“Quakes & Earth Changes” Physicist Stan Deyo on Coast to Coast March 31, 2011

Quakes & Earth Changes:

First hour guest, Stan Deyo presented an update on earth changes. Interestingly, he’s found that at the same time as the great quake hit Japan on March 11th there was seismic activity recorded at Yellowstone ( related graphics). He suggested that a great pool of magma underneath Yellowstone is connected to an even larger undersea pool of magma that stretches to the Fukushima quake site. He also predicted that we’ll see another mega-quake somewhere in the Pacific Rim in the near future.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3  Stan talks about comet Elenin, this was before it was discovered that it had grown 80,000km in size – that can’t be a comet. He also talks about the groaning sounds coming from the Earth.

Below Stan talks about the seismographs for Yellowstone from March 11 during the 9.1 magnitude Japan earthquake, it’s obvious that magma chambers under Yellowstone connect to Japan’s volcanic chain.

Old Faithful, Yellowstone 11 Mar 2011
Madison River, Yellowstone 11 Mar 2011
Moose Creek, Yellowstone 11 Mar 2011

Global seismographs show heightened activity and plate stress

April 4, 2011 – AUSTRALIA – The sharp movement of tectonic plates continue across the planet with indications of seismic stresses flaring on Australia, Antarctica, Eastern Africa, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, China, Japan and Chile. A disproportionate amount of the stress from the seismic telemetry data we’re seeing is in the Southern hemisphere- it is perhaps an area to watch until this latest episode subsides. See seismographs below:  The Extinction Protocol
Seismographs from Australia, particularly Western Australia (left) shows the densest areas of stress
(left) Antarctica showing dense reading and (right) Chile registering moderately high activity
(left) The Philippines and high seismic activity showing on the graph for Ethiopia (right)