Alaska Storm: Why the Extreme Weather? November 10, 2011

After watching Rosiland Peterson’s video below you have to ask your self what’s going on here, has mankind tipped the scales and created so much instability in  natures web of life that weather is spiraling out of control?  What percentage of these violent weather systems are natural events and which ones are manmade?

For those who would ask “Why would anyone unleash such devastation on their fellow man”? Look to disaster capitalism. When an area is devastated by natural destruction someone is profiting from the lumber, the steel, all the building materials and everything down the line. Like everything else in a capitalistic, parasitic society follow the money to uncover the truth.

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Alaska Storm : Why the Extreme Weather : November 10, 2011

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Dutchsinse: HAARP ring and Scalar Square edge CAUGHT ON VIDEO

Alrighty Dutch fans, the first cloud meteorologist call a “punch cloud” it’s apparently a natural phenomenon, but the second cloud does look like something HAARP has a hand in.

This is what’s really irritating, Dutch’s knowledge of meteorology and geology appear to be elementary at best. Yet he comes across as if he’s an authority on everything he covers and goes on the attack if you have any question about his assessments. At this point it appears the only thing he’s ahead of the pack on is reading radar anomalies. Although when you take into consideration how he seems to be winging it with everything else, it could lead one to wonder exactly how accurate his HAARP information is.

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The original circle footage is over 10 minutes long, with sound etc.. and over on matthews site.. as well as his other uploads.thanks to youtuber Matthewb2765 ! I suggest you subscribe to his channel.. he seems to have several good finds pertaining to chemtrails and HAARP frequencies showing up in localized cloud cover…Good work matthew!

Is the New Madrid fault being targeted by HAARP?

The audio fuzz’s out during  a key part the  of the discussion in the video below, which talks about the upcoming activation of the New Madrid fault. From information circulating online it appears that both HAARP and flooding are both being used to create an earthquake on the NM.

Apparently magnetometer readings are showing that HAARP has been blasting down on the New Madrid fault, at the time of the show it had been going for over 55 hours.  There’s also been a huge military build-up all over the region as well.

The second half of the show Joyce is joined by Robert Redfern who exposes the fascist European cabal outlawing herbal remedies, the collapse of the economy and loss of personal freedoms in Europe. The same things are happening here, only at a slower pace – unless people wake up to the corporate fascist take over.

“The Power Hour” FULL AUDIO SHOW:

USGS Earthquake map..

then check the ending of this video.. compare for maps..

Dutchsinse and Viewer video confirmation of HAARP Rings and Scalar Square over Salisbury, MD, Severe weather approach’s forecasted areas

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here is the original forecast video I made: