Just WHO can be trusted for TRUTH in mass media? Meet Seattle’s Progressive Radio hosts, the “2011 Forum”

This is an extremely important question to be asked when we depend on the news to bring us honest information about the world we live in,  especially when all to often the news we get is tainted with misinformation designed to protect images, careers and bottom lines. The people we bring into our living room every night are people we trust to tell us the truth, when in reality they are paid nicely to deliver illusions.

Many of you know that my education and professional background is in radio broadcasting. As a matter of fact, my first job in radio was at an independent talk radio station in Oklahoma City called WWLS.  As a result, the business of news is my “specialty” because it’s something I understand from the inside out. Some of my best friends are in the business of delivering news and at one point I even dated an award winning AP journalist who was the top investigative journalist in the state of Oklahoma. That was in the mid-80’s before deregulation destroyed the radio and television industry.

Back then there were probably 10,000 radio disc jockeys, talk show hosts and news reporters delivering news and entertainment in stations across America.  Now there are only several hundred left on the air after the PTB weeded out truthseekers, or basically anyone who threatened the system by exposing the truth. What we see now are corporate shills paid millions of dollars to lie for the corporatocracy that now has America in a stranglehold so tight, that the majority of people are completely out of touch with the reality of government, history and life in general.

Our social mores` are completely out of touch with real life and entirely dysfunctional when mass media defends a pedophile football coach to protect a college football program?!?! This is one of the most disgusting, immoral, criminal cases of child RAPE and people like Limbaugh will trash the victims in defense of the Penn State football program? WTF is wrong with people that this behavior becomes acceptable??  It’s enough to take your breath away, have you read he indictments?

These people don’t care who gets hurt or who’s lives are destroyed, because it’s about the love of money. Men do the most heinous things to young boys and girls, but yet when money or status is at stake the media turns it into a victimfest. Take for example the victims of sex crimes perpetrated by Herman Cain who are now being vilified, why? To keep more victims from coming forward and to publicly punish, shame and humiliate women who have  already come forward.

The evil men will do for the love of money or religion is bad enough, but when the media victimizes the the children or women at the middle of these CRIMES those journalists are just as guilty as the criminal pedophiles, rapists and abusers that committed the act. Lets be clear, these are not scandals they are crimes and the men that committed them are criminals.  And they should be treated like criminals that they are.

Mass media has become a vast “mind control” wasteland with very few courageous people willing to put their comfy paycheck on the line to speak out against the system. Especially the mind numbing corporate shills who are paid millions and millions of dollars to charade around as part us, of the unwashed masses all to bring you nothing but lies.  So much so, that the majority of Americans are living a completely false reality.

And now these cover-ups,  last week the video tape of the judge beating his daughter and then right on it’s heels the Penn State child rape accusations.  Kevin sent me the video last week of the judge and it was so upsetting that I couldn’t give the story coverage here.  I just couldn’t bring myself to it and now listening to coverage of what this grandpa coach, dirty old man did to a 10 year old boy in the shower. That a football player walked in and witnessed a 10 year old boy, standing naked with his hands on the wall as he’s getting anally raped by the coach and your telling me he didn’t have the moral fortitude to do the right thing and report it to the police after Paterno buried the crime?!?!

My head is about to explode!! This is the medias fault for the irresponsible manner in which these CRIMES are always covered, so lets move on to where we can go to find what little truth left to be found in mass media.  My weekdays have been spent over the last three years gaining a better understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes in politics and media with the following peopled, who I credit with giving me a very clear understanding of what’s going on, how we got here and what our options are to finding solutions that will get America back on track. First the people have to unite, then we work together to peaceably find solutions.

If you aren’t familiar with Progressive Talk show personality’s,  Randi Rhodes,  Norman Goldman and Mike Malloy you are really missing out on a tremendous amount of intelligent information. Facts that you can bank on about everything unfolding in politics and other issues that impact our lives. They are probably the most honest, credible,  well informed broadcasters in MASS MEDIA. Where where truth and integrity have been on the extinction list since Reagan/Bush Sr. made deregulation a four letter word.

Randi without a doubt is the wisest, most real, most credible down-to-earth and well-informed person in media. Period, end of story.  She’s also someone I identify with most because our backgrounds,  world view and experience are quite similar.  Her honesty coupled with the fact she lived in Washington DC for two years  has given her an eagle eye perspective of how politicians play the game of governing, to the point where she got disgusted with the whole scene and moved back to Florida this year. If anyone knows the game of politics, the players and how it’s played it’s Randi. If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone thank her for the work she’s doing, I’d be a rich woman!

Her honesty, passion and well informed coverage of the Penn State child rape crimes moved me to write this post, because it’s something I wish everyone of you could hear.  We rarely hear people in media speak with such authenticity, integrity and sensitivity coming from one who’s also done their homework.

Randi consistently beats the likes of Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity in every market she goes into. She’s actually considered the antithesis of Limbaugh and is such a non-shill she’s blacklisted from most television news shows because she won’t bow down to the corporatists and doesn’t play along political party lines, especially since she identifies herself as a Progressive.

Check out her website here and don’t forget Randi’s Homework section where you can find sources for the  “factual” content from her daily shows, with  great material from her CrackJack research staff!


Norman Goldman was orphaned  as a child and grew up depending on support from the state to survive; where he also got a college education and was then able to pass the bar exam to become a successful lawyer in Los Angeles. Norman is a perfect example of why government funded aid programs are so vital to a productive society because they give people born into poverty, or who happen upon misfortune a financial step up.

In a strictly capitalistic, consumerist society where a constant flow of income is necessary for survival it’s virtually impossible to climb the ladder toward financial success.  Because not if, but when something unfortunate happens to interrupt the flow of money a downward spiral begins that’s virtually impossible to stop until you hit bottom.  Once you hit bottom in a system supported by capitalism that’s where you stay since the steps up the social mobility ladder are non-existent. That is, unless you hit the lottery, are a woman who marries into wealth, are extremely fortunate in business or you’re born to wealth.

30 years ago wages stagnated, the neo-conservatives began off shoring and austerity programs that have slowly widdled away at America’s financial infrastructure so that now there are no longer the paths that existed in the late 60’s and early 70’s to move up the financial ladder.

They also destroyed mass media through deregulation while at the same time buying every single media outlet so that now the neocons own the messenger, therefore controlling the message the “mass consciousness” absorbs. This massive right wing propaganda machine pumps out daily talking points over it’s network of stooges, corporate shills who are paid a very nice sum to spoon feed you whatever spin they decide to put on truths that have impact on your life.

Mass media is known as the opiate of the masses because it keeps the sheeple in line, under control so as long as they’re dumbed down, the unwashed masses won’t rebel.  But every once in awhile someone like Norman Goldman comes along who makes his way onto the airwaves where he begins to make sense to people and he starts having an impact.  Especially with ideas like his Four Point Plan to Save America where he’s teaching people like you and I how the law works in government and how we can take our government back legally and peacefully from the grassroots up. Wow! What a concept!

Ed Schultz gave Norman his break on the airwaves because he recognized his passion and that he’s a warrior for truth who’s on the right side of humanity – he’s also fighting with and for the 99%.  So please do yourself a favor, give him a listen and you’ll also get the chance to understand the full meaning why they’re called “Republi-cons”.  You can find Norman on Facebook or his website and podcasting is always free if you miss the show on air:


Mike Malloy, well what can I say about Mike. Out of the three he’s definitely the angriest over what’s happening in America and is definitely the expression of that anger on the Progressive left. Mike’s been on the forefront of advocating for peaceful revolution for several years now. Although he is the first one to admit that many people are on the verge of violence as frustration mounts to police brutality and the loss of freedom we’ve all witnessed over the last 10 years.

Malloy is one of the founders of the Progressive movement, he’s been around since the 90’s talking change and can be found on air in the evenings where listeners tend to be more a little more open minded to progressive concerns.


There are a couple more Progressive talk show personality’s making an impact who I don’t listen to as often because they’re shows are on early am or when I’m sleeping, unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in the day to hear them all or I’d probably be listening! Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartman are well worth your time and also rank high on the credibility scale.

But don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself right now with the perfect opportunity to get to know everyone you were just introduced to.  The Seattle AM1090  2011 Forum with all six Progressive talk show hosts, was held a couple of months ago, with special guests Ron Reagan, Dennis Kucinich and attorney Mike Papantonio sitting in for the first time. Theme is protecting America’s social safety nets with Dennis Kucinich delivering a great introduction.

So check it out, this forum is a great debate on the issues from a vibrant and diverse group of progressive thinkers. As Mike Papantonio says at the very end these people do the show for you, it’s all about giving you the facts that help  you understand what’s happening.  All any of us are trying to do is tell the truth to help bridge the divide so that Democrats, Republicans, Independents and everyone else can unite to find solutions that bring real change to America.

I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers and am just trying to bring people together so that we can grow together to serve each other in freedom, prosperity and equality.  By watching the forum you’ll gain a very quick understanding of my political views because I’ve learned so much from listening to their shows. It’s really the only place in media where you can find subjects covered in depth because shows aren’t restricted to 30 or 60 minute time frames, they have up to three hours to cover a story if necessary {CNN and Fox aren’t serious news coverage IMHO}.

I’ve invested a lot of time listening to progressive radio, listeners calling in are also very intelligent, aware and in touch with reality. As a result, everything I learn from this boisterous rock-n-roll group of talk show hosts I also try to intelligently pass on to you so you can decide for yourself.

Randi Rhodes knows how the radio industry and mass media was before deregulation sterilized it, and that world was my life I loved it. After then things changed quickly, Clear Channel Communications ~ better known in the media as Satan ~ which was my last employer in radio put such a horrible taste in my mouth for broadcasting that I never turned back.  Please listen to Randi for awhile, she really knows what she’s talking about with the demise of the news industry mass media – people have no idea how freakin corrupt it is. The news is dead and she exposes it raw, surprised she still has a job.

The link to AM1090 2011 Forum is below, there are some very important messages conveyed in this discussion that you don’t get to hear anywhere else in media. Also keep in mind too that it was filmed a couple weeks before Occupy Wall Street took place and you’ll hear the panel cover many of the same issues. What you’ll like about this forum it was also blast!

If you haven’t heard Ron Reagan speak before he is amazing man and is one of my all time favorite people, quite the opposite of his father.  I’m really glad I took the time to watch this program and hope you feel the same.

Also if you’re one of the people who believe government is bad for you please watch this show, it really explains a lot…


Note…If you don’t have time for the whole show, the second half really has some enlightening and highly informative moments, including an inspiring speech from Dennis Kucinich that delivers real hope for our future.


Randi Rhodes Kicks Political AS*!!

In addition to the unfolding Earth changes we are witnessing, the political situation in the US has literally spun itself out of control and with so much lying and misinformation spewing forth from every single mass media outlet – politics needs some attention here too. The right wing, blue-dog democrats and corporate America are attempting to roll the clock back  at least 100 years by launching efforts to eliminate child labor laws, minimum wage, public schools, collective bargaining rights, in some states debtors are facing prison time and many more Draconian measures designed to bleed the middle class dry. While the Tebaggers and Republicons spout off about socialism and Marxism, the corporations pulling their puppet strings have been rolling in fascist styled policymakers hard and strong since Bush/Cheney illegally stole the 2000 election. And these people aren’t very bright either, just take a look at Paul Ryan for instance.

Fascism has slowly crept into local politics to take over most of the Southern states, in places where most people can’t even define words they use so passionately like fascism,  socialism, Marxism, communism etc.  My parents live in Oklahoma, and I’ve also spent many years in OKC, Dallas and Atlanta so I’m all to0o familiar with the mentality – spent half my life trying to escape the ignorance there.

Kind of like a frog in boiling water, America has slowly been dragged to the right – brainwashed into believing a false reality that doesn’t even exist. It’s as though entire regions of people are going bat-crap crazy simultaneously, but most people don’t even see it happening because they’re too busy and/or always plugged in to TV, iphones, computers and not spending enough time listening or reading to learn about what’s happening in the world we live in, or in learning about much of anything of importance especially in the world of politics.

People are really very confused and have no idea what good governing is supposed to look like or how GOOD government is supposed to function. They only know a bunch of talking points and when you try to have an in-depth conversation consisting of facts they have nothing to say. America has the best system that money can buy, our form of government is revolutionary but the people who are running it have been corrupted.

Regulations, checks and balances that were designed to make it run efficiently have all been gutted by people like Reagan, the Bush’s, even Clinton and now even Obama.  Corruption has been allowed to creep in, take over and now virtually the whole bunch in Washington D.C. needs to be booted out so we can start over again.  First, take the money  out of campaign finance, then send the corporations and banksters to jail where they belong for robbing from the people for the last century, but especially for the heist that’s been going on over the last decade since Bush unleashed eight years of tyranny on the US.

One thing that’s really helped me to get a handle on what other people are thinking and feeling about current events is Progressive Talk Radio, basically the counterpart to the constant pandering to fear, lies and hate spewed onto the airwaves by the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Bill O’Really.  One lady who’s helped me understand what’s happening and how corruption operates in Washington DC is Randi Rhodes,  a woman with  impeccable integrity, credibility, intelligence and  has really done her homework – Randi knows politics. She just left Washington DC to move back to Flori-duh because she couldn’t take the corruption any longer, as well as not being able to vote in DC.

Her heart is with the working people and being from New York – that means she’s quite outspoken! The best way to describe her would be Howard Stern meets Joan Rivers, what I really love about her is she talks to ALL of the callers. Even when they disagree or are an obvious Agent Provocatuer she lets them speak, doesn’t call them names, hang up on them or insult them.  She recognizes the fact that we all really want the same things in life, but we’ve been divided with the “us vs them” tactic and while we’ve been bickering back and forth pointing fingers at each other they’ve been robbing us blind, while stripping us of our constitutional rights to privacy and using fear as a means to do so.

Randi is basically Rush Limbaugh’s counterpart and can go up against him in most any market and win in the ratings every single time!  But not many people have heard of her because right wing radio owns the marketplace and dominates the airwaves EVERYWHERE – but not for long, people are getting sick of the lies, hate, fear and smear. Glenn Beck’s firing is a perfect example. Progressive talk radio really is the wave of the future, if you’re a truthseeker you should love it and if you’re a conservative I invite you to give the show a couple of weeks so you can get a good idea of what she’s trying to say – Democracy really is all for the benefit of humanity, not the corporate masters and somehow the Republicons have convinced people that the corporations have their best interest in mind – which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just wait, once Republicon governors get finished with states like Michigan, Ohio and Indiana and when the people of those states wake up to what’s been done – that’s when we’ll see a revolution in America. Keep your eye on Randi’s homework page for more…she’s doing a stand up job bringing these facts to peoples attention since it’s being ignored by corporate owned mass media.

So check her out, she has a podcast too and is well worth the small fee if you can’t listen live. I listen to KTPK in Seattle, great station!


Here’s the homework page where the next few articles came from, if nothing else bookmark the page and come back everyday for the excellent news stories  she brings in…thanks Randi!


While on the subject of great radio hosts, Norman Goldman is definitely a cut above the rest and is highly recommended as well. He really cares about America and even has a Four Point Plan to Save America, as a lawyer he’s teaching average people how to get involved in politics at the local level – where everything happens.


Footnote: I purposefully spell Republicon wrong because it fits, they are the party of lies, deceit and manipulation like America hasn’t seen since the turn of the last century. In addition they are the party of corporate America, need I say anymore?