Dutchsinse: Outbreak of Beams, Rays, Rings, and Ripples over Kansas and Colorado

Uploaded by on May 27, 2011

2:15am CST 5/27/2011 Seen over Kansas and into Colorado..

First a beam “outbreak” then a “ray signature” beams across the entire area, next the “flare” occurs then the storms and wind change direction into the vortex created by each individual station, all in the course of a few hours.

Seen on Nexrad RADAR loop: select “regional reflectivity” and choose the last 12 hours, save it before its gone!



HAARP facilities around the world

Everything you wanted to know about weather modification but were afraid to ask at the link below! Thanks Dutch!
From: dutchsinse  | May 9, 2011  | 2,534 views

All about the different world wide networks of HAARP facilities, and a LOT of information about weather modification systems , and other VLF / UHF systems used to influence weather, the earth (seismic), and a lot of research covering the entire spectrum of frequency possibilities…