At least 25 killed after massive floods hit Iran

Note: Heart-wrenching footage of some of the worst flooding in memory, sending prayers and waves of healing-love-vibrations to everyone in Iran affected by the flooding. Blessings, {~A~}

April 15, 2017: An unbelievable flood is underway in NW Iran that has swept away 50 villages, overwhelming roads dramatically sweeping cars away as if they were toys. Yet another “Atmospheric River” has apparently caused the intense flooding. Very dramatic footage coming out of Azerbaijan.

At least 25 killed after massive floods hit Iran

At least 25 people have been killed and 16 others are missing after heavy rain caused massive floods and landslides in Iran’s northwest over the past couple of days. Parts of the region saw water levels not seen in the past 40 years. The heaviest downpours were registered on Friday, April 14, 2017.

According to Esma’eel Najjar, the head of the country’s Crisis Management Organization, the affected provinces are East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Kordestan, and Zanjan Provinces.

The worst affected were Azar-Shahr and Ajab-Sheer counties of East Azerbaijan, where at least 19 people were killed and 16 remain missing. Khalil Sa’ei, the head of crisis management at the Provincial Governor’s Office, said the province had witnessed the heaviest downpours of the past several years on Friday. The Ajab-Shir and Azar-Shahr counties had borne the brunt of the disaster, amid reports that water levels in the latter region had risen to levels last seen 40 years ago, Axar reported.

Video courtesy PressTV (April 14, 2017)

Video courtesy Focus Iran (April 14, 2017)

PressTV said Kordestan Province was hit by both flooding and landslides.

Shahin Fat-hi, of the Iranian Red Crescent Society’s Search and Rescue Department, meanwhile, told ISNA that the operations had provided assistance to as many as 1 150 people in 33 cities and villages.

Damage reports are still coming in and search and rescue operations are underway. Military and law enforcement forces have been asked to assist.

Latest reports mention severe damage to infrastructure and at least 50 villages destroyed.

Featured image: Massive floods in Iran’s East Azerbaijan province on April 14, 2017. Credit: PressTV


Severe Storms, Tornadoes to Rattle Mississippi Valley Monday

Heads up, be prepared…

By Brian Edwards, Meteorologist
Apr 24, 2011; 4:10 PM ET
This graphic shows how wind shear, or the twisting of the winds in the atmosphere, contribute to tornadic development.

A major severe weather outbreak is forecast to affect much of the middle and lower Mississippi Valley on Monday.

April 2011 has already been a month to remember in terms of severe weather outbreaks and the damage they have caused.

Just last Friday, an EF-4 ripped through the northern side of the St. Louis metro area.

So far this month, 11 of the first 23 days have each featured over 200 preliminary reports of severe weather across the country. Two of those days had over 1,000 reports of severe weather! meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski has already warned of the multiple tornado outbreaks expected early this upcoming week from the southern Plains through the Ohio Valley.

A strong disturbance will dive into the southern Plains on Monday interacting with warm, moist air in place across the southern portion of the country. This will set the stage for a major outbreak of severe weather.

Monday’s outbreak will begin during the afternoon hours with thunderstorms firing up from eastern Oklahoma and northeastern Texas through Arkansas and the southern half of Missouri. Cities in line for dangerous weather Monday afternoon include Tyler, Texas, Little Rock, Ark., and Springfield, Mo.

Widespread damaging winds, hail to the size of baseballs, and tornadoes will all be possible. There may even be a couple of strong, long track tornadoes due to the amount of wind shear, or twisting of the winds, present in the atmosphere.

Thunderstorms will then expand into portions of the lower Ohio Valley on Monday evening and during the overnight. Severe weather will be possible across Paducah and Louisville, Ky., along with already hard-hit St. Louis, Mo.

By the evening and nighttime hours, thunderstorms will evolve into more organized lines producing widespread wind damage and large hail. Along with these threats, flooding downpours will prevail as many areas will receive multiple thunderstorms throughout the day.

Residents living from the southern Plains through the Ohio Valley should check back with frequently as this severe weather outbreak evolves on Monday.

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