Dutchsinse & Mike from Patrioticspace – Radiation Fallout Forecasts now Censored and Downplayed

This is unbelievable, it’s bad enough that the corporate media lies to the sleeping masses – the ones who don’t want to work for information and just want to be spoonfed the news. But when the government / nuclear regulatory agencies start bribing or coercing the monitoring agencies to manipulate the data aimed at professionals and others who need accurate data on radiation levels – society has a real problem.

This is looking more and more like the BP disaster last year where BP literally spent millions, possibly billions of dollars buying doctors, university research depts, scientists, veterinarians, biologists etc to downplay the affects of the oil spill and dispersants on the environment.  Now people are becoming violently ill and doctors act clueless, patients are literally dropping dead in some cases, there are mass wildlife kills that get blamed on utterly ridiculous causes and oil is still spewing in the Gulf but the media has moved on.

Now, the same thing is happening with the Fukushima NUCLEAR disaster, only worse since little more than 30 days later it’s getting difficult to get much news on the crisis, how work on the plant is progressing, or where the situation with the NUCLEAR MELTDOWN stands.  Now we learn that the information coming from radiation monitoring sites has been manipulated too?

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From Dutch: April 17, 2011

Title says it all….

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At StanDeyo.com you can order “Dare to Prepare” by Holly Deyo, she has all kinds of recommendations for filtering radioactivity out of water and protecting yourself from  contamination. Also the Berkie Water filter is a great for filtering radioactivity out of water…