Max Igan ~ Social and Religious Rant

The last few days the same rant has been playing in thru my consciousness, I stand in solidarity with Max….Sadly all I’m seeing from the religious folks is fear, hate, constant insults and name calling at anyone who doesn’t follow “Jesus”. But, if you bring up the subject of Christ consciousness, you’re possessed by demons or a heretic. All they do is wait for Jesus to save them from the “End times” doom, making sure everyone else is just as fearful of life as they are while sitting around spewing scripture they don’t even understand. YouTube is becoming nothing more than salvation stomping grounds for people locked into religious mind control programs, which seems to be at the root of society’s problems – ego-centric, psychotic based mind control programs…thanks Max!

Published on Mar 30, 2013


Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – March 29th, 2013



Joseph Farrell ~ Yahweh The Two-Faced God ~ Red Ice Creations

Great discussion! Joseph Farrell brilliantly zero’s in on the psychopathy behind western geopolitical agenda’s. He gives an eloquent interpretation behind the decimation of the holy sciences presented in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, that was perpetrated by a warring, psychopathic mindset brought forth in biblical teachings and the “Lets go out and slaughter everyone who doesn’t agree with us” mentality still prevalent today in modern society.
July 29, 2012
Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and “strange stuff”. He is the author of seventeen books in the field of alternative research. In the beginning we’ll discuss the Baltic Sea find and the Russian hypothesis that says “the mysterious disc-shaped object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea could be a relic from a giant World War II device placed there by the Nazis to disrupt Soviet submarine navigation.” We’ll also discuss the Russian announcement of a new human haplogroup, which questions the “Out of Africa” theory and the origin of Europeoids (Caucasoid) in light of new DNA genealogy. Then, Joseph will talk about his book Yahweh the Two-Faced God: Theology, Terrorism, and Topology co-authored with Scott D. De Hart. He talks about the psychopathic character known as Yahweh and the cultural effects and consequences of introducing Yahweism into the world.

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Religion Comes From Ancient Astrology and Sun Worship

This is particularly dedicated to the people who were rattled by “The Bible is Repulsive” video, the information here was excerpted from a “The Secret Rulers of the World” aka “The Ring of Power”.  A lengthy documentary that had a very big impact on my spiritual awakening  because it solidified my suspicion that there’s a lot more to the story than we are being told.  This video confirms that the storyline is so far from the truth,  it’s difficult not to question the version of reality we’ve been presented.

To learn more about the spiritual fraud we’ve been living under the Gnostics (Knowers) were exterminated for sensitive information they knew, knowledge that obviously threatened the power and control the church had over the masses. That’s when the Archons appear to have taken control of Christianity, at about the same time the Gnostics disappeared from the scene.

Which all begs the question, who controls these myths being passed down through the ages? Who creates the powerful memes and fear based paradigms controlling the lives of so many people? It’s really fascinating to think about, especially at this time of year.

Be sure to watch all three video’s.


George Kavassilas – Religion, Our Journey Home & Off World Super Soldiers

You can learn more about George at the website in the interview archives, or through the links provided below the video at Red Ice Creations.
April 5, 2011
George Kavassilas is back on the program for a two hour update on ascention and “our journey home”. We continue our discussion about world events and new developments. George also shares his view on Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church and the “true” message of Jesus’ sacrifice and crucifixion. Then, we talk about different ET races, changes in our solar system, Mars, the moon and Project Genesis. Later, we talk about the shadow government, the elite and the royal families and their satanic ritual abuse. Topics Discussed: Japan Earthquake, HAARP, straighten up the axis of the Earth, nuclear radiation, volcanic activity, war in Libya, armageddon program, church, Jesus, communion, flesh and blood, Judaism, the Roman Catholic church, Satan, freemasonry, the crucifix, sword, Excalibur, true sacrifice of the Christ, torture, King Arthur, sun, Vatican, oppression of the human spirit, darkness serves us, oblivion, sun activity, ascension, ET races and their process, changes in our solar system, red dawn, changes in the physical universe, the big bang, super soldier, abductions, genetic activation, hive mind, beehive, collectives, pyramid hierarchy, 4th dimension, 5th dimension, journey to Mars, moon, life on Earth, chimeras, legends past, genetic manipulation of humanity, Annunaki, the elite, royal families, the shadow government, adrenochrome, satanic ritual abuse, Monsters Inc., reptilians, the blue dragon clan, Gaia, what is happening to the moon and Mars?, shadow government secret space program, Project Genesis, humanities ingenuity, more on the 21st of March 2013, poleshift, false angels, pure light, numbers and mathematics, Merkaba, light paradigms, vortex points, portals and more.

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