MORE HARDCORE evidence pointing out that Whitney Houston’s was sacrificed by the ILLUMINATI!

Just to be clear, I’m not one to cling on to issues or get obsessed, especially when dealing with issues that are surrounded with so much dark energy. But in the dark world of Hollywood Illuminati occult practices that  most of us have become of aware of, this is also very significant news.  In the case of Whitney’s death the plot continues to thicken as details about the facts  are revealed, and at this point it’s really getting creepy, there are too many coincidences pointing to foul play. The fact that Clive Davis ordered the coroners office to leave her body in the bathtub for ELEVEN HOURS until the conclusion of his party SMACKS of ritual, especially when you consider the photo he chose to display of Whitney at the party resembled a crucification pose.  What’s unsettling about this event is wondering what in store next if they are starting the yearly rituals off in such a public manner.  I’m not going to get my blood pressure going by continuing on, the following video’s outline very disturbing details. I’ll let you be the judge.

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In the last two days or so, I took part in several threads in conspiracy forums, where the death of Whitney Houston was discussed and whether she was murdered in an occult ritual by the Illuminati. A lot of information surfaced these days, pointing out to this dramatic conclusion. The synchronicity of several creepy events, kabbalistic numbers decoded out of dates, blatant satanic rituals on American live TV and occult symbols surround her death and invariably suggest that she as sacrificed, believe it or not, for the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen of England, Elizabeth 2nd.,,20569493_20569582,00.html…………


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MORE evidences pointing out that Whitney Houston’s was sacrificed by the ILLUMINATI!

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A couple of comments in my last videos, did draw my attention to new compelling evidences that point out that Whitney Houston was indeed sacrificed by the Illuminati. You already may be aware of some of these new details, because they surfaced on MSM, but some of them shown up upon more occult events and kabbalistic dates, that are so synchronized that gonna make you throw up.
If after all you still do not believing that the Illuminati killed Whitney Houston, sorry but you deserve be called a sheeple.…………


Ritual Sacrifice of Whitney Houston, Madonna’s SuperBowl Sermon, What on Earth is Happening?

The searing feeling in my gut that Whitney’s death was part of am Illuminati ritual sacrifice, has been bothering me all week. Knowing she came out of the era when the business still was producing music with a higher conscious that spoke of love, beauty and unity. After watching her interview from 2010 where she spoke of love, that was probably the interview that sealed her fate.

After all, the darkside still hadn’t killed the spark of love that still burned in her soul for God after all the years of industry abuse and spiritual neglect through partying and extravagant lifestyles. Whitney was the perfect Goddess energy target for those looking to release a massive wave of sadness and anger from humanity, for the parasites to feed from. If you watched her memorial service, today was no exception as the wave of sadness was felt one last time as we buried one of the greatest gifts ever to grace the planet with her presence and heavenly voice.

And make no doubt about it, Whitney was a starseed in the truest sense of the word. Listening to the long line of people who’s lives she touched and the theme that was repeated throughout the service was how much Whitney loved her relationship with God and what a true force Spirit was in her life. Her bodyguard even told how she always carried a raggedy old bible around that was full of underlined passages, so even int he midst of constant insanity she still maintained her connection to Spirit.

Being a starseed doesn’t exclude you from the trappings of substance abuse or addiction, in fact what many don’t realize about true starseeds is that many of us have had to endure extremely traumatic, painful crisis’s that literally tested our faith and our will to live. In addition, many starseeds have had brush’s with death that were later accompanied by extraordinary spiritual experiences which in the end served to solidify our faith in years to follow, even through the darkest of times.

With extraordinary pain, can also come extraordinary measures to kill the pain – measures which often lead to the downward spiral that comes with substance abuse. It’s hard enough to escape our own demons without the pressure and insanity that comes along with leading the life of a superstar, especially when everybody in your life is there for every reason in the world except for who you are as an individual. Celebrities are treated like objects or commodities, not a real live person. And everyone in their lives are there to make a profit off them, or to be “seen with” someone famous; nobody honestly cares about the celebrity as an individual. It’s about the image, or idea that they represent. On a subjective level everyone has their own fantasy of who their favorite actor/singer is as a person, when in fact it has nothing to do with reality. If most people were to meet their favorite celebrity, nine times out of ten they would be very disappointed to learn celebrity’s are completely different in person than we imagine them to be.

So it gets irritating hearing people judge Whitney for her personal problems when they have no idea what her life was about, the pressures she had to deal with or the demons she wrestled with. Starseeds usually fall under attack at a very young age as the darkside begins it’s assault on our inner light as a way of preventing us from making our impact. For example, between the age of 16 and 22 I had eight brush’s with death, they kept at me until I lost my faith and without very powerful guides/angels assisting me along with a very strong will to survive, I wouldn’t be here right now. Understanding the dark energy that runs through the music industry, it’s perfectly understandable how Whitney’s life spiraled out of control with substance abuse. But watching her funeral today it’s obvious that until the very end she still was having a positive impact on peoples lives through her faith in a Higher Power. One much greater than herself, unfortunately I don’t think anyone ever showed her how to go inside herself to connect with that Higher Power. Her baptist upbringing didn’t give her the knowledge that Spirit resides within, God wasn’t looking down upon her in judgement for her sins – that’s not how it works.

Here’s a very insightful video about the bigger picture surrounding Whitney’s death, with information that’s very difficult to ignore once you begin to understand how Hollywood has become steeped in occultism. It hasn’t always been this way, music with consciousness began to die out in the late 70’s as groups like Yes, Pink Floyd, Rush, Alan Parsons, Supertramp gave way to the much shallower MTV video crowd when looks became more important than substance.

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The theme this years seems to be associated with Goddess birth of blue ivy Jay z and Beyonce’s baby. Madonna’s Sermon performance at the Super Bowl, Feb 5, 2012, the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in Britain February 6th, 2012 and the sacrifice to the Goddess of Whitney Houston, February 11, 2012= number 9 another 9/11
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