Did NASA Know There Was A Possible Large Meteor Impact Coming In California/Nevada In Advance?

Great call Mary!! Her instincts were correct when calling out NASA last week for paying a little too much attention to the incoming meteor shower. Then sure enough…BAM!! Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident, more links below.

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Singapore – Rare Sight: ‘Fireball’ Streaks Across Evening Sky

Fireballs are coming in on a regular and frequent basis now, although mass media never seems to notice these events until one hits a house – then they’re called natural gas explosions. What’s interesting is a natural gas explosion doesn’t leave a crater in the ground like the one in San Bruno, Ca a couple years ago. To learn more http://www.therabbithole2.com has more info on that event…

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Two STOMPers caught sight of what seemed to be a meteor streaking across the sky last evening (Apr 17).

JJ123, one of the STOMPers who saw the meteor, said:

“My friend and I were on our way to dinner when we chanced upon something unusual in the sky.

“Initially, we tried to convince ourselves that it was an aeroplane flying across the sky. After much observation, we realised that it seemed more likely to be a meteor falling from the sky.

“It was definitely a rare sight in the heartlands. Photographs of the incident were captured in Chong Pang, right in front of the Nee Soon Camp in the evening.”

Another STOMPer Diyar, who also spotted the meteor, said:

“I saw a flame-like object in the sky. It was moving, and I had to run into a clearing to get a shot of it on my silly iPhone cam.

“And when I tried to get a second shot, it disappeared.

“It would be nice if it were Superman’s pod.”

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