NibiruMagick 2010’s Climate Change Update: Tropical Cyclone Iggy, Siberian Freeze Hits UK, Jan 29, 2012

From: NibiruMagick2012  | Jan 28, 2012  | 220 views

Tropical Cyclone Iggy, which was responsible for producing tornadoes across Indonesia, will brush by Western Australia and produce heavy rain and storm surge. The threat remains for Tropical Cyclone Iggy to bring Western Australia’s northwestern tip hurricane strength winds and unleash flooding rainfall over the next couple of days…

US: Problems Plague Cleanup at Hanford Nuclear Waste Site…

U.S. to begin large-scale emergency perparedness drills for New Madrid fault region

Britain — Arctic blasts could bring big freeze for a MONTH

Leftovers: Local gov’ts testing school lunches AFTER children have already eaten -Yomiuri