James Gilliland & Mary Rodwell ~ Starseed Troops & the Galactic Level Revolution 4/29/17

Air date 04/29/2017. A prerequisite with any Mary Rodwell interview would be her New Humans presentation for Exo-politics Great Brittan. Epic stuff! Check it out here.
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEow5…

See also Dolores Cannon for the overall meaning & functions of Starseeds & Light-workers (incarnating for revolutionary purposes & seeding the “new humans” for post dimensional shift/revolutionary purposes.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ucn3…
For information on planets traveling through the cyclic Galactic Plane & effecting DIVINE revolution (backed by the Galactics) see these:
James https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2W1a6…
Drunvalo, Bob Dean & Native American Starseeds documentary,
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqj4-…
The Great Year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3ZDc…

Edgar Mitchell, Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14 (1971) – F.R.E.E. board member (a Light-worker for sure). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAyVS…
On Quantum Entanglement (existing throughout the Universe in multiple places simultaneously – the Flower of Life physics – “we are all deeply connected” – “ONE” being)
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9KBL…
Entanglement and Non-locality (Our everyday 3D experience is NON-entangled, singular.., yet our cellular atoms are “entangled” with the entire Cosmos & others).
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w7Vp…

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments (conforms to how it is treated & the thoughts you send – the minds creates). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDW9L…
Cymatics (sand plate & frequency patterning) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yaqU…

Battle of Berkeley Recap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNJnr…
State agencies being used to secretly bring young male [ISIS] recruits into the US. Jill Noble on Victurus Libertas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN6Dr…

Peter Maxwell Slattery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tW4i…
Barry Littleton (ship engineer) & Bill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QspQP…

Jordan’s Schumann Resonance white board (the Russians have long studied & measured this – the frequency of the Earth)
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLczN…

The Anunnaki Progenitors & our Reptilian captors
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f-jV…
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPs2x…
“It’s written in stone” ~ the Gosford Glyphs with the Strong’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSl8Q…

Thank you, Mary!
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Thank you, James!
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UFOs flying formation

There are quite a few UFO videos taken using night vision camera’s or goggles, it’s a phenomenon I first heard about from Jay Weidner, Jim Marrs and George Noory talking about all the activity taking place that we can’t see with the naked eye.  But with night vision goggles people have witnessed what appears to be some kind of battle taking place with ships  literally firing at each other, and Jay talks about a great exodus taking place that he calls GOOD – Getting Out Of Dodge. Apparently its been going on for several years now, he’s been watching a great number of ships that appear to be leaving the planet.

Project Camelot Radio Interviews Sheldon Nidle, Galactic Federation of Light

Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot’s Whistleblower Radio interviews Sheldon Nidle on March 2, 2011.

sheldon’s website is very interesting, I’ve followed his updates off and on for about 7 years now. http://www.paoweb.com

Bob Dean on the Coming of Nibiru


When we met with Bob Dean in May 2007, he stated that ours would be his last interview. After its publication, we received more mail – all of it generous and appreciative, without exception – than for any other interview we have ever done. We were therefore quite delighted when he agreed to talk with us on record once again.

When we asked Bob when he wanted to discuss, he told us that he had important news, from his own inside sources, about Nibiru: the highly controversial Planet X. This video contains extremely important information for all students of Planet X to consider.

True to form, Bob recounts other intriguing stories, including the NRO’s classified discovery of “a goddamn boat” high on Mount Ararat, and confirmation of Henry Deacon’s report that the Anunnaki are active on present-day Mars. His humanity, his dignity, his integrity and his humor all shine once again in this new video, and we are very confident that everyone who so enjoyed Bob’s 2007 interview with us will find this just as entertaining, interesting, and valuable.

To contact Bill Ryan or Kerry Cassidy, please e-mail us at support@projectcamelot.org.

Strange UFO Sighting in Brazil

This isn’t your typical ufo sighting…very strange, ufo hiding behind cloud suddenly morphs into two balls of light as they fall toward the ground.

Debunk this one…

Nazi Flying Saucers and alleged Antarctic base

Interesting footage of German flying saucers, they also include a map with an alleged German base in Antarctica where it’s said that they’ve been flying UFO’s from for decades now.  That has yet to be proven, but the photo’s are interesting nonetheless.  Unfortunately Disclose.tv’s videos aren’t compatible with this program so you’ll have to follow the link below to view the footage.


Fractual: more evidence the physical world is disintegrating? (via The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond)

For some time now every where I look it seems we’re on an unsustainable course, then when animals, birds and fish began dying en masse at the turn of the New Year it was as though a shift had taken place towards a more rapid deconstruction of reality as we know it. It’s hard to imagine where all of this is heading or what the end result will be, but when meteors begin exploding in the atmosphere on a weekly basis it’s starts to get…interesting.

This week one exploded over the Netherlands and less than one week earlier many people on the east coast witnessed a meteor as it fly off over the Atlantic ocean during broad daylight. I have a couple other posts in the Fireball category on ones that actually hit the ground in Allentown, PA and San Bruno, CA that caused casualties, but authorities said the cause was “natural gas explosions” in both cases.

So it’s hard to say what’s happening with the Bigger Picture but it appears that somethings afoot and this post really resonated with my own feelings that something extraordinary is happening to reality that we really don’t understand.

Fractual: more evidence the physical world is disintegrating? “This is a time of total collapse.” –Chilam Balam “A horrible undoing of people and animals.” –Nostradamus “There shall be a time of trouble such as never was.” -Daniel 12:1 The season of change is upon us and it is accelerating. The climate on the planet is in chaos. Economic upheaval threatens to unravel financial institutions across the planet as sovereign debt mounts. Tensions are rising among ethnic groups. Social unrest is unraveling govern … Read More

via The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

UFO Over Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem 1/28/2011

There are other videos on youtube posted of this same event…

Same video slowed down and zoomed in on UFO over dome:

Incredible 4th video witness that showed up…

This video shows 3 different camera angles on this event, it can hardly be disputed at this point. The 3rd video is exceptional…

Journey to the Hollow Earth

This film presents the history, mythology & folklore that the earth has a hollow realm, a mystical and physical place of great mystery and wonder. The hollow earth theory is represented in the history of many diverse cultures throughout the world. The Avalon of Camelot, the Garden of Eden, Paradise Lost, Shangri-La and Valhalla are names assigned to a mystical and physical place thought by some to house prehistoric animals and plants and by others to hide alien beings bent on conquering the outer Earth.

Journey to the Hollow Earth – Now on DVD, Cat# K546 – Go to http://www.UFOTV.com.

“The Anomaly in the Atlantic” Bermuda Triangle Strangeness, Ancient Gate Opening, or Atlantis Rising?

January 23, 2011

After reading the FAA Flight Advisory put out Thursday 1/20/2011  regarding Department of Defense GPS tests to be conducted January 20 through February 22 of 2011, where pilots were advised that during the tests, GPS signals would be unreliable or unavailable within the southeast U.S. area, an immediate red flag went up especially in light of recent electro-magnetic anomalies, strange bird and fish kills, and increased seismic activity. (See the FAA pdf for the full advisory and the large radius circle map of the area involved.)

I immediately contacted an expert Ham Radio operator who also had found the FAA advisory extremely interesting to say the least and was already monitoring to find any new or unusual Military HF communications that might shed light on this matter or to detect any unusual signals. Just prior to this advisory , HF military communications had been almost non-existent during the visit of the Red Chinese Presidential entourage where many Chinese aircraft had landed at Andrews Air-force Base and no doubt had their signal detection gear working over time.

On Friday 1/22 they came back up in a flurry with many units trying to establish communications with Puerto Rico and discussions were heard about an “anomaly” that was causing great difficulty with communications that was not due to normal propagation problems. The units which seemed to be in the Atlantic off Florida and in the Caribbean were having to change frequencies multiple times in working with Puerto Rico Comm Station in order to get decent copy of messages. These were not normal reach flights but were coded units anxious to get their reports into the Comm Station. Later Friday evening, “the anomaly” was detected by the HAM operator.

Initially, it was described as an amplitude modulated signal of extreme power of many megawatts. It was constant and not pulsed and was in the VLF range. It showed up on the Spectrum analyzer and also on lightning detection equipment which use the VLF for detection and mapping of lightning which are normally used by pilots. The problem was that there were no storms in that area. The location of “the anomaly” was also actually further off the coast of Florida than the location given for the center of the circle for “GPS tests ?” and closer to the Bermuda Triangle area.

Specifically,  it was stated that it exhibited a repeating pattern that was very strange, and unlike any the HAM had ever heard. It was not a “whistler” or lightning or any other geophysical signal that the Ham had ever heard in over 40 years of experience, though it was said …….it is NOT MAN MADE AND IT IS CAUSING MAJOR PROBLEMS. It did show up on the lightning detection maps but to repeat no storms were present.

On Saturday 1/22 “the anomaly” remained in place and seemed to be slowly growing in strength. Also,  another “anomaly” of the same signal was detected north of the original by hundreds of miles and on closer resolution each of these separate “anomalies” was two distinct sources very close to each other on the map. Saturday there was still no storm present in those areas.

Through other sources in the Mil/Intel world it is know that multiple U.S. aircraft and spacecraft with sensors are were bravely investigating “the anomaly” . Note here, that the area near and within the Bermuda Triangle has been responsible for numerous lost aircraft and ships over hundreds of years with complete disappearances of crews and pilots and is quite dangerous. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bermuda_Triangle.png

It could be said that this “anomaly” has drawn even MAJIC (both factions) attention and with all the communications disruptions, probable diversions of normal air traffic, and even several seismic events in the area around Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, and north on the Atlantic ridge, that this ……….IS NOT LIKELY SOME DOD GPS TEST. Though, it is likely that some sort of new GPS or navigational tweak or update is being attempted quickly. GPS tests don’t cause area wide communications disruptions or earth quakes, even 2.7 magnitude quakes that are deep , let alone 5.0 ‘s or 5.3’s. The Mil units sent to investigate “the anomaly” do not sound like they are laughing, but are actually showing concern in their voices when heard. Communications with Puerto Rico by the Mil coded units and others were still choppy, unreadable, or weak even late Sunday 1/23.

Sunday,  my source said that “the anomaly” is still showing itself via VLF energy source detection and mapping but no “atmospheric producer” is in the area. However, it is continuing to disrupt the collateral’s and its radiated energy is very much evident. Military HF comms Sunday did include several long messages of 180 characters or more and some Skykings. As of later Sunday evening, some los of strength of “the anomaly” was detected , though no reason for this is known nor is there any real knowledge of exact cause as yet for “the anomaly” know publicly.

Has some ancient machinery or crystalline device been activated? The area of the Bermuda Triangle seems to be described as having numerous quantum effects involving time loss or gain, odd clouds, tubes or portals where radio transmission is difficult to impossible and compasses spin or are completely inaccurate.

Ultra Black Flag Rank sources told Steve Quayle a number of years ago about how Puerto Rico is key for containment of a dimensional gate and what could or has come through it. Is someone or something knocking on the door very loudly? Has some large EBE craft, like the one extensively seen and photographed over Lima, Peru on January 4th , this year, turned on some device , or are they trying in collusion with luciferian factions to energize the ley lines or energy grid of Earth in such a way that major shifts in tectonic plates are happening that will provide a culling of Earth’s populations in an ORDO AB CHAO blood sacrifice?

Another “anomaly” seems to be present off the coasts of Yemen and Somalia in the Gulf of Aden,  which has drawn the Navies of most of the world , under the cover story of fighting Somali pirates. There also is evidence that the continent of Africa may be tearing into two pieces. Maybe, someone would like to blow the Atlantic ridge or cause Cumbre Vieja in the Canaries to fall into the ocean and create the giant tsunami that would destroy the entire east coast of the U.S. and the coasts of Europe?

Maybe, the ancient Annunaki (fallen angels) would like to get ancient Atlantis to rise. The Bimini road is in this area, and is allegedly part of a harbor road of a portion of ancient Atlantis. In the past 10 years, several Scientists working off the coast of Cuba have used a deep diving craft with remote cameras and have found an ancient civilization with huge stone buildings and pyramids. Is it part of Atlantis?

Maybe “Gabriel’s Fist”, or the Sumerian planet Nibiru…….the planet of crossing……..or planet X is indeed coming closer to Earth and is causing massive seismic and volcanic changes not seen since Biblical times?

What is certain is that “the anomaly” exists in the Atlantic near the Caribbean area and it does not portend good tidings while it disrupts communications, navigation of air traffic and vessel traffic at sea. It is also certain, that America and the World need to know what it is and what it is going to do. For me, Mathew 24 and Revelations might hold the key to understanding.

There Is Power In The Blood of Jesus. May he afford you a place of sanctuary, calm your heart, and soothe your nerves.


This clip is basically for the “un-initiated”, or those who are just now familiarizing themselves with the existence of other species who also call this home, or here to assist the Earth and humanity both to undergo profound changes that will change life here on this beautiful planet forever.

In this short video clip Bill Cooper talks about the Top Secret meeting between our government and a not so benevolent extraterrestrial race to exchange alien technology for President Eisenhower’s  permission to abduct American citizens for “research purposes”. That event basically set the stage for decades of unprecedented deception and secrecy on behalf of the US government. And it was at that time the CIA also launched a massive campaign of ridicule aimed at anyone who took a serious approach to the subject  of UFO’s or aliens.

As a matter of fact, the term “conspiracy theory”  was coined by the CIA as they launched a massive campaign to cover the governments “arss” as it dove down the rabbit hole


EARTH GRIDS: The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s Sacred Sites – Hugh Newman

Filmed at ‘Inside Edge’, Orange County, California on 21st January 2009. http://www.insideedge.org……. Hugh met some ‘indigo children’ in Hawaii in 2003 who initiated him into working with the earth’s energy grid. Since then, he has researched the subject thoroughly and explores aspects of his new book looking at the history and new research on global grids that involves ancient maps, sacred geography, ‘great earth circles’, ancient metrology, earth energies, geomathematics and leys, and how the ancient megalithic sites around the world were carefully placed by an as yet unknown sophisticated maritime civilisation with a ‘plan’. Clues in the sites themselves hold the key to this mystery. Also many global sites have unusual alignments that cannot be explained by archaeo-astronomy or leys. He has also found evidence in South America that the Michael and Mary energy lines are a global phenomenon and explores all these possibilities in this presentation….. EARTH GRIDS: The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s Sacred Sites, by Hugh Newman is available from Wooden Books – http://www.woodenbooks.com Filmed at ‘Inside Edge’, Orange County, California on 21st January 2009. http://www.insideedge.org……. Hugh met some ‘indigo children’ in Hawaii in 2003 who initiated him into working with the earth’s energy grid. Since then, he has researched the subject thoroughly and explores aspects of his new book looking at the history and new research on global grids that involves ancient maps, sacred geography, ‘great earth circles’, ancient metrology, earth energies, geomathematics and leys, and how the ancient megalithic sites around the world were carefully placed by an as yet unknown sophisticated maritime civilisation with a ‘plan’. Clues in the sites themselves hold the key to this mystery. Also many global sites have unusual alignments that cannot be explained by archaeo-astronomy or leys. He has also found evidence in South America that the Michael and Mary energy lines are a global phenomenon and explores all these possibilities in this presentation….. EARTH GRIDS: The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s Sacred Si…all » Filmed at ‘Inside Edge’, Orange County, California on 21st January 2009. http://www.insideedge.org……. Hugh met some ‘indigo children’ in Hawaii in 2003 who initiated him into working with the earth’s energy grid. Since then, he has researched the subject thoroughly and explores aspects of his new book looking at the history and new research on global grids that involves ancient maps, sacred geography, ‘great earth circles’, ancient metrology, earth energies, geomathematics and leys, and how the ancient megalithic sites around the world were carefully placed by an as yet unknown sophisticated maritime civilisation with a ‘plan’. Clues in the sites themselves hold the key to this mystery. Also many global sites have unusual alignments that cannot be explained by archaeo-astronomy or leys. He has also found evidence in South America that the Michael and Mary energy lines are a global phenomenon and explores all these possibilities in this presentation….. EARTH GRIDS: The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s Sacred Sites, by Hugh Newman is available from Wooden Books –

NASA Photos’s show 5 Planetary Size Sphere’s around the Sun

Well, NASA’s starting off 2011 with a bang once again this year…remember the planet sized sphere’s seen hanging out very close to the sun at about the same time last year? After awhile they disappeared and now they’re back:


Unfortunately you will have to follow the link above to see the spheres since they were cropped out of the picture when it downloaded and can’t delete the photo either.

I’m really curious about these things, how can ANYTHING exist that close to the sun without vaporizing from the heat? Is it a dimensional factor? Are their shields that powerful? And what are they doing there in the first place???

Seems like now would be a good time to keep an eye on the suns activity’s over the next few weeks for any abrupt or unusual changes….

Coast-to-Coast, October 5,2010

Fascinating interview, highly recommended and very informative! The interview begins at 9:45, at the end just click on the link in the upper left hand corner of the video to view parts 4-11 on YouTube.
British paranormal expert Richard Lawrence discussed ET contacts and communications, UFO disclosure, and ancient reports of UFOs. He spoke about various contactees such as George Adamski, and George King, who founded the Aetherius Society and channeled messages from benevolent ET beings or “Space Masters.” One of themes that runs across the various communications from ETs is the importance of spirituality throughout the universe, Lawrence noted.

King spoke about intelligences from within our solar system and multi-dimensional existences, while 1950s contactee Dan Fry said the beings he interacted with were from the past, specifically the civilization of Atlantis. In King’s book, The Nine Freedoms, he shares ET information about humankind’s evolution– one of the first evolutionary steps is bravery, to think outside of the standard conditioning, and another step is to become oriented toward service-to-others, rather than service-to-self.

Ancient Sanskrit texts refer to vimanas– flying celestial vehicles, which could “cause the entire sky to blaze.” Some of these writings specifically describe the propulsion systems, he added. A UFO incident that took place in 1180 AD in Japan concerned a shiny aerial object that changed directions, vanished, and reappeared. It was referred to as a “flying earthenware vessel, so the [term] ‘flying saucer’ was actually coined back in the 12th century,” Lawrence mused, adding that Alexander the Great and Columbus were also said to have UFO sightings.

Gulf of Aden: The Coming Conflict?

Here’s link to an interesting video on the Gulf of Aden and the possibility that a major conflict could arise out of the region with extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional forces, or a false flag event of some sort. There’s a lot of secrecy and unusual activity taking place in the area which is cause for concern.


2010: Record in Earthquakes

Published: April 20, 2010

– In the past month till today, 19th August, the Earth has experienced a total of 9 earthquakes higher than 7 in the Richter scale, when many years there is only 1 each month… Most of them are taking place in the antipodes region of CERN at great depth, showing inner disturbances in the gravitomagnetic fields of the planet.
– The present surge in earthquake and volcano activity might be anthropic. 2010 is statistically the highest year on record on earthquakes for all categories, except for the man-made surge during II world war carpet bombing in 1943.
– If we consider only the statistics for April there is a further surge for 2010. But what has humanity done this April 2010, to create fluctuations in the gravitational and magnetic fields of the earth responsible for magma motions that cause earthquakes? Very simple: we have switched on what is today the strongest gravitomagnetic field on this planet, the Large Hadron Collider.
– Since this machine that could latter in the decade at higher energy/mass produce strangelets (Pb-pb collisions) and black holes (over 10 Tev collisions), is today the strongest gravitomagnetic field on Earth. Since Earthquakes, like avalanches, are released by a butterfly effect, the initial change on the gravitational and magnetic fields of the Earth to trigger the release of the potential energy stored in a fault is minimal, below the power of the LHC’s gravitomagnetic fields.

– There are 3 possible ways in which the LHC can cause earthquakes:
A) If the magnetic field of the magnets drawn above interact with other magnetic fields in the magma.
B)If it made black holes or strangelets that are now in the center of the Earth, slowly eating the planet.
C) If it produces perpendicular gravitational waves,  affecting the antipodes (Tonga, Fidji region), which is reaching a maximal with occurrences at very deep level (over 500 km.)
– A cautionary stop of that machine and serious studies on its effects, which so far have been carried only by employees of the company, is long overdue for obvious bio-ethical reasons, since this year is also on the path to be the peak on human deads caused by Earthquakes. Yet 1/3rd of those deads have yet to materialize.
– If the machine stopped now, we have enough data on this pattern of switching on the LHC and getting a surge on earthquakes to do a serious statistical analysis. Politicians should act now. The costs of the volcano in Iceland for Europe might already exceed the value of this machine… This is no longer a question of science but of public policy. To ignore and censor the truth of the LHC will not change its lethal consequences…

Statistical facts

Number of Earthquakes Worldwide for 2000 – 2010

Magnitude 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
8.0 to 9.9 1 1 0 1 2 1 2 4 0 1 1
7.0 to 7.9 14 15 13 14 14 10 9 14 12 16 16
6.0 to 6.9 146 121 127 140 141 140 142 178 168 142 115

Data till 19 August, 2010

In the US:

Magnitude 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
8.0 to 9.9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
7.0 to 7.9 0 1 1 2 0 1 0 1 0 0 1
6.0 to 6.9 6 5 4 7 2 4 7 9 9 4 4
5.0 to 5.9 63 41 63 54 25 47 51 72 85 56 41
4.0 to 4.9 281 290 536 541 284 345 346 366 432 291 371
3.0 to 3.9 917 842 1535 1303 1362 1475 1213 1137 1486 1492 2040
2.0 to 2.9 660 646 1228 704 1336 1738 1145 1173 1573 2374 1786
Total 2342 2261 3876 2946 3550 3685 2783 2791 3618 * 4260 * 4272

Source: earthquake.usgs.gov

The reader should notice that we are still in summer, but the number of top earthquakes has now equalled the maximal of the decade; while in America there have been already more Earthquakes than in any year of the century.

Further on, we witnessed q wave of volcano activity happening mainly in the fractal borders of the Eurasian Plate, where the LHC hyper-magnetic field seats and in the LHC’s antipodal region, Australia and rim islands.

This year is on the road to be the all time highest ‘Earthquake year’ on record since World War II.

Hardly 1/3rd of the year has come by (113 days). Thus if we multiply by 3, the 2010 data, gathered by the US National Center for Earthquake Information (till April 24), we obtain for the whole 2010 year:

A maximal since World War II, for events in the 8 and 7th scale (3, 21; equalling the 1950 record of 24, >7 scale earthquakes), an all time record for the 6th scale (186, overcoming the 183, 1995′s  record); and for the 5th scale (2256 earthquakes; overcoming the 2074 earthquakes of 2007, the previous record).

This is much higher than the average year on record for the century. Only one year in the entire century set a higher record for earthquakes over 7 in the Richter scale: 1943, at the height of the II World War’s massive bombings of the Earth’s crust.

Thus, the 2010 surge is a high growth rate that might not be statistical but ‘antropic’, as the 1943-44 surge was. Since statistical changes happen within certain percentual limits. It cannot be either a geological process that has normally slow geological-time changes. Even global warming has far less steep rates of growth. Imagine we increase by 1/4th the temperature of the Earth in a year…

So it cannot be caused by Global warming either; which has a far slower rate change. Nor certainly by hot women as the press says, ridiculing an Iranian Cleric.

Unfortunately there has been nothing on this planet added this year to the magnetic field, responsible for magma motions, responsible for plate motion, responsible for earthquakes… except the LHC, the new, strongest magnetic ring in this planet. It is thus possible that the new, LHC’s hyper-magnetic ring is disturbing the Earth’s magnetic flows.

Indeed, it is very likely that as in the case of global warming, we are facing a man-made enviromental catastrophe. In that regard it does not seem a coincidence that the 2 years that have registered the maximal number of earthquakes in the century, the 1943-44 period and the 2010 period, are two peaks in human disturbances on planet Earth. In the 1943-44 period global war and massive bombings carpeted extensive regions of the planet. In 2010 we created a machine, whose magnetic field has no equal on the planet…

And yet the press does not report on the LHC experiments anymore, maybe not to cause public alarm. It also downplays the surge on Earthquakes, which is real.

We have so far, 7 top earthquakes:  Solomon Islands (7.1) and Haiti (7) on January; Ryukyu islands (7) and Chile (8.8) in February; and an impressive 3, in April, the month in which the LHC started a continuous run: China (7.1); Tijuana (7.2) and Indonesia (7.7). Further on, the strongest of those earthquakes, in Chile happened within hours of the first succesful proton run at 3.5 Tev…

If the April stats are considered only, 2010 with an annual average of 36, it will even beat the all time record of the 1943-44 period of carpet bombings, which registered a total of 32+23=55 big earthquakes…

A) The LHC  magnetic field.

The magnetic field within the lhc tunnel. Outside of the beam tubes is still 3 million times greater than the earth’s magnetic field

CERN people adduce that because the gravitomagnetic fields of the LHC are not ‘colosal’, they should not have the energy to provoke earthquakes. But earthquakes only need a ‘butterfly effect’. Simple mine explosions have caused them. Air bombing has caused them… Since the energy of the earthquake is already stored as potential energy in the fault. So you just need a chaotic, butterfly effect multiplied by the fault to release its energy. Earthquakes are in that sense similar to an avalanche. And the LHC has enough potency to be the butterfly…

In the graph we can see how strong those fields are and how they spread outside the ring into the rock formation under the Jura mountains.

We cannot pretend to know exactly how the huge LHC magnetic field is affecting the Earth; as we don’t have reliable maps of the entire Earth’s field. Yet the causality in time is there: we know that any new source added to a magnetic field modifes its structure. In April we introduce a new top magnetic field on this planet and the surge in Earthquakes peaked.

We considered earlier on in the suits of 2008, the possibility that switching on the strongest, fastest turning electromagnetic field on planet Earth would cause gravito-magnetic interactions with the Earth’s field as it always happens when a new pole of forces appears in any field system.

This is basic physics and yet no studies were carried out, no serious reports on safety. And now we are in the statistical peak, all time high for more than a century, on the number of Earth quakes on Earth since the LHC started up its systems.

The first time the machine was switched on, before it blew up in 2008, within a day, 4 big earthquakes over the 6 Richter scale  hit the Earth (6.1 Iran, 11.00:35; 6.6 Atlantic, 13:08; 6.6 Indonesia, 00.00; 6.9 Hokkaido 00:20) . The first one, within seconds of switching on the LHC, happened in Iran and seismologists there wondered if it was related, but being ‘Iran’, it seems the alarm didn’t sound.

So we were lucky and the machine broke down. Then CERN switched it back on and broke the record of any electro-magnetic field anywhere on Earth. A new macroscopic electromagnetic and gravitomagnetic field had been created and it was not on the center of the Earth. The complexity and sheer variety of paths of those fields makes the hypothesis of interaction and a buttefly effect extremely likely.

While there are other theories to explain the surge of earthquakes, among which, of course we also have a ’trendy’ explanation based in global warming, all those theories require a longer, geological time-span to cause a surge. Only the LHC is time-related. Since it is this year, precisely when the machine was switched on, when we have a surge in volcano’s activity and earthquakes.

While our knowledge of the magnetic field of the Earth is incomplete to be 100% sure, the statistical correlation is high. For example, this week there were no significant earthquakes for the first time in the month and curiously enough the beam at LHC was not on. When it was put back tenfolding its luminosity during the week-end for 30 hours, Monday first hour at the end of the run, as the graph shows, a 5.7 earthquake and the 6.5 Taiwan earthquake hit.

Then the beam broke (till wednesday) and again the quantity of earthquakes dropped. This pattern has been observed several times.

Like the strange liquid, CERN stated it would never produce, already created in tiny amounts (hyperons), these disturbances of the Earth’s magnetic field are denied or explained with geological cyccles.

Yet any causal argument which uses causes of ‘ geological nature’ needs much longer cycles than an annual variation . An annual variation of the range we start to see (over 25% more earthquakes and volcano activity than any year since records started in 1900) implies a sudden brusque change, caused by a new factor, and the only new factor added to the magnetic fields of earth are the magnets of the LHC and its streams of protons.

Even a graduate student knows that 2 charged coils create an electromagnetic flow ‘out of nothing’. But the LHC is not any simple magnet. It is the strongest, fastest positive charged pole on Earth right now. It can perfectly interact with any magnetic ring inside the Earth and provoke a flow that changes the distribution. Most of the first earthquakes happened in the border of the Eurasian plate, from Haiti in the parallel North American plaque, with a direct line from CERN.

Cern is uder Geneva,  in a zone of soft subduction, which means the effect is spreading first in the Eurasian plate. The Eurasian soft subduction zone goes down all the way to Sumatra, through Iran, Afghanistan and South China, all those zones are where more Earthquakes have occurred.
Australia on the other hand is the antipodes.

Since the most likely cause are gravitational waves, which extend perpendicular and parallel to an accelerated ring of mass, moving at relativistic speeds, the maximal effect should be produced in the borders of the eurasian plate (parallel waves) and the antipodes (perpendicular waves). And this is indeed the case. Most earthquakes and volcano activity happened on the borders of the Eurasian plate or  in the antipodes: Australia is having its record year of quakes with happenings in Adelaide and the Kalgoorie mines; and the islands of the pacific also have a record year (Solomon, Samoa, etc.)

The Iceland volcano is exactly in the Atlantic ridge that separates our plate and North America.

Starting in CERN the soft subduction zone becomes the ridge of the plate which first passes through the south of Spain, where they have the strongest earthquake in decades a few days ago, and then branches north to Iceland where we have volcanoes erupting and continues into the North-American plate through the Caribbean, where a recent earthquake has destroyed Haiti.

So CERN might be causing the present disruption of the plates.  But what can possible do CERN?

As we predicted in this web many wrong things that could now be the cause of this steep change in Earthquake rates.

B) CERN might have created already a black hole or other form of dark matter, including different type of strange liquids that have collapsed in the center of the Earth into a stable seed that is now growing, eating up the Earth and causing Earthquakes.

Cern doesn’t know if this is the case and does not comment on it, but it might be the case.

Both a micro-black hole, neutral, stable might have fallen into the Earth.

Or dibaryons, stable strange liquid might have fallen. After all RHIC already produced drops of strange liquid, hyperons (its basic usd atom) and kaons, the first ‘strange particle’ discovered. It lived so much that scientists said it ‘would be as if Cleopatra was still dying of the asp bite. This strange long-living ultra-dense quark liquid, or ‘strangelet’ might be falling to the Earth, accreting matter and exploding.

All those possibilities mean that the process of extinction of Earth might have started, might even be already irreversible if a stable strangelet or black hole are on Earth’s center.

C) The gravitomagnetic field

There is though a second cause that might be reversible, if Earthquakes are caused merely by the magnetic activity or the LHC, by the mere fact of being switched on, not by the particles it creates but by the LHC ‘gravito-magnetic waves’.

CERN has created and it is working with the strongest new ring of gravitomagnetic forces on Earth, comparable to that of the Earth’s center. The LHC is the first machine of planetary effects due to the extreme force of its magnetic, accelerating mass fields.

Moreover in the modern models of fractal relativity gravitomagnetic forces connect the 2 space-time membranes of the Universe:  the electromagnetic membrane of quantum particles and the gravitational membrane of space-time. This membrane, which defines the space position of the Earth’s atomic masses could wobble and start the butterfly effect of an Earthquake.

The equations of gravito-magnetism have been thought of since Einstein and there are models of them even in Wikipedia.

A gravitomagnetic wave is produced by a massive c speed charged ring, which is self-similar to a Kerr-singularity, a c-speed ring or black hole.  Thus the LHC circle is a new 27 kilometers positive gravit0-magnetic pole, whose gravitational waves can affect the gravitational or magnetic field of Earth.

As the graph shows any gravitational wave would produce a motion in space-time and the particles laid over it, which can trigger the butterfly effect of an earthquake.

Any good geophysicist with some scientific flair could find 100 ways in which that machine, its magnets and the 27 km. c-speed ring of charged protons can interact with the messed magnetic fields on earth, creating disturbances in the magnetic and mass-fields of the Earth.

Dead toll and public policy

In the graph, we can see that barely 1/3rd into the year the death toll is enormous. It might become the deadliest year on record.

Yet the press applies once more the LOL Method and focuses in an Iranian cleric that says earthquakes are caused by women’s clothing.

When will the media start thinking beyond the limited horizon of the past and look at the future of nuclear energy being created right now in CERN?’

We need to begin an argument about the destructive consequences of this machine, whose regimes of energy and particles this planet cannot stand.

When will scientists and technocrats acknowledge that they have made an error, that the LHC is not a giant leap for mankind as the German CEO of this company said, but a giant leap backwards for sustainability in this planet.

I imagine for politicians must be very difficult to acknowledge they have wasted 10 billion $USD, but that is a bargain for what it will ‘really cost’ the LHC:

If as it seems the LHC is related to the surge of earthquakes and volcano activity the costs of the damages this machine is causing far exceeds its value; if we talk of human lives there is no way to calculate the enormous cost.

Many lives and an enormous chaos and financial cost is already ascribed to this wave of earthquakes. Yet the events of the LHC have not even started, as the ring is at minimal potency…

How many more people have to die before our politicians act up?

Enormous Ring is Developing on the Sun

What is this strange ring that has been developing on the Sun during 16-Oct?

Sunspot 1112, located in the southeast quadrant, has been the source of a giant filament that is currently stretching 400,000 km across the surface of the Sun.

However, today, there appears to be development of a enormous circular ring which looks to be linking with the huge magnetic filament of sunspot 1112. Most of today’s various wavelength images of the Sun all show this feature over at the SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) – NASA website.

SpaceWeather.com today reports,

A vast filament of magnetism is cutting across the Sun’s southern hemisphere today. A bright ‘hot spot’ just north of the filament’s midpoint is UV radiation from sunspot 1112. The proximity is no coincidence; the filament appears to be rooted in the sunspot below. If sunspot flares, it could cause the entire structure to erupt. This active region merits watching…

What concerns me is that if indeed this is a huge magnetic filament nearly encircling the entire Sun, it is now currently directly facing the Earth. If sunspot 1112 does erupt, could the entire filament explode into a massive CME?

This particular phenomenon will be all over in a few days as it rotates around the Sun, but it serves to remind us that there are more and more events happening on the Sun as we transit into the next solar cycle maximum (peaking ~ 2012 into 2013).

CME is short for coronal mass ejection, a plasma made up of mostly electrons and protons.

Basically, a CME is electromagnetic radiation that is ejected from active regions of the sun.

CMEs directed at Earth can interfere with radio communications, harm satellites, and even damage electrical power transmission circuits and infrastructure, potentially causing widespread power grid failure. The biggest threat to human civilization is the later, a massive power grid failure, which could take months or even years to repair. This circumstance would require an extremely powerful CME, which fortunately do not occur on a regular basis.

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