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7,800 Veterans sue CIA/DOD/Army for experimentation including ‘septal implants’ to control will and human behavior

It’s such a tragedy to think of how many lives and family’s were destroyed by these inhumane and criminally negligent programs, nothing has changed except for modes of experimentation through vaccines and high technology with the ultimate goal of transhumanism.

Dec 12

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An ongoing lawsuit by American veterans reveals a series of secret experiments conducted in the 50s and 60s at Edgewood Arsenal and Ft. Detrick, Maryland, experiments that included ‘septal implants’ meant to control human behavior and will. Other experiments involved the testing of chemical and biological substances such as sarin nerve gas, LSD, and PCP. Considering the rash of ‘lone-gunman’ shootings of late, I thought it important to bring up this matter, especially the mind control aspect of these experiments. Is it possible that the technology is such now that a simple, tiny, RFID chip can be slipped surreptitiously into a persons drink or food,  thereby gaining control over that persons will? If so, it would easily explain the recent outbreak of  ’lone-gunman’ shootings and ‘zombie’ attacks.

Link to the above article with the  court document chronicling the alleged human experimentation:

Please take the time to read the following link to a 76 page document that covers the lawsuit in detail. It is quite shocking.

Also please have a look at and find updates and court documents/records regarding this lawsuit.

Video: Japan develops ‘remote control human’ technology in 2007: