days

SC 4
February 2, 2013EARTH – An earthquake of magnitude 6.7 struck off the coast of the Solomon Islands (Santa Cruz) in the Pacific Ocean, the U.S. Geological Survey said on Friday. The quake was later downgraded by the USGS to a 6.3 magnitude event. The depth of the quake was 10 km (6.2 miles) and the epicenter was 68 km southwest of Lata. The quake hit at 9:16 a.m. local time on Saturday. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not immediately issue any alerts on its website. This quake was underscored by an even  stronger 6.9 magnitude earthquake that just struck the Hokkaido region of East Japan on February 2nd. This is the ninth major earthquake to strike the planet in the last five days. The present cluster of earthquakes began with a 6.0 event in Eastern Kazakhstan on January 28th, following a full moon on January 27, 2013. Perhaps, it may not be readily apparent to most that our planet appears to now be inching towards the spectrum of some major cataclysmic event. This approaching black swan occurrence is characterized by the gradual escalation of geological activity of a violent seismic and volcanic nature. 44 volcanic eruptive events have already been recorded for the month of January; where there was only 77 chronicled for the entire year of 2012. The on-going volcanic activity in Kamchatka also provides compelling testament that massive changes are now taking place within the planet’s interior. No less than 4 volcanoes on the Far Eastern peninsula of Kamchatka are erupting simultaneous, though all the volcanoes lie in relative close proximity to each other (with a 110 km radius). Even more interesting, the magma flow fueling each volcanic system appears to emanting from a separate magma source. However, what’s even more disconcerting is the fact that  Plosky Tolbachik volcano awakened from 40 years of dormancy and is now ejecting massive rivers of lava across the landscape of Kamchatka. Russian scientists attest this is the first time rivers of lava have ever flowed from one of the Kamchatka volcanoes during the Holocene period. Large-scale protracted effusive eruptions, such as these, are generally fueled by a deep magma source. Most originate from a magma plume from deep inside the planet’s crust. Both of the planet’s volcanoes, which have had large effusive eruptions in the past, Kileaua (Hawaii) and Mount Etna (Italy) both lie over magma plumes- Kamchatka’s Plosky Tolbchik volcano does not. Kamchatka peninsula, which has a total land mass that is slightly larger than Germany, is one of the most active parts of the infamous “Ring of Fire,” the zone of volcanic and seismic activity that encircles the Pacific Ocean. Three tectonic plates — the North American Plate, the Okhotsk Plate, and the Pacific Plate — collide beneath Kamchatka, with the peninsula’s coastal range boasting 30 active volcanoes. The crust is thinning here, and is becoming more fractured, as seismic stresses increase.

SC 3

Ominous change in the South Pacific: The Santa Cruz seismic swarms are unfolding against an even more complex geological backdrop. Consequently, the effects of this massive seismic upheaval signals ominous change for the entire Pacific basin. To the west, the Indo-Australian plate is breaking up, after the largest strike-slip earthquakes ever recorded, struck off the coast of Indonesia in April of 2012. The Solomon Sea Plate, to the east, is an oceanic crustal plate remnant, which is disappearing into two subduction zones, one to its north, the other on its southwest margin. Its southeast margin runs along the Woodlark Rise, undefined compressive zone, which may be a transform fault marking the boundary with the adjoining Woodlark Plate. The northern subduction zone is located where the Solomon Plate is diving below the South Bismarck Plate to the northwest and the Pacific Plate to the northeast. The northwest part of the subduction zone is called the New Britain Subduction Zone. New Britain in Papua New Guinea is the volcanic island formed from this collision and resulting volcanism. The southwestern subduction zone is where the Solomon Pate is diving below the Indo-Australian Plate. According to scientists, the Indo-Australian plate may in the process of breaking up, and this heightened activity around the Santa Cruz Islands is placing additional pressures on a tectonic plate, already exhibiting strains of fracturing. We should continue to watch the region of Indonesia for massive changes to come, including very large-scale volcanic eruptions. Nearly all of the planet’s current 15 tectonic plates, and in some cases, sub-plates and volcanic arcs are heavily stressed by the recent violent mobility of tectonic plates shaken by earthquakes. I’ve never quite seen a pattern this fraught with potential hazards or as heavily laden with seismic tension. The planet is now experiencing a major geological crisis, and it’s showing some indication of worsening. –The Extinction Protocol
Croatian scientist warns about high number of quakes in 2012


Sinkhole methane explosion possible says sheriff

Published on Feb 3, 2013

Assumption Parish Sheriff Michael J. Waguespack, was interviewed about the unprecedented Bayou Corne event unfolding in South Louisiana’s swamp land… (dated Nov.4, 2012)

WEBSITE: examiner.com
By: Deborah Dupre









Sinkhole BUBBLING sites map (pdf file) link:

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3MIN News February 1, 2013: Quake Watch Update, Solar Magnetics

Published on Feb 1, 2013

The Change: http://youtu.be/_yy3YJBOw_o

An Unlikely but Relevant Risk: The Solar Killshot: http://youtu.be/X0KJ_dxp170

GONG Coronal Hole MagMap: http://gong.nso.edu/data/magmap/fmodel_movie.html
Moscow Neutron Monitor: http://helios.izmiran.rssi.ru/cosray/Images/now.gif
Hail in India: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2271147/Nine-people-killed-freak-hail…


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So Until Jan. 29th 2013

Published on Jan 29, 2013

Signs Of Change is back with a new episode after a week layoff due to my channel being closed for a few days. Extreme flooding, earthquakes, loud booms and much more has taking place the past week or so. For more on ufos strange and extreme weather or end times events go to or subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching and stay safe!

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15 Signs That The Ring Of Fire Is Waking Up As We Head Into 2013

By Michael, on December 18th, 2012

Ring Of Fire

While most of the world has been focused on other things, the Ring of Fire has been quietly waking up.  Over the past couple of months, there has been a steady string of noteworthy volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that have occurred along the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean.  But because none of them have happened near a highly populated area, we really haven’t heard much about them in the news.  But if activity along the Ring of Fire continues to increase, it is inevitable that a major event will happen near a major city at some point.  When that happens, the entire world will be focused on the Ring of Fire once again.  Most people don’t realize that approximately 90 percent of all earthquakes and approximately 75 percent of all volcanic eruptions occur along the Ring of Fire.  The entire west coast of the United States sits along the Ring of Fire and a massive network of faults runs underneath California, Oregon and Washington.  Fortunately, the west coast has not experienced any devastating seismic events in recent years, but scientists assure us that will change at some point.  So it is important to sit up and take notice when there are reports of increasing activity along the Ring of Fire.

Unfortunately, most Americans cannot even tell you what the Ring of Fire is.  The following is how Wikipedia defines the “Ring of Fire”…

The Pacific Ring of Fire (or sometimes just the Ring of Fire) is an area where large numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. In a 40,000 km (25,000 mi) horseshoe shape, it is associated with a nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs, and volcanic belts and/or plate movements.

It runs roughly along the rim of the Pacific Ocean.  Coastal residents of four different continents realize that a major event along the Ring of Fire could fundamentally change their lives in a single moment.

Nearly all of the worst earthquakes in modern history have occurred along the Ring of Fire.  When the Ring of Fire is very active, it is a very big deal.  That is why so many people are alarmed that the Ring of Fire seems to be entering a period of increased activity.

The following are 15 signs that the Ring of Fire is waking up as we head into 2013…

#1 Mount Lokon, which is located in Indonesia, has erupted more than 800 times since July.  On Monday, volcanic ash from the volcano reached heights of up to 10,000 feet.

#2 An “orange alert” had been issued for towns and villages near the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador.  On Tuesday it erupted and shot lava up to a half mile above its crater.

#3 Lava is still flowing out of the Tolbachik volcano which is located on the Kamchatka Peninsula.  Anyone that has ever played the board game “Risk” knows where Kamchatka is located.

#4 Lava also continues to flow and ash also continues to rise from the Fuego volcano in Guatemala.

#5 On Tuesday, an ash plume more than 2.5 kilometers high had risen from the Paluweh volcano in Indonesia.

#6 There was an average of about 4 seismic events per hour at the Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico on Tuesday.

#7 Scientists recently discovered “one of the world’s weirdest volcanoes” on the floor of the ocean just off the coast of Baja, Mexico.

#8 Mt. Fuji (located not too far from Tokyo, Japan) has been dormant for about 300 years, but in recent months there have been increasing signs of activity there.  One study recently found that a “magma chamber under the mountain has come under immense pressure“, and one prominent scientist is warning that Mt. Fuji is due for “a big-scale explosive eruption“.  Authorities were alarmed when a tunnel leading to Mt. Fuji collapsed on December 2nd, killing 9 people.

#9 Scientists are now warning that there is a very dangerous build up of magma at a large number of Japan’s 110 active volcanoes.

#10 A magnitude-6.1 earthquake struck off the coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia on Monday.

#11 A magnitude-6.0 earthquake hit the New Britain region of Papua New Guinea on Saturday.

#12 A magnitude-6.5 earthquake struck the Gulf of Alaska in mid-November.

#13 A magnitude-7.3 earthquake hit Japan earlier this month.

#14 There has been a substantial increase in earthquake activity in the Long Valley caldera region of California, and authorities tell us that “magma is indeed moving down there“.

#15 Over one recent five week period, more than 170 significant earthquakes were detected in one town in Chile.  That town is now being called “one of the shakiest places on earth”.

All of those events occurred along the Ring of Fire.

So why is all of this happening?

Well, there are certainly a lot of theories out there.

In the United States, a large percentage of the population is convinced that an increase in natural disasters is evidence that we are in the “last days” described in the Bible.  In fact, one recent survey found that a whopping 36 percent of all Americans believe that the increase in natural disasters that we have seen in recent years is an indication that we are in the end times…

More than a third of Americans believe the severity of recent natural disasters is evidence that we are in the “end times” described in the New Testament — a period of turmoil preceding Jesus’ Second Coming and the end of the world.

“There is a significant proportion of Americans who see these phenomena through a theological lens,” said Daniel Cox, research director at the Public Religion Research Institute, which released a poll on religion and climate change on Thursday (Dec. 13) in partnership with Religion News Service.

“It’s hardly a fringe belief. It’s nearly four in 10 Americans who are embracing this,” Cox said.

The conviction is particularly strong among white evangelical Protestants (65 percent), and less common among Catholics (21 percent) and the religiously unaffiliated (15 percent).

Other Americans believe that there are other causes for all of these natural disasters, and a large number of Americans are absolutely convinced that nothing unusual is happening at all.

The Ring Of Fire


3MIN News January 25, 2013: Comet PANSTARRS

Published on Jan 25, 2013

Important Video: http://youtu.be/_yy3YJBOw_o

A Unlikely but Relevant Risk: The Solar Killshot: http://youtu.be/X0KJ_dxp170

Toxic: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/01/130124183630.htm
Cold: http://www.nnvl.noaa.gov/Default.php
Gulf Stream: http://rads.tudelft.nl/gulfstream/
PANSTARRS: http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=C%2F2011%20L4;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb
GOES X-ray imager: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/sxi/goes15/index.html
Reventador Plots: http://www.volcanodiscovery.com/index.php?eID=tx_cms_showpic&file=uploads…


3MIN News January 23, 2013

Note: Energy from Space video is posted below, simply scroll down…

Published on Jan 23, 2013

Energy from Space: http://youtu.be/_yy3YJBOw_o

A Unlikely but Relevant Risk: The Solar Killshot: http://youtu.be/X0KJ_dxp170

3 Volcanos: http://rt.com/news/kamchatka-three-volcanoes-eruption-485/
Australia Heat: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id=80232
GMO Corn: http://phys.org/news/2013-01-eu-gm-crops.html
MeteoSat10: http://www.nnvl.noaa.gov/MediaDetail2.php?MediaID=1274&MediaTypeID=1
N Queensland Flooding: http://www.weatherzone.com.au/news/northern-queensland-cops-a-drenching/23322


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So Until Jan. 15th, 2013

Published on Jan 15, 2013

Extreme weather events carry on here in 2013. Earthquakes, flooding strange noise phenomenon, record highs and lows and much more has taking place the past week or so. For more on these events go to or subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching here and be safe!

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3MIN News January 10, 2013

Published on Jan 10, 2013

What they don’t tell you: http://youtu.be/Xcm9qsVaf0o –Climate Change is more than just warming, and more than just human CO2… a lot more.

Also see this: http://youtu.be/bEo3PBaVha8

A unlikely but relevant risk: The Solar Killshot: http://youtu.be/X0KJ_dxp170

Orcas: http://phys.org/news/2013-01-killer-whales-quebec-sea-ice.html


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So Until January 8 2013

Published on Jan 8, 2013

Signs of change continues here in 2013. Record low temps, record snow fall, massive flooding and so much more has taking place the past week or so. For more on this series go to or subscribe to my channel. Thanks again for watching!

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World earthquakes 2010 – 2012 visualization map

By chillymanjaro
Posted on January 7, 2013

World earthquakes visualization map (January 01, 2010 – October 15, 2012).

Website Earthquake Blog Forecasts

Solarwatcher website

Music Used is “A Fallen Civilization” by Rick Horrocks
Rick Horrocks RH Soundtracks


Signs Of Change 2012 Year Of the New Normal

Published on Jan 1, 2013

Extreme weather events of 2012 which many people are calling the new normal. For more on this series go to or subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching!
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2MIN News December 30, 2012

Published on Dec 30, 2012


Why I am Here: http://youtu.be/bEo3PBaVha8 My ‘Agenda’ is to undo the lie that is humanity’s primary role in global warming, we contribute a small fraction; and to differentiate the observation of real earth changes from the far extreme aspect of the ‘truth movement’.

The Solar Killshot: http://youtu.be/X0KJ_dxp170

Kenya Flood: http://www.kenyan-tv.com/news-floods-wreak-havoc/
Drought: http://www.wunderground.com/blog/JeffMasters/comment.html?entrynum=2319


Earthquake panic grips region of Black Sea, near Russian city of Sochi

December 27, 2012RUSSIA – Earthquakes continue to plague a region near the Black Sea. Sochi is a city in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, situated on the Black Sea coast ,near the border between Georgia and Russia. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin ordered the emergencies ministry to check the 2014 Olympic sites in the southern city of Sochi following a string of earthquakes, his spokesman said. “The President ordered the emergencies ministry to pay close attention to the shocks in Sochi and other cities,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, Interfax reported. “He asked that special attention is paid to construction sites to make sure they suffer no damage,” Peskov added. Three earthquakes were felt in Sochi since December 10. Authorities said they caused no damage, but paid special concern to the Black Sea resort city due to ongoing construction of the 2014 Olympic Games venues. A quake of 5.5 magnitude hit the future Olympic host city early Wednesday, according to the Krasnodar region branch of the emergency ministry. A quake of the same magnitude affected Sochi on Sunday. On December 10, Sochi residents also felt the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that struck near Novorossiysk, the port city over 100 kilometers northwest from Sochi. On Tuesday, rumors of a stronger earthquake in the city became so prevalent that Sochi’s administration issued a special statement urging residents “not to succumb to panic” and threatened police action against people who spread earthquake rumors. Olympic developers in Sochi are managing two giant construction sites, in the mountains and by the Black Sea, connected by a road, which is also unfinished. Although some sport events are already hosted by the city, much of the supporting infrastructure is still unfinished, while residents complain of constant power and water outages. –Space Daily



Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch Dec 21-22, 2012

Published on Dec 18, 2012

(Uploaded Sep 1, 2012)
Two strong celestial alignments on December 21-22 which involve (Jupiter-Earth-Venus) and (Mercury-Mars-Neptune) as well as combined astrological aspects involving harmonic resonance from a Ceres-Earth conjunction may indicate a potential for a 8.0 Magnitude earthquake on either one of these days.

Lunar modulation indicates that the Tibetan Plateau best fit the profile that could receive this strong event. Best mapped location:

Western Xizang or Southern Qinghai, China

This is my own analysis using Heliocentric Imagery, geocentric portrait and harmonic translations to predict possible effects here on earth. i am using astrology in this forecast in-conjunction with lunar modulations.

Last X-Flare Forecasts March 7th, produced 2 X-Class Solar Flares
Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch July 14-15, 2012
X-Flare Sep 7, 2011
X1.8 Class Solar Flare Sep 7, 2011

Results will be annotated as the end of this video

Astrologer Contact Information
Alandra – Alandra@iinet.net.au
Phillippa – phillyc@xtra.co.nz

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