FBI Takeover of DNS Servers and “Our Psychopathic Society” by Max Igan on American Voice Radio – 03/02/12

In this episode Max discuss’s the possibility of a false flag event on March 8th when the FBI plans to tinker with the internet, and why it would be wise to write down IP address’s of our favorite websites. Below the video there’s more information from the forum at thecrowhouse.com

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Max Igan – Surviving The Matrix – March 2, 2012




Look-up your favorite site’s dedicated IP Address’ now!

http://www.hcidata.info/host2ip.cgiis the site I bumped into to accomplish this task. Maybe others…Go here and read why it might be wise to do so: http://innersites.com/feet2fire/index.html

“The trick is to get these addys BEFORE the DNS servers go down.

Here is a link I used to get the numbers:


But there are others. [Google Search] As you will see not all domain names convert to raw IP numbers. One of the reasons is they are on a shared server with shared IPs and many use the same IP. Feet to the Fire is one of these types. However, it’s sister server, http://jancikradionetwork.com (while being on a shared server) does have it’s own unique IP.

In the event this “test” coincides with some type of False Flag/C0-Intel/Black-Op, (or a test to be used at some future point) use the above IP and scholl down to access a special (limited) Feet to the Fire mirrored site. Or, you can try this direct link:

My point is the FBI will shut down these “backbone” servers on March 8th. which, as these articles have said, will cripple Internet access and emails world wide. Since 99% of the internet users have no idea what a DNS server is, let alone a workaround, one cannot realistically get a better, more effective Kill Switch. If this is not the Big Kill to coincide with Mid East War Plans, , they may be testing testing for the day still to come.. So, learn your favorite websites’ true IP address ASAP! “”

@Deacus: no, because the bookmarked link goes through the DNS server. What you are
doing is by passing the DNS server when you use only the IP Address. The DNS server(s)
are the “internet on/off switch” and using the IP Address makes a shut down of DNS servers
of no effect.It can be difficult to understand so don’t kick yourself if you don’t.

@coralann: This was a “copy and paste” of an article I bumped into. The trick is to not include sub links, just do the search
for the web site itself and not the actual bookmarked page. No need to add the http or www in the search.
The Crow House Forum page is a sub address of the dedicated one that you would use to access the The Crow House home page.
So “http://www.thecrowhouse.com/forum/index.php”, the forum index page, will not be a valid search for the sites IP address.
but if you use “thecrowhouse.com” the search will go through and come back as: Sub addresses will not bring
a valid search of IP addresses. Hope that helps.

That is all.