Ken Rohla – Staying Healthy in an Era of Biowarfare, GMOs & Geoengineering

“There are no uncurable diseases, only uncurable people” Ken Rolha

5D Nirvana Event – 2016 LAX Hilton
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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 25, 2015 Dane Wigington

Note: Incredible speech! IMO after we reclaim control of the planet from tyrants and psychopathic bloodlines, Dane Wigington deserves to be honored as a global hero for his efforts to help people from all walks of life understand what’s happening in our skies and on the ground. 

This is the 2nd installment of a new Northern California commercial free news hour being aired Saturday mornings from 6 am to 7 am on KQMS 1400 AM and 99.3 FM (the first show aired is here… ). The information that will be presented on “Global Alert News” is a radical departure from what the North State’s primary radio broadcaster has historically presented from sources like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Though some of the KQMS listeners may be initially shocked by the information they will be exposed to on this straightforward presentation of information, reality will prevail as events that are unfolding around us all become impossible to hide. This episode initially covers the fact that all of us are test subjects in the lethal and ongoing climate engineering operations. The discussion then moves on to focus on the fact that US civilians and US military personnel have routinely been exposed to lethal dangers and testing without their knowledge or consent. This is business as usual for our government of criminals and tyrants.

Did the Government Give Industrial Hemp a Pass to Clean Up Radiation in the States?

Christina Sarich
NationofChange / News Analysis
Published: Friday 14 February 2014
Hemp has numerous uses and could replace many crops that require heavy irrigation and pesticides, but the most interesting fact about hemp is that it “eats” radiation.

Activists have been shouting they want an end to GMO foods for more than a decade now, and Cannabis Sattiva L. supporters have been at it for even longer, so why has the US government finally given farmers the right to legally grow industrial hemp, the non-hallucinatory, sister plant of medical marijuana?

It is safe to say that industrialized hemp should have been legalized years ago. With THC levels so low, you would have to smoke more of it than Snoop Dogg to get ‘high’ – and that’s a lot of Cannabis, it is ridiculous that it was classified as a drug at all. It has numerous uses and could replace many crops that require heavy irrigation and pesticides, like cotton, for example. Here’s the most interesting fact though – hemp plants ‘eat’ radiation.

When the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Reactor 4 accident caused severe radioactive contamination in 1986, families within a 30-kilometer area of the site had to be evacuated. Radioactive contamination was later found at 100 kilometers from the accident site, and Fukushima radiation levels are still to be determined, with the Japanese government planning on dumping their overflowing radiated water tanks into the Pacific as we speak.As with the Chernobyl incident, scientists are finding radioactive emissions and toxic metals–including iodine, cesium-137, strontium-90, and plutonium–concentrated in the soil, plants, and animals of Japan, but also now throughout the United States and all along the West Coast – from Canada to Mexico. Even the EPA has admittedthat any living tissue can be affected by radiation exposure. High levels of thyroid disease and cancer have been reported in Japan, and our ocean is dying by the day. Scientists are also expecting that children born on the US West Coast will suffer a 28% higher incident of hyperthyroidism – a disease that accompanies radiation exposure. Even the livestock that grazed on irradiated grasses grown in contaminated soils developed meat with high concentrations of these unwanted toxins after Chernobyl, and Fukushima is exponentially worse.

France law bans Wi-Fi in daycares, restricts wireless infrastructure

“Ten weeks of Wigner” Anomalies in airlines, aerospace and infrastructure – Winter 2014

The highlights of possible Wigner-related aviation events of the last ten weeks of 2014. This is the first in a new series of short films about The Wigner Effect that will be uploaded on a regular basis.

“Crashes are often complex. A series of events that on their own wouldn’t bring a plane down, yet combined, lead to tragedy.” ~ from ‘Air France lessons for missing plane probe’

The Wigner Effect interview with Leuren Moret & Laurens Battis:…

^Next segment will be out this coming weekend

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Fukushima triggers jump in airline pilot/passenger heart attacks, cancers, rad symptoms:…

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Footage & audio used from the following:

COCKPIT – 737-300 Rainy Take-off in Hamburg:…

First Person: Air Traveler Describes Loud Pops, from AP:…

NASA investigates cause of rocket explosion:…

Pilot Killed in Crash of Fighter Jet During Training Mission Near Point Mugu:…

Plane crashes at Kansas airport, CBS News:…

How SpaceShipTwo’s ‘Feathered’ Wings Were Supposed to Work:…

Air Canada Jazz light In Edmonton More Serious Than First Thought:…

Toddler goes into cardiac arrest on JetBlue flight:…

Dolores O’Riordan Cranberries Singer Arrested Over Flight Assaults:…

Bono’s plane door falls off mid-flight:…

Small plane crashes into Chicago home:…

China To Punish Tourists In Thailand Air Asia Air Rage:…

Mom, kids die when plane crashes into home, from CNN:…

Korean Air chairman’s daughter resigns after public backlash:…

Severe turbulence causes plane to land in Tokyo:…

How did weather affect AirAsia flight? from CNN:…

Virgin Plane Fault: Passenger’s Relief After Landing:…

Passengers ‘terrified’ after plane bound for Manchester catches fire in mid-air:…

2 officers OK after Metro chopper crash downtown:…

KLM Boeing B747-400 Rainy landing Taipeh by night Cockpit view:…

Audio: Virgin Atlantic VS43 makes “Emergency Landing” at Gatwick Airport:…

Donnie Darko soundtrack:…

The Royal Highway – The tunnel at the end of the Light:…

Mutated plants, fungus, dying trees (2013 edition).

Mutated cone flower in Alabama, April 2013

The tree damage seen last year has not abated. Mutated plants continue to appear as more low-level radiation streams over from Japan. From Dr. Satoshi Mori’s blog (poorly translated by Google):

Fertilization, reproductive plant one year cycle should have been done twice. Assuming the laws of Mendelian genetics is applied simply to morphogenesis of some species, after which drew strong radiation, such as I-131, Cs134, Cs137 immediately after the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant exploded The first year, mutations would have entered the DNA in the repair process by the DNA repair enzyme chromosome has been hit.

Mutated trillium in Oregon, April 2013


Mutant dandelion in Ohio, April 2013

However, it would not in only one of the two strands of DNA maybe. Recessive may not appear to be hidden dominant DNA because it is heterozygous at this stage yet. However, morphological malformations certain as recessive phenotype homo, maybe might come out from the second year. I already mentioned before that, such as dandelion huge leaves have been reported. So, malformation of vegetation would not begin to be observed this year from around soon. Do not forget that the chromosome is cut beaten by gamma rays of cesium constantly even at low doses subsequent course.

This is now the second full year of plant growth after Fukushima. Much of the genetic damage has happened in recessive genes, so many mutations will start to come out this year.

Damaged cedar in Fukushima prefecture

Widespread damage to trees and plants was noted last year (1-7) . This is partially due to Fukushima, but also due to ozone and volatile organic chemicals emitted from the Bayou Corne sinkhole and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (3 years ago today). This destruction is continuing.

The tree damage can be seen in Iceland, western Europe, Indonesia, Fiji, the Maldives, India, Canary Islands, Madagascar, and recently in Australia. But it seems to be the worst in the USA and Canada.

The growth of fungus and mold is promoted by radiation (8-12). What is happening is that Fuku, the oil spill and sinkhole emissions are weakening the trees. Fungi enter the weakened tree, encounter radioactive substances, and then grow like crazy.

A fungal meningitis outbreak of injectable drugs prepared at the New England Compounding Center has killed 53 people. Injectable products have been recalled from Med Prep Consulting, Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Pallimed Solutions Inc., and Hospira Inc., due to contamination with fungus.

Widespread problems with mold occurred after Hurricane Sandy. Mold is endemic. Some people have mushrooms growing on their carpets.

Fungi are now killing all the frogs and bats.

The government is now spraying fungus from helicopters (1:38) in order to “save trees.”

Stimulation of fruit and grain yields is also promoted by radiation, and we have seen bumper crops for some species. But when radiation is increased beyond the amount that stimulates, it shuts off the growth of fruit and grain. Increase it further, and it kills the plant, like in the Red Forest after Chernobyl. Some of the trees in the Red Forest won’t even decompose, because there is so much radiation that fungi and microoganisms can’t survive to do the decomposition.

My peach and pear tree went wild with fruit in 2011, but didn’t produce any in 2012. The peach tree now has its bark falling off, and is covered with fungus and lichen. But leaves have appeared now on about 25% of it… I had thought it was dead. My walnut tree went wild in 2012, and Vgirl’s plum tree went crazy with fruit last year also. It remains to be seen what kind of fruit we will see in 2013 from these trees.

1) Dying trees.
(2) Carbon-14, tritium and plants.
(3) Biosphere effects of Fukushima and the BP oil spill (part 2).
(4) Biosphere effects of Fukushima and the BP oil spill (part 1).
(5) Plant destruction in my backyard.
(6) Iodine found in leaves of damaged trees.
(7) Preliminary thoughts on the global tree die-off.
(8) Radiation-eating fungi. They kill trees and they kill people.
(9) Deadly meningitis outbreak in 2002 also caused by radiotrophic fungus.
(10) Fungi from Japan transported into USA, in spring 2011.
(11) Black substance destroying Hawaii’s largest barrier reef.
(12) Radioactive black fungus in Japan, blowing to the US.



Once again, Christina Consolo and guest Leuren Moret cover a VERY important health topic touching everyone’s life: Radiation fall-out from Fukushima. After two years of fall-out, serious exposure symptoms are beginning to appear in signs of declining health in many young celebrity’s, especially in the frequent flyers ~ including individuals in the general population who are racking up airline miles. Frequent flyers like celebrities, pilots, flight crews and business class are simply the canary’s in the coal mine, we’re all are constantly exposed to higher than normal levels of radiation in the general environment and in the food supply; which itself, has become thoroughly toxified with pesticides, gmo’s, fluoride and a growing list of preservatives.

For myself, two months after Fukushima began spewing radiation into the environment I relapsed into Hepatitis C after being in remission since 1998.  At the time I was outside most of the day doing landscaping and gardening work for an employer, as well as the property I live on. I spent a lot of time sitting on wet grass after the rains being exposed to radiation coming from the sky.  In addition, my home is located in the tropical rainforest and my windows are open all day so I’m also exposed to particulates in the air. There’s no indoor ventilation system so the windows need to stay open during the day or mildew will take over fast.

I’ve had a helluva time over the last two years recovering from the Hep C and am still dealing with liver issues today.  Recently I learned ALL of the teeth in my upper jaw and a few on the lower, are falling out due to “advanced” periodontal disease, when only two years ago there was no sign of deterioration or disease. Last week after a mammogram, they found a mass in my left breast so I have to go in for more testing. In addition, I’m losing bone density ~ which may be a symptom of menopause and can’t be directly tied to radiation exposure, even tho strontium is linked to bone deterioration. To top all that off, there’s something going on in my hip joints that needs further testing to see what’s going on.

Now, when all of this is happening to someone who lives a nutritionally healthy lifestyle, thinks positive and meditates daily, one can only imagine the health affects a radioactive environment is having on the youth, pregnant women, those with immune deficiencies, the elderly and the general population who aren’t educated on nutritional supplements or healthy diets. Recently I’ve talked with others who are having problems with teeth falling out and other health problems in normally healthy people.

Regarding the side effects of radiation, the medical community is either clueless or has been silenced into NOT addressing the issue of radiation from Fukushima. Whatever the case, they appear to be ambivalent of the radiation doses people are receiving and how it’s affecting our health. The problem isn’t in a lack of data on radiation, most of it’s affects were known as early as the 1920’s. But to be fair to the average doctor or nurse, the Rockefeller’s most likely omitted radiation education from the medical school curriculum, just as they have done with natural medicine and herbal treatment to cure disease.

The fact that Japan has been left on it’s own to deal with this nuclear nightmare in a highly incompetent, criminally negligent manner is a telling sign of the real agenda: indiscriminate depopulation.

There are many things you can do to fight radiation damage and help reduce the risk of health problems, readers sent in numerous recommendations that you can find in the right hand column under the category Radiation from Fukushima in the sub-category Remedies and Antidotes for Radiation Exposure.

Please share this show freely, thank you!

Published on Mar 30, 2013

NUKED IN THE SKIES: Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, Kelly Osbourne


Nuked Radio Special: Nuked in the skies w/ Leuren Moret part 1
10 celebrities displaying symptoms of possible radiation sickness after excessive flying. Historically, some famous actors and actresses have been nuked before…so it wouldn’t be the first time.

Program recorded March 25th, 2013.
Air date March 29th, 2013.

A more detailed look at our current situation can be found here:

2 years of Fukushima Part 1:Current status of Fukushima & comparisons to Chernobyl…

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100% of tuna now radioactive from Fukushima

Big thanks goes out to Kevin Allan and NibiruMagick2012 for posting the article from yesterdays story on radioactive tuna, when you have a moment please return the favor by checking out their channel and hit subscribe if you like what you see. Mahalo!

Published on Feb 24, 2013



Is it possible to use consciousness to adapt to radiation? ~ Irradia and Radium, Russian Couple

Note: While much of what this couple has to say can at first be difficult to warp our heads around, if you listen to their core message it’s all about reaching higher states of consciousness if we’re going to move through the planetary changes in tact as a species. We’re getting bombarded by radiation from a variety of sources, after listening to the entire interview and Radium’s comments about ET’s it almost makes you wonder if radiation levels aren’t being elevated in preparation for the arrival of ET habitation.  Genetics may be the be the key to survival for many people as well as a nutritional diet, taking immune boosters, eliminating negative thought patterns and maintaining higher levels consciousness through daily meditation.

Mainly overcoming the fear of radiation to a level of acceptance would lessen ones chances of succumbing to the effects of radioactive exposure. Everything boils down to energy and frequency, the vibrations of fear, anger and stress all bring your bodies energetic levels down into the lower levels on both spectrum’s. So it’s no wonder society is structured to keep us in the lower frequency’s so we’re easier to control, less conscious and our health is always compromised.

This is a thought-provoking interview, as well as lengthy so it may take a couple of sittings to get through but I found it to contain some very good food for thought and an interesting conversation. Enjoy!

Published on Feb 14, 2013

Alfred Lambremont WebreAlfred Lambremont Webre


SOS from Fukushima to the UN : Mother of Fukushima

Published on Feb 5, 2013

Testimonies of the mothers in Fukushima filmed by the Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial Team. In the video, one of the mothers highlights the fact that regulatory standard for the food in the school meals at the primary schools in Koriyama City, Fukushima is 10 Bq/kg while the standard at the cafeteria of the offices of the Fukushima local government is 1 Bq/kg, suggesting the fact that the government could sacrifice the health of children by lifting the safety standard higher than normal levels. In so doing, The government officials seem to believe that the promotion of the local consumption of food at the primary schools would make the impact of radioactive contamination in the community look smaller.

Also, the way in which this video presents the statements of the mothers by changing their voices and hiding their faces implies the mothers’ fears of being blamed by their neighbours or other members of their community when they speak out the truth in the public.

The Reality of Fukushima- A Japanese Lawyer Speaks at UN

Published on Jan 25, 2013


Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial is a citizen’s collective lawsuit demanding the local government of Koriyama City, Fukushima to evacuate the children to the areas under 1mS/y of background radioactive dose. If the case of the children in Koriyama is approved by the court, other authorities of the high radiation areas will have to embrace this standard and ensure children the unconditional support for the evacuation.

The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trail Team
World Network for Saving Children from Radiation

Published: February 5th, 2013 at 9:21 am ET

Japanese Judge: Already signs of major health hazard in Fukushima — Kids may end up like those around Chernobyl — Urgent need for evacuation
Date Published: Feb 5, 2013

At 2:00 in

Kenichi Ido, former judge: As I think there is now an urgent need to evacuate the children from the radioactive zones, I have been active as one of the defense lawyers for the Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial.

I cannot help worrying about the future of children in Fukushima.

There have already been signs of a major health hazard.

Under the current situation, I think the children of Fukushima may fall into a situation like that of the children of Ukraine and Belarus, where only 20% of the children are considered healthy.

Such a danger exists in Fukushima.

Cover Up by ALL Media to “Save the Nuclear Industry”: Fukushima

Published on Jan 29, 2013

A recap of the recent HatrickPenry information on the NRC Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) cover up by the main stream media and alternative media in order to save the nuclear industry. HOLD THESE PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE! (and the Press!)

Plume-Gate Shocker: Media Silence Raises Troubling Questions…

You can listen to the entire broadcast here:…

Uncovering Plume-Gate WordPress blog:

US Mortality increase study:

The Nuclear Industry and Health

Records WithHeld, etc!

Long term exposure to low doses of radiation!

Low-Dose Radiation NEW A-Bomb Study

Fukushima Unit 3 Fuel Pool Did Not Explode

MIT No-Evacuations Study Debunked

Low-Dose Radiation DOE Study

Fukushima Radiation NOT SAFE!

Fukushima: BBC Debunked

Fukushima Unit 3 Report – Steam-Explosion Model

Fukushima Unit 3 Plume

Fukushima Explosion Measurements

Fukushima Unit 3 Reactor Well

for more information: see


Link to Uncovering Plume-Gate and screencaptures 4 today:…

If you are new to the topic, here are some additional broadcasts for review:

LIES TOLD to SAVE the Nuclear Industry! Fukushima: PROOF

You’ll Know WHY, When you Die, NRC Shows! (links below) Fukushima

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bonus link for today:
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Damn you YouTube, Get your Correction Notification area Correct. I just erased a Ton of info I didn’t have to. F. Y.


High levels of radiation found in Fukushima’s fish

Fish migrate, if you’re still eating seafood and/or feeding your children tuna (ahi) STOP! The mercury content alone was enough to force me to quit eating seafood all together several years ago, Fukushima related radiation has compounded the problem. It’s also unfortunate to note that radiation is not a new hazard, the worlds superpowers and other industrialized nations have been using the oceans as a toxic garbage dump for decades, possibly more than a century. I became alarmed n the mid-80s when a friend in the navy wrote home absolutely horrified that the military was dumping barrels of radioactive waste within 20 miles of the coastline. That violated regulations,apparently dumping the waste further-out was allowed. The fact that it was allowed ANYWHERE in the oceans is morally reprehensible, a crime against future generations. because radiation eats through containment barrels.

To learn more about mercury levels in your seafood, go to:

November 19, 2012 JAPAN – Fish caught near Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant have radiation levels 100 times higher than normal, officials say. Japan’s Environment Ministry carried out a study that found fish caught near the plant had more radiation than fish caught elsewhere, RIA Novosti reported. The levels found ranged from 4,400 becquerels per kilogram to 11,400 becquerels per kilogram, against the maximum “safe” level of 100 becquerels per kilogram. The findings have prompted a government investigation into the physiological basis for contamination and why radiation readings in some specimens remain hundreds of times over the official safe limit, The Asahi Shimbun reported. The Council for Science and Technology Policy, a government panel, is to study why radiation levels in fish near the plant have not decreased since March. Researchers will analyze cesium levels in the fish’s otolith, a part of the inner ear. Researchers will measure cesium levels in contaminated seabed soil near the nuclear plant, in an effort to determine when the fish were contaminated. –Space Daily

Can Cosmic Rays change Human DNA ? Decoding Evolution: Destiny of Humankind

Uploaded by on Feb 16, 2011

Is our fate indeed written in the stars? Is there a connection between climate change & the human DNA?

Ever since the discovery in the 1920s that radiation can cause gene mutations, scientists speculated on the role that high energy cosmic rays might have played in evolution.

With this video we are touching a subject which many consider as controversial. Our personal view on that is that it shouldn’t be regarded that way, as “action and interaction” is the physics law governing all that’s happening in the Universe. Just keep an open mind and start by listening to some great scientists who tried to explain their findings in an easy to understand way.

– cosmic radiation (galactic radiation) reaches Earth every single moment
– human DNA is holding all information needed to build and “run” the human body
– human DNA is a long polymer made from repeating units called nucleotides
– the main role of DNA molecules is the long-term storage of information
– molecules do interact with radiation
– the mechanism of how does highly energetic radiation – interact with the DNA structure is not yet properly understood
– molecules interact at atomic level with incoming radiation
– the effects depend on the characteristics (frequency, speed of particles, etc) of the disturbing radiation and how is it absorbed or deflected by the “guest” structure

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Some free music tracks found on have been used.
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Radiation at 36000 Feet! Geiger Counter on an Airplane

Alarming levels of radioactivity at 36,000ft, frequent flyers or anyone else traveling by air need preventative measures to help flush, cleanse and protect the thyroid from contamination before and after flying. Germanium, silica, zeolite and boron supplements are highly beneficial, along with dead sea salt baths. Kelp has also been recommended, but now reports are surfacing indicating high levels of radiation detected in kelp harvested from contaminated ocean waters. Another way you can protect yourself is raising your vibratory frequency through advanced forms of meditation, in combination with herbal/nutritional support.

Published on Jul 14, 2012 by

I took four airplane trips and logged data from all four. What follows is a video with parts of each of these. In this video I compared the LND7317 tube found in an SE Internation Inspector EXP+ ( with an LND712 tube found in a CRM100 from International Medcom (

Here is the data:

Person Monitoring: Tom
Location: USA Airspace over GA
Altitude: 36,001 feet
Station Name: Anti Proton
Geiger Counter Model: CRM-100 (LND 712)
Other Criteria: 37,282 feet on a irplane

Minute Date Time Count Total Counts Average Count Latitude Longitude Altitude
1 7/11/12 08:02 AM 359 359 359 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
2 7/11/12 08:03 AM 385 744 372 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
3 7/11/12 08:04 AM 393 1,137 379 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
4 7/11/12 08:05 AM 414 1,551 387 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
5 7/11/12 08:06 AM 416 1,967 393 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
6 7/11/12 08:07 AM 381 2,348 391 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
7 7/11/12 08:08 AM 397 2,745 392 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
8 7/11/12 08:09 AM 386 3,131 391 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
9 7/11/12 08:10 AM 376 3,507 389 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
10 7/11/12 08:11 AM 349 3,856 385 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
11 7/11/12 08:12 AM 281 4,137 376 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
12 7/11/12 08:13 AM 291 4,428 369 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
13 7/11/12 08:14 AM 273 4,701 361 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
14 7/11/12 08:15 AM 307 5,008 357 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001
15 7/11/12 08:16 AM 258 5,266 351 38.296410 -77.505548 36,001

Person Monitoring: Tom
Location: USA Airspace over SC
Altitude: 36,500 feet
Station Name: Anti Proton
Geiger Counter Model: Inspector EXP+
Other Criteria: 36,500 feet on airplane

Minute Date Time Count Total Counts Average Count Latitude Longitude Altitude
1 7/11/12 07:28 AM 453 453 453 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
2 7/11/12 07:29 AM 512 965 482 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
3 7/11/12 07:30 AM 574 1,539 513 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
4 7/11/12 07:31 AM 615 2,154 538 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
5 7/11/12 07:32 AM 747 2,901 580 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
6 7/11/12 07:33 AM 808 3,709 618 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
7 7/11/12 07:34 AM 895 4,604 657 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
8 7/11/12 07:35 AM 983 5,587 698 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
9 7/11/12 07:36 AM 1,082 6,669 741 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
10 7/11/12 07:37 AM 1,069 7,738 773 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
11 7/11/12 07:38 AM 1,084 8,822 802 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
12 7/11/12 07:39 AM 1,006 9,828 819 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
13 7/11/12 07:40 AM 1,081 10,909 839 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
14 7/11/12 07:41 AM 1,052 11,961 854 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
15 7/11/12 07:42 AM 1,050 13,011 867 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
16 7/11/12 07:43 AM 1,103 14,114 882 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
17 7/11/12 07:44 AM 1,011 15,125 889 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
18 7/11/12 07:45 AM 1,095 16,220 901 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
19 7/11/12 07:46 AM 1,039 17,259 908 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
20 7/11/12 07:47 AM 1,068 18,327 916 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
21 7/11/12 07:48 AM 1,031 19,358 921 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
22 7/11/12 07:49 AM 1,152 20,510 932 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
23 7/11/12 07:50 AM 983 21,493 934 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
24 7/11/12 07:51 AM 1,058 22,551 939 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
25 7/11/12 07:52 AM 1,042 23,593 943 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
26 7/11/12 07:53 AM 1,055 24,648 948 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
27 7/11/12 07:54 AM 1,034 25,682 951 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
28 7/11/12 07:55 AM 964 26,646 951 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
29 7/11/12 07:56 AM 1,023 27,669 954 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
30 7/11/12 07:57 AM 1,050 28,719 957 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
31 7/11/12 07:58 AM 1,084 29,803 961 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500
32 7/11/12 07:59 AM 1,015 30,818 963 38.296410 -77.505548 36,500

URGENT info Japan Fukushima Radiation & What is being done

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!! PLEASE COPY AND REPOST ANYWHERE YOU CAN. MIRROR, PASTE, LINK or whatever you can to spread Professor Chris Busby’s message about Japan and the nuclear industry’s intentional coverup of Fukushima radioactive problem… how Japan is trucking tons of radioactive waste to south Japan, etc. He’s working on making supplements that block some of the radioactive nucleotides from attaching themselves to the DNA, etc.

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Massive X6.9 Class Solar Flare / Solar Watch Aug 9, 2011

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Massive X6.9 Solar Flare:
The largest solar flare of Cycle 24 just took place at 08:05 UTC and it registered X6.9. The source was Sunspot 1263 which is nearing the Western Limb. Because of its location, any large explosions may not be fully earth directed. When watching new video images from the STEREO website, it appears the CME is less intense than the one caused by the M9.3 flare from last week. A minor S1 Radiation Storm is in progress. More information to come.

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Gollygee! Bet this was all over the news media, you knew about these nuclear incidents…right?
From: NibiruMagick2012  | Jul 15, 2011

Event Notification Report for July 15, 2011…

Tourism officials for Pacific Asia have issued a statement reassuring potential visitors to the country that Japan is now perfectly safe to visit, with the country returning to normal life except for the immediate area surrounding the damaged Fukushima power plant. The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) said that “almost all” of Japan is now functioning as normal, and visitors should not be put off booking Japan holidays.…

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ELE July 7, 2011 Warning Video…yes another one!

So many of these alerts have been issued in the past that it’s like the boy who cried wolf, it’s hard to take this stuff seriously.  But, when you string together the facts – it would be prudent at this point to prepared.  Among other things happening including 33 erupting volcano’s globally,  32 no fly zones implemented all over the US and government agencies buying out survival supplies from manufacturers it appears a crisis may not too far off.

This guy connects the dots on everything going back to the BP crisis which just so happened to crack the salt dome near the Macondo well. He raises some very good points and provides numerous links below so you can do your own research. All we can do is give you the information, what you do with it from there is your business. The situation has become so complicated it’s difficult to make a judgement call to know what’s going to happen and when, the only things we really can do is be prepared and avoid fear at all costs.

There really is nothing to fear but death and if you can reconcile with that by knowing that it is only a transition to another reality, then it really is a matter of preparation and maintaining a conscious awareness of your energetic state at all times to make sure that your emanating love, or positive energy…vibes, whatever 🙂

No Escaping the Radiation, Surviving Unscathed Means Lifestyle Changes

Even though humanity is facing unprecedented challenges presented by high amounts of radiation in the environment,  doesn’t mean that we can’t live a long healthy life or avoid succumbing to the effects of radiation in the environment.  It’s a matter of taking a proactive approach with preventative measures through healthy lifestyle changes, modeled after those who have survived similar situations after Chernobyl, Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  There are plenty of articles posted here under Radiation Remedies and Antidotes that can help you with the information you need to make the necessary lifestyle changes, starting today with the choices you make in your diet by adding kelp, miso, seaweed, shitake mushrooms, long grain brown rice, drinking baking soda, using bentonite clay, green superfood drinks and much more.

ZAIPRI (International Association for the Protection against Ionising Radiations) anticipates its second inventory of fission and activation products from Fukushima’s six reactors of a 4.696 MWe total power.