Confusion …Two Suns in Oklahoma 11/5/15

NOte: LOVE her reaction “Am I the only one paying attention”…but how the heck did she stay on the road while videotaping? Good reminder to be careful when filming mind blowing anomaly’s 🙂


November 5, 2016 Today—》I was driving from Monkey Island, OK to Miami, OK. If you map it, you’ll see I was driving North and was past a town called Fairland, OK when I began to video the two light sources #enjoy #hideandseeksun #Love


More and bigger drilling-linked earthquakes rattle Oklahoma

Ok Quakes
July 2015 – OKLAHOMA – Several earthquakes shook Oklahoma on Monday as the state experiences a sharp increase in the frequency of tremors linked to wastewater disposal from gas and oil drilling, including from fracking, state and federal officials said. Three of Monday’s quakes measured above a magnitude 4.0, with a 4.5 earthquake centered just north of Crescent, roughly 45 miles (72 km) north of Oklahoma City, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said. The largest tremor, logged a “significant earthquake” by the USGS, could be felt as far away as Wichita, Kansas, about 160 miles north, broadcaster KOTV reported. There were no reports of damage. The rate of earthquakes in Oklahoma has increased by about 50 percent since 2013, greatly increasing the chance for a damaging quake, according to the USGS.
Noticeable quakes – above magnitude 3.0 – now hit the state at a rate of two per day or more, compared with two or so per year prior to 2009. During the past seven days, Oklahoma has experienced about 40 earthquakes, according to the USGS. Scientists say the seismic activity is triggered by the injection of wastewater from booming oil and gas drilling operations into deep geological formations. The state’s oil and gas regulator released a directive this month expanding “Areas of Interest,” parts of the state that have been worst-hit by the quakes, and adding restrictions for 211 disposal wells. In March, the regulator – the Oklahoma Corporation Commission – also directed 347 wells to reduce their injection depths to above the Arbuckle formation. High-volume injections into the Arbuckle, the state’s deepest formation, have the highest potential for seismic activity, according to the USGS. Twenty-one of Oklahoma’s 77 counties are under the order, and oil and gas drilling operators have until Aug. 14 to comply with reducing injection depth. –Yahoo News

Update: All exotic animals from Tiger Safari in Tuttle have been found

Whew!! Interesting post-storm news story from tornado alley. Thank goodness the animals were found, an exotic animal on the loose in rural Oklahoma would likely get shot and hung on the wall as a trophy. Seriously, that’s “Deliverance” country…

UPDATE: The Grady County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that all of the animals have been accounted for.

TUTTLE, Okla. — The owners of Tiger Safari have confirmed that some of their exotic animals are on the loose.

The wildlife refuge was hit by a tornado in the May 6 storms, and some of the animals have escaped.

The refuge houses more than just tigers, but residents in the area are asked to stay inside.

If you see any of the animals, please call 911.

Mysterious Booms Rattle Homes, Scare Livestock in Oklahoma

A spate of mysterious booms that has been shaking central Oklahoma returned for a second day Friday, again rattling houses and frightening livestock.

Oklahoma Geological Survey research seismologist Austin Holland said a series of booms, much like a sonic boom, rattled the Norman area starting at 11:19 a.m. Friday. Numerous others had been reported Thursday in the same area at about the same time.

Friday’s booms weren’t “quite as frequent” as Thursday’s, Holland said. “It’s quite interesting.”

The windows of Anthony Young’s home in the town that’s the outskirts of Oklahoma City rattled. “We thought some nut was out here, you know, with explosives,” Young told KOCO-TV. “It sounded like thunder, you could feel the ground shake, but it was nothing like an earthquake”

Both Holland and National Weather Service meteorologist Matthew Day didn’t have an explanation for the booms.

No earthquakes have been recorded in the area, Holland said, noting that “we would have seen them on our seismic stations in the area.” And it’s unlikely that it’s due to a drilling process known as fracking, he said, because the booms were heard and felt over a wide area including Norman, Edmond and Shawnee.

Holland’s best guess: It must have been something just above the surface of the earth or in the atmosphere.

Day, who’s based in Norman, said a phenomenon known as cryoseisms also isn’t likely. Cryoseisms, or “frost quakes,” occur when water quickly freezes in soil or rock, then expands and cracks.

“There are some stories going around that’s what it was, but based on the research we’ve done here, it doesn’t appear what people heard is related to the cryoseism phenomena,” Day told The Norman Transcript. “There’s not enough moisture, and the temperatures are not cold enough. That happens in areas where you have a lot of water flowing through a lot of rock,” Day said.

“We don’t know what it was, we just know what it is not,” according to Day.

Holland said the booms occurred on generally regular interval, initially occurring 40 to 60 seconds apart, then about 20 seconds apart.

“It’s a mystery to us as well,” he said.

The Tornado That Hit Oklahoma the Last Week in May Was A Record-Breaking 2.6 Miles Wide

Yahoo News, 4th June 2013
The tornado that killed nine and injured about 50 people near Oklahoma City on Friday has been rated a top-of-the-scale EF5, the National Weather Service said Tuesday.

It also had a record-breaking width of 2.6 miles, double the size of the 1.3-mile-wide tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma last month. The National Weather Service posted thus graphic to its website illustrating the path of the huge tornado.

I updated the headline, the additional 0.6 miles adds to the wow factor…. I don’t know if it is worth repeating that when folk regularly experience these dangerous mega-tornadoes, why is it that some are forced to try and hide in a freezer or a bathtub with a mattress over the top for protection? What’s wrong with building tornado resistant shelters above and below ground? More: Widest tornado in history [VIDEO]
A Quarter Of Oklahoma’s Strongest-Recorded Tornadoes Happened In The Past 2 Weeks
Business Insider, 4th June 2013
Here is a mind-blowing Tweet from Weather Channel meteorologist Eric Fisher (via OKCenergybeat’s Jay Marks): Since 1950, there have only been 8 tornadoes rated F5/EF-5 in Oklahoma. So 25 percent of them have been in the past 2 weeks. — Eric Fisher (@EricFisherTWC) June 4, 2013
br> F5/EF-5 is the strongest category of tornado. We’ve discussed that while climate change may not be causing more tornadoes, there’s evidence it’s making storms in general more intense. This may be more proof…
It will be interesting to see if climate skeptics decide to ignore the facts here…


Meterologists Give Viewers Deadly Tornado Disinformation ~ Jim McCanney Science Hour


Thanks once again for my great listener base … here is an email exchange … i want you to read this twice because there are many concepts here (my response is first followed by the listener email to me that prompted me to make this posting) … read this twice … then listen to my show archive of this past thursday evening (posted below) AND listen to the 2 hour interview of me on the joyce riley show this past wednesday may 29th … also you should be aware of my book THE DIAMOND PRINCIPLE in which i continually point out the absolute necessity of the world leaders to promote BAD SCIENCE AND ASTRONOMY in the government supported tier II science (NASA and the alphabet soup gov agencies) and tier III outreach programs  … as a standard diet for the public … this latest work i have done to point out the flaws in “standard meteorology” regarding the cause of tornados is paramount to understanding the greed and control of the public by the world banking community which controls now our water and in the case of the current topic ENERGY … jim mccanney

Dear (Listener – name removed to protect listener) … wow thanks for this email !!! this hits the point exactly and thanks for the link … wednesday i was on the joyce riley show and a woman called in saying that when she was a little girl they always told them to open the windows in the house when a tornado was coming to reduce the pressure and save the house … i said that is true as it is the vacuum in the center of the tornado that causes the house to be blown apart from the inside out (more pressure in the house and near vacuum outside) … BUT the woman then added that she was watching the national weather service and they said that was an old “myth” and was not true once again implying that it is the WIND that destroys the houses completely ignoring the vacuum concept or component of tornados !!! i also i mentioned on my show this past thursday night that the weather “models” for the creation of tornados given on the TV have shown two opposing storm systems rubbing clouds and this supposedly creates rotating motion that somehow creates tornados … BUT this does not explain the real properties of tornados especially the vacuum produced and the electrical discharges observed in the central part of the tornado and WHAT SUSTAINS this energy system plus the fact that there is not enough energy to create a tornado from solar energy sources AND there is no way to “organize” this energy into small composite units like tornados … something very different is going on … all of the standard explanations like you say point to “rotating wind” which is the physical outward appearance of tornados as its ONLY property … so returning to the main point … YES YES YES … why is the Rothschild owned weather reporting industry harboring BAD SCIENCE and meteorology and pawning this off on the public ??????????????? exactly that … as i said on the joyce riley show (and many times on my own show) historically the leaders always have understood that keeping the public in the dark about real science is essential and in this case is essential to control … in this case hiding the real cause of tornados as it is one of the most visible physical manifestations of tesla power and that we certainly can power our society from the enormous amounts of power passing by earth every day in outer space … this is also why the “leaders” also set up and support phony “green energy” projects that will never work … that is why they support and promote ludicrous “free energy” people who propose putting a box on a table and sucking energy out of a worm hole or some such nonsense all to divert the one and only real solution that could replace coal – nuclear – big oil … i will be posting this on my web page along with your email (name removed) … thanks again … jim mccanney


—– Original Message —–
From: name removed
To: James McCanney
Sent: Saturday, June 01, 2013 1:05 AM
Subject: Oklahoma tornado observation
hi again Jim,

Guess what!…another tornado email for you.

Please observe the following attached pictures that show an overhead view of the class F4/5 tornado path of destruction through a residential area filled with single family home  in an Oklahoma town.

From the picture One can observe that only the homes that ere within, I would estimate to say, 25-30 meters radius of the ground touching center eye of the tornado got severely damaged to the point where the homes were totally destroyed or exploded from the pressure difference. But the homes that were outside of that danger zone of 25-30 meter radius look to still be structurally sound, maybe for the exception of some flying debris that hit the homes and shattered some windows and ripped off a few roof shingles.

My point is that the class F-4 and F-5 wind speeds that are generated (210 mph – 320 mph) appear to be less dangerous that the vacuum produce on the inside of the visible tornado vortex wall, as is clearly shown in the pictures in the link.

But when you look at a typical Hollywood disinformation movie such as the 1996 movie “Twister”, there is this ridiculous part in the movie where the two main characters are tied-down to the ground and get caught right in the middle on a class F-5 tornado, and all is relatively quiet, and the sun shinning, and things look just peaceful and normal. My point is the movie didn’t show the real damaging effects of the vacuum forces that exist within the tornado itself.

The movie twister is meant to misinform people and make them believe that it is the high velocity winds outside of the tornado vortex hat create all the chaos and destruction, when in reality it’s the pressure differential or vacuum inside the tornado vortex that is truly responsible for it all.

Listener (name removed to protect person)

Download File JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_30_2013.mp3

2) Streaming Version of MP3 7 meg file using real player … click on link below (will only play on “real player”)

Streaming JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_May_30_2013.mp3


6 Ways Oklahoma’s GOP Senators Have Fought to Undermine Relief Funding

Before I begin, let me start by expressing my love for the people of Oklahoma and how much it broke my heart to see tornado’s cause such pain and destruction. When I left Norman, OK 20yrs ago I left a piece of heart there along with my family and friends, so please don’t think me insensitive or that I don’t care. Qutie the opposite, I left because of my frustration with people like Coburn and Inhofe. Sadly from my observations when visiting OKC in March 2012, little has changed in attitude and I guess what set me on this rant is seeing that the same men are still holding office as when I left the state long ago.

The same crooks are running the Congressional show, only the governors change names. My best advise would be for Oklahoman’s to research the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), if you haven’t heard of ALEC it’s a powerful organization that ALL GOP members have taken oaths of loyalty to – loyalty that belongs to the citizens of Oklahoma not private corporations.

GOP districts across the nation are selling public services to corporations for privatization; meaning your schools, library’s, parks, fire/police services, prisons and courts are up for sale or have been purchased by private corporations to run at a profit – they are no longer not-for-profit public services. Which always spells disaster for the consumer.

For instance, with the rise of private prisons, the very next step for Oklahoma will be debtor prisons so they can meet their quota filling prison cells. If you think it can’t happen take a look at people in Ohio spending jail time for $100 parking ticket or credit card debt. Now the Oklahoma’s Congressional corporate millionaires are squandering to rob funds from much needed services to pay for tornado damage.

Also, keep an eye out on the contractors pulling in from all corners of the USA to profit from death and destruction, in a new trend called disaster capitalism and a prime motive for weather modification. Question: When they can build structures that can handle winds up to 300mph why aren’t your Congress members campaigning for safer construction requirements, like California adopted to SAVE LIVES in earthquakes?? Because OK and TX in particular are STEEPED in CRONYISM. andi t’s more profitable to build under old wasteful standards, then when the next twister comes thru it’ll be the same story that we witnessed in 1999 when an F5 ripped thru Moore and with the twister that hit May 20, 2013 in the same township. These guys have been in office since I left in the early 90’

It’s like an abusive relationship, voters just keep coming back for more abuse…isn’t it time to give these guys the boot??? If you haven’t paid much attention to the UCC filings yet, things are quickly moving in the background ~ by the end of the summer much will have changed for the better for everyone. But for now, flash mob email campaigns would be appropriate to put the OK Senate and Congress on notice that the game is over and the One People are taking their Power back.  Much love and Aloha! ~A~}


Inhofe is singing a different tune now.



Oklahoma residents will now turn to government assistance for emergency disaster aid after a tornado ripped through the state on Monday, leaving dozens dead and tearing apart hundreds of buildings. But the same night that many residents lost their homes, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) told  CQ Roll Callinsisted he would “absolutely” require any federal disaster aid to be offset by other budget cuts. He later clarified on Tuesday, promising, “I can assure Oklahomans that any and all available aid will be delivered without delay.”

Both of the state’s senators, Sen. James Inhofe (R) and Coburn, however, have long worked to undermine the Federal Emergency Management Agency, even though their state heavily relies on disaster aid:

1. In September 2011, Coburn offered an amendment to offset  $6.9 billion in FEMA funding.

2. Coburn voted in 2011 against funding FEMA after it ran out of money, because, in his words, funding FEMA would have been “unconscionable.” Inhofe  did not vote. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid fired back at Republicans blocking a bill for necessary funding to FEMA.

3. Inhofe proposed  removing grants for storm shelter programs coordinating with FEMA, and instead provide individuals with  tax breaks.

4.  Coburn criticized items in Sandy disaster relief such as $12.9 billion for disaster mitigiation and $366 million for Amtrak as  “wasteful spending.”

5. After Hurricane Sandy, Inhofe and Coburn  voted against a bill for $50.5 billion in Hurrican Sandy disaster relief.

6. Coburn demanded that $5.25 billion in FEMA grant funds be reallocated because of sequestration in April 2013.

A spokesman told the Huffington Post that Coburn has supported offsets for the Oklahoma City bombing recovery effort, which  tapped funds not yet appropriated.

Oklahoma and Texas rank as the top two states in FEMA disaster declarations; combined, they account for  more than a quarter of declared disasters since 2009. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the senators have requested disaster aid for  severe storms and drought, even though Coburn is willing to hold up relief with his demands.


On MSNBC, Inhofe  argued that tornado aid for Oklahoma is “totally different” from aid for Hurricane Sandy. “Everyone was getting in and exploiting the tragedy taking place,” he said. “That won’t happen in Oklahoma.”


Rebecca Leber is a research assistant for the ThinkProgress war room. She graduated from the University of Rochester and holds a B.A. in political science and English with a minor in economics.


StormChaser Footage: Massive Tornado, Carney OK 5/19/2013

The tornado was forming when they began filming, F4-F5 tornado approx one mile wide. This was just released, lets all pray no-one was hurt.


Published on May 19, 2013

Lawrence McEwen shot this INCREDIBLE tornado footage of the large wedge tornado that tore through Lincoln County, Oklahoma around 5PM on Sunday evening. This footage can be seen on CNN.


Dutchsinse: 3/5/2012 — ENTIRE SOUTH and MIDWEST ! Steaming Plume event = be alert and aware

Uploaded by on Mar 5, 2012

Check the charts for the region.. THERE IT IS… same time as the plumes are appearing.. and stopping before the early AM !!!

website post with multiple screenshots :…

Today.. in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas…..once again.. in the late afternoon…PLUMES APPEARING on Visible satellite — viewable from space — All erupting from the ground at the same time in the afternoon — yesterday only one or two — and now today we see WELL OVER 50 !!

The chances of “wildfires” all erupting AT THE SAME TIME over multiple states.. would either mean a network of arsonists, or a fairly well timed wildfire EACH DAY .. which then magically goes out overnight and half the day.. and then at sunset fires up again. Also, the chances of “control burns” all at the same time across multiple states .. again are minimal…

If its NOT a fire.. then what does that leave us with as an option for a plume from the ground visible from space that is NOT man made??

view it on the GOES visible satellite (1km or 2km product view)…

I have already formed my personal opinion on what I think may be causing these plumes — I believe the north american craton is in a state of unrest — that these plumes could EASILY be caused by the plate pressure … magma pressure underneath an already earthquake prone area ( and a long dormant volcanic chain in Arkansas extending into OK, TX, LA, MS, AL… even as far east as Georgia )

I am doubting official reports that these are ALL WILDFIRES… since early reports came in that these were ALL CONTROL BURNS DONE AT ONCE… then some other skeptics came to my prior videos and claimed these are “weather convenctions of moisture which just LOOKS like steam/smoke”…

I personally think this is the sign of an imminent geologic event of larger proportions. I HOPE I AM WRONG — but the last time THIS MANY plumes appeared (on the west coast from dormant volcanic sites).. we saw a 6.0M to the north.. and a 6.0M to the south of the area that was showing plume activity.

Past experience say to me, this!!

be prepared JUST IN CASE I’m right…. and lets hope that I’m totally wrong on thislocation of plumes seen in the 3/3 video:

35 14 21.13 N , 93 28 53.62 W location of the most current plume appearing on visible satellite = west of Sulphur Springs AR.

34°46’11.98″N , 94°11’33.94″W location of the 2nd plume (central west Arkansas) near the state line .

Here are the past two videos on the subject:

Original Video from 3/1/2012 showing multiple plumes, multiple areas at the same time erupting(appearing):

Here are my past videos on all the different plumes appearing on the west coast :…

Here are my past videos on fracking/earthquakes:…

Here are my past videos on dormant / extinct volcano recent uptick in earthquake in activity:…

Massive sinkhole opens up in Sayre, Oklahoma

Even tho this is dated December 3, 2011 it includes interesting data on Oklahoma sinkholes and earthquakes…

– December 3, 2011

A massive sinkhole appears overnight at Beckham County near Sayre, Oklahoma. KFOR reports that the sinkhole is about 40 feet deep and 40 feet wide. Sinkholes are not so uncommon in western Oklahoma. Geologists at the Oklahoma Geological Survey say several things could have caused the sinkhole including salt or rock formations dissolving or a drought. They also say old coal mines are often full of water and when that water drains, there is no...

A massive sinkhole appears overnight at Beckham County near Sayre, Oklahoma. KFOR reports that the sinkhole is about 40 feet deep and 40 feet wide. Sinkholes are not so uncommon in western Oklahoma. Geologists at the Oklahoma Geological Survey say several things could have caused the sinkhole including salt or rock formations dissolving or a drought. They also say old coal mines are often full of water and when that water drains, there is no support causing the soil above it to collapse.

See video and read the original story at
For those wondering why it is so round: this is a common geometry for these type of “cover-collapse” sinkholes, also called “dropout” sinkholes. Fine-grained sediment often has enough cohesion that it will hold itself together. When a void develops, the sediment that collapses into the void will form a soil arch, resembling a dome in 3-dimensions. This is a stable geometry and will hold up the walls of the void, much like an arch holds up walls of a building over a doorway. The hole will progressively grow upward over time, but will maintain its arch-like cross section, until it ultimately breaks the surface and we see a circular hole.

An earthquake connection?

The huge sinkhole in Beckham County near Sayre, Oklahoma, which residents say appeared overnight (Credit: KFOR)

A string of small earthquakes have been rattling Oklahoma over the past month and residents are wondering if the natural disasters are to blame for an emerging sinkhole. This sinkhole formed just two days after Oklahoma’s last earthquake about two weeks ago. And the shaking has continued since then. There have been a string of small quakes over the past week; the strongest was a 3.7 on Thanksgiving. There was a 2.7 on Tuesday morning. On 5 November an earthquake measuring 5.6 rattled Oklahoma and was felt as far away as Illinois. Until two years ago Oklahoma typically had about 50 earthquakes a year, but in 2010, 1,047 quakes shook the state. In Lincoln County, where most of this past weekend’s seismic incidents were centered, there are 181 injection wells, according to Matt Skinner, an official from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, the agency which oversees oil and gas production in the state. The practice of injecting water into deep rock formations causes earthquakes, both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Geological Survey have concluded.

The Meers fault located in south-central Oklahoma, about 100 km southwest of Oklahoma City, is the only fault identified in the state with evidence of surface-rupturing earthquakes in the last 3000 years (prior to historical settlement of the region). Paleoseismology studies have identified a temporal clustering of a least three earthquakes on this fault, two of which are dated (1200-2900 years before present) and the third is believed to be older in age.

While large earthquakes are not common in Oklahoma, according to a geological survey report of Oklahoma by Kenneth V. Luza, there have been more than 880 earthquakes in the Anadarko Basin between 1897 and 2002. The Anadarko Basin is a geological feature that covers nearly 50,000 square miles. Most of the basin is located in the west-central part of Oklahoma. Most of the earthquakes that occur in Oklahoma are not felt due to being of magnitudes of between 1.8 and 2.5. There have been earthquakes in 72 counties of Oklahoma. The only counties that have never reported an earthquake are Adair, Craig, Jackson, Nowata and Washington.

It could even be the depleted aquifer underground. Without the water pressure to support the upper layers, it can cause the upper layers to weaken and fall.

There is a reported new Sink Holes south of Snowflake Arizona.

Picher, Oklahoma sinkhole

The EPA calls Picher, Okla., the “most toxic place in America,” and today the city is a modern a ghost town. Years of mining for lead and zinc has left the town full of sinkholes like this one. The roofs of some of the mines — unable to support the weight of the earth — collapsed, and now the former municipality is home to only giant chat piles and numerous massive sinkholes.

The day the sky fell: record 241 tornadoes carve up U.S. over 3 days

From Thursday, April 14, 2011 to Saturday, April, 16, 2011, devastating tornadoes rampaged across communities of the southern United States. Cities and towns from Oklahoma to North Carolina were assaulted by the deadly twisters. The tornado outbreak led to a total of 241 tornado reports in 14 states over the three-day period. This will likely rank this tornado outbreak among the largest in history. Three ingredients were in place to allow this violent tornado outbreak to occur from the southern Plains to the Southeast: a powerful jet stream, abundant moisture and a strong cold front. A powerful jet stream helped to enhance the thunderstorm growth, while moisture surging in from the Gulf of Mexico acted as fuel for the thunderstorms. The first factor is that the water in Gulf of Mexico is warmer than last year. This means that there is very warm, moist air in supply for storm systems to tap into and provide fuel for severe weather. The second is that we are in one of the strongest La Nina patterns in recorded history. “The strong La Nina pattern means that tremendous contrasts in air masses, with cool and dry air to the north and warm and steamy air to the south, are occurring over the Mississippi Valley. This puts many highly populated areas in the path of dangerous severe weather,” said Expert Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity. This mid-April 2011 tornado outbreak is likely to rank among the largest tornado outbreaks in history with 241 tornado reports. “There has not been a tornado outbreak in history over three days with this many tornadoes spawned by a single storm system,” according to Margusity. The notorious 1974 tornado outbreak, which occurred on April 3-4, 1974, produced 148 tornadoes over the course of two days and is thought of as one of the largest and deadliest tornado outbreak in history from one storm system. –Accuweather
Book excerpt reference: The mechanics of storm systems is evolving as a consequence of climate change. We are beginning to see more massive cluster outbreaks of very destructive tornadoes erupting across the U.S. –The Extinction Protocol, page 186

HAARP Activity over So California, Yellowstone, Okla and Kansas March 16

From the following radar images, it’s apparent there’s a lot of HAARP activity going on over the Western half of the US and that we’re going to be seeing severe weather, or possibly a large earthquake/s in that region.  So heads up and be prepared for the unexpected by making sure you have plenty of food, water and gas in your tank.

Love and blessings to all!

From Dutchsinse, March 16, 2011:

VIA intellicast CONUS RADAR.

double radar ring.. aka what I call the rippled “haarp ring”…

then while viewing one small signature over the west *yellowstone* area .. i saw a super massive ring begin to form over the ENTIRE STATE of california just now.

much love


Watching Earthquake Swarms on the New Madrid and Central US

Keeping an Eye on Central U.S. and the New Madrid ~ Geologists have been watching an unusually high number of earthquakes increasing in Oklahoma, Arkansas and other states along the New Madrid fault line.  UPDATED 11-28-2010

UPDATED 11-28:

3.3 ~ 2010/11/28 13:46:25 35.594 -97.216 5.0 OKLAHOMA
2.9 ~ 2010/11/28 03:28:43 35.613 -97.241 3.9 OKLAHOMA
3.0 ~ 2010/11/28 03:26:47 35.591 -97.275 4.8 OKLAHOMA
3.2 ~ 2010/11/28 02:46:01 35.593 -97.258 4.9 OKLAHOMA…

~~~UPDATED 11-20: Article found: Quake Shakes NWA

[updating as an overall listing]
3.3 ~ 2010/11/28 13:46:25 35.594 -97.216 5.0 OKLAHOMA
2.9 ~ 2010/11/28 03:28:43 35.613 -97.241 3.9 OKLAHOMA
3.0 ~ 2010/11/28 03:26:47 35.591 -97.275 4.8 OKLAHOMA
3.2 ~ 2010/11/28 02:46:01 35.593 -97.258 4.9 OKLAHOMA
2.5 ~ 2010/11/25 16:10:03 35.611 -97.229 9.0 OKLAHOMA
2.8 ~ 2010/11/25 16:09:03 35.657 -97.266 10.4 OKLAHOMA
3.2 ~ 2010/11/24 23:45:14 35.593 -97.240 4.9 OKLAHOMA
4.2 ~ 2010/11/24 22:48:30 35.627 -97.246 7.8 OKLAHOMA
2.6 ~ 2010/11/23 17:14:38 35.336 -92.300 4.3 ARKANSAS
2.5 ~ 2010/11/21 18:14:34 35.308 -92.315 4.4 ARKANSAS
2.6 ~ 2010/11/21 10:53:24 35.308 -92.305 4.7 ARKANSAS
2.5 ~ 2010/11/21 10:37:22 35.315 -92.307 4.4 ARKANSAS
2.5 ~ 2010/11/20 23:15:44 35.324 -92.302 5.0 ARKANSAS
3.9 ~ 2010/11/20 19:06:35 35.316 -92.317 2.8 ARKANSAS (Downgraded from 4.2)
2.5 ~ 2010/11/20 07:33:50 35.310 -92.304 4.8 ARKANSAS
2.7 ~ 2010/11/20 03:23:19 35.312 -92.304 4.5 ARKANSAS
2.7 ~ 2010/11/19 23:50:44 35.303 -92.308 5.9 ARKANSAS
2.9 ~ 2010/11/19 18:38:15 35.308 -92.318 3.7 ARKANSAS
2.8 ~ 2010/11/19 18:32:46 35.319 -92.318 4.5 ARKANSAS
3.3 ~ 2010/11/18 13:02:36 41.370 -97.070 5.0 NEBRASKA
2.7 ~ 2010/11/17 21:49:17 35.317 -92.317 1.2 ARKANSAS
2.8 ~ 2010/11/16 10:16:11 35.835 -90.019 6.8 ARKANSAS
2.5 ~ 2010/11/15 09:13:10 35.305 -92.309 5.6 ARKANSAS