Appearance of Giant Fissures and Cracks Everywhere

Here are a couple giant fissures and cracks  for the archives that were initially overlooked. the first one appears to be in India the day after an eclipse. Unfortunately it needs translated, it appears the villagers got spooked after making that connection.

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Land cracks the next day after eclipse in Hamirpur districts in Uttar Pradesh, Land cracks due to rains after the sum

1/4 mile long crack in earth splits open an Arizona road



Disturbing look at a Mexicali village that suffered catastrophic damage from last years 3.5 mag earthquake, which appears to have been downgraded.  Eye  witnesses saw huge cracks open up in the ground, one lady fell in waist deep before being rescued and a young boy was swallowed up. Approx. 35,000 people were left homeless and many residents are still living in tents with no assistance from the Mexican government.

Video is courtesy of Kevin one of our readers, great find thank you!

Lithospheric fracturing continues: Gigantic cracks appear in Mexico

July 21, 2011MEXICO – The crack which appeared on 13 July in Santa Maria Huejoculco in Chalco, State Mexico, has now reached 1500 meters long and the authorities have not taken preventive measures, warned James Espinoza Hilario, responsible for planning Social of the project Sierra Nevada of the Autonomous Metropolitan University. In addition, after survey work was detected in Santa Maria Huejoculco yet another gap of about four km which reaches La Candelaria Tlapala, was found in the community of Miraflores, in Chalco, explained Professor in interview with Martín Espinosa. According to the some, these fissures are part of a family of cracks that exist in the region and threaten to spread across the entire area east of the Valley of Mexico, result in the over-exploitation of water table and the proliferation of housing. This event began back 2009 in a small area of this region but since that time, it has grown and opened to devour everything around it. –Translated Spanish – Before its News

Moderate quake rocks India-Nepal border region

Apr 4, 2011

The epicentre of the quake was in the border region between Nepal and India. — PHOTO: INTERNET SOURCE

NEW DELHI – A MODERATE 5.7-magnitude earthquake shook the Nepal-India border region on Monday with tremors felt as far away as the Indian capital of New Delhi.

The epicentre of the quake was in the border region between Nepal and India, a seismologist at the Indian Meteorological Department told AFP.

The quake struck at a depth of 10km, he said.

‘It was a moderate quake… with a shallow to moderate focal depth,’ said the official, who asked not to be identified.

No damage or casualties were immediately reported.

The tremor was also felt in two towns in far western Nepal, Dhangadi and Mahendranagar, Nepal’s private Avenues Television reported. — AFP

A large crevice, stretching almost two football fields, suddenly appeared in the woods near Birch Creek

NOTE: This happened earlier last year, I’m adding now it in an attempt to get a better idea of the bigger picture by cataloging how  many events like this are  happening at this time.
MENOMINEE TOWNSHIP — It’s a geological phenomenon that has both authorities and Menominee Township residents scratching their heads.  A large crevice, stretching almost two football fields, suddenly appeared in the woods near Birch Creek earlier this week.

“I don’t know really.  It just looks like a giant crack in the ground,” said young spectator and local resident, Ashley Armbrust.  “I don’t know what happened.”

The 150-yard crevice is puzzling local residents.  Some areas are up to five feet deep and a few feet across.  The ground even rose up several feet in some areas around the crevice, causing trees to lean on both sides.  Like the spectators, property owners feel the whole thing is just confusing.

“I told the kids we had an earthquake and they laughed at me, then after they looked at it, they say I don’t know,” said property owner, Eileen Heider.

It all started early Monday morning between 8 & 9 a.m. Central time, when Eileen and her neighbors heard a loud boom, and that’s when Eileen felt her house start to shake.

“I heard something, but I was concentrating more on the chair moving than I was listening,” Eileen explained.  “It was just moving back and forth, like I had a vibrating chair, which I don’t have.”

Later on, Eileen told her friend, Doug Salewsky, what happened.  On Tuesday, he stumbled upon the crevice a short distance away in the woods and later called the state police.

But what caused this unusual event?  An earthquake?  A sink hole?  Authorities say, at the moment, no one seems to know.

“It’s a pretty remarkable sight really,” said MSP Trooper, Paul Anderson.  “Everyone will speculate I’m sure.  There are probably a hundred different opinions out there as to what caused this, but at this time, we don’t know what caused this.”

The U.S. Geological Survey along with Michigan Tech professors have been called to help “crack” the case.  Until then, it remains a mystery.