UFO’s Over Saint Petersburg, Thousands of Eye Witness’s April 9, 2012

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April 9, 2012 – Thousands witnessed a UFO for over an hour and many of them captured it on video in Sankt-Petersburg Russia. This is a compilation of four videos recorded Sunday night.

UFOScandinavia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5KhSsHNTmY&feature=channel
UFOScandinavia: “News Clip About UFO” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY7iHr8u5qk&feature=plcp&context=C4bae…

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Shocking statistics on the DANGERS of LOW LEVEL RADIATION!! Very important: COVER-UPS and SILENCED RESEARCHERS

The American public seems to have been desensitized to the corruption running rampant through politics, mass media and corporate malfeasance to the point where either they just don’t care or they believe everything mass media spoon feeds them like a handful of Prozac. The media, being the lap dog to corporate power that it is, keeps feeding Americans lie after lie on the dangers of low level radiation “Ohhhh don’t worry, it’s no more dangerous than an x-ray at the dentist!” or my favorite from Rush Limbaugh stating that you get more radioactivity from a banana than what we have to worry about coming from Japan.  Well I wonder how much he got paid for that statement?

And that’s the sad truth, we have a nuclear power industry that has bought off every politician in Congress, the Senate and of course the White House. They pay millions to mass media and in many cases these corporations own the media outlets who are telling you everything is just dandy – no worries folks, go about your business – Fox News being the worst liars of all.

Gary Null presents an honest, well researched presentation on the dangers of low level radiation with fasts, figures and statistics you can research for yourself. This is the honest truth behind the most serious environmental threat in the history of modern man and something we all need to pay close attention to, because everyone from Tepco on down is giving this crisis their own spin and to know the truth about  what’s happening we can’t rely on mass media pundits or outlets to be honest with us. That’s just not the nature of their business and we need to wake up to that and educate ourselves.

The honest truth about low level radiation presented by Progressive talk show host Gary Null where he also covers the Hiroshima data and the theory of recovery of radiation debunked…and big thanks to one of my readers Darla for this great show!