California Radiation Level Testing, Shrouded in Secrecy

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Written by Planet X
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 07:47 received reports over the past 48 hours of individuals in white radiation suits in California, near the Santa Clara County water recharge ponds. Suspicion was raised as to the reason radiation testing would be occurring in the area which officials have said is safe. As we attempted to contact individuals whom witnessed the testing, a number of people confirmed they had seen two people in all white suits with yellow devices. The reports of the radiation testing matched the pictures that were sent to Coup Media Group and were taken by a gentleman who would like to remain anonymous.  Yesterday, Coup Media Group received “claims of men seen in suits and protective clothing testing for radiation.”

Photos and video from the Santa Clara Water facility near San Jose, Clifornia have been received and are on the full story.Photos and video from the Santa Clara Water facility near San Jose, Clifornia have been received and are on the full story.

As mentioned, “The individual interviewed mentioned he saw people filming from their phones but apparently were asked to stop” Coup Media has contacted two individuals who were in the area that the reported radiation testing in California was taking place. They gave us the few pictures they had and allowed us to upload video they had captured while the radiation testing was taking place. As you are aware, the California coast was recently hit by a number of strong storms that originated and grew over the area of Japan and the Fukushima disaster. These storms were feared to have picked up radiation and during the storm as confirmed by UC Berkeley, then radiation dropped on California residents.

Read the Entire California Radiation Level Testing Story with actual photos and video HERE!


A Santa Clara Water District employee was questioned in regards to the sighting and claims which were centered around the Santa Clara Water District recharge pond area. He stated “I am not aware of  Santa Clara Water District doing any type of testing other than regular testing in regards to radiation” This individual (who for security purpose must remain anonymous) reported that if indeed there was any type of radiation testing being performed anywhere withing the Santa Clara Water District, he would know. The Santa Clara water district water recharge plant is located near San Jose, California.


As we mentioned yesterday, “Possible Nuclear contamination has been suspected in California as reports have come in saying there are unidentified men walking around highly populated areas in California and apparently testing for radiation level increases.” Coup Media Group is investigating these claims and will confirm whatever information we can. Radiation sickness, radiation contamination, acute radiation sickness, are all names for exposure to different types and different levels of radiation. How you are affected by radiation, and what symptoms you experience will greatly depend on how much and how long you are exposed. Smaller doses can result in gastrointestinal effects such as nausea and vomiting and symptoms similar to falling blood counts like infection and bleeding. Larger doses of Radiation exposure over a long period of time can result in numerous neurological effects as well as rapid death. Treatment of severe radiation syndrome is generally a long term supportive issue with blood transfusions and antibiotics.

Testing of radiation levels appeared to be the case as onlookers take amature photo and video near San Jose, Ca.Testing of radiation levels appeared to be the case as onlookers take amature photo and video near San Jose, Ca.

It is expected that this silent radiation testing may be occurring up and down the California coast. It is not expected that this will be covered or broadcast by mainstream media as their general consensus is that “the levels of radiation being absorbed is not hazardous” If you are aware, or have pictures or video of radiation testing going on in your area which is not being reported, please contact Coup Media Group.