Navigating Dimensional Portals ~ Theresa Crabtree

What we wish to talk about today is the ability to move through portals and beyond time and spatial limitations. Each of you has the capability to do this on a conscious level, although most of you currently travel Dimensionally solely during dreamtime.

In order to be able to move through time portals, you must begin to understand that all you observe with your eyes is not essentially real. Time and space are also figments of your imagination, being an integral part of the reality of this planet, thus allowing this game to be played. This understanding is crucial in order to have the ability to move at your discretion through various Dimensions.


ach of you has within your auric field that which is often called the mer-ka-bah. This energy field has the ability to increase your vibrational level, making transportation to various Dimensions available in the twinkling of an eye. The vibration of love makes this travel possible. Soon, all of you will be aware of this bubble of energy that is available to you.

Even if all of this sounds like a fairy tale, it is true. We have included this information in these Messages because many of you are now encountering these portals and we wish to give you more insight before you step into one. Know that by stepping through a portal, you may end up in a different time such as was depicted in Jurassic Park. You may find yourself in a hostile environment such as depicted in many of the Star Trek episodes.

In order to protect yourself, it is necessary to be in communion with your Higher Self and to call on your Guides to help protect you. If you do not have a close communion

with your Higher Self, we suggest you not step through a portal. It is possible to get lost and unable to return. When it comes to the grand scheme of all things, no one is ever lost, although when living in your environment, it feels very real and frightening.

People have used psychedelic drugs to experience these portals or wormholes. Many have had wonderful experiences that have led to addictions, as they prefer to escape through these portals rather than face the chaos in their lives. Many have gone insane or have died of fright during these episodes. Shamans have traditionally used this method as a means of foretelling future events or to gain spiritual insight.

Travel at your own pace. Out of body experiences can be beautiful when accompanied by your Guides and done for soul expansion. Once you have an experience such as this, your life will have new meaning and your ability to understand the Oneness of All will be greatly enhanced. Work diligently to communicate with your Higher Self, which is your best Guide to other Dimensions and to the deeds that are most appropriate for you during your stay on Earth. Many blessings to you. Akbal 1

For more information on these portals, read this Message in its entirety by scrolling to Day 183 at: Please include this web address when posting or sharing with others. Safe travels! ~ Theresa Crabtree

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Ley Line Portals


May 2013 Shift: Gateways bringing in 5D ~ Sandra Walters

Published on May 3, 2013

AscensionIntegration AscensionIntegration

An update on why the energies are getting intense. Apologies for the length, I have a lot to share and it’s been a long month of gateway activations.

Strong photonic 5D frequencies are coming in right now and the shifts they are creating are becoming evident to the awake and ascending. This is part of the triple-eclipse gateway, and there are many things you can do to participate in a big acceleration of the Ascension process of HUmanity, the kingdoms and elementals during this time.

This is a lengthier video on the details of what is occurring — these frequencies are coming in from Galactic Center carrying activation of the Divine HUman template, the Source Light within us and our true Creator skills. Expect Solar Heart activation and Cosmic Christ experiences as we release the core suffering within ourselves. This is an opportunity to realize the Self-as-Source; it empowers you beyond any false externally-imposed limitations.

Let us use this cosmic trigger to accelerate the Shift in Consciousness to Unity, Harmony and Unconditional Wisdom of LoveLight Intelligence right now.

I AM sending all of us so much love and supreme light during this challenging time. We are so very close to unfolding a brilliant new phase of the paradigm shift — please don’t get lost in the woes of the new light frequencies. This is a time to BE with the new light, listen to it, and anchor it into the collective with love, grace and divine purpose.

*** I feel this gateway is very important (hence the long video) and extend the Ascension eCourse at the returning client rate ($222) to anyone who has been wavering about taking the Course. You must sign up by May 10 and participate this month. As always, it’s not about watching the videos, it’s about your journey to freedom and empowerment.

If you registered and have not completed the Course, now is a good time to get back into the material and get clear on your process. The more awake and ascending folks who can amplify these energies and accelerate the Shift, the better.

Please Note: I don’t answer emails through youtube, write me through my website.


Earth Grid, the Matrix

  July 15, 2012 

  Reposted from The Awakening Website

Since the birth of our planet billions of years ago, it has been surrounded by grids. The existing grid consists of a geometric matrix that is based solely on a mathe-matically finite number.  Its geometric shape has created a reality that is artificial.

Our reality is programmed to appear in a chronological Time sequence that we perceive to be finite and linear. This Time sequence is facilitated by the Earth grid, which acts like a server.  Through the grid, the various programs of Time are inserted as holographic realities.  So entire civilizations are inserted as programs into the grid server.  And all of these programs are running simultaneously.

But, in 1992, the configuration for a new grid was defined.  The new grid is a formation of hexagonal geometric shapes that exists within a Crystalline sphere.  This new Crystalline grid is based on an infinite number – one that is built according to sacred geometry – the Divine blueprint.

This the deity employed in tracing the form of the Universe.  Plato

The year 2000 was the beginning of a countdown of twelve triple dates.  On each of these dates, a portal opens and a Light code is delivered, which activates parts of this new Crystalline grid.

On August 08, 2008 a portal opened. This was the triple date of 08-08-08. The powerful frequency that was downloaded through that portal awakened an Atlantean Crystal in the state of Arkansas to half of its strength. Called the Blue Crystal of Knowledge, this massive Crystal, which measures 48 ft in height and 12 ft in diameter, once reigned in the Temple of Knowledge on the Atlantean island of Poseida.  It has been kept hidden since the fall of Atlantis.

On the triple date of 09-09-09, another portal opened to release an energy that increased the power of this Crystal.  But the energy also triggered the activation of the Om Crystal of Multi-Dimensionality that has been hidden at Mount Shasta, as well as the Emerald Crystal of Healing in Arkansas, the Golden Crystal of Healing & Regeneration in Brazil, and the Sun-Moon Crystal at Lake Titicaca. These five Atlantean Crystals energized the new Earth grid to 75 percent of its functionality.[i]

The Divine energy that was downloaded to activate these Crystals was so strong that it immediately changed the frequency of the entire planet. This was the moment when the Earth separated into two distinct realities, into two separate planetary Time lines; the old three-dimensional Time line and a new fifth-dimensional Time line called Terra Nova.  Those of us who were ready were then moved onto the new Time line.

As they reawaken, these Atlantean Crystals are beginning to broadcast the data that has been stored within them.  As the Emerald Crystal of Healing has reprogrammed our DNA, our dimensional reception has been vastly increased from 3D to 12D.  This bridged the gap between the two hemispheres of our brains.[ii]  All of the LightWorkers are now lighting up the Path for those following just behind them.

Multitudes who Sleep in the dust of the Earth will Awake.
Daniel 12:2

The triple date portals of the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 are exponentially more potent than in previous years.  On the triple date of 10-10-10, the Violet Crystal of Sound  in Bahia, Brazil was also activated and the Crystals in Arkansas further increased in power.

At that time, an unprecedented 45 earthquakes occurred in Arkansas.  By February of 2011, the US Geological Survey had reported more than 700 quakes that had occurred in that region, the largest of which occurred on the 10-10-10 date.  As the Crystals further increase in power, these quakes will continue.  And they will do so in areas of the state that are not recognized fault  zones.

We’re having them in places we’ve never had them before.  The USGS is looking into why we’re having them and why there have been so many.  Shelia Maxwell

On the 11-11-11 date, the new grid was energized to 92 percent of its full capacity by the activation of the Platinum Crystal of Inter-Dimensional Communication.  This Crystal is located in Arkansas, in the Washitaw Mountains – the land of the Washitaw Muurs.  Its energies have set up a triangle pattern with the energies of the Blue Crystal of Knowledge and the Emerald Crystal of Healing. The Atlanteans placed all three of these Crystals in Arkansas before the destruction of Atlantis.  The attributes of these three Crystals alone are capable of bending the Space-Time continuum.

At over 100 meters in height, the enormous Platinum Crystal lies far deeper below the surface than the other two.  Its activation has set forth an enormous pulse that will bridge the gap between the left and right hemispheres of our brains – the ego mind and the Divine Mind. This will make it easier for people to enter the higher dimensional realms because the balance of duality will be more easily achieved.  Love will be far easier to manifest into reality.

The last of the triple dates in this ‘final countdown’ is 12-12-12.  On this date, the Crystal of Thoth will be activated beneath Lake Titicaca, along with the Ruby Fire Crystal of Energy, in Bimini.  The Crystallization of the planet will complete.

With all nine of these master Crystals active, the new Earth grid will then achieve full programming.  Each of the 12 facets on the grid will connect to the 12 dimensions of the Earth, and the 12 strands of your DNA will connect to the grid.  What occurs on the 12-12-12 is the Ascension.

On December 21,2012, in support of the harmonic convergence of planets, this new grid will be launched.  What takes place on that winter solstice is the birthing of the New Earth.[iii]  Shortly thereafter, the Earth will journey through a Time gate where a new world will be born.

This is not the End.  It is not even the beginning of the End.  But it is, perhaps, the end of the Beginning.  Winston Churchill

REPOST: Stargates, Portals, Wormholes, Filaments, Things Attached to Them (and Who Knows What Else)… Thank You, John Kettler, Jaime Maussan, Narim Hussein, et al.

Posted on March 12, 2012

This is sort of a collection, of articles and videos about all the items in the title. I’m not sure where one of the videos came from (the solar filament with spherical thing attached). Mr. Fusion at RMN put one of these up on the web. Another may have been from Jordon, also on RMN. The Jaime Maussan video link was sent to me by M (also helps you to practice Spanish listening). Thanks to all of them, and especially to John Kettler for the following article entitled, “ETs/EDs–Overview On Stargates.”

I felt these might be helpful to some of the readers here. I learned a lot from reading John’s article, particularly regarding the difference between stargates, portals, and wormholes. And an additional video is from that article, by Narim Hussein. (And see where he is? Looks like the top of Mauna Kea to me… [and IT IS!!]). The statement that each star is a stargate and, from one of the videos (the Narim Hussein one), that solar filaments resulted after Earth-sized craft flew right into the sun, was pretty mind-blowing.

And what’s that disc like object attached to an umbilical cord in the last 2 videos? Could that be a craft entering through the stargate? All of these came out at the same time (at least into my awareness).

So read on and enjoy. I’d suggest watching each of the videos.



ETs/EDs–Overview On Stargates
[KP note: ETs=ExtraTerrestrials; EDs=Extradimensionals]

ETs/EDs–Stargates–There And Back Again!

ETs/EDs are heartened by the work of Narim Hussein, who has documented the, theoretical to most, stargate in action. According to the ETs/EDS, every star is a stargate and provides both a way in and out of a given star system. Capacity is unlimited, which should give military planners pause. Moreover, a stargate is also a timegate, allowing travel to any place and any time. The easiest way to think of a stargate is as a connector in a toy set which has an infinite number of attachment points. Per the ETs/EDs, a stargate differs greatly from a portal, which which is on a planet and allows travel only from one specific place to another. Similarly, the ETs/EDs say, the portal’s space equivalent is a wormhole, and it works the same way.

ET/EDs & Securing Our Stargate

Since no military force likes being attacked from the rear, the Liberation Forces have security measures in place to prevent such actions from hostile intruders. The ETs/EDs aim to intercept and destroy arriving intruders by a defined point and kill those fleeing Earth as soon as they emerge from the atmosphere. Freeing the planet, in the view of the ETs/EDs, is hard enough dealing with both the higher dimensional threats and the well entrenched Dark Forces here on Earth, without having to worry about a massive, unexpected attack. The ETs/EDs are no fools, and have deployed accordingly.

ETs/EDs Tell Of Earth’s Stargates

The ETs/EDs have kindly provided a partial list of terrestrial stargates. These include the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon’s Triangle, the Gulf of Aden, King Aramu Muru’s stargate near Peru’s Lake Tiahuanaco, the Mayan ruins in Mexico’s Palenque, two in Egypt (Abu Ghurab and beneath the Gizeh Plateau), Uluru and Serpentine National Park in Australia, Mt. Kailash in Tibet, Macchu Picchu in Peru, Sedona in Arizona, Stonhenge in England. The ETs/EDs say there are several in the Middle East. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge has one, as does MU, ~ 300 miles east of Maui, Hawaii. Yes, the ETs/EDs say MU’s no myth, and neither is Atlantis.


Jaime Maussan… Circular “UFOs”

Narim Hussein, Earth sized space ships crash into sun

Solar filament plus attached disc


Filament Snapping(look lower left of solar disc)

Close up of filament snapping


The Stargate of Aramu Muru

Far from civilization, and high within the Andes, an outcropping of ancient petrified sandstone was shaped by the hands of a forgotten civilization. The technology they possessed exceeds the current understand of quantum principals.

The outcropping was made ornate by including the features of a woman lying on her back as she gazes silently towards the sky. Beneath her, a shallow entryway, an odd keyhole, was placed whose secrets have been known to the Aymara shamen for thousands of years.

Now, as we approach 2012, and the end of an era, those secrets have been given. The mysterious portal has opened once again to those gifted enought,  brave enough, to pass through. But who – or what – waits on the other side?

Five intrpid explorers are about to find out…click here to watch video:

The Stargate of Aramu Muru

This episode is available for purchase in the Xpeditions Store

George Kavassilas – Religion, Our Journey Home & Off World Super Soldiers

You can learn more about George at the website in the interview archives, or through the links provided below the video at Red Ice Creations.
April 5, 2011
George Kavassilas is back on the program for a two hour update on ascention and “our journey home”. We continue our discussion about world events and new developments. George also shares his view on Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church and the “true” message of Jesus’ sacrifice and crucifixion. Then, we talk about different ET races, changes in our solar system, Mars, the moon and Project Genesis. Later, we talk about the shadow government, the elite and the royal families and their satanic ritual abuse. Topics Discussed: Japan Earthquake, HAARP, straighten up the axis of the Earth, nuclear radiation, volcanic activity, war in Libya, armageddon program, church, Jesus, communion, flesh and blood, Judaism, the Roman Catholic church, Satan, freemasonry, the crucifix, sword, Excalibur, true sacrifice of the Christ, torture, King Arthur, sun, Vatican, oppression of the human spirit, darkness serves us, oblivion, sun activity, ascension, ET races and their process, changes in our solar system, red dawn, changes in the physical universe, the big bang, super soldier, abductions, genetic activation, hive mind, beehive, collectives, pyramid hierarchy, 4th dimension, 5th dimension, journey to Mars, moon, life on Earth, chimeras, legends past, genetic manipulation of humanity, Annunaki, the elite, royal families, the shadow government, adrenochrome, satanic ritual abuse, Monsters Inc., reptilians, the blue dragon clan, Gaia, what is happening to the moon and Mars?, shadow government secret space program, Project Genesis, humanities ingenuity, more on the 21st of March 2013, poleshift, false angels, pure light, numbers and mathematics, Merkaba, light paradigms, vortex points, portals and more.

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