UPDATED: Galactic History 101: Andrew Bartzis Mt Shasta Interview with Lance White “The Zany Mystic”, Summer Solstice 2013

UPDATE: The Mt Shasta interviews can now be seen in their entirety on one page, just click the Galactic History 101 tab above. Also, most of this summers Galactic History shows, along with the teleseminars are located under Andrew Bartzis in the Radio Shows category on the right. Enjoy!

Very well done, fascinating interview! Andrew and Lance did a great job at simplifying the basics of galactic and earth history. Long awaited revelations on Hollow Earth, the origins of the pyramid grid, Jesus, who killed JFk, the importance of dreamtime and  much, much more! Here’s your opportunity to gain insight on some of the most profound questions about life, human history and the nature of the multidimensional realms.

Until we understand Earth history and how we got to where we are today, we will never know how much of our sovereignty we’ve surrendered through our own tacit consent throughout countless lifetimes. To reclaim our sovereign free will we form a spiritual court of equity with our ancestors in dominion with the Earth Mother, revoking all membership and participation to all systems of domination and control in past, present and future timelines; with all pieces and parts of our self, in all dimensions.

Andrew created spiritual contract revocations for us aimed at reclaiming our sovereignty. Get creative, write your own revocations that apply to your personal circumstances and read them aloud, often. If you know you’re soul history and home world, you may need to revoke membership to organizations tied to systems of domination and control from your planet of origin. Since we’re living all our lifetimes simultaneously, there may be other parts of yourself still active in systems where you’re memberships are still active.

Over the summer, Andrews work has had a great impact on my life. Simply by listening to his shows, I’ve received countless activations and have expanded my conscious awareness and energetic levels increase considerably. See if you can tune into the “No Time” zone he activates while on-air, I personally find it to be quite powerful and unlike anything ever experienced before. The on-air reading he gave me in June, literally changed my life by adding clarity and insight about ancestors who were trying to connect with me, on my past life history and why I was called back to the islands three years ago. He told me what I needed to hear to aid in the process of “self-healing” and gave me exactly what I needed to move forward. Also, reading the spiritual contract revocations over the summer have been liberating and the synchronicity’s have been absolutely incredible lately!

All it takes is reading the verbiage once, to realize how much sovereignty we’ve usurped through our own tacit consent, for most of us the fine print has followed us through countless lifetimes because we didn’t know better. If you haven’t seen them before, here’s a link to the Spiritual Contract Revocations. Speaking them aloud into your “field” has the greatest impact, even better read them during a fire ceremony or drum circle. Alone is great, but a group of people reading the revocations has even greater impact on the system.

 I call to all beings of earth mind sentience

Also, if you haven’t listened Andrew’s Galactic History overview on the Walking in Energy shows, they’re a great follow-up to the Mt. Shasta interviews, since they add more layers to the introduction given here in the Mt Shasta interview’s. Andrew is also airing two Galactic HIstory shows a week on IN5D radio at blogtalk.com, covering the enormous suppression of human sexuality, the meaning and direction of current event’s and much more! Here are the links to the overview shows to familiarize yourself with the material.

 EP001 The Galactic History Show 20 May 2013 – WIE Intro 01.mp3

EP002 The Galactic History Show 27 May 2013 – WIE Intro 02.mp3

EP003 The Galactic History Show 03 June 2013 – WIE Intro 03.mp3

The interview is divided into 20 (25:00-30:00min) segments for easier digestion, here’s the link to Part 2 – 20, Enjoy and PLEASE share freely!

Galactic history, as related by Andrew Bartzis, a Galactic Historian who has access to the Akashic records.


The Galactic History Show 07/08 Aug 2013


The Galactic HIstorian and The Venusian Philosophers

This show will resume the discussion of the male and female body and the degree to which information about them has been suppressed. Introduces the concept of “Human User Manual that we didnt receive at Birth!”

Both Andrew Bartzis and Nickie Thetsy will be expounding this new information assisted by Lance White and Chris Hales.

Recommended introductory listening:



Galactic History 101 ~ In5D Radio: Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian

This show is a great introduction to the basic paradox Earth and humanity are in the process of finding remedy and resolution to, an unraveling leading to graduation for all souls entangled in the battle over our magnificent Earth Mother.

Our special guest will be Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis who has the rare ability to read Universal & individual Akashic records.


Andrew’s website: http://www.andrewbartzis.com/

Andrew Bartzis and Julien Wells Webinar

Andrew Bartzis and Julien Wells, FREE Teleseminar, Sunday, August 4th at 12:30pm Pacific

This series of shows features the ‘Pleiadian Collective’ connected through Julien asking questions of the neutral Akashic record through Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian. Julien does not consider himself a ‘channel’, as he is interpreting through his perspective, not acting as a voice for another.

Andrew has been a psychic and healer for nearly 20 years. His skill set is unique for our changing times. Aka the galactic historian, Andrew can read the akashic records live, not in a trance. Andrew is linked to the akashic records of 20,000+ other worlds. His unique persecutive allows us all to see the big picture of the evolution of earth beyond the history written by the victors of endless wars over the span of the planet’s vast history.

Julien is an ‘eternal heart’ who has discovered a way to connect with star being collectives. Julien believes energy precedes reality so looking beyond or outside the information received from his five senses, he has learned to trust the non-physical information coming to him.

He does not ‘channel’ the star beings but speaks in his own words and understanding, from his awareness of them. As he says, “I am able to see what they are allowing me to see.” More importantly Julien is clear the contact is possible because of his intentions to share it.

This page is the page you should return to when the event starts so you can listen in.

To attend, go here: http://attendthisevent.com/Classic/?eventid=44391090


The Galactic History Show ~ Andrew Bartzis & Chris Hales 18/19 July 2013 ***Recommended Listening***

In addition to his personal history, Andrew also lays down a foundation for helping us understand some of the complex galactic and world history they covered on earlier Walking in Energy and Collective Imagination shows. The powerful material is presented by Andrew is done so from a sacred, neutral space that allows soul code activations on multiple levels, even if your listening from the archives. Admittedly, this material is complicated so I’ve had to listen twice for a deeper understanding of the information being relayed, and will probably listen again to really begin embodying the message home to my human self.
If this show has an impact on you as well, please share freely to help others gain a better understanding of who we are, how we got here and for a chance to activate their soul codes simply by listening from an open, neutral, sacred space. Thank you!


The Galactic Historian and The Venusian Philosophers

This show is the first of many upcoming shows where Galactic Historian, Andrew Bartzis assisted by host Chris Hales will bring more Galactic and Earth History back to this planet.

This first show concentrates on introducing listeners to Andrews personal history in this life and also explore the past lives that have lead him to fulfill one of the biggest tasks ever attempted, that of speaking 52 million years of Earth history into the public record and the Galactic Consciousness.



Bill Ballard ~ Holding our Highest Integrity for Our Personal Ascension

Living from our Highest Integrity is as important in our ascension process as holding Unconditional LOVE and Gratitude.

Integrity is one of the keys to holding the highest vibration. Many persons discount it, thinking that they can hide their secrets in the closet and no one else will know or find out… The Universe ALWAYS knows… Ya cant hide it…

So might as well clean out all the skeletons in your closet, come clean and give yourself a fresh start if you are in 4D and wish to move into 5D… There is only 1 way, and that is through your heart… Without the integrity, ya just cant get there, no matter what!