Ursula Haverbeck to serve 10 months in jail for sedition

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Ursula Haverbeck attending court in Hamburg on November 12, 2015 to defend herself for saying what she believes is the truth.

Deutschland is a land of insanity.

A peaceful, non-violent 87-year old woman who is beautiful inside and out is found guilty of an unconstitutional “law” that prohibits free expression of belief on one historical subject. This unconstitutional “law” originates from the loss of the world war in 1945 and the intention of the winning side to impose their own war narrative onto history and also take complete control of the nation that had fought to the end for a more just world order.

Ursula Haverbeck (87) is sentenced to 10 months in jail for “sedition.” She is accused of an interview that she gave to the NDR magazine Panorama in April 2015 saying Auschwitz was not an extermination but a labor camp, and no mass murder of Jews had taken place there.

Ursula entered the courtroom carrying a bouquet of flowers presented to her by Riegolf Hennig, one of her many supporters who gathered outside and inside of the auditorium.  She came  without a lawyer and is defending herself.

“From this position, I will not move,” she explained to the judge, and said to the prosecutor: “How do you as a lawyer explain the justification that Auschwitz was an extermination camp?”

She said that Paragraph 130, which makes “denial of the Holocaust” punishable, was a “law to maintain a lie.”

Magistrate Jönsson, visibly struggling to not lose his temper, could only say: “It is futile to argue with people who do not accept the facts.” [He means the faith, not facts] As Frau Haverbeck continues to point to the judge’s table of missing evidence for the gassing of millions of people, the judge gets hot under the collar and bursts out: “I also need not prove that the earth is round!”

Finally, Ursula Haverbeck insists that she can not be convicted again for the same offense. She already has two fines and a suspended sentence for sedition in the Federal Registry.

The judge replies dryly: “A thief who always steals the same thing is also punished over again.”

The prosecutor, determining that the defendant has a “fanatical delusion” that she will not change, calls for 10 months in prison without parole. The judge follows the request. “It is unfortunate that a woman who is still so vibrant for her age wastes her energy to spread a hair-raising nonsense,” he says.

Outside of the court, Ursula Haverbeck is received with the cheers and applause of her followers, who state that they “naturally” do not accept the verdict.


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Two Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1pmXaO6V0k&feature=youtu.be     and      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMxVqGeTiK0


Firsthand eyewitness report of immigration crisis in Germany ~ Anna Brusser

Note: Anna Brusser lives in Germany and is a member of the Unfuckers Unite! FB page, the following report on the German immigration crisis posted today which reveals a most promising situation arising as the masses in European country’s finally begin waking-up to the smell of totalitarianism at their front door step.

Will  keep you posted on further updates from Anna. Have a magical week!

Blessings, Annette

Anna Busser

I am now in Germany checking up on the so called “refugee” situation – today and tomorrow at a conference “Out of the Box Thinking” with the main emphasis on the present situation and solutions. More than 1,000 people were present. Imagine 1,000 people like us or the UU room all together in person !!! It is clear: the government has to go, Germany has to end its status as US military base and get out of Nato, the EU and the Euro. It is also clear that the “refugee crisis” is actually an act of war. Again imagine middle easterners, very many healthy young militarily trained men (80% of the people), not knowing the language or culture stuffed together in former or still occupied US barracks and tents. In the little village I am staying in there is one huge tent filled with 200 beds. In the next larger town there are 10,000. These camps (actually called “warehouses”) are strategically placed with German precision all over the country. I am now in Germany checking up on the so called “refugee” situation – today and tomorrow at a conference “Out of the Box Thinking” with the main emphasis on the present situation and solutions. More than 1,000 people were present. Imagine 1,000 people like us or the UU room all together in person !!! It is clear: the government has to go, Germany has to end its status as US military base and get out of Nato, the EU and the Euro. It is also clear that the “refugee crisis” is actually an act of war. Again imagine middle easterners, very many healthy young militarily trained men (80% of the people), not knowing the language or culture stuffed together in former or still occupied US barracks and tents. In the little village I am staying in there is one huge tent filled with 200 beds. In the next larger town there are 10,000. These camps (actually called “warehouses”) are strategically placed with German precision all over the country, proportionate to the German population. There are no background checks at the border and each person is given an Iphone so that they can both be tracked and given messages. Let us say that there is a nefarious intention behind this situation. Let us say the intention is to bring Germany to its knees. One of two things can happen: Either all ISIS trained men can be activated at a certain time to start a war. Or one can simply cut off suppplies to these people (many of whom are also victims of war) and by the nature of the created situation the people will go in search of food – to farms, houses and stores. Or it could be a lethal combination of a few “sleepers” and a group of men easy to lead. Apparently there are already cases where forced migration has been used as a method of war. A book has been written on the subject “Weapons of Mass Migration” referring to 64 historical cases in which this was the case. When I went to the conference this morning the hall was surrounded by police to protect us !! All the windows had been smashed in two nights ago in demonstration of our Congress. Several of the main speakers had personal body guards because they had already been attacked, like Max Igan. Apparently there was even a demonstration in front of our building which the police kept at bay because someone had leaked information that we were a radical nazi organization.
We are German UUs coming together to expose the truth. Whoever it is doesnt like this at all. Conferences like this are springing up all over Germany right now, big groups in big conference halls. It is like at the airport to get in, everyone is checked for weapons – in case – to protect us from violent demonstrators. There is a call out tfor peaceful mass civil unrest. Some are pushing for a tax boycott (strike). A big demonstration is being called for in Berlin again on November 7. The Germans and other Europeans are waking up and ready to ACT !!! But they know it must be carefully planned, peaceful and effective
I am interviewing one of the clearest speakers, also an author, tomorrow on what we English speakers can do to help Germany at this point.

German people in unprecedented rebellion against government

Note: God bless German protester’s for having the courage, fortitude and bravery to stand up against “evil” NRC psychopaths and nuclear sycophants.

Time to wake-up America…


1,000 injured in nuclear protests, police at breaking point

By Jane Burgermeister – November 8, 2010

Like the Roman legions vanquished in the Teutoburger Wald in Lower Saxony in 9 AD, the 17,000 police officers that marched into the woods around the nuclear storage facility in Gorleben in northern Germany on Sunday morning looked invincible. Police personnel from France, Croatia and Poland had joined in the biggest security operation ever mounted against protestors against a train carrying nuclear waste to a depot in an isolated part of  Lower Saxony’s countryside. Helicopters, water canons and police vehicles, including an armoured surveillance truck, accompanied an endless column of anti-riot police mounted on horses and also marching down the railway tracks into the dense woods. Tens of thousands of anti riot police clattered along the tracks, their helmets and visors gleaming in the morning sun, and wearing body armour, leg guards and carrying batons.

But by Sunday night, those same police officers were begging the protestors for a respite.

Trapped in black, icy  woods without supplies or reinforcements able to reach them because of blockades by a mobile fleet of farmer’s tractors, the exhausted and hungry police officers requested negotiations with the protestors. A water cannon truck was blocked by tractors, and yet the police still had to clear 5,000 people lying on the railway track at Harlingen in pitch darkness. The largest ever police operation had descended into chaos and confusion in the autumn woods of Lower Saxony, defeated by the courage and determination of peaceful protestors who marched for miles through woods to find places to lie down on the tracks and to scoop out gravel to delay the progress of the “the train from hell.”

The police union head Reiner Wendt gave vent to the general frustration when he issued a press statement via the DPA news agency last night saying the police had reached exhaustion point and needed a break. Behind the scenes, a battle seemed to be raging between the police chiefs, tucked up in their warm headquarters urging more action, and the exhausted officers on the ground.

The police on the ground won out. The Castor train – called a “Chernobyl on wheels” because it has been carrying 133 tonnes of highly radioactive waste to an unsafe depot – was stopped in the middle of the countryside and NATO barbed wire was placed around it. Lit by floodlights and guarded by a handful of police, the most dangerous train on the planet was forced to a halt after a 63 hour journey across France and Germany.

The defeat of the legions at Teutoburg marked the end of the attempt by the Roman empire to conquer Germania magna. And the failure of the biggest ever police operation two thousand years later in the woods of Lower Saxony to tame women, elderly people and school children protesting the government’s nuclear policy, could well also go down as a turning point.

The Berlin government can no longer rely on the discredited mainstream media to control the way people see issues. Too many people recognise it to be a tool of propaganda. The government now needs to resort to brute force to bludgeon through decisions that enrich corporations and banks and impoverish everyone else. But the police forces  at its disposal are simply not sufficient given the scale of the protests now gripping Germany. Only 1,500 police reinforcements could be mustered on Morning from the entire territory to deal with road blockades by thousands of protestors aiming to delay the transport of the nuclear waste on the final leg of its journey.

The police officers were exhausted after shifts of 24 hours or more, often without any food or just a cappuccino and snack bar, and they had nothing to look forward to but more of the same drudgery after a night spent four to a room in a Youth Hostel.


A leading figure in a German police police union Bernard Witthaut today even lashed out at the government for trying to drive through unpopular policies using the police.

“Whether in Stuttgart or in Wendland today my colleagues are simply not getting out of their anti riot gear because of the wrong decisions by the government,” he said.

Many police officers also expressed sympathy with the protestors’ aims.

The question now is: how long can the use of police to bludgeon protestors continue when the protests are reaching this scale? How long can Germany be governed by a semi authoritarian regime using brute force when the force at its disposal is so small? The German army cannot be deployed on this kind of mission without sparking even more outrage. A false flag terrorist operation will hardly wash when the people are so fed up with the government lies and the media lies. EU soldiers will find it hard to deal with the Germans. The German and EU secret police cannot infiltrate all of the protestor’s organizations when there are simply so many.

The German people as a whole are on the march.

“Citizens in rebellion,” shouted a TAZ headline.

“Civil war in Wendtand,” fumed Bild.

NGO chief Kersin Rudek spoke for many when she said:

“We have lost faith in the government until they prove that their politics is for the people and not for the corporations.”

She talked about the “anger” among people at the “arrogance of the political class.”

As in the Stuttgart 21 railway protests, it was people from all walks of life,  a genuine grass roots movement, that arrived in Wendland to protest the decision by the CDU/CSU/FDP government to ignore a legally binding deadline to phase out nuclear power. Against the wishes of the majority, Bilderberg Chancellor Angela Merkel announced this autumn that 17 reactors would continue for another 12 years at gigantic cost to the tax payer in subsidies.

The tax payers of Lower Saxony even have to foot the bill of  50 million euro for the police operation to protect the nuclear waste – and not the electricity companies making a fortune from the extravagant energy source while the government keeps investments in ground-breaking new renewable energy technologies such as the third generation solar cells at a negligible amount.

As in Stutggart, the police used savage force against peaceful demonstrators reinforcing the impression of a government out of control and refusing to respect the basic democratic right of people to hold protests without being beaten to a pulp. Videos of the Castor transport on Sunday show police beating people with their truncheons, punching them and throwing them to the ground. Police also used tear gas, pepper spray and water canon.


One clip shows a police officer using his fist to punch a man lying on the railway track in the head.

About a 1,000 people were injured, it is reported. 950 people are reported to have suffered eye injuries due to pepper spray and tear gas, according to a spokesperson of “Castor schottern”. Another sixteen protestors suffered broken bones. There were 29 severe head wounds. Two people had to be taken to hospital.


One person had to be taken by helicopter after suffering multiple bone fractures after being trampled by a police horse.

But as in Stuttgart, the people did not give up in spite of the risk of savage beatings at the hands of the police. They insisted on their civic right enshrined in the constitution to hold peaceful political protests.

More than 50,000 people from all parts of the country and all walks of life attended a rally on a field close to Dannenberg. Thousands then marched through the autumn woods, splitting into small groups to descend into the valley, break through police lines to chain themselves to the rails or remove gravel from the  tracks to delay the train.

According to Spiegel, 7,000 people alone took part in the road and railway blockades.

An armoured police car was set on fire by masked men but it is not clear if this was an agent pravocateur acting to discredit the protestors. A video shows a man able to walk up to the armoured car and set it alight unhindered.

The overwhelming number of protestors were peaceful.

In spite of the sub zero temperatures and ground frost, up to 5000 protestors  lay down on the railway tracks at Harlingen late in the evening and refused to move. Supplies of hot tea, food and blankets were brought to them by mobile kitchens. Fires were lit to help stay warm.

The police worked from midnight until 7 am to clear protestors blocking the track, dragging many to an open air “prison concentration camp” where people were forced to sleep in fields surrounded by police trucks.

This morning, the protestors have regrouped today and thousands are reported to be preparing to block the transport by road of the nuclear waste from Dannenberg to Gorleben.


The organisers of the protest kept journalists and the public informed using live tickers, press releases and at Infopoints so that the whole country could follow the events outside the mainstream media. Radio Wendland is also broadcasting updates on the incredibly heroic resistance of so many people. At great personal risk, tens of thousands of people gave an example of courageous and peaceful non-violent resistance that will surely go down in history.

If this is the resistance for Castor and Stuttgart 21, just imagine what will happen when Germans finally grasp the scale of the banking scam being carried out by their “elite.”

The CDU/CSU/FDP government has already hit record lows in the polls and after Sunday’s savage police operation against peaceful protestors, support for them is sure to plummet further.

The feudal lords without a feudal army to push through their agenda of robbery are facing the end of the road now that their media propaganda apparatus based on the Springer and Bertelsmann empire is falling apart and their strategy of divide and rule through a false left/right political paradigm is no longer working.

A new freedom and power was born in the woods of Wendland. And it belonged to the people who have had enough of the arrogant authoritarian political class.

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250,000 German Protesters say “NO” TTIP & CETA in Berlin !!! 10.10.2015 !!! Für einen gerechten Welthandel !!!

BIG Mahalo to Daniela for submitting this link to TPP protests in Germany, 250,000 people standing in the power, for one big collective “I DO NOT CONSENT TO THE TPP”…GO GERMANY, YOU ROCK!


100,000 German Beekeepers Just Called For A Ban On GMOs

Without bees, the future of Earth looks bleak…

Bees’ importance cannot be overstated. As TrueActivist has shared before, the tiny, bumbling insects are responsible for a lot making them essential in the future of our planet.

Therefore, with massive bee die-offs (otherwise known as ‘colony collapse disorder’), it has been the plight of many scientists, beekeepers, and educated activists to do whatever it takes to ensure bees survive.

Some theories exist as to what is causing colony collapse, such as Monsanto’s GMO crops, the insecticides used to treat them, and EMF frequencies from excessive technological use… but debate persists.

In wake of all the controversy, the German Beekeepers Association (DIB), which represents almost 100,000 beekeepers,  decided to take action by calling for a nationwide ban on GMO cultivation. The news comes from a report published by the German NGO keine-gentechnik.de.

As GMWatch shares, this call for a ban follows controversial legislation allowing EU member states to opt-out of GM cultivation, even though it has been approved at the European Union level.

As might be expected, many pro-GMO advocates are angry about the new law, calling it “unfounded,” and stating that it “lacks scientific justification.” Many non-GMO supporters – especially beekeepers – stand strong in their stance, however, and point to the many documented dangers  (and unproven suspicions) of genetically modified foods. They also bring to attention the known damage caused by herbicides and pesticides used to grow them, as well as the decimation of pollinating insects.

Credit: GMWatch

Beekeepers are hoping that the Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU) will soon administer a nationwide ban. At this point, they – and the rest of the world – need action to be taken to preserve the declining numbers of pollinating bees. So far, the Minister has argued in favor of allowing each state individually decide if they will ban GMOs.

Because bees can fly up to eight kilometers to pollinate and search for food, this is far from the compromise bee advocates are seeking. Even if one state banned GM crops, cross-contamination from crops of a nearby state could occur, further harming bee populations.

Beekeepers state that this would be “environmentally and agriculturally unacceptable.”

In addition, the exposure of bees to biotech chemicals like glyphosate (which was determined to be ‘probably carcinogenic’ by the WHO’s IARC), would no doubt compromise their numbers even more.

We agree with the DIB’s statement: “Bees know no borders.”

For this reason, it is essential individuals recognize the importance of bees and band together to demand a ban on GMOs in their own country. No doubt a ban so large will be tough to uphold, but at this point measures must be taken.

This article (100,000 German Beekeepers Just Called For A Ban On GMOs) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and TrueActivist.com


Courtesy of https://followingworldchange.wordpress.com/

If you’re following the GMO issue, it’s been a week both of setback(or sorts) and gains. First, in what comes as no surprise, the judge in the Maui county, Hawaii case against Mon(ster)santo not surprisingly has ruled against the county(My thanks to Ms. M.W. for two of the following articles, and to Mr K.L for another):Federal Judge Strikes Down Maui County’s GMO MoratoriumHere’s the legal essence of the case:

(Judge Susan) Mollway emphasized that the ruling is not a statement on whether genetically modified organisms are beneficial or detrimental.

“The court recognizes the importance of questions about whether GE activities and GMOs pose risks to human health, the environment, and the economy, and about how citizens may participate in democratic processes,” she said. “But any court is a reactive body that addresses matters before it rather than reaching out to grab hold of whatever matters may catch a judge’s fancy because the matters are interesting, important, or of great concern to many people.”

Yea… sure… tell that to the Supremes…

Now, while from a strict legal standpoint, Judge Mollway is correct, as Mr. Jon Rappaport has reported, her background does suggest connections to the GMO industry. But if that’s the case, her statements regarding the actual risks of GMOs are noteworthy. Mollway is taking great care to avoid making any statements from the bench about the actual GMO debate itself. In a sense, one may perhaps view the (expected) decision as a kind of Pyrrhic victory.

But there’s little to now debate over what’s happening in the United Kingdom, Germany and France:

UK GM wheat ‘does not repel pests’

Now, note first that the U.K. article is from the BBC, the mouthpiece of the British government and oligarchy, itself, a piece that should be causing some concern in St. Louis. Then there;s these:

France bans the sale of glyphosate

Well… we knew that, but nonetheless, this ban, coming within the same time frame as the U.K.-BBC article, suggests that Europe is quietly beginning to coordinate a revolt against GMOs, and hence the American dominance of the field(though Europe has its own giant participants in the game). As if that’s not enough, there’s this news from Germany, and it may be the most significant of them all:

German farm KTG plans China expansion after Fosun buys stake

Take note of one significant statement in this last article:

KTG, one of the few listed farms in Europe, hopes to increase food sales to China to between 100 million and 200 million euros annually in the coming three years from 20 to 30 million euros expected in 2015, KTG CEO Siegfried Hofreiter told Reuters.

“China could become KTG’s largest market,” Hofreiter said.

Currently about 80 percent of KTG’s sales are in Germany and 20 percent are exports.

Fosun International purchased a 9.03 percent shareholding in KTG via a Portuguese unit, KTG said on Monday.

Fosun has interests in a Chinese food retail chain with 8,000 shops and also in Internet commerce which should help the launch of KTG’s food products in China, Hofreiter said.

“China’s middle class is around 700 million people and I see strong demand there for organic German foods free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms),” Hofreiter said.(Emphasis added)

In other words, the market, and China’s market in particular, will ultimately determine the fate of the GMO issue, not the mercantilist policies of Mon(ster)santo and other companies (and, while we’re on the subject…can you say RICO?)  In short, if America intends to remain a major agricultural powerhouse, it might want to rethink that whole GMO thing, for what these articles are all suggesting is that the “GMO geopolitics”, which I’ve been predicting will inevitably occur, with the finger of blame being pointed clearly at the US government’s shielding of the GMO corporations, is happening before our eyes, and Europe seems to be quietly, slowly, but discernibly, turning in that direction.

See you on the…

Oh, and one more thing, courtesy of this article also shared by Ms. M.W.: you can add South American agricultural powerhouse Argentina to the list as well:

Justice ordered the National Executive to suspend the sale of GMOs and associated pesticides

See you flip side…

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into “alternative history and science”.

Crop Circle Appears During12th Crystal Moon of Cooperation

This crop circle appeared during the 12th Crystal Moon of Cooperation – this is the 12th Lunar month in the Mayan 13 Moon Calendar. The 12th Moon continues from May 30 till June 26, 2015.

About the crop circle, reported on June 8, 2015 in Berlin, Germany:

We see 12 figures, which look like crystals. This very much matches with the current 12th Moon with the Tone 12 – the Crystal Tone of the Cooperation!

Here is a description of this Tone:


Stability in expansion, greater constellation, union of polarity, framework of connectedness. All parts make up a greater whole.

The Crystal Tone presents a higher order of coordination – offering complex stability, creative cohesion, and comprehensive vision.
Here, we perceive the coherency of the whole as a composition of related parts, honouring the elaborate inter-workings of life as a mandalic synthesis. Crystal Tone asks us to universalize – to translate our knowledge and insights that they may be universally applicable, relevant and shareable with all, assisting the elevation of the common good.

Tone 12 affirms that we ourselves embody the highest qualities of internal and social architecture. Like a crystal with its unique facets individuals which constitute the power of a strong, interdependent community. Tone 12 offers the recognition that in a healthy whole-system the needs of the individual are met by the collective, and in return the individual feeds the aspirations of the collective. May we strive to collaborate with one another, combining our gifts and enhancing our efforts, while remaining clear and lucid in the grace of our autonomy.

Every 13 days, around the world, groups of natural time trackers meet regularly on Crystal days to share their accounts of completed adventures and to determine new adventures to undertake. These gatherings, known as “round-tables,” or “courts of the kin” are specifically held on Crystal days because Tone 12 models cooperation. These circles exhibit the cohering power of acknowledging all participants as carrying equal right and responsibility, while organized around a central, unifying focus. All are universally welcomed to contribute their personal energy, in dedication to the constructive functioning of the Whole.

Crystal declares: Every being has a place in the formation. Our individual efforts of perseverance and commitment are invaluable. As we work in concert with one another, a powerful synergy emerges ~ a crystalline configuration which equals more than the sum of its parts! May we each experience ourselves as integral components of a network of divine creativity!

No matter what your experience, there is a complex stability in the larger pattern that invites you to feel stable as you expand and evolve.

Living in a world of polarities, yet knowing that all parts are one in the unified whole, creates the underlying framework of connectedness. The hologram of polarity is simply the structure, the loom upon which worlds and realities are woven.

Stability is a matter of perception. Find where you can openly flow and expand in the midst of seeming complexity. Utilize the relationships created by polarity to explore and expand any self-limiting construct. Open your perceptions. Through you, the mysterious balance of the cosmos is fulfilled.



Maya Todorova's photo.

Anti-G7 protests ahead of summit in Germany LIVE UPDATES

June 06, 2015

Anti-G7 protestors march during a demonstration in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, southern Germany, June 6, 2015. (Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke)

Anti-G7 protestors march during a demonstration in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, southern Germany, June 6, 2015. (Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke)

Protests against the G7 summit are growing in southern Germany with thousands expected to rally throughout Saturday against the gathering of seven world leaders in a luxury Bavarian hotel.

Saturday, June 6

19:09 GMT:
18:57 GMT:

The meeting is being held in a “remote citadel,” as the leaders are retreating further from the public, geopolitical analyst Patrick Henningsen told RT.

15:17 GMT:

Police in Garmisch-Partenkirchen have told RT’s Peter Oliver that protesters used pepper spray against them. One officer had to receive medical treatment. At least one protester was seen carried away on a stretcher as well.

15:12 GMT:
15:01 GMT:

Police have used tear gas against anti-G7 protesters in the Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. At least one man was seen being detained, and several others were taken away by ambulances.

14:17 GMT:

The G7 has long promised to solve many international issues, but it is currently acting as a “concerted power bloc to plan their policies that will benefit elites in Western countries,” Nick Dearden, Director of the NGO Global Justice Now, told RT.

14:09 GMT:

Police currently estimates the crowd at 2,000, and organizers say the number is twice as high.

14:09 GMT:

Around 17,000 police have been deployed near the summit location, and 2,000 Austrian security forces supported them at the nearby border.

13:19 GMT:

The protesters carried banners which read “Fight G7 for Revolution” and “G7 go to hell! I like Putin”, and gathered near the railway station at the foot of Germany’s highest peak.

13:18 GMT:

More video and tweets here: http://rt.com/news/265438-g7-summit-bavaria-protest/

German Environment Ministry seeks unconditional GMO ban

Published: 14/01/2015


84% of Germans are against genetically modified plant cultivation, according to a survey by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. [Raman Sharma/Flickr]

Germany’s Environment Ministry is hoping for a complete ban on green genetic engineering,  but a Green party assessment warns that upcoming free trade agreements like TTIP and CETA could still bring genetically modified plants to the European market. EurActiv Germany reports.

After the European Parliament on Tuesday (13 January passed a new Directive on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in Europe, the German Environment Ministry is insisting on a complete ban on green genetic engineering in Germany.

It is very important that a political agreement be reached to generally apply the exclusion clause to Germany, emphasised State Secretary on Environment Jochen Flasbarth on Tuesday (13 January) in Berlin.

Under the new directive, EU member states will now be able to choose to opt-out, restricting or completely banning GMO cultivation within their borders. One of the leading proponents of such a legal ban in Germany is its Ministry of Agriculture, which is led by the Bavarian conservative Christian Social Union (CSU). The Ministry also supports a national ban on cultivation.

In a position paper from the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Minister Barbara Hendricks outlines that she does not want to leave any backdoors open for genetic engineering. The GMO law must be changed, so that controversial green genetic engineering cannot be used under any pretext in Germany, she states in the document, according to a report in the Süddeutsche newspaper.

“Green genetic engineering has turned out to be the wrong track,” Hendricks said. It is risky for nature and the environment and is not desired by consumers. “For this reason I would like us to use the EU rules in the future, that can guarantee freedom from genetic engineering in Germany,” she explained.

Meanwhile, an assessment from the Bundestag’s Green Party faction sees the GMO ban as being threatened by free trade agreements the EU is planning with Canada (CETA) and the United States (TTIP).

Titled Free trade – gateway for agricultural genetic engineering, the study is an analysis, conducted by Christoph Then, of the possible consequences of TTIP based on the CETA text. Then concludes that with TTIP, “EU standards for the protection of GMO-free agriculture, such as measures against contamination and maintaining clean seed, will be lowered in the medium-term.” The author also predicts changes in the approval procedure.

The study’s main conclusions are:

  • The application of the precautionary principle is not planned for CETA and presumably not planned for TTIP. In the EU, politicians decide on the approval of genetically modified plants before they are ever put on the market. In North America, they are considered safe until the opposite can be proven.
  • In the United States and Canada, there are no legal regulations for the protection of GMO-free agriculture. The EU’s new directive, providing the freedom to choose farming without genetically-modified plants, would be in danger if TTIP is enacted.
  • With CETA, the German government also robs itself of the ability to implement its own projects: An expansion of labeling requirements on products from genetically modified animals, as Germany’s grand coalition promised in its agreement, will be almost impossible under CETA.
  • In the EU, there is a strict division between risk analysis and approval: In Europe the independent food authority EFSA determines risks, while the political bodies decide on approval. In North America the authorities, alone, are responsible for both of these steps.

State Secretary Flachsbarth decidedly dismissed concerns over consumer protection. No lowering of standards, such as a softening of GMO regulation, will be accepted through TTIP.

MEP Susanne Melior from Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) also sought to dispel such concerns. “The existing rules for cultivation of GMOs will not be influenced by the TTIP negotiations,” Melior said, “An agreement must comply with EU law – not the reverse! Anything else would not be approved in the European Parliament.”


Green MEP Martin Häusling said he considers the compromise in the European Parliament a “Trojan Horse”. “The European Parliament had a chance at binding, clear and EU-wide rules for the approval of genetically modified plants. Meanwhile the majority of the population has expressed clear opposition to genetic engineering. These rules will make cultivation of genetically modified plants in the EU easier and lead to a European patchwork on the approval of genetically modified plants. That runs the risk of further spreading genetically modified material, such as on a transport route through EU countries that have indicated clear opposition to this agricultural technology.”

“The compromise is like a Trojan Horse. Something that seems harmless at first glance, can turn out to be dangerous in reality if it – as is feared – leads to more approvals at the EU level. As of yet it is unclear which reasons for a ban will actually withstand an action for annulment,” Häusling said.

Gesine Meißner from the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP): “ That is an acceptable compromise. In this way companies gain legal security. The negotiated compromise may not be internal-market-friendly, since a patchwork of regulation can be expected from the national bans. But the original plan, allowing tested GMOs to be cultivated throughout Europe, would have been right. Unfortunately, in light of scepticism from the scientific and research community in the public, it is illusory. Still, the Green Party’s alternative, namely an EU-wide ban on cultivation, was prevented.”

External links:

Press articles


No joke’: Germany mulls using typewriters to combat US snooping

Note: More and more we’re seeing the need to turn the clock back on modern technology…going back to simpler times. Wish I wouldn’t have gotten rid of my typewriter, so many years ago…

Published: July 15, 2014

Reuters / Desmond Boylan

Reuters / Desmond Boylan

Amid the worsening Berlin-Washington spy row, German politicians are considering going back to old-fashioned manual typewriters for confidential documents to protect national secrets from American NSA spooks.

Patrick Sensburg, the chair of the German parliament’s enquiry into NSA alleged spying, said committee members are considering new security measures and are seriously thinking about abandoning email and returning to old school typewriters.

“As a matter of fact, we already have [a typewriter], and it’s even a non-electronic typewriter,” he told the ARD Morning Show Monday.

The interviewer, apparently surprised by the idea, asked if that was really the case, The Guardian writes. “Yes, no joke”, responded Sensburg of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party.

The committee was set up to investigate the scope of surveillance uncovered by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden who revealed that the US has been eavesdropping Germans and even bugged Merkel’s cell phone. The scandal led to a chill in relations between old allies, Berlin and Washington, with Merkel saying at the time that “monitoring of friends was unacceptable.”

Adding to a row of embarrassing spying scandals, earlier this month Berlin announced it had discovered an alleged American spy in the Defense Ministry.

That came just days after the arrest of a German intelligence officer who worked as a double agent and passed information to the CIA about the parliament’s NSA investigation.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Reuters / Thomas Peter)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Reuters / Thomas Peter)

Merkel said then that if the allegations were proven correct “it would be for me a clear contradiction as to what I consider to be trusting cooperation between agencies and partners.”

Germany also ordered the CIA station chief in Berlin out of the country.

“Unlike other inquiry committees, we are investigating an ongoing situation. Intelligence activities are still going on, they are happening,” Sensburg told ARD broadcaster, as cited by The Independent.

“Of course we have to keep our internal communication secure, send encrypted emails, use encrypted telephones and other things, which I’m not going to say here,” he added.

Meanwhile, if German politicians do decide to ditch computers in favor of typewriters, they would not be the first to come up with such an idea.

Last year, apparently in a move triggered by the Snowden leaks, the Russian Federal Guard Service (FSO) ordered typewriters capable of both Russian and Latin typeface. The FSO – which protects highest-ranking officials – was going to spend 486,000 rubles (US$14,000) to buy 20 electric portable typewriters.


RT.COM: NSA is more than just a spy network, it’s global fascism


AFP Photo / Paul J. Richards AFP Photo / Paul J. Richards

Patrick Henningsen is a writer, investigative journalist, and filmmaker and founder of the news website 21stCenturyWire.com.

July 16, 2013 13:46

Despite the size and scope of Edward Snowden’s NSA whistleblowing, there’s little sign of Washington DC changing its practices, and even less of an indication that any of its European allies will actually hold it to account.

Germany Flip-Flops
Germany’s change of direction on this issue reveals a lot about the scale of the problem. Angela Merkel’s initial public response seemed to be that of outrage. “We are no longer in the cold war,” said Angela Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert. “If it is confirmed that diplomatic representations of the European Union and individual European countries have been spied upon, we will clearly say that bugging friends is unacceptable”(Guardian July 1, 2013).

Merkel’s public façade didn’t hold up for long after Snowden revealed in Der Spiegel magazine only days later that the US and Germany were in fact partnering in the global spy network. “They are in bed with the Germans, just like with most other Western states”, the German magazine quotes Snowden as saying, adding that the NSA has a Foreign Affairs Directorate which is responsible for cooperation with other countries (RT July 8, 2013). The Der Spiegel report also indicated how German Federal Intelligence Service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and NSA work together.

The embarrassment of this Snowden bombshell seemed to force Germany down a notch, with Merkel opting for a new policy of appeasement instead. So was the initial rift between the US and Germany mere political theatre?

Merkel told Die Zeit that there was “a need to discuss the balance between privacy and security, but protection against terrorism was not possible without the option of electronic surveillance”. She then added, “(I want) the necessary discussions with the United States to be conducted in the spirit which, despite the many justified questions, never forgets that America has been our most loyal ally over the decades and still is” (Reuters July 10, 2013).

But it’s Merkel’s last statement which indicates that she may be just as out of touch with public opinion as the culture of denial which still dominates Washington DC. “For me, there is no comparison at all between the state security (Stasi) of the GDR and the work of intelligence services in democratic states,” Merkel told Die Zeit (Reuters July 10, 2013). Incredible.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel.(AFP Photo / Johannes Eisele)

No real accountability

Putting the overall theme of government abuse of power into perspective, this week provided a solid example of what should happen in an advanced civilized democracy. Luxembourg’s long-serving Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker announced his resignation this week over a spying scandal involving illegal phone-taps, alongside a number other highly corrupt activities.

In normal times, what happened in Luxembourg should also happen in other countries like the US, or Great Britain – but these are far from normal times. What passes for normal in this bizarre epoch is anyone’s guess, and the same goes for what is deemed to be ‘legal’, especially in the United States.

Snowden’s revelations should have been a watershed moment, but instead in 2013, there appears to be no parliamentary controls to regulate the practice of warrantless digital surveillance and data theft on the part of government agencies, and even less chance of justice in the courts, where adjudicators have been rendered impotent to enforce the law which have been buried under an avalanche of emergency war-time edicts and executive orders.

Well before the Snowden affair this year, Germany effectively cleared the legal path for one of the corporations within the NSA collective. Through the use of administrative courts and the EU, the Administrative Court of Schleswig, Germany upheld two decisions on February 14th, 2013 which ruled that German data protection laws do not apply to data processing by Facebook (file numbers 8 B 60/12 and 8 B 61/1).These controversial judicial procedure were initiated by Facebook Inc. (USA) and by Facebook Ltd. (Ireland, EU), and reversed a previous order by the Independent State Center for Data Protection of Schleswig-Holstein (ULD) which had ruled to allow users to sign in on Facebook using a pseudonym and to unblock those user-accounts that had been blocked due to the users not using their real name and personal data. At the time this was seen as a victory for Facebook the corporation – when in fact it was really a victory for the NSA – who harvests its data from Facebook.

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncke.(AFP Photo / John Thys)

NSA and GCHQ: A Joint Venture

Based on these latest Snowden leaks, we’ve learned more about the true nature of America’s NSA and Britain’s GCHQ partnership in this international spy network, sharing their data and communications. Through the UK Government’s Communications Headquarters known as TEMPORA, the British agency is able to tap over 200 fiber optic cables landing in the UK, saving everything – up to 27 petabytes a day, which are then parsed out to 300 GCHQ analysts and 250 NSA colleagues who then sift through it.

Over a decade of Patriot Acts, FISA laws and Wikileaks cables has left Americans and Europeans alike in a precarious state akin to Stockholm Syndrome, where their love of digital communications almost trumps their concerns for privacy. This same ambiguity has been echoed by Obama and Merkel, who both claim that protection against terrorism is not possible without the option of electronic surveillance. But the narrative which was originally framed around Washington’s invasion of its citizens’ privacy has since gone international. It’s now about governments partnering with each other – and with corporations, in the largest global digital dragnet imaginable.

The extent of the US National Security Agency (NSA) overseas spying in Europe has stunned the European public for sure, and appears to have rattled the political classes in Germany and Brussels – but only for now.

According to Edward Snowden’s revelations in the German magazine Der Spiegel last week, the NSA snoops through approximately 20-60 million German phone connections, and 10 million internet data sets a day. According to the Snowden report, all in all, the NSA combs through around half a billion German phone calls, emails and text messages on a monthly basis.

To add insult to injury, it’s been said the US intelligence regards Germany as a “third class partner”, on par with the likes of China and Iraq, making them fair game for NSA targeting. It’s not just Berlin, as the NSA are also said to have bugged EU diplomatic offices and gained access to EU internal computer networks.

So where is the crisis of international diplomacy between the US and Europe? Under normal circumstances, this might morph into a major diplomatic crisis pitting the EU members on one side and the US on the other – but alas, these are not really normal times. Germany and the EU came out swinging, well, sort of.

President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz hit out immediately stating:

“If the allegations prove to be true, it would be an extremely serious matter which will have a severe impact on EU-US relations”.

Brussels immediately passed a non-binding resolution, which said that unless the US provided full disclosure about its email and communications data, then two EU-US transatlantic information-sharing deals could be revoked. Those deals are the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program (TFTP) and Passenger Name Records (PNR). Both were rammed through the EU Parliament during the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. It gives the US Treasury carte blanche on all European stored data on international financial transfers, and gives US Homeland Security carte blanche on all passenger check-ins and ticket bookings on flights.

Few believe that the EU will actually make good on their threats, seeing the initial reaction as a mere face-saving exercise, leading to no real action by MEPs in Brussels.

AFP Photo / Paul J. Richards 

Global Data Industry: A Digital Cartel

The corporate aspect should not be underrated in terms of its central role in the international digital data trade. Edward Snowden’s PRISM revelations of government controlled NSA wiretapping and data theft are nothing new, as former CIA analyst Russell Tice prove almost a decade ago in 2005 by showing that the NSA were engaged in unlawful and unconstitutional wiretaps on American citizens. But the NSA cannot operate without the partnership of these companies – all of whom have offices and operational hubs in most foreign markets.

Herein resides the key aspect in all of this – that in order for agencies like the NSA and GCHQ to get easy access to all of our digital communications and data, they still need the cooperation of corporations to do it. In the US, it’s now known what role major ISPs and mobile carriers like Verizon and AT&T play in this equation within US borders, including the existence of NSA-controlled SG3 collection rooms embedded within the companies facilities. Shocking enough, but not nearly as shocking if you consider the role of transnational corporations in enabling the NSA access to your digital threads.

Internationally, citizens have already signed over most of their privacy simply by using the digital services of US multinationals like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Skype, Yahoo and others. All of these corporation operate within a ‘profit-first’ ethical vacuum where, in many cases, they are actually charging the NSA for the privilege of consuming their customers’ communications and data. According to the recent Snowden leaks, the level of collusion between Microsoft Corp and the NSA is astonishing, where Microsoft allows the NSA to skirt encryption protocols on Outlook, Skype video and cloud services, and where data captured by the NSA is routinely passed on to both the FBI and the CIA (Guardian July 12, 2013).

The horrible irony here is too obvious to ignore: the US government, through its NSA, is giving away taxpayer dollars so these corporations can profit from handing over all of your personal communications and data.

Such an unholy alliance between partnering governments and transnational corporations could be defined as fascism, but the global nature of this operation might require a new term to define what means as a global phenomenon.

Amidst the international Snowden media circus, it’s important not to forget that what has enabled agencies like the NSA and GCHQ to act with impunity, is the fact that both these governments have excelled in capitalising on a post-September 11th paranoia that has hijacked the national consciousness in both the US and the UK. The entire basis upon which their relentless war-time remit has been erected can be described in three words: “War on Terror”.

It’s already clear to the global citizenry that the US federal government and its NSA are out of control, and should be reined in as soon as possible in order to preserve any remaining moral standing for a country which has exhausted nearly all of its goodwill internationally – as well as domestically.

Judging by Washington’s stoic and unapologetic stance thus far, goodwill doesn’t seem to be a high priority yet. Until the problem is properly addressed, there will remain a gaping hole of moral leadership in the international community.

What political leaders are slow the realize is that when the goodwill has been exhausted, so has the trust, and that’s a very slippery slope indeed.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.


German Law Firm Recruits Official OPPT Representative

Love this story! For everyone who believes the OP is a little too woo-woo-New-Agey-flakey to be legit, simply because the trustees added an enlightened approach to the legal aspects of abolishing the debt slavery systems. Please take a moment to think again, it might be helpful to remember one timeless quote from the bible “The meek shall inherit the Earth”…

And, will openly rule in transparency, integrity, compassion, generosity and from the heart space of love, gratitude and forgiveness to all . The enormous challenges the world faces can never be solved with the same level of consciousness that brought us to the brink of destruction…we have been given a bridge toward freedom, each one of us has free will to walk or stay. Much love, ~A~}




German Law Firm Recruits Official OPPT Representative


May 16, 2013

Below is an email thread which began yesterday with a wonderful woman named Roberta Kelly, who lives in Germany. Roberta reached out to share this story, in response to amessage I put out for bringing on guests for my new radio program that started today with Jake Ducey, the Be The Change Show. I think the awesomeness of this exchange speaks for itself. 🙂 

Much Love to you Roberta!…and BRAVO Dr. Wittmann! ~BK

Dearest Brian;

I greet you from the beautiful state of Bavaria . . .
from the city of Munich.

I truly, do not know where to begin to share the story
of my adventurous journey with OPPT and Co.
One fact, however, is certain . . . five months ago, my life
did a hundred and eighty degree turn and I haven’t been
the same since. In absolute gratitude and love, without limit.

It is Lisa Harrison, I must thank, for my discovering you all in the
first place. (Will explain how, another time.) What I am bursting to
share with you now, is for your show . . . how Momma Universe, so graciously/abundantly,
acknowledged and blessed my BE’ing and DO’ing, with OPPT in Germany.

I am an African-American singer, who decided in 1972, to make a three week
holiday in Germany, and I’m STILL here!  For more info.(www.robertakelly.com)
Fast-forward forty years . . . after searching desperately in Google, for
an OPPT connection here, I finally came across a Law firm.
(Graf von Andechs – Dr.Andreas Wittmann)
In their advertisement, to my surprise, they mention OPPT, but they also mention you.
And when I read the name Brian Kelly, I screamed . . . “they know my brother,
they know my brother”!!(giggle)

Needless to say, I called them immediately. However, almost three weeks passed before
I received a reply.  To make a long story short . . . one of the attorney’s finally
called to make an appointment with me, which lasted over three hours.  Two days
later I received an e-mail announcing, that I had been accepted in this Law firm,
with twenty offices spread over Germany, as their official OPPT representative.

Consequently, this coming Friday, the 17th of May, at 18:00hrs., in Munich, I will be
giving a two hour lecture on OPPT to seventy business men and women.  Dr. Wittmann’s
plan is to take this “on the road” all over this country. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? (!!!)

Brian, I cannot find the words to express my genuine appreciation and humble DANKE SCHÖN, to
Heather, Lois-RIP, Lisa, Chris, Bob, Dee and naturally to you, and all those who
work behind the scene, for all you have so generously sacrificed for this planet, and ALL
the beautiful souls who are so Blessed to be alive at such a significantly poignant time
as NOW.

Eternal essence, without limit, in absolute truth and love . . .

r o b e r t a  k e l l y

My response:


Truth be told, reading your email brought tears to my eyes 🙂 You are such an incredible Spirit! I am utterly speechless…which doesn’t happen too often! lol What a gift you are to this world…and your music is so beyond beautiful.

I cannot believe that story about Dr. Wittmann! How cool is that!? First of all, I would love to have you on the Be The Change Show! Secondly, would you be okay if I shared your story on my blog? I know that many beings out there would be thrilled to hear about it! I could make his name anonymous if you’d like 🙂




Your energy is through the roof Roberta! I had such a burst of energy rush through me from simply clicking on the link to your website! I hope my response to your wonderful email makes your day just as much as your message made mine. This is absolute magic…..absent limits my dear friend.




In Absolute Gratitude, Love & Peace,






Then I received this back this morning:



Lieber Brian;

Yes, indeed . . . your response not only made my day,
you made tears roll down my face while I read it.
I hope you don’t do that to all the women you meet!!(giggle)

You know, I am thrilled to know you would like me on your show . . .
how cool and off-the-hook is that going to be?!!
Brian, Will it be at all possible to
speak with you before?  If you call me, I can call you right back . . .
it doesn’t cost me anything from here.

More good news . . . Dr. Wittmann has agreed for his
name to be mentioned on your Blog. He was surprised at first,
but when I forwarded our correspondence to him he relaxed.

Remember I wrote you yesterday, that 70 people had signed up for the lecture
tomorrow.  Well, my dear, in the last 24 hours 40 more have been
added and the day isn’t over yet . . . I am anxious to see how many will actually turn up . . .
this is truly amazing, you have to know the German mentality, to appreciate
the significance of this.

My precious Brother, DO NOT EVER STOP BE’ING WHO YOU BE . . .YOU ROCK!!!

Eternal essence absent limit, in absolute love and truth . . . your sister,

r o b e r t a

German Police Officers Take Off Helmets & Marched With German Citizens Against Rothschild European Central Bank!

Note: This news is dated 6/2012, even so it’s worthy of another view. Many are just now awakening to the truth about banking and corporate slavery systems, most people are still unaware that governments are LEGAL corporations masquerading as governing systems. Please share freely…

The German police took off their helmets and marched with the protesters- clearing the way for them.

  1. April 30, 2013 ROLLING STONE: “Conspiracy Theorists Of The World, Believers In The Hidden Hands Of The Rothschilds, We Skeptics Owe You An Apology.”


  3. Greece Military Stands Down In Support Of Their Fellow Citizen: Military High 5s With Citizen Protestors ~ Blackwater Stands Down!

  4. 86% Of U.S. Police Officers Stand With Bill Of Rights & Against Gun Control: Police One’s Gun Control Survey 11 Key Lessons ~ U.S. Police Stand With Their Citizens!

  5. Update April 29, 2013 On West/Waco Texas Fertilizer Plant Missile/Laser Strike: 14 Dead 160 Wounded ~ Government Motives To Destroy It With A Missile!


Urgent Action Free Fax: Tell Your Senators That $6.3 Trillion Is Too High A Price To Pay For The Gang Of Eight’s Amnesty!

Blockupy Frankfurt.

Police are escorting.

Reports 20,000+ protesters.

Nice to see their faces…. and their humanity coming through…



Who Owns The European Central Bank?

These Are The Same Cronies That Usurped The United States Central Bank _ The Federal Reserve And Turned Healthy Capitalism Into Cronie Capitalism By Derivative Fraud!

Here is a picture of Rothschild’s European Central Bank, which is located in Frankfurt, Germany!

Rothschild’s Handbook For Banker’s World Control.

  1. You Think Flooding The U.S. With QE4 Is Bad ~ Well You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: Japan & European Central Bank Printed Funny Money Is Coming To America! This “NEXT” Mafia “BUBBLE” Scheme To Usurp The United States Must Be Stopped Now!

German police officers escort an anti- cronie capitalism protest march with some 20,000 people in Frankfurt, Germany, Saturday, May 19, 2012. Protesters peacefully filled the city center of continental Europe’s biggest financial hub in their protest against the dominance of banks and what they perceive to be untamed cronie capitalism, Frankfurt police spokesman Ruediger Regis said.


The protest group calling itself Blockupy has called for blocking the access to the European Central Bank, which is located in Frankfurt’s business district. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

Its Happening In Greece Too!  Greece Military High Fives Fellow Citizen Fighting Banker's Crime Of Austerity.

Its Happening In Greece Too! Greece Military High Fives Fellow Citizen Fighting Banker’s Crime Of Austerity.

Greece Military Stands Down In Support Of Their Fellow Citizen: Military High 5s With Citizen Protestors ~ Blackwater Stands Down!

Nice to see the police give protesters a hand. I think I will plan on my next vacation to visit Germany.

Such friendly people there! 

Democratic Underground

OBAMA COMMUNISM rothschildism


IMPLOSION ALERT: Europe On The Verge of A Social, Political, Systemic Breakdown And The Last Remaining Hope To Save Europe Is Slipping Away. BREAKING: HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS ARE MARCHING IN MADRID, SPAIN against Corruption, Bank debts,politicians’ high wages; Spanish POLICE ON ALERT

February 23rd, 2013

They are going to demonstrate in front of the House of Representatives. People is fed up with politicians’ corruption and private debt. Far-right and far-left groups are marching along with liberals, libertarians, social-democrats, conservatives, communists, anarchists against the political corruption.A Government’s representative has said that this demonstration is a coup d’etat. Hope everything goes fine.

As EU bankers squeeze Greece beyond it’s ability to pay, the social consequences mount.

Unions question the wisdom of austerity as unemployment grows and a contracting economy means less tax revenue.

Greece’s austerity policies could create a crisis of insolvency within the country, undermining the very reason they were implemented – to repay the country’s debt – says the country’s biggest labour confederation.

“I am afraid that we may see a phenomenon that could cause a social explosion,” says Savvas Robolis, scientific director for the Labour Institute of the General Confederation of Workers in Greece (GSEE), the private sector’s confederation of unions. “Right now many people can’t pay their taxes. That’s why state revenue fell 300 million euros ($395m) short of January targets. If that continues, I don’t know if the state will be able to meet its obligations by June or July. It may not have the cash to pay salaries and pensions.”

The state heavily subsidises approximately 1.3 million pensions, according to finance ministry data. It also pays the salaries of almost 800,000 state employees, roughly a quarter of all people still working in the country. Failure to pay those pensions and salaries in full would greatly impact on the state’s own tax revenues, and therefore its ability to maintain payments to international creditors.

Greece’s New Homeless: “We Have Not Even Water To Drink”

It’s a little known fact about the Spanish crisis is that when the Spanish Government merges troubled banks, it typically swaps out depositors’ savings for shares in the new bank.

So… when the newly formed bank goes bust, “poof” your savings are GONE. Not gone as in some Spanish version of the FDIC will eventually get you your money, but gone as in gone forever (see the above article for proof).

This is why Bankia’s collapse is so significant: in one move, former depositors at seven banks just lost virtually everything.

And this in a nutshell is Europe’s financial system today: a totally insolvent sewer of garbage debt, run by corrupt career politicians who have no clue how to fix it or their economies… and which results in a big fat ZERO for those who are nuts enough to invest in it.

Be warned. There are many many more Bankias coming to light in the coming months. So if you have not already taken steps to prepare for systemic failure, you NEED to do so NOW. We’re literally at most a few months, and very likely just a few weeks from Europe’s banks imploding, potentially taking down the financial system with them. Think I’m joking? The Fed is pumping hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars into EU banks right now trying to stop this from happening.

Now this: in 2012, Germany achieved something rarely seen anywhere in the world, and if it’s espied at all, it’s there only briefly, mirage-like: a budget surplus. It wasn’t much, €4.2 billion. The first surplus in five years, the third since Reunification. While the federal government and the states (Länder) still ran up deficits, the surplus of the communities and the social security system more than made up for it. Anytime a government gets anywhere near a budget surplus, it deserves a round of applause. Then, after the noise dies down, we can quibble over how it got there, if it got there at all, or if it was a figment of governmental accounting imagination, and why it had to extract that much in taxes from its strung-out taxpayers.

Given that extraction of taxes, private consumption—another detail in the awful GDP surprise—increased by a measly 0.6% in 2012. But consumption by the government, flush with record tax revenues, increased by 1.4%. It got worse towards the end of the year: December retail sales saw a brutal plunge of 4.7%. January retail sales weren’t available yet, but January vehicles sales were….

Total vehicle sales plummeted 9.3% from January last year. An equal opportunity fiasco. Passenger car sales tumbled 8.6%. The biggest losers of what Germans consider German brands: Ford swooned 32.2% and VW, the megastar that could do no wrong, skidded 13.3%. Among foreign brands, Lexus suffered a dizzying 62.8% dive. It’s tough in Germany these days. And an indicator of how businesses viewed the future in Germany, sales of light, medium, and heavy trucks fell by 14.6% and tractors by 23%. There wasn’t a scintilla of good news in this report.

This is the economic engine of Europe, the country that is expected to pull Europe out of its funk. Sure, things could turn around on a dime. China and other Asian countries could unleash a tsunami of orders. France could suddenly rebound. Miracles happened before. And this could be one of them.

Eurozone to Shrink Again in 2013 as Unemployment Rises, EU Says

The eurozone will not return to growth until 2014, the European Commission said on Friday, reversing its prediction for an end to recession this year and blaming a lack of bank lending and record joblessness for delaying the recovery.

The 17-nation bloc’s economy, which generates nearly a fifth of global output, will shrink 0.3 percent in 2013, the Commission said, meaning the eurozone will remain in its second recession since 2009 for a year longer than originally foreseen.

The Commission, the EU executive, late last year forecast 0.1 percent growth in the eurozone’s economy for 2012, but now says tight lending conditions for companies and households, job cuts and frozen investment have delayed an expected recovery.

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/implosion-alert-europe-on-the-verge-of-a-social-political-systemic-breakdown-and-the-last-remaining-hope-to-save-europe-is-slipping-away/#MkW3MtUDpejbjfrw.99


Nuked Radio #88 Let those who LOVE NUCLEAR deal with the WASTE!

Published on Jan 29, 2013

Episode 88 air date January 24, 2013 (w/additional A/V not included in original show)

From the LA salt dome collapse to Germany’s Gorleben…storing nuclear waste in salt domes has been a hotly debated issue…one that has stretched out 30 years in Germany. We knew alot about these geological formations as far back as the early
1900’s …as we learn from a Mineralology paper published at that time. But Germany has brought up various aspects of why storing waste in salt domes is dangerous…too bad the USA ignored these important facts, as the people in Bayou Corne can attest to.

Vlogbrothers explanation of Fukushima shared from March 16th 2011…one of my personal fav’s…just the right amount of humor, nerdiness, and seriousness (wonder how he feels about it now…?)

We are all in this together. Hang in there, Bayou Corne.

Images of salt domes includes Poland, Germany, and Pakistan. Germany and Poland has turned some of them into artistic landscapes underground.

Great article from The Liberty Beacon…TY anon 1887: http://www.thelibertybeacon.com/2013/01/22/the-radiation-warnings-you-wont-ge…

My first 2 year anniversary of Fukushima music video, “Bombs Away”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcaW2vqe_LQ


Elohim 1/2

Uploaded by on Aug 5, 2011

Elohim – white gods star Aldebaran, lightning of god ILu. (part 1).
Elohim part 2 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhJ66d0gygs
Maria Orsic (Orsich) , and Sigrun – they did not die, and preserve their youth, they are still alive, and are now both in appearance not more than 20 years, forever young !!!
Universe billions of galaxies – part 2.
part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRokwvKkKxY
part 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FnvUBWlupE
part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G6mRqa16Zo
War of ancient Gods
PT 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVP5WYEyH9A
PT 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnMpAvnUwMk
Mohenjo-Daro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu6b-C2E4NY
Sacsayhuaman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goWllkLpY_s
Reptiles Anunnaki part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ser0vcgHc4A
Reptiles Anunnaki part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxx_al-zw-s
Reptiles Anunnaki part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mRFkf6JXUw
Waldemar Julsrud collection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5-X6YsIwFo
Ica burial stones:
part 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tnu6SKRsdfo
part 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSBAeAyo_T4
part 3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8Vgp3j3qBo
part 4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI7ZCyFQvBA
part 5): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDezCufo6Gw

The Auschwitz Album: We must never forget

The Only Surviving Album of Auschwitz

This is the story of a Hungarian Jewish woman who survived Auschwitz and found a coat belonging to a guard which she took to shield her from the cold immediately after her liberation. In the pocket of this coat she found a photo album. It contained pictures of what went on in this extermination camp. Imagine her reaction when she saw a picture of herself coming off of the train as well as pictures of her family who were already murdered. This album at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem was donated by this woman in 1980 and will forever be displayed there. When you have 5 minutes of peace and quiet in front of your computer, watch it and consider passing it around to people that you know so they can share it and know about it.
It is truly moving and important.

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The Auschwitz Album:

50 meter crater opens up on Baltic island- geologists are puzzled over what caused it.

April 30, 2011HAMBURG – On the Baltic island of Usedom (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), the earth has opened up about 50 meter long and 4 meters deep. The gaping canyon looks like the little brother of the Grand Canyon in the USA. Did an ancient cavity collapse? Or is this a meteor strike? In the middle of a field at Zirchow gapes the mysterious hole. BILD reader reporter Andrew discovered it while walking. He believes: “This is a case of subsidence or sand collapsed. On the crater walls can be seen pattern “And. The gorge runs to a small lake. “That’s where bubbles rise mysterious out of the water.” It bubbles suspiciously- perhaps a gas. Probably, in the next few days, the earth will move again.
What exactly happened here? Harry Strohm (52) from the State Agency of Geology “said that surface water probably dug into this groove. This may be part of an earlier hole in GDR times. By the holes under the ground, the earth could be now collapsed. “So far there have been no landslides though the cause of the crater is still unknown. Usedom may not be in any danger. A geologist is yet to figure out if the hole will increase in size. –Bild.de      –Translated from German