Pole Shift, Planet X & 2012 – Marshall Masters on Coast to Coast AM April 10/2011

Guest host Rob Simone email was joined by former CNN science features news producer, Marshall Masters, who discussed Planet X, recent crop circles predicting a 2012 event, and what the implications will be to Earth and its inhabitants.


Planet X: Right to Know

Planet X… A to Z: Includes IRAS finding Planet X in 1983; the geologic evidence of its 3,600 year orbital period; ancient Sumerian knowledge; the Winged Globe Glyphs from all around the world; The Kolbrin; the Third Secret of Fatima; How the public is aware that the establishment is LYING to them; the Second Sun sightings; SOHO; the Breach in Earth’s Magnetosphere; the Cover-Up; its pending flyby and the upcoming Pole Shift.

The four Native American audio tracks are: Iroquois Celebration Drums, Apache Indian Drums (Sedona), Indian Dancing Drums and Cherokee Indian Drumming. Enjoy!

Planet X & Pole Shift

Coast to Coast interview with Gordon Gionninot0 on the return of Planet X to our solar system, including highly detailed information on the upcoming pole shift expected to occur as a result. Every time the planet  comes back it knocks humanity back to the stone ages and record keeping becomes virtually impossible.