Michael Hoffman – Abdication of the Pope & Usury in Christendom ~ Red Ice Creations

Extraordinary interview from Red Ice Creations on the history of the Catholic Church in the rise of usury, Michael Hoffman cuts through centuries of Catholic propaganda. Piercing through the corruption to the root of “the love of money, usury and greed operating in the heart of the Vatican” since the early 1500’s in the early stages of the Renaissance.

This is riveting material and a must hear interview for a thorough understanding  of what’s happening inside the Vatican at this pivotal time in human history.

Jesus in Luke Chap 6 verse 45-55 stated “Lend freely expecting nothing in return, even from your enemy’s”. No wonder the Pope is so fearful of papal prophecy, he’s knows the Church played a key part in the devastation of the planet, the genocide of aboriginal cultures, poverty, war, torture, child abuse, rape, blackmail, pedophilia and centuries of cold blooded murder. Tens of millions pagans, witch’s, heretics, non-believers or anyone who presented a threat to the church ideology was tortured and burned alive at the stake, and that’s just one example how church leaders terrorized the masses.

We’ve now reached a point in history where the floodgates are opening wide, missing pieces are falling into place as the veils of corruption continue to drop.

Published on Feb 20, 2013


Michael Hoffman – Abdication of the Pope & Usury in Christendom

February 14, 2013

Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the Associated Press and the author of six books of radical history, journalism and literature. He describes himself as a “heretical writer.” Hoffman is also the managing editor of the newsletter Revisionist History. In the first hour, we begin discussing Pope Benedict’s resignation. Michael questions who procured his abdication and he talks about ruthlessness in the pious conclaves. We’ll also discuss Masonry within the Roman Catholic Church. Then, we talk about his new book Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not. Michael explains how the Renaissance was not a great rebirth but instead saw the rise of the machine of the social robot, the rise of money power and usury. He talks about usury in religious doctrine and the early Protestant’s resistance to the usury revolution. In the member’s hour, we return to the Vatican and discuss their symbiotic relationships. Michael talks about how they play both sides as the Kabalistic chameleon. He’ll speak more about the destructive qualities of usury, a parasitic element in our world. Later, we talk about scientism as the new God and cryptocracy replicating a Satanic force.

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