Incoming dwarf star system, news brief, information, clarification.

Note: Alex Collier recently gave us the same feedback on an incoming planetary body…along with many other reports and sightings of what appears to be a second sun appearing next to the sun at dusk and dawn. Not to mention all the incoming meteors and fireballs whizzing by and falling to earth over the last several years. It’s beginning to look like there’s something big in the solar system that will cause perturbations on Earth, so as we move forward into March and beyond…be spiritually and physically prepared for the expected unexpected.

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Confusion …Two Suns in Oklahoma 11/5/15

NOte: LOVE her reaction “Am I the only one paying attention”…but how the heck did she stay on the road while videotaping? Good reminder to be careful when filming mind blowing anomaly’s 馃檪


November 5, 2016 Today—銆婭 was driving from Monkey Island, OK to Miami, OK. If you map it, you’ll see I was driving North and was past a town called Fairland, OK when I began to video the two light sources #enjoy #hideandseeksun #Love

Planet X, Nibiru Bombshell From Mawson Station, Antarctica to New York & Second Sun viewed from ISS

Note: From my observations since 2010, Nibiru or Planet X appears to be a distraction, or time/energy harvesting psyop. So at the time, with little proof of what was really happening, I moved on to other subjects of interest.

On the other hand, while researching聽 Nibiru I did see video evidence a few years ago of what appeared to be a Second Sun approaching the “sol system”. Not approaching the Earth as many would like us to beLIEve. And, the Second Sun also appeared to have a small number of planets orbiting it. But after a short period of time, the individual who was posting the images had his YouTube channel was taken down.

What’s going on? I don’t know, but there are some strange things happening in our skies with double sunsets and other anomalies which baffle observers.

The second video “apparently” shows the second sun reflecting back from Earth’s Southern hemisphere. Fairly interesting images, not sure what to make of them.

In early August, my last night on Kauai I witnessed a double sunset. When the sun was setting in the West, there were large sunray’s on the Eastern horizon as if the sun was rising from the East simultaneously. And wouldn’t ya know, I didn’t have my cell phone handy to record the anomaly – so, you’ll just have to take my word for it 馃檪

Heads up my friends, we’re most certainly living in interesting times…All my love, Annette


We now have overwhelming evidence that the whole Planet X Nibiru Nemesis System has moved over a period of six months from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere… Its now smack bang on top of us which alludes to the fact that we do not have much time before the fun and games begin!!


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Nibiru – Planet X – Most Amazing 2 Sun Footage Ever Seen 01-25-13

When covering the solar system, Andrew Bartzis said there are allegedly 66 planets in the solar system that are kept mostly hidden through technology.聽 Which ~ if they’re real ~ would help to explain the anomaly’s toward the end of the first video showing several planetoid objects around the sun.

And yes, Andrew said this is ancient knowledge and NASA has always known…there will be a time in the not tooo distant future when Absolute Data will come forth to sort these mystery’s out once and for all. At this point in the age old information war, all we really have is theory and speculation.

Published on Jan 25, 2013


Amazing Clear footage of 2 Suns or Objects NOT LENS FLARE a must see video
Copyright 漏2013 Darkskywatcher74 All rights reserved No part of this video may be re produced in anyway for any reason without expressed permission. So Dazz you sure you don’t wanna use this video too since half your videos are of other peoples work lol
Please watch the Tin Hat Hero Rap in the video responses from my #1 subscriber spikemandan21
VIdeo Footage from Nibiru Chronicles Group.
Music by:

Slide show of the latest double sunrises 2013.



Why do people assume every rogue planetary object they see is Nibiru. The solar system has entered a virtual cosmic soup of anomalies and we have no idea what’s happening in space because authorities at NASA are keeping the data classified. IMO, whatever these objects are, they’re not Nibiru because they’ve been seen in the area of the sun for well over a year. Nibiru is projected to come up from the direction of the South Pole聽 as it loops it way back out of the solar system after making a quick pass through the solar system.

Uploaded on Jun 8, 2011


A primeira coisa que pensei foi reflexo de lente.
S贸 tem um problema. O segundo Sol possu铆 reflexo na 谩gua, da mesma forma que o Sol Grande.
Talvez isso possa ser explicado como algum efeito da atmosfera local, da mesma forma que o Segundo Sol da China.

The first thing I thought was lens flares.
Only one problem. The second sun possess reflection in the water, just as the Great Sun.
Perhaps this can be explained as an effect of the local atmosphere, just as the Second Sun of China.

Lo primero que pens茅 fue reflejo en la lente.
S贸lo hay un problema. El segundo Sol tienen reflejo en el agua, as铆 como el Gran Sol.
Tal vez esto puede ser explicado como un efecto de la atm贸sfera local, as铆 como el Segundo Sol de China.

Object of Interest As Seen From the Turrialba Volcano (Planet X / Nibiru?)

Published on Feb 11, 2013


In late December of last year Marshall Masters of was contacted by a site supporter regarding an unidentified object near the sun. These images are from the Volcan high altitude volcano surveillance camera feed in Costa Rica.

Located on the Eastern rim of the Turrialba volcano at nearly 11,000 ft the Volcan imagery is so compelling that it prompted Marshall to assemble a research team from the Planet X Town hall.

The team monitored the Volcan feed throughout January 2013, on a daily basis. In the process, hundreds of images were downloaded along with hours of feed capture video. This video presents the findings of this effort, along with several motion and still studies.

Overall, more than 540 images were captured by the team during this study and subscribers are welcome to download them from our study archive.



Alex Collier’s Latest Interview: Mis-information on the Approach of a Mini-Constellation

聽This evening I listened to Alex Collier speak with Jay Perron about information that was also posted here a couple weeks ago, with statements allegedly from Jim McCanney that a mini-constellation was approaching the solar system. Well, coincidentally the last thing I listened to before going to bed last night was Jim McCanney’s last radio show on Feb 28th show announcing the disinfo machine had taken audio from a 2004 show, chopped it up and released it without his authorization on Youtube.

You can listen to both show’s below, I love Alex, but how much of his info is based on a video he listened to that was false information, what’s from the A’s or inside contacts? But, aside from what’s going on in space, Alex still maintains a positive spiritual message and it’s an interesting interview.

If you don’t have time to listen to the entire show (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Jim talks about the disinformation machine latest dirty deed,toward the end of the show…this is good stuff! I can see why he’s so well-respected by Susan Rennison and others who believe in scientific truth, and why people would use his work to spread lies to create fear.


Jim’s website and weekly archives

2013-02-20 Ever Beyond Special with Alex Collier


Published on Feb 20, 2013

A special conversation, out of the usual routine, with Alex Collier. please listen and spread far and wide.

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Mini Solar System Entering Ours, Says Astrophysicist Jim McCanney

I found this at 3:00am, right before shutting down to go to bed so I haven’t checked the links or had time to look into it any further. Considering the timing with all the political resignations, the elite moving to remote areas, geological upheaval and the sudden influx聽 of inbound fireballs it wouldn’t be too far fetched…will keep you posted!

Published on Feb 18, 2013


FEBRUARY 17, 2013 BREAKING NIBIRU/PLANET X NEWS – Mini Solar System Entering Ours, Says Astrophysicist Jim McCanney (Connected With Australian Learmonth Observatory)


What the Pentagon/US military knows of PX?

Apparently, there’s a mini “solar system” of companion comets, meteorites and space dust inbound with Planet X… arriving by the end of June. More details in the following post.
Following is a note from Australia to Mark Hazelwood’s news list, regarding increased activity at Learmonth Observatory (Project Wormwood). In case you’ve yet to read about the significance of this joint US/Aussie project, the article below this note is posted on Mark’s website at .

Christopher Rudy
————- recent report in Australia follows:
I spend a lot of time in Western Australia and my friend who lives at Exmouth called me just a minute ago. He said that the locals in the town are all curious about the increase in people, traffic, aircraft etc. traveling to and from the Learmonth (Project Wormwood) Observatory, which is approx. 30 miles down the road. He estimates the people and goods and traffic has tripled over the last 10 days. Much of this has been via the Exmouth airport.
There have been some military brass amongst them. It is a similar situation in the town of Carnarvon. Of course, there is no official acknowledgment of anything out of the ordinary. I have asked him to discretely sniff around more and I will keep this group informed.
Best regards to all
Keith in Australia

————————— article follows:

From: Mark Hazelwood’s web site at

Project Wormwood Learmonth Solar Observatory

Planet X, its entourage being inbound, and its potential effects during passage are blatantly being revealed by our own US military/Pentagon studies and actions.

If you were one of the heads of the US military, had knowledge of Nibiru (Planet X’s name from ancient Sumerians) and what direction it was coming in from, and wanted to study the incoming Planet X you’d go down to the southern hemisphere, say in Australia, and start a observatory project there with their government.

Now being US military you’d want to know everything you could about what you have to defend against. Defending the US is your goal. But, you are working with another government, so you might say that the project has to do with planetary defense of these incoming objects instead. In addition, if you were being rather honest about what was being studied you might name the Project Wormwood (Planet X’s name from the bible).

This may be one of the most obviously revealing government urls that I’ve ever seen bar none, especially when combined with what The Observer put out about the Pentagon a few days back.…

Now click on the “Description” button and look next to a picture of the observatory equipment that has the caption below, which reads:
Telescope, mount, cameras and associated equipment arrived at Learmonth Solar Observatory and were initially set up in 2003.

“The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water – the name of the star is Wormwood.” – Revelation8:10-11

How about that? They are being as clear as a bell as to what they are studying down there! Project Wormwood.


Project Wormwood

Learmonth Solar Observatory…

Jim McCanney Is Breaking This Story Open For Planet Earth

Indian in the machine



Uploaded on Jun 8, 2011

A primeira coisa que pensei foi reflexo de lente.
S贸 tem um problema. O segundo Sol possu铆 reflexo na 谩gua, da mesma forma que o Sol Grande.
Talvez isso possa ser explicado como algum efeito da atmosfera local, da mesma forma que o Segundo Sol da China.

The first thing I thought was lens flares.
Only one problem. The second sun possess reflection in the water, just as the Great Sun.
Perhaps this can be explained as an effect of the local atmosphere, just as the Second Sun of China.

Lo primero que pens茅 fue reflejo en la lente.
S贸lo hay un problema. El segundo Sol tienen reflejo en el agua, as铆 como el Gran Sol.
Tal vez esto puede ser explicado como un efecto de la atm贸sfera local, as铆 como el Segundo Sol de China.

Nibiru? Planet X? Weird video.

I posted this video when it first came out in August,until that time the kid in the video wasn’t posting videos covering anything related to alternative news. Everything on his channel prior to this posting showed him playing guitar, then after posting this video in August he hasn’t posted anything at all – not even his music. He claims to have had a high clearance in the military and the last comment he made was two months ago. Very strange…

Published on Aug 29, 2012

This is evidence something is in our sky! If you can debunk this, post a video or link with evidence.



Published on Dec 19, 2012

Clouds show that this is not a lens flare.
The (object) is not emitting light, therefore it is not a (second) sun.. ??
It’s actually been there awhile, and probably the reason for the covering of our skies…
Not to mention a logical explanation for much of our global nuances.. i.e. earthquakes, tsunamis, shifting, polar melting, drought and floods.
YES, the story is very real, and there is a celestial object near our sun. We have been fore-warned in stories written in stone.
Faith replacing all fear is our best reprieve. Love our neighbors, and squeeze every single moment that we are blessed to experience.

This is the answer to the question “why” on very many accounts.
~ Thanks for Watching ~
God Bless Us All. *Thanks in Advance God*

Brown Dwarf Star In Our Solar System: Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood ~ Close By

I personally don’t know much about these sky programs, so from an amateurs perspective it sure looks like he could be onto something. It would also explain the source of and reason for the marked increase in incoming fireballs over the last couple years.

Published on Nov 30, 2012 by
Brown Dwarf, Star In Our, Solar System, – Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, – Close By
Destruction could lay in its wake including, pole shifts, magnetic field problems and more.


Strange two Suns at the Lebanon News… Nibiru ?

It makes you wonder when these reports start coming in from TV news stations in countries that don’t have a stake in suppressing these anomalies. Can anyone out there translate the narrative, if so can you please leave the comments below? Mahalo!

Published on Nov 23, 2012 by

No description available.


Update – BBC Broadcasts Nibiru – 28 August 2012

Published on Aug 28, 2012 by

The BBC (UK) has inadvertently recorded Nibiru – Update 28 August 2012
Sorry, I had to disable the feedback, getting harassed by Government Officials or maybe Brain Dead Idiots, its difficult to tell the difference.

Weird sun or two? 12th May 2012 UK

Anyone who comments SunDog will be deleted…if you can’t tell the difference, that’s your issue.

Published on May 12, 2012 by

I made this video with 2 sunglasses, as my camera is just basic. let me know what you think about this. Thanks

Neptunes Little Secret

Here’s a fun little video…turn up the volume and rock-on!

Published on May 27, 2012 by

Here is some video footage of the KUIPER Belt object. It is now increasingly clear to us that this object is real and may be a part of our own solar system. What’s still unclear is what roll does it play in the large scheme of things. Were sure the WISE mission has seen this, and the response was that they could not rule out an object orbiting in a circular Motion, this has to be the object they were referring to as we see no other with as clear a path as this has.

Planet X And American Astronomical Society Cover-up

May 22, 2012

. Brazilian Astronomer claims there’s a rogue planet hidden behind Neptune.

. American Astronomical Society tried to censor the information by wiping out the name of the speaker from the list of invited speakers from their website.

Brazilian astronomer/astrophysicist Rodney Gomes, of the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, made a presentation at the meeting of American Astronomical Society in Timberline Lodge, Oregon, about his theory that there’s a rogue planet hidden behind Neptune, messing with the orbits of the objects of the Kuiper Belt.Rodney Gomes says the new planet could be anywhere from half to four times the size of Earth and is likely a rogue planet that floated over from another solar system.

Depictions of this supposed planet, based in the astronomical model of Gomes, put it as a serious candidate to be planet X.

Rogue planet:

A rogue planet 鈥 also known as an interstellar planet, nomad planet or orphan planet 鈥 is a planetary-mass object which has either been ejected from its system or was never gravitationally bound to any star, brown dwarf or other such object, and that therefore orbits the galaxy directly.Astronomers believe that either way, the definition of planet should depend on current observable state and not origin.

Larger planetary-mass objects which were not ejected, but have always been free-floating, are thought to have formed in a similar way to stars, and the IAU has proposed that those objects be called sub-brown dwarfs(an example of this is Cha 110913-773444 which may be an ejected rogue planet, or it may have formed on its own and be a sub-brown dwarf)

<br /> <br /> Later on the name of Rodney Gomes and his topic were just wiped off of the speakers list of the meeting in Oregon.

According to National Geographic he made his presentation in May 8 conveniently one day later the website of the meeting was updated and his name is seen nowhere in the list of invited speakers:


Main Stream Media News Link :

78 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Nibiru and Events – Warning

This video was censored from YouTube so I had to go to a download page to retrieve the embed code, the original video explaining censorship by YouTube is posted below for your perusal.

Strange message, rather difficult to completely decipher upon first listen…interesting.

Published on May 21, 2012 by

Friends of YouTube, our channel and truth;

– “Authorities” Youtube decided that our 78 video had to be rejected without any further explanation or argument.
– The video does not mention names or point people.
– The video does not use logos or trademarks of any kind.
– The video does not use material subject to copyright.
– The video expresses information about current events in accordance with the opinion of our contact, pure and simple.
– We do not understand this kind of censorship accusatory with no basis.
– One can only imagine that the video bothered for exposing information consistent with the full reality of the facts.
– Whoever wants to download the video, contact us thru our channel and our moderators.
– Many thanks to all who are supporting us in this endeavor for the truth.
– Stay tuned because it seems that freedom is being taken from us in many ways, and this is one.

Cheers to all!

Captain Bill – may 21, 2012

THE VIDEO YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR ~ Dwarf Star, Nibiru, Planet X, Nemesis, Dark Star

Published on May 22, 2012 by

This is the video I believe most have been waiting for. Again we are not making a claim that this is a doomsday object. To us it’s just an object we have grown found of watching and really don’t know any more than most of you about it.