Fallout and Radiation Treatment

Fallout (and radiation treatment)


Beta carotene (non-toxic pro-vitamin A) found in carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cantaloupe, apricots, pumpkin, mangoes, papaya, lettuce, tomatoes, peaches, brussels sprouts, cabbage, oranges, yams (show in order of vitamin A units) can help protect against radiation, atherosclerosis and inflammation per James E O’Brien in mini magazine The Miracle of Nature’s Healing Foods published by Globe Communications Corp.
In/for an emergency dried apricots, pumpkin seeds, and root vegetables (sweet potatoes/yams) can be stored in basement.
Diet for low radiation exposure.  http://www.ratical.org/radiation/NGP/Diet4AtomAge.html
DIHYDRROQUERCETIN (Taxifolin) is a natural flavanoid occurring in larch wood. It possesses a wide spectrum of biological activity.
DIHYDRROQUERCETIN relates to the PP-vitamin group. It shows capillary-protecting, anti-inflammatory and gastro-protective action.
It also decreases spasms of sleek muscles of the intestine, increases functions of the liver, possesses
anti-radiation protective activity. DIHYDRROQUERCETIN is an acceptor of free radicals…
Anti-radiation protective and antioxidative functions of DIHYDRROQUERCETIN…impart…valuable healing and therapeutic properties… DIHYDRROQUERCETIN isolation from Siberian and Dahurian larch…allows…a..content as high as 90-96 %.
Science leader:V. A. Babkin, D.Sc. Researcher: L.A. Ostroukhova, Ph.D. babkin@irioch.irk.ru  http://www.inchemistry.irk.ru/food/fooden.htm
Dihydro-quercetin added to vitamin C (ascorbic acid) seem to increase the health benefits. 12/2006 www.lef.org
Black currant juice may improve effects of citrus extract. 9/1988
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Dihydro-quercetin  [PDF] Are anthocyanidins the immediate products of anthocyanidin synthase?
[PDF] Critical Review Analytical Chemistry of Fruit Bioflavonoids A Review  One source is grape fruit/leaves.
Erdmann in The Amino Revolution says that sulphur in compound form has been found to protect the body against radiation.  Eggs are a rich source of sulphur. Also, free form sulphur supplements contain methionine (take with magnesium),  cysteine, cystine &  taurine.  Methionine is a main ingredient of activated methionione or S-adenosyl-methionine or SAMe which also needs magnesium. One can also add glutathione, iodine (to offset any irradiated iodine), zinc & vitamins B3, B6, C. www.amazon.com
Jensen, Dr Bernard  Dr Jensen’s Guide to Body Chemistry & Nutrition  Chapter 2 The Soft Tissue BuildersSulfur in cystine helps protect us from radiation…Cysteine…is the oxydized form of cystine…Sulfur is in 3 amino acids: methionine, cystine, and taurine…Cystine and taurine…can be made from methionine.”
Shark liver oil from deep water such as Greenland and Sweden contain alkyl-glycerols (AKGs) which are glyceryl ether lipids such as chimyl, batyl, selachyl alcohols.  Shark liver oil also contains squalene as does olive oil or olives. These, as well as calve/bone marrow, may inhibit ionizing radiation sickness plus 5 tumors – breast, prostate, ovarian, colon, and cervical.  Deep water shark liver oil may be able to penetrate cell membranes, unlike other remediation.  Take before, during and after radiation. May inhibit protein kinase C activation, stimulate neutriphils/white blood cells, and activate macrophages/white blood cells that protect against bacteria and fungus.  8/05  www.lef.org
Use Glutamine for radiation/chemotherapy side effects.
Life Extension 8/05 editorial says the following supplements taken before and after radiation may be extremely beneficial – vitamin E, carotenoids, beta-carotene, vitamin A (low dose), folate, selenium, and melatonin (at bedtime). www.lef.org
Modified citrus pectin is a cutting edge help in radiation treatment per S B Strum MD & R Fox in 3/04 Life Extension.  To date the only proven brand in clinical trails is Pecta-Sol which is micronized citrus pectin.  It is small enough to get into the blood stream. Some vegetables (sunflower seeds) and many fruits contain pectin: tart apples, crab apples, sour plums, concord grapes, quinces, cranberries, gooseberries, and  red currants are high in pectin concentrated in the skin and cores.  Canning pectin may be obtained in powder or liquid form. Regular larger molecule pectin is utilized mainly in the intestines. Citrus pectin is from the peel/skin of fruit (grapefruit, lemons, oranges) that contain vitamin C www.lef.org
www.geocities.com/jcurie_2000/mcp.htm+pectin&hl=en&ie=utf-8  www.lsbu.ac.uk/water/hypec.html
www.msue.msu.edu/msue/imp/mod01/01600538.html   www.ausbcomp.com/redman/pectin.htm  
Moriyasu Ushio MD in The Ume Plum‘s Secrets shares that Dr T Akizuki treated his Hiroshima patients with ume-boshi to prevent fallout illness, Dr Hazakawa used ume-boshi to prevent the spread of illness from radio-activite fallout, Dr MK Mihashi cured a woman at the point of death, and Dr I Numata cured the brown rice strontium problem by adding ume.  Happiness Press  1-916-873-0294
AnneMarie Colbin in Food and Healing also recommends the pickled ume plum (vinegar/wine/spread/fruit) . 
(OPCs) oligomeric proanthocyanidins from grape seeds, white pine bark, blackjack oak, horse chestnut, witch hazel, hawthorn, apples, berries, barley, bean hulls, chocolate, rhubarb, rose hips and sorghum protect against (UV) ultraviolet light.   http://www.ntp-server.niehs.nih.gov/htdocs/chem_background/exsumpdf/grapeseeds_pinebark.pdf
Potassium iodide, if taken according strict guidelines, may prevent the thyroid from taking up radioiodine, a result of nuclear reactions. 12/04 Life Extension magazine http://www.nrc.gov/what-we-do/regulatory/emer-resp/emer-prep/potassium-iodide.html    www.lef.org
Sodium alginate in sea vegetables may neutralize radioactive substances such as strontium 90 by chelating/binding and then excreting them.  Try miso soup after X rays. Sea vegetables include kombu, kelp, wakame, hiziki, kanten or agar as gelatin, Irish moss and dulse, alaria and kelp.
Excess consumption may cause thyroid problems from  iodine in sea vegetables. Sea vegetables are wonderful for those with low thyroid problems (cold feet, dry skin, low metabolism, etc).  They are also wonderful for vegetarians who need more protein and B vitamins.  Food and Healing  Annemarie Colbin 


Rex Eaton of St Louis, Missouri, USA had atomic radiation poisoning due to neck cancer treatments.  He removed himself from treatment and started a raw and live food fruit/vegetable diet which turned his health around. Summer 2005 Back to the Garden magazine. www.hacres.com
Vitamin A may reduce radiation-induced anal ulcers (proctopathy) www.lef.org 10/03
Healing Your Family Tree  by Father Hampsch  “If we lay lands upon the sick, we should try to be prayerfully conscious of the life & healing love of Jesus’ pouring through us into the sick person.  This is sometimes called ‘God’s radiation treatment.'” www.claretiantapeministries.com   www.amazon.com
Hunter’s You Can Do It Too  pg 136  www.cfhunter.org


Mark 16:18 NIV (not in earliest manuscripts) 17″These signs will accompany those who believe.  In My name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18they will pick up snakes with their hands; when they (are exposed to or) drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”


Budwig, Dr Johanna,  Europe’s 7 time Nobel prize nominee   www.applepublishing.com   booklet
Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and  Other Diseases
6/17/1966 lecture Biological Prevention and Healing of Cancer + The Bio-chemical Reaction of Unsaturated Fats +
Electron Biology and Resonance Absorption of Solar Electrons
+ book Cosmic Powers against Cancer (Kosmische Krafte gegen Krebs)  There is much agreement that cosmic/black/incompatible (x, gamma, cobalt/atomic) rays containing protons/heavy matter/neutralized electrons causing patient burns during radiation treatment must stop.  This radiation destroys the body’s electronic structure and thus destroys the body’s vital functions..
Even sunscreens can do harm, by preventing solar energy/electrons to be absorbed into the body fat.  If the body is clogged up with harmful fats or has insufficient good fats, then it will not function adequately to maintain health.
Seeds store solar energy/electrons, which is converted from waves to matter in fat. Available organic sulphurated protein, found in yogurt/buttermilk/cottage cheese (with live Acidophilus & Bifidus cultures) together with good fat vitalize the body.  Budwig has a history of saving many patients on their deathbeds with fresh flax seed oil, even in the form of an enema, if needed.  No brain function can take place at all without threefold unsaturated fats.
Budwig also indicates that flax seed oil can be useful for nuclear fallout!
4/5-9/1972 The Fats Syndrome & Photons as Solar Energy  Being on sun’s wavelength, seed oil with negative electrons attracts and thus contains solar energy protons. Seeds are perfect for man, because of all nature’s entities, man contains the highest concentration of solar protons.  Hard edible fats, produced commercially, trigger death in the body.  Raw unsaturated fats (containing a negative electrical charge) with organic sulphurated proteins (yogurt/cottage-cheese/milk) (with a positive electrical charge) can reverse this.
Think about this.  According to Budwig, solar energy can change back and forth (from energy to matter and from matter to energy).  Additionally, nothing is faster than the speed of light.
When Jesus came back after His resurrection, He ate fish with them.  His dead body disappeared from the tomb at His resurrection.  Then it materialized on various occasions on earth to His disciples.  When Jesus now appears to man on earth, often it is as brilliant light or in brilliant light.  Light contains all the colors of the rainbow, which appears above the throne of God. Certainly there is a spiritual mystery here.  Many parents tell their children that they are from God and will return to God.  Mickey Robinson who had had out of  body experience told Sid Roth
http://www.sidroth.org/radio.htm on
10/24/06  that our spirit is on the same wave length/vibration as God’s; that God’s river of life goes through us as light; that God’s spiritual reality is more real and wonderful than our earthly reality.  (Real Player)  Tue (Media Player) Tue
Irradiated food destroys 80% vitamin A in eggs & 48% beta carotene in orange juice.
Starving Indian children were given irradiated wheat and in 2 months 80% of these children showed chromosome damage! Animals who ate irradiated food became ill.  10/04 Well Being Journal 
Microwaving broccoli destroys 97% of it’s flavonoids.  Boiling broccoli destroys 66% of its flavonoids.
Steaming broccoli destroys 10% of it’s flavonoids. vol 18 # 6 June 2004
Nutrition is superior in 3 day old raw broccoli or in raw broccoli sprouts.  Wash well. 
Microwaved food can be fatal, per Appendix A.  The energy produced in a microwave oven makes the food poison…Similar energy is in your cell phone…cordless phones…computers, televisions, wireless devices, satellite transmissions…You NEED an electronic chaos eliminatorTrudeau, Kevin  Natural Cures “They” don’t Want You to Know About  www.naturalcures.com  www.thewhisteleblower.com
Toxic RICIN can be easily produced from crushed castor beans.  Castor oil is an old family remedy.  Beware.