CRITICAL INFO: Entire CRISIS INDUSTRY Arose After Legalization of Psych-Ops in 2012 NDAA


This week the media began demonizing anyone who used critical thinking skills by asking questions about the alleged students, mainly the crisis actors at the Florida shooting. Emotional hysteria is literally blinding people to the fact these shootings are part of massive gov’t psychological operation called the CRISIS INDUSTRY.
Until I saw Debi’s EYE OPENING report below, I had no idea exactly how extensive and well planned these events are. Right down to websites that offer staging services and crisis actors, even actors dressed jihadist to fake a beheading.
I realize there a lot of newly awakened people who haven’t been down the research rabbit hole long enough to understand all the details behind ‘The Anatomy of a False Flag’. These events are staged to play on our emotions, blinding our critical thinking skills.
I NO LONGER PLAY PARTISAN POLITIC’S. Am not Democrat, Republican or Indenpendent and have removed my energy and consent from ‘the system of domination and control’ called party politics.
My perspective is VERY similar to Debi’s. As an Independent Journalist her eyes opened wide after covering Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail, where she saw the corruption on both sides of the aisle and has washed her hands of politics. We’re both simply trying to share the truth and are asking people to put their emotions aside and exercise CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS.
Now, those of us asking people to use critical thinking are being demonized because we care enough about the truth AND human lives to point out the anomaly’s and discrepency’s from the media.
PLEASE READ THE LINKS BELOW…then please listen to this extremely important message with an open heart and open mind. Here Debi does an outstanding job researching the crisis industry, providing evidence with further follow-up links below and in explaining the importance behind all of us getting on the same page and putting our political differences aside before the bars come down around us. Much love and mahalo….Annette
LINKS LINKS and MORE VIDEO LINKS: Be sure to scroll all the way through!
Police use blanks – scare/training “I thought it was a drill because they told us you will have police officers whoa re going to be firing blanks like scare us, get us like, you know, trained for this. So no one took it seriously until I heard like screaming, the worst screaming you will ever hear. It was awful like major heart stop beating and……
‘I assumed it was a code red drill, they told us earlier in the day in the day we were going to be having a code red drill, I assumed it was blanks: (THINK about that, they were setting up a simulated event, how did the kid waltz in with police on site staging an event):…
Multiple students all report (in MAINSTREAM MEDIA interviews NOT Alex Jones) that they were told a drill was going to be conducted. One girl said she was told they would hear screams, another stated that they were going to use blanks. Got that. Students are reporting a SIMULATED event of this type was PLANNED and they were they were going to do things to make it seem real (screams, blank).…
Part 1 & 2: (Girl talking about multiple shooters, army guys piling injured under mats):…
Girl who said that she was walking down the hall next to Nicholas Cruz and he didn’t have a gun:…
Video banned multiple times from Youtube on graphic/violent content reposted, it won’t last:…
Great video on history of False Flags by Truth Stream for people who are willing to start to look objectively:…
Legalization of propaganda in 2012 NDAA which rolled back law to stop the use of psychological operations and propaganda US uses in other countries on its own citizens:…
Naomi Wolf (former Gore/Clinton Consultant):…
Crisis Industry has sprung up in wake of this legislation: Crowds on Demand:…
Wikipedia page w many links to articles on MSM…
Founder is a political operative who worked on Jerry Brown’s California campaign: Crisis Cast &
Affiliates (NGOS, Security Agencies, Governments around the world):…
ADS affiliate of crisis cast:…
Photo of type of targeted branding they provide:…
It was recently revealed that the world’s largest security firm G4S, who had employed the man named in the Orlando pulse nightclub shooting, Omar Mateen – is a client of the mass casualty staging company called CrisisCast. (this is Vanessa Beely’s site)…
This one is especially creepy. The Crisis Cloud. Ugh:…
Pattern of ads from these companies occurring in locations before large scale tragedies:……
Police seeking power to detain preemptively based on social media postings and allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons:…
Video of police seeking power to preemptively detain on social media posts on MSNBC: (they ALREADY can detain if you threaten someone online): Go to 20:59:…

EXPOSE`: Expansion of Police State As Power Sought For Preemptive Detainment and Unconstitutional Seizure


Note: Following the Parkland mass terror event, the media is weaponizing information to divide us so the PTB can have their NWO. Ultimately, this is not a gun grab – if they can get enough people to go along with the gun control agenda – it’s a PEOPLE GRAB.

It’s important that we drop labels like left/right/libtard/repuke/Dem/Dep and come together as One People, without borders and belief systems that divide us. Uniting with tolerance is key to stopping a full blown police state and the slamming of the bars around what little sovereignty remains.

Here’s an outstanding synopsis of the steep, slippery slope we’ve arrived at and how they’re using the FL shooting to enact sweeping legislation that goes way beyond ‘gun control’ – that’s just the shiny object they dangle before us, while preparing to rob us blind of our Constitutional Rights and what little freedom remains for the individual and society at large.

Now cops want the right to arrest us for ‘thought crimes’ under the guises of mental illness? That’s aiming for a big people grab….Debi begins around 5:55, the last half of her commentary is outstanding in scope and it’s wide reaching perspective on what’s unfolding with the ruling elite who don’t subscribe to political party’s, only their unholy agenda’s. Weaving thru so much deception gets tricky, critical thinking and analysis of the facts at hand is key in understanding the crossroads we’ve reached at the intersection of a Full Blown Police State where anyone of us could be held indefinitely in detention, without habius corpus or the right to legal defense for sharing our truth, facts and perspective on the criminal kakistocracy that hold the reigns of power in America – and around the world.

Be sure to check out the links below, Debi did a outstanding job investigating this story!

Blessings, {~A~}



LINKS – Click SHOW MORE FOR FULL LIST: Go to my twitter feed for the links on Florida Shooting research by alternative sources CNN transcript with student who says a drill was planned with blanks:…

Media Responsibility:…

Excellent video by Grace here, good for a new person who is just ready to consider evidence…

Jimmy Dore/Binney, Great vid here: Copy Cats – don’t like daily mail – only included to show that police ALREADY have power to detain on THREATS:……

Florida Plan Post Incident:…

Police Rep PLEADS for power of Preemptive Detainment:…

Citation Statistic for number of people detained in Florida given here:…

Baker Act Exams up by 50% in Florida:…

Newsweek article that concedes low violence rate and asserts that we have to make equation disputed by research:……

Propaganda Legal: Trump pushes mental health:…

See how it all neatly fits:……

Richie from Boston video with MSNBC clip I played. Thanks Richie!…

Baker Act used on homeless roundup recently…

Look to a pattern of it happening elsewhere:…

Mental illness is a strawman:…

Its Securing Americas future act:…

Legalized use of propaganda:…

Sane Progressive Vegas…

While Everyone Was Busy Being Distracted by Texas…Truthstream Media


Note: Aside from agenda based problem-reaction-solution memes, from my observations False Flag events serve two main purposes…they’re enormous energy harvesting events, the time people invest into ‘sleuthing like Sherlock’ is incredible. They also harvest emotions like anger, fear, frustration and a feeling of powerlessness. Additionally, they’re a diversion – there’s always something else more important happening in left field ‘they’ don’t want us to see.

In addition to Melissa and Aarons feedback, the coup in Saudi Arabia and the Uranium One scandal are huge…

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Ole Dammegard | The Vegas Shooting: Inconsistencies & Strange Symbolism

In a rush this week, we have Ole Dammegard back to break down the latest tragedy, the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. Of course, because of Ole’s continued work dissecting false flags and terror events, he is one of the first to recognize elements at play that seem to follow the same template – a template that suggests these are highly planned and coordinated events, rather than the work of random, unmotivated, lone attackers. Our deepest sympathies to anyone who has experienced pain and loss due to such an event. To me, digging deeper into things that seem suspicious and inconsistent with media reports, is the best and most honorable thing we can do, short of going back in time. I know if I died in one of these situations, the last thing I’d want is for it to be a false flag situation that isn’t properly investigated. That said, what you’re getting here is a conversation about elements that don’t seem to add up, or contain strange symbolism/foreshadowing. We also discuss the major alternative theories and motivations. This is largely a synthesis of what we’re seeing so far, all alleged, and not everything can be fully vetted at this time. All we can do is examine it, and try our best to seek the truth. This isn’t fear porn. This isn’t capitalizing on a tragedy. Ole’s website:

Richard Dolan | Understanding False Flag Operations In Our Time



False flag operations analyzed as a distinctively modern phenomena, post WWI; the planet being stolen by a transnational corporate financial class; ideological false flags including religions and nationalism; the propaganda spectrum including cultural values, educational system and news media; a war of corporate cultural control and imposition of a global police state; US Psychological Operations Manual; white, grey and black PSYOPs; regime change and color revolutions; NGOs; characteristics of a false flag.


What happened in Las Vegas? (The Spiritual Perspective) Magenta Pixie



How do the truthseekers and spiritually aware individuals move on from the recent event that occurred in Las Vegas? Was this a ‘false flag’? Were the Illuminati behind this? How can we find out the truth of what really happened? Are we currently in the middle of a spiritual war? How do we move beyond this incident and recover our faith? In this transmission, the ‘White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine’ respond to these questions and more. This video is dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the recent incident on October 1st 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada. Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick. — Magenta Pixie Website: Magenta Pixie Products:

The Clinton-Bush Criminal Deep State is on the Ropes! ~ Ole Dammegard

Ole Dammegard, one of the world’s most prolific and dedicated truth tellers joins me to discuss the iU.S. criminal deep state and two of its controlling entities – the Clinton and Bush families – who are being exposed for their corruption and TREASON at a pace never before seen. The world is waking up, and there seems to be a vibrational shift occurring which is causing truth to be recognized and dispersed like never before, leaving these cockroaches scurrying for darkness. Visit Ole’s site at – and please donate a few bucks to Ole via Paypal using his e-mail:


For REAL NEWS 24/7:

Epidemic Sound: “Who’s There 1”, paid license for You Tube use

The content in my videos and on the SGTbull07 – channel are provided for informational purposes only. Use the information found in these videos as a starting point for conducting your own research and conduct your own due diligence BEFORE making any significant investing decisions. SGTbull07 – assumes all information to be truthful and reliable; however, I cannot and do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. Thank you.

EPIC RANT: The Government Will Not Protect You From Tractor Trailers ~ Corbett Report


As the Problem-Reaction-Solution (Nice edition) plays out as expected, it is time to remind ourselves: The government is not your daddy and it will not protect you from the boogeyman. The government creates the boogeyman to scare you. Giving more power to the government in the wake of every tragedy only incentivizes them to terrorize you further.


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Problem. Reaction. Solution. (Brussels Edition) ~ Corbett Report


The dust has barely settled on the site of the Brussels bomb blasts and already the EUreaucrats are salivating about the prospect of a pan-European intelligence agency. Join James for today’s Thought for the Day as he explains the latest example of how the authoritarians take more control after every major terror event.

A Very Emotional Max Igan Says It’s Time To Arrest Those Really Responsible For Paris! ~ The Richie Allen Show

Note: Max comes back swinging after last month’s violent attack, in this discussion with Richie Allen he gives a “SLAM, DUNK” solution to ending the wars, false flags, debt slavery, weather manipulation, GMO’s et al…

It’s time to hold the ruling elite accountable for crimes against humanity. Time to stand TALL in our power and take our planet back, lets kick the bums to the curb – let THEM eat cake! If they’re lucky they won’t get hung for treason, but ultimately it’s the Creator they must answer to, and many will likely get recycled.

So be it.

Have a blessed and magical weekend! Annette

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Ebola scare is over, and so is ISIS ~ Daily Kos

ISIS Flag with Ebola Image

Thank you, media. You did your job.You lovingly cobbled together boogeymen straight out of central casting: masked brown men lopping off American heads, and a disease out of the Africa that makes you bleed from your eyes. You achieved levels of paranoia that had people willing to lock up medical workers who had zero chance of spreading the disease, and you got people who had marched against going into Iraq in the first place convinced that this time we just had to get some sand on our boots.

Lacking any real threat on either front, you didn’t let reality stand in your way. You deployed the GIANT FEAR GRAPHICS, you pulled out the ominous music, you gave us “news” people with wide eyes and tremulous voices. It was a masterful showing that you can still make a difference. Helluva job. Really.

Never mind that the disease was about as likely to spread across the US as Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew. Never mind that the existential threat swallowing up the Middle East and creeping across our borders to murder us in our sleep was actually just another in an apparently endless series of Sunni militias that rise, fall apart, and rot.

Just for fun, let’s look at a New York Times article from the week before the election.

Islamic State militantshave been exacting harsh revenge against an Iraqi Sunni tribe that fought for months to keep thejihadists at bay, capturing and summarily executing scores of its members, tribal leaders and local officials said Thursday.The death toll among the tribe, the Albu Nimr, remains unclear; one account put it at more than 200 based on mass grave sites, though that could not be independently verified. But the reports mesh with the Islamic State’s pattern of methodical slaughter as it has consolidated its territorial grabs in Syria and Iraq.

… tribal fighters and police officers were badly outgunned by the Islamic State, which captured many heavy weapons from armories in Syria and Iraq. The jihadists finally conquered Hit this month, and have since expanded their control of nearby areas.

Scary stuff. Here’s ISIS romping across Syria and Iraq, taking down a tribe that happens to be itself the hardest of the hard-core Sunni on its way to building the new caliphate.And now, the New York Times the week after the election.

ISIS Wave of Might Is Turning Into RippleThe extremists of the Islamic State appeared unstoppable after their sudden blitz through Iraq this summer, with its battle-hardened fighters continually raising their black flag over newly conquered areas … the days of easy and rapid gains for the jihadists may be coming to a close in Iraq, as the group’s momentum appears to be stalling. …

“ISIS can only expand in areas where it can enter into partnerships with the local population, and that largely limits the scope of the expansion of ISIS to Sunni, disenfranchised areas,” said Lina Khatib, the director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut.

Those Albu Nimr tribesmen at war with ISIS? They show how badly cracked the organization is even when it comes to achieving universal support among Sunnis.AlbuNimr areas should be the core of any Sunni-based group, but ISIS, like the many groups that rose and fell before it, is really about stroking the egos of one or two would-be caliphs, not uniting Muslims into a world-spanning power. And while ISIS has been fighting internally with other Sunni groups, it’s been losing battles against Shiite forces, against the official Iraqi military, against the Kurdishpeshmerga. It’s been losing towns to angry locals. And it’s been battered by (no boots required) air strikes.In short, ISIS has turned out to be just another blip in our Summer of Fear.  But hey, there was someone who tried to tell you that…

The unstoppable, hugely frightening ISIS has seen its supply routes blocked.

Kurdish forces blocked a road Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants use to resupply their forces in a Syrian town on the Turkish border …

and strategic positions lost.

After fierce fighting that started on Monday, the fighters – which include soldiers from the People’s Protection Units (YPG), Iraqi KurdishPeshmerga and the Free Syrian Army – have taken back a strategic part ofMashta al-Nur, a hill which overlooksKobane.From this hill, the fighters will be able to bomb IS fighters around the city and also on the other side of the hill …

Kobane would be the same Syria / Turkey border city where a small number of Kurdish fighters have held off ISIS forces in weeks of hard fighting in which the “Islamic State” forces have taken the brunt of the beating.

More than 1 000 people, mostlyjihadists, have been killed inKobane since theIslamic State group launched an offensive on the Syrian town nearly two months ago, amonitor said on Sunday.ISIS jihadists, who proclaimed a “caliphate” in June straddling territory captured in Iraq and Syria, launched their offensive for the town – also known as Ain al-Arab – in mid-September.

“At least 1 013 people have been killed in fighting in Ain al-Arab from the beginning of the offensive till last night,” said Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director Rami Abdel Rahman.

Of those dead, 2/3 are ISIS fighters — and that excludes any dead from air strikes.What has ISIS actually accomplished? Unity.  But not of the sort they wanted.

Syrian Kurdish forceshave been battling to repel ISIS militants fromKobane since 16 September.The fighters from the town have been joined by Syrian rebels who have fought both President Bashar Assad’s regime and ISIS, as well as by Iraqi Kurd peshmerga forces.

ISIS efforts to remold Syria and Iraq into “the new caliphate” have driven together groups that would otherwise have been rivals, because the bulk of people in both nations don’t want what ISIS is selling. They have Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, Christians,Yazidis, and just about everyone else united under one banner as the Not-ISIS brigade.ISIS doesn’t have a magic formula. They don’t know how to hold territory inhabited by people who hate them any more than we do, any more than the French did, any more than the Romans did. The threat that they would actually form some kind of Islamic super state that could exert military force outside the immediate region is zero. It was always zero.

Look, I don’t want to say I told you so, only… yes, yes I do. Here’s what I said on August 24.

You know how much threat ISIS represents to the United States? None. That’s how much. Exactly none. If there was a value less than none, then it would be that, but there’s not, so none is the answer.You know what does represent a threat to the the United States, a bona fide danger to our continued existence as the land of the semi-free and occasionally bravish? Acting as if every person who says they want to turn the United States into dictatorial hell hole, is capable of making the United States their bitch. … As the Deputy Undersecretary of Pogo might say, we have determined the source of the threat, and we’re it.

And on September 10.

Look, I’ve said it before and I still believe every word. ISIS represents no threat to the United States. None.Are there terrorists in this world who would like to give us a bloody nose? Absolutely. You know what? You’ve already surrendered an astounding amount of your personal privacy in the name of enabling agencies to reduce that threat. Stop being so eager to bend over and give the little that remains.

ISIS the Sunni extremist group capable of carrying out local atrocities and defeating dispirited Shiite forces in areas where they are not welcome certainly exists. ISIS the terrifying force capable of reshaping the world does not. It never did.They’re not going away tomorrow. They’re going to win more battles, but they’re going to lose a lot more.

In the real world, the rubber tree plant does not go down to an ant, no matter how hard the ant waves a scary flag. ISIS is not going to conquer Iraq. It’s not going to conquer Syria. It’s not going to maintain its hold on the tangle of towns connected by highways that constituted the Islamic State at its peak. At best (where “best” is defined from the ISIS POV) it’s going to take its place as one of many squabbling factions.

Who knows. Two years from now, when the next Sunni militia group threatens to tear across the region, maybe ISIS will be part of the coalition trying to stop them. By then, we’ll probably forget they’re supposed to be the bad guys. After all, the new guys will also be brown, and that’ll be plenty scary enough to make them part of the 2016 news cycle.

As soon as the media and the GOP work out how to blame them on Hillary.

Jay Weidner | Archon Crimes, Mysteries of Mt. Shasta, & The Brotherhood of Saturn (Video)

Sun, October 5, 2014

Published on Oct 3, 2014

This week the great author and movie maker man, Jay Weidner returns to give us his take on the newest changes and goings on with the Georgia Guildstones, false flag events like Sandy Hook, the weird sightings and lore of Mt. Shasta, the work of the great director Stanley Kubrick, and the group that seems to be very close to the top of the conspiracy pyramid: The Brotherhood of Saturn and the ancient, non-physical spiritual parasites known as the Archons.

In the Plus show we talk about the subplots, coded messages, and hidden agendas of several big movies and movie directors like Lord Of The Rings (of Saturn), James Cameron, and Christopher Nolan. It’s a real doozy folks, a true doozy indeed.

Check out more of Jay’s work at:

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New – Interview with SIMON PARKES, BRITISH COUNCILLOR ~ Kerry Cassidy *MUST HEAR*

 OUTSTANDING Interview!! I absolutely love Simon Parkes, here he shares some pretty mind blowing information on a wide range of paranormal subjects. Gotta hand to Kerry’s, she’s still carrying the torch and is at the top of her game here. She’s been at this long enough knows the material and the right questions to ask. IMO Simon is a  the systems approach at giving us Disclosure on an IV drip, they’re slowly feeding the information to see how people react and condition them to the reality of interacting with multiple off-world races. Simon’s career in politics has also given him insights into the world of politics. As well as military political strategy’s which he shares with as much transparency as possible without endangering himself or others.

His multi-dimensional perspective is invaluable in understanding the bigger picture of where we’re at and the direction we’re heading in. Here Simon and Kerry discuss the use of “Majick” and the by the ruling elite, as a form of control over the masses. This interview is one of the best I’ve heard,  it’s right up there with information Mary Rodwell discloses on star children and the activity’s behind ET presence. Enjoy!  5 Stars!


Possible EMP, Mantis and Reptilians, Anunnaki behind the scenes in Israel, Flt 17 – what really happened… and much more.

This is a ground breaking even explosive interview in terms of content.  This interview was filmed on location in Avebury, England and during the 1st International Bases Conference. This is a very insightful look at the man and his relationships with ET/alien races and the larger picture of what’s going on here on Planet Earth. We cover ascension and how that factors in to the game being played by the Praying Mantis or Mantid race and Reptilian races and humans in power. Also discussed is the relationship of Exopolitics to earth politics and a planned EMP attack on the United States to be attempted by those in power sometime before 2016.

Simon covers the role that “Majick” plays in the upper echelons of power both on the ET and human sides as well as more pragmatic subjects such as the downing of Flight MH 17 — apparently a “dirty bomb” containing biowarfare aimed at a Russian city… The role of the Mossad and the true ET race behind the scenes in Israel.

This interview is a must-see for anyone seeking to understand what is really going on here on Planet Earth.

Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian with JayPee on Wolf Spirit Radio

Paradigm Shift – An Educational Comedy
BACKUP ARCHIVE: studio9jam
aka Jay Pee of WolfSpiritRadio!
Archive Date: 07-09-2013
Backed up using youtube-dl under Ubuntu Linux

Joseph P. Farrell ~ Fake Terrorism, Covert Wars & ET Threat Assessment ~ Red Ice Creations

May 2, 2013
Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in Patristics from the University of Oxford and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science and “strange stuff.” He is the author of many books in the field of alternative research. In the first hour we begin on the Boston Marathon bombings and what appears to an internal Gladio Operation with a huge geopolitical agenda, which could be spun in a variety of ways. Then, we’ll discuss Putin’s clash with the world government agenda. Later, Joseph talks about hidden conflicts and the creation of a breakaway civilization by the Nazis. He discusses the advanced technology that they took with them at the end of the war and psychological war that they waged for decades on America and NATO. He’ll talk about how our system is based on stolen gold. Farrell explains why he thinks technology has moved into an entirely new ball game. In the second hour, we’ll speak more on the economic events in the Eurozone and we’ll discuss the BRIC nation’s grievances against the financial oligarchs of the west. Joseph talks about the importance of the political center as there is no real party of opposition. He tells why he thinks the internet will be playing a bigger role in the future. The hour ends on the military assessment of the ET threat. Joseph explains why he believes they may be right.


Note: The timing on this sudden grab for gold that coincided with the Boston bombings is quite interesting when you factor in the SwissIndo offer (based on gold) to restore the wealth to the One People of the world, made on behalf of the Indonesia-Javanese Royal family. The offer also came out at the same time in mid-April as the release of the Sirius documentary, which was quickly followed by the Citizens Hearings on Disclosure. 

All of it happened in the same time period, when the bombings were subsequently followed by Martial Law in Boston. To a very large degree both events effectively served to overshadow and distract the public and the media, while the foundations of the elites systems of power, wealth and of secrecy began the process of disintegrating.

It just goes to show nothing is ever as it seems in the game of Smoke and Mirrors, in the interview Henrick states it brilliantly when he says “When happening over here, I always look in the other direction to see what’s really happening over there” (paraphrased)…

The elites have long been aware that the eye is distracted by shiny objects, that way they can pick your pocket while you’re looking the other way. Fortunately we’re catching on, for myself the moment I read the headline for the bombings I knew without a doubt it was a false flag…






Reign of Fire: Meteorites, Wildfires, Planetary Chaos and the Sixth Extinction

Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley
Thu, 05 Jul 2012

© Reuters
‘Damn you al-qaeda!’ An American flag waves in front of a house leveled by the Waldo Canyon fire in the Mountain Shadows community in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2 July 2012

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been growing increasingly concerned for the future of all life on planet earth. Sure, the signs that things have been going ‘south’ have been there for some time, but our concern began in earnest at the very beginning of 2011, when masses of birds began to fall dead from the sky around the world. The phenomenon continued for several months, and birds around the world are still dying for officially unknown reasons. None of the dead birds showed any sign of disease, but in several incidents birds were found to have ‘external injuries’ like they had been “hit by some kind of blunt instrument”. All sorts of explanations for the deaths were offered (like fireworks or birds colliding with each other) including the predictable attempts by ‘science experts’ to downplay any significance to the bizarre deaths. But among the flurry of speculation, one report stood out.

NewsChannel5 Chief Meteorologist Mark Johnson decided to take a look at the the Doppler radar images from Beebe, Arkansas from the night when many red-winged blackbirds had fallen dead to the ground, and he discovered something interesting.

“There it was. This huge plume of turbulence over the Beebe birds just as they began their frenzied flight,” Johnson said.

The turbulence appears above the birds between about 7,000 and 12,000 feet. Johnson realized there are only a few possible explanations for this phenomena.

Having homed in on the probable cause, Johnson then introduced some nonsense:

“Birds don’t fly that high, and he quickly ruled out military action, a sonic boom, meteor shower or alien invasion.”

While we can understand why Johnson ruled out military action or a sonic boom (there were no flights over the area at the time), Johnson never explained why he ruled out a “meteor shower”, although we can understand the inclusion of “alien invasion” – to ridicule by association the idea of a “meteor shower” or other meteorite-related phenomenon.

Johnson then went on to say:

“Something in the atmosphere, something mysterious, occurred over Beebe, Arkansas that night… And I believe it was part of what caused those birds to fly and then die.”

Indeed, but with the answer staring him in the face, Johnson lost the plot completely:

Johnson’s research captured an unseen temperature reversal just above the birds’ roosting area at about 1,500 feet above the ground. This temperature “inversion” acted like a megaphone, amplifying all the noises that occurred in Beebe at that time. As the fireworks exploded, the sound was amplified by the inversion and became much louder than normal. This appears to have startled the birds so much that they burst into flight, running into each other, and nearby buildings. Thousands of the now-disoriented birds then crashed to the ground, dying from blunt force trauma.

The Doppler radar image used by Johnson to explain the bird deaths. We have added the blue-green arrow to illustrate the trajectory of a meteor reaching that altitude before exploding in the lower atmosphere.

Temperature reversal? At 1,500 feet? But previously Johnson stated that the ‘turbulence’ occurred between 7,000 and 12,000 feet. He even produced a graph of the Doppler radar images that shows this. While temperature inversion does occur and can amplify sound, when birds are startled by noise they don’t generally fly into each other and buildings in large numbers. What’s most likely, is that the bird deaths of January 2011 (and later) were caused by an overhead meteorite or comet fragment (MoCF) explosion, with either the actual shock wave killing the birds (through blunt force trauma) or associated electrical effects ‘frying’ their ‘circuits’. This electrical effect can also explain the massive fish die-offs around the same time. Consider this report, just in today, about two children being mysteriously electrocuted to death as they swam in a lake in Missouri on 4th July. The thousands of dead fish found upstream from Beebe on New Year’s Eve 2010 could well have had their circuits fried because of significant electrical discharge that accompanied the overhead MoCF airburst. Now check out this Tunguska blast simulation by Sandia lab. An incoming bolide exploding overhead would knock the wind out of anything within a radius relative to the extent of its blast. It would probably knock airplanes out of the sky too – more on that below.

Why do we say that the MoCF explanation is the ‘most likely’? Mainly because of the truly massive increase in MoCF sightings and overhead detonations (‘booms’) over the past number of years. Hardly a week has gone by in the past few years without a reported fireball sighting or unexplained booms rocking houses around the world. In the months prior to and after the bird and fish deaths in January 2011, many such events were reported. Check out’s fireballs and meteorites blog for further evidence.

So 2011 got off to a very disturbing start, and the rest of the year certainly offered the entire world a chance to sit up and take further notice. But did anyone take it?

There was the “worst storm ever” cyclone Yasi that pummeled Western Australia, there was the massive New Zealand earthquake, the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the resulting nuclear reactor disaster (that is ongoing) and the massive eruption of the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcanic complex in Chile.

Beebe Radar comments

© Unknown
Doppler radar over showing the huge blip over Beebe, Arkansas from another angle.

There was weird weather all over the place, starting with major freezes and snow storms in the US, UK and Asia and later in the year unprecedented flooding in the US, the UK and China. Earthquakes happen quite often, as do cyclones and volcanic eruptions, but when was the last time that our planet experienced such a confluence of extreme events in a single year? More to the point, what does it all portend? Speaking of earthquakes, did you know that there were 106 5.0+ earthquakes detected worldwide between 1980-1999 and there were 429 5.0+ earthquakes detected world-wide between 2000-2011?

As you might (or should) have noticed, the fun didn’t end on December 31st 2011. Bizarrely, on the exact same date as the previous year, another boatload of birds fell dead in Beebe, Arkansas in 2012, and another radar image showed a “large mass over Beebe” just before the birds fell. Lightning can strike the same place twice, and so, apparently, can overhead MoCF explosions.

In the first six months of 2012, we’ve had more freezing weather across the northern hemisphere, with snow as far south as the Sahara desert in February. Summer arrived early in late March in Europe and the Eastern US (for a couple of weeks) and then promptly reverted back to winter with serious implications for this year’s crops. This was followed by major flooding in the UK with virtually unprecedented tornadoes and ‘super-cell’ storms. Standard meteorology blames this chaotic weather on the strange motion of the polar Jet stream, which has been repeatedly pushing south and bringing cold fronts to lower latitudes than normal, but standard meteorology either does not know, or refuses to admit, why the polar Jet Stream is behaving strangely.

In large part, earth’s climate is governed by solar (and other cosmic) radiation. This radiation reaches us as charged particles from sunspots, solar flares, filaments, coronal holes, etc. These particles have a direct effect on earth’s magnetic field which, in turn, affects the currents of our oceans and Jet Streams, which in turn can cause extreme weather and influence human behavior. While we can observe solar eruptions, etc. much of this radiation is hidden from us and we are left to infer the presence of, or an increase in, such radiation from the effects it has on our planet. Given the chaos that has been reigning on earth for the past few years, we can infer that we are indeed being bombarded with high levels of solar and cosmic radiation. Suffice to say that our planet’s climate appears to be gearing up for a radical change, most likely in the form of a new ice age. As recently discovered, the last ice age imposed itself on the Northern hemisphere within the space of a few months.

To get an idea of just how chaotic life has become on planet earth, consider this list of events from just the past two months of 2012.

In June, the US was subjected to both record high temperatures AND record LOW temperatures. The US East coast was battered in late June by sudden and violent storms that left millions without power for a week or more, while simultaneously, further west in Colorado, major wildfires “broke out”. Throughout it all, sightings of MoCFs and recordings of overhead ‘booms’ have continued on an almost daily basis. (See this link for the truly shocking number of fireballs and meteorite sightings in April, May and June 2012 alone).

Tsunami in Japan, March 2011. Two major devastating tsunamis within seven years is clearly pointing to something extraordinary happening.

For example, on June 20th a daylight fireball dazzled Colorado residents as firefighters battled the Springer fire near Lake George in the Pike National Forest in Colorado, one of many out of control, ‘apocalyptic‘ and ‘epic‘ forest fires that have torched suburban neighbourhoods in Colorado Springs. Hundreds of homes have burned to the ground and tens of thousands have been forced to evacuate.

This was one of those “supposedly rare daytime fireballs” (in fact, it was the fourth – that we know of – seen in the US this year), which startled the hell out of firefighters across the state when it careened out of the smoky sky and all aircraft were temporarily grounded. Firefighting aircraft were again grounded on 1st July when a C-130 crashed fighting fires in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The US Air Force immediately ordered all seven of its remaining air tankers to land. There was no suggestion of ‘foul play’ from MoCFs on this occasion, but just as we were wondering whether or not immediately grounding planes in the event of MoCF sightings has become a matter of policy, we came across the following exercise in damage control. The “final technical report” into why Air France flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic in May 2009 was released today (5th July). The timing of the release of this report, the careful management of news related to this event, the constant obfuscation of the real causes of the crash and the delayed investigations that have taken three years just to tell us it was caused by a combination of “human error” and “technical problems”, add serious weight to the conclusion Joe Quinn drew from his analysis in the aftermath of the crash: that Flight 447 was probably destroyed by an MoCF.

© Don Davis
An illustration showing the likely appearance and blast effects of the Tunguska cometary fragment that exploded over Siberia on 30 June 1908. Note that the bolide itself did not need to impact the ground to cause widespread devastation to the environment.

Of the June 20th daytime sighting, Chaffee County sheriff W. Peter Palmer received several reports that an MoCF actually hit the ground. Chaffee County Fire Protection District Chief Jim Wingert expressed concern that a piece of the MoCF could start a wildfire. Meteors were seen all over the Midwest, with some reports coming several hours apart, so the earlier reports that the Midwest was hit with a barrage of fireballs seem more accurate than the later ‘confirmation’ that a single MoCF had shown up. Two commercial aircraft crews reported an incoming MoCF from their vantage point above Kansas, while the Denver Post reported “balls of fire or something in the air”.

A large boom was also reported over Colorado recently so another possibility is that a single larger body exploded, showering multiple bolides across a wide area. This Associated Press report comes straight out and states that the MoCF(s) actually started one of the blazes in Colorado. At this point, it seems plausible that all or most of these wildfires were sparked by fireballs raining down from above. Perhaps birds and fish are not the only creatures in the firing line and humans are not so special after all.

If these fires were ignited by ‘heavenly fire’ the fact that journalists (including this one in Nevada who was actually arrested on-site) have been barred from the devastated zones becomes more understandable. Compounding our suspicion that the US government is racing to put out more than just forest fires is this impeccably timed dispatch from the official ‘al Qaeda magazine’ Inspire, in which the CIA’s favourite ‘terrorists’ called for jihadists of the world to “torch forests as part of the Islamic war against the West.” Right on cue, the Department of Homeland Security issued a ‘newly released report‘ claiming that for more than a decade “international terrorist groups and associated individuals have expressed interest in using fire as a tactic against the Homeland to cause economic loss, fear, resource depletion, and humanitarian hardship.” Pretty coincidental, eh? Those ‘al-qaeda’ terrorists really are very useful.

Meanwhile COINTELPRO has been set to work helping the US government deceive the community with the usual garbage about super-secret (sic) scalar weapons, plasma weapons and HAARP being tested on unwitting Coloradans.

Looking at what was in store for humanity in 2012, Laura Knight-Jadczyk wrote the following in an article published by on New Year’s Eve 2011: “There is also the possibility of overhead cometary explosions being blamed on terrorism.” So here we are, at the halfway mark of 2012, hearing reports that a bolide (or multiple ones) were responsible for the Colorado fires, followed by ‘al Qaeda’ and the Department of Homeland Security playing their respective roles to ‘warn’ the sheeple that terrorists are planning large-scale wildfires attacks near densely populated areas across the US.

© Google Crisis Response
The extent of fires across the US Midwest, 3 July 2012

With fires currently raging from Montana to the Mexican border, fireballs are probably not responsible for igniting all of them. But the tinderbox conditions on the ground are eerily reminiscent of the descriptions of suffocating heat, “spontaneous fires” and “electrical phenomena” during the Chicago Fire (which actually consumed swathes of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois) in 1871, when debris from the tail-end of a comet combined with drought conditions to produce devastating fires in which buildings “burst into flames from the interior“.

Tornado and Lightning

© Unknown

It’s not coincidental that these sudden and extreme heatwaves accompanied by unusually intense electrical storms – in which the sky itself appears aflame – are punctuated with multiple fireball sightings. There doesn’t need to be a comet passing close by at this point in time. ‘Shooting stars’ aka ‘meteor showers’ are Earth’s periodic encounters with dust and debris left behind by comets (or long since disintegrated comets) whose orbits intersect our flight path. With so many unexpected and rare fireballs being seen in the skies, it’s safe to assume that we are passing through a lot more cometary debris than ‘normal’ and that it sure is getting awfully busy in our skies. The mainstream media has basically ignored the warning signs for the past decade, but with fireballs now pelting the planet at an alarming rate, they are having to engage the issue.

One of the themes of the Cassiopaean information, brought up during research that extends back to the 1990s, is planetary destruction via a Comet Cluster that cycles through the solar system every 3,600 years as a consequence of the orbit of our Sun’s solar Companion, a smaller, dark Twin Sun, which has set a current running through our solar system and is now producing the noticeable effects – the same pehomena which the geological record shows always precede the advent of an Ice Age. The theory of a solar companion is in fact very mainstream and plausible. Although teams of scientists are trying to locate the Sun’s companion, such research has become heavily classified since the US military announced a blackout on scientists’ access to satellite data on incoming space rocks, so we don’t expect to see headlines announcing its discovery anytime soon.

The Powers That Be will do whatever it takes to prevent the people from realising that there is absolutely nothing big government or their international money masters can do about the cosmic wheels that are now in motion and that present a clearly existential threat to ALL life on earth. In ancient times the instinctive need for ‘Authoritarian Followers‘ to put their trust and faith in an authority was connected to religion – the leaders were authorized by the gods and were society’s representative to the gods. When things got bad, societies regularly got rid of the leaders that they saw as NOT being approved by the gods. That is, in any society, the leaders fill a ritual role and when the people perceive that the ritual is not the right one, out goes the leader. That’s why ‘terrorists’ and the threat of war and conflict are so useful to governments today. The established authorities can keep the people dependent on them for protection against a phony threat that they themselves have created. But cosmic bombardment and a sixth extinction from ‘on high’? There’s nothing they can do about that, and if the people finally realise that, they’ll drop their dependency on, and allegiance to, authority in a heart-beat.

In a report commissioned by the US Air Force, British astronomer Victor Clube, author of The Cosmic Serpent and The Cosmic Winter, succinctly summarised the fundamental tenet of geopolitics:

“We do not need the celestial threat to disguise Cold War intentions; rather we need the Cold War to disguise celestial intentions!”

No, Clube wasn’t referring to aliens or spacecraft; the ‘celestial threat’ he was referring to appears in Earth’s skies during times of turmoil and social upheaval that are linked to a serious imbalance in human evolution. They also induce all kinds of weird environmental effects, the least of which are those strange sky sounds and other electromagnetic phenomena that are also picking up in frequency and intensity. Flooding the Internet with disinformation about chemtrails has convinced some that governments can master Nature’s most powerful forces. For everyone else, there’s always the ‘terrorist’ bogeyman and man-made global warming to remind them why they need Big Brother.

Watching it burn: Distraught residents stand helplessly as high winds push the Waldo Canyon Fire into the Garden of the Gods and Mountain Shadows neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

But the true purpose of the phony War on Terror is exposed by the recent bare naked attempt to cover up the real threat from space with the fake threat from al Qaeda. The fascist take-over of the planet this year, foreseen by Laura Knight-Jadczyk who exposedthe real meaning of ‘the world will end in 2012’, is proving remarkably prescient:

Comet Biela and Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow

Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Sunday, 3 February 2008

If short-period bombardment of our planet by comets or comet dust is a reality (as it increasingly appears to be); and the effects of such an event are deleterious in the extreme; and if we are in fact overdue for a repeat performance of such a visitation (which also appears to be the case); what effect might public awareness of this have on the status quo on the planet at present? Would the bogus “war on terror” not become instantly obsolete and would people across the planet not immediately demand that their political leaders reassess priorities and take whatever action possible to mitigate the threat? And if those political leaders refused to do so and it became known that that this grave threat to the lives of billions was long-standing and common knowledge among the political elite (with all that that implies), what then? Revolution? One last hurrah before the 6th extinction?

Who knows. We only know that this knowledge, in its fullest explication, is being suppressed and marginalized.

The fact of the matter is that our planet and everything on it comprises an intelligent and living system that has designed into it a mechanism through which any imbalance in any aspect of the system can be dealt with. Consider the way in which animal populations are naturally kept in check via predators or disease. This mechanism is designed to protect the overall system and prevent any one aspect from compromising the evolutionary goals of the system itself. Humans have evolved to the point where they have no natural predators, and while disease still kills many human beings each year, modern medicine has succeeded (so far) in preventing a pandemic from wiping out the human race. But it would be foolhardy for anyone to think that the ‘living system’ has overlooked human beings when it comes to redressing any imbalance caused by human beings that threatens the aim of the overall living system. We trust that what we have written here provides ample evidence that it has not.

We also hope that it is fairly clear that human beings, as a species on planet earth, have reached a point of serious imbalance, both in terms of their effect on the planet and on other living beings on it, and in terms of humanity’s own proper evolution which can be defined as evolution in knowledge and consciousness. Clearly, humanity today has stalled in its evolution. Indeed it appears to be back-sliding at an alarming rate, due primarily to the influence of the deviant ideology spread by psychopaths in positions of power around the world. We need only consider the fact that billions of people today have bought into and support the lie that is the psychopathic ‘war on terror’, which has as its goal the murder and domination of as many innocent people as possible. What does that fact alone (among many other deceptions that people have bought in to) say about the level of knowledge and awareness of the human race as a whole?

Happy belated Independence Day to our American readers, we hope everyone enjoyed the fireworks, whatever their provenance.

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